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Seventh Energy Center

9 Aug


Location:  crown

Color:  yellow, gold

Sanskrit Name:  Sahasrara (“thousandfold”)

Petals:  972

Positive Expression:  illumination, wisdom, self-knowledge and Self-knowledge, understanding, humility, cosmic consciousness, open-mindedness

Unbalanced Expression:  intellectual and spiritual pride, vanity, intellectualism, ego-centeredness, narrow-mindedness, ignorance

Part Of Body:  pineal (or pituitary), cerebral cortex, nervous system

Musical Instrument:  strings

Gemstone:  yellow diamond, yellow sapphire, topaz

Spiritual Tradition:  Buddhism

Through knowledge of the inner Self, we attain

wisdom (wise-dominion), enlightenment and oneness with all life.

Life Lesson:  Create Unity out of Diversity

I am a part of all that I have met

-Alfred, Lord Tennyson

The seventh energy center, the crown chakra, is where we receive and experience wisdom and enlightenment.  The opening of this center in the full radiance of its golden-yellow light has been depicted as the halo of saints.  It has also been portrayed as the vibrant corona around the Buddhas and the dome-shaped or flame-like protuberance on the top of their heads.  The wisdom of the saints and the Buddhas is not knowledge of the things of the world.  It is knowledge of the realty that lies beyond the physical world–the inner reality that enlivens the outer form.  The wisdom of the crown chakra tell us that more important than our intellectual prowess is our knowledge of this inner reality.

When Gautama Buddha was asked, “Who are you?” he answered, “I am awake.”  To be enlightened means that we are awake to our inner potential.  When we are awake, we understand the limitations of our lesser self and the limitless resources of our greater Self.  Through our crown chakra, we can connect with a higher source of knowledge–our own higher mind, one with the mind of God.  We can tap into our own creative genius.  For a genius, as Napoleon Hill observed, is simply one “who has discovered how to increase the intensity of thought to the point where he can freely communicate with sources of knowledge not available through the ordinary rate of thought.”

The wisdom of the crown, inextricably linked with compassion, impels us to share what we have received with those who need it most.   After Gautama Buddha meditated under the Bo tree and attained enlightenment, he entered nirvana for forty-nine days.  Then before he could impart to others the wisdom he had gleaned, the Temptress Mara, tried to convince Gautama to return to nirvana.  There is no use sharing his experience, said Mara, because no one would understand it.  But Gautama did not turn back.  he simply responded, “Some will understand.”  In one way or another, we are all called to share the enlightenment we have received along life’s path.  The wisdom we glean from our higher intelligence, from the universities of the world or even from the school of hard knocks is a gift.  Out of compassion for others we are compelled to share that gift–whether we us it to guide the children in our family or neighborhood, develop a computer program that will help others lean new skills, blog or heal the sick.

I Strive To Reach Beyond The Limitations Of The Human Intellect

One of the secrets of the crown chakra is that this leap in consciousness does not require a doctorate.  Having a well-developed human intellect does not necessarily qualify us to access the divine intelligence.  In fact, Lao Tzu said, Without going anyway, you can know the whole world.  Without even opening your window, you can know the ways of Heaven.  you see:  the further away you go, the less you know.”

The purpose of learning

is to grasp the divine.

-Abraham Abulafia

By educating ourselves, we can prepare ourselves to receive the impulses of our higher mind and the mind of God in our chosen profession.  But the intellect is not the mind of God.  As Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “A man should learn to detect and watch that gleam of light which flashes across his mind from within, more, than the lustre of the firmament of bards and sages.”  Tapping into our own higher intelligence can give us answers we can’t find anywhere else.  When you wake up in the middle of the night looking for the answer to a problem, don’t forget that you have unlimited access to all the knowledge and creativity that you need–if you are prepared to receive it.

I Take Time To Slow Down, Still My Mind And Spend Time In Solitude

One way we can balance our crown chakra and prepare to receive the impulses of the divine intelligence is to slow down and still the outer mind.  Are you able to quiet your mind?  Are you easily distracted?  Do you occupy your mind with trivialities or fantasies?  To paraphrase the Taoist sage Chuang Tzu, “If you cannot keep your mind still, that is called galloping even while sitting.”  Does your mind gallop even while you’re sitting?  It’s not an uncommon problem. “It is not possible to observe any discipline without guarding the quivering mind,” says poet-monk Shantideva.  “If the sluggish mind is fixed on something else, he says, then all our spiritual practices, even if we engage in them for a long time are useless.”  Again, that’s because where our attention goes, there goes our energy.

