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I AM Light

14 Oct


Light! Let light echo in the chamber of your heart. Light is the essence of your life and your path and your ascension. Apply thyself to the study of light.

Light is the intelligence of the I AM whose geometry, by the power of the Holy Spirit, is manifest as the cross of Alpha and Omega, the Spirit/Matter spheres. I said light, l-i-g-h-t.


We seal in the heart of the Word the nucleus of its energy and intent. The study of the Word is the study of the science of creation.

I AM Surya. I AM the light of Sirius. I AM the Sun behind the God Star. I AM the Sun of light. I emit light. You also may emit light if you choose. But the fusion of the heart and the echo of the light within the heart is the science that you must learn.

If you are not a suitable instrument, the light will not pass through. If the light does not pass through you, then you will not be nourished of the light. If you are not nourished of the light, then you cannot be of the light, for the light transforms, creates, re-creates the soul. In order to sustain light, you must be an instrument of light—as water passing through a pipe, so light passing through a vessel. light passing through the vessel keeps the vessel clean and in tune with its origin.

Light, then, is the intelligence of God, the intelligence of God that moves in the cloven tongues of the Holy Ghost and precipitates in the cross of Matter.

All of creation is light. How is it that we say that some are not of the light? Some are not of the light because the light that is in them is darkness. From whence did the darkness come? It has come as a misstatement of light, as a misqualification of light, as the mystification of the science of light.

We, then, stand at the fulcrum of life to deliver pure light, that the pure light which we give may flush out impure light— light made impure by an ungodly matrix…

There is a light that you are not capable of assimilating. It is the light of far-off worlds and cosmic beings. Therefore, that light is stepped down to other ascended beings and angels. And through your mighty I AM Presence, the light of the white-fire sun, that you also are not able to assimilate, is stepped down through the blessed Son, the Mediator, and then passed through your chakras, again stepped down for the assimilation of physical matter and physical cells. Thus, you see, hierarchy as a principle is inherent in the transfer of light… The ascended masters’ teachings are charged with light.

Vol. 49 No. 4 – Beloved Surya – January 22, 2006