Our minds and bodies are interconnected.  So in order to still the mind, we need to care for our body.  It’s easier to concentrate and focus when we get enough sleep and exercise and when we take in foods and substances that strengthen us rather than those that weigh us down (like too much oil), or make us jittery (like too much salt or coffee).

Another way to bring balance to our crown chakra is to make time for meditation and communion with God.  Take time to study your favorite scriptures or inspirational works.  Take time to receive the revelations that God wants to give you personally.  Spend time alone.  Sometimes we fill up our day with so many activities that we forget to listen for the inner voice of wisdom.  When you look over your schedule for the week, pencil in some priority time for yourself before your hours get filled up.

Sometimes when we get depressed or out of sorts, its because we aren’t spending enough time away from the madding crowd.  When the soul is not allowed to follow her nature inclination towards union with God, the yearning for that union becomes a loneliness that even the greatest human relationship cannot fill.

I Embrace The Unity Underlying The Diversity

At the level of the crown chakra, the thousand-petaled lotus, we are initiated in the highest wisdom and highest understanding–the knowledge that there are not two, but one. There are not two–you and I.  There are not two–you and God.  There is only one:  There is only God.  There is only Spirit.  There is only Self, with a capital S.  The rest is illusion.  This is the mystery that that the mystics and adepts have unlocked.  We can know intellectually, but until we understand it will all of our heart and soul and mind, we are still living in a sense of duality–two, not one.  As long as we operate from a perspective of duality, we have not yet integrated  with the highest energies of the crown chakra.

Instead of being so bound

up with everyone, be everyone.


When we understand that there are not two but just one, then God will share all of himself with us–because we have shared all of ourselves with God.  One of the oldest renditions of this mystic theme can be found in the Upanishads, the ancient Hindu scripture.   In a conversation between the young man Nachiketas and Death, Death slowly unveils the secret of immortality.  He says:  “Some have never heard of Self, some have heard but cannot find him…Logic brings no man to the Self…That boundless Power, source of every power, manifesting itself as life, entering every heart, living there among the elements, that is Self…Tell the mind that there is but One.” Death goes on to explain that Nachiketas he should not look for this “Self” outside of himself.  This indwelling Spirit, says Death, is “that Person no bigger than a thumb, burning like a flame without smoke, maker of past and future.”  This inmost Self, he reveals, is God–who “lives in the heart.”

When we begin to identify less with the outer man, the ego, and more with that Person in the heart–the one who burns “like flame without smoke”–then, and only then, are we on our way to the full flowering of our crown chakra.  As the energies of our crown chakra become more accelerated and balanced, we are able to sustain an abiding sense of oneness with Spirit while we walk the earth.  And we are able to recognize that Spirit within everyone.

When the energies of the crown are unbalanced, we aren’t able to sustain an awareness of the indwelling Spirit that is our essence. or, at the other extreme, we may let our spiritual experiences “go to our head” as we convince ourselves that we are better than others.  The initiation of the crown demands that we let go of our pride our ego, our aloofness and find a way to make our spirituality practical and all-embracing.  The rite of passage that we face at the level of the crown chakra also demands that we appreciate others and learn from everyone.

(The Yogi) see himself in the heart

of all beings and he sees all beings in his heart.

—The Bhagavad Gita

As we move forward into the future, we can learn much from a giant of the past–Akbar the Great, the sixteenth-century Mogul emperor.  Akbar was a great military genius and a wise ruler, the greatest ruler of his time.  But above all, his burning desire was to reconcile the diversity of religious creeds that he saw before him–Christian, Muslin, Hindu, Zoroastrian and Jewish.  He was the first monarch in the medieval age to recognize that truth existed in all religions.  How many people of the world even today, acknowledge that?  Akbar saw the seed of truth in all religions.  As a result, he actually created his own monotheistic, Unitarian religion, called Divine Faith.  His goal was to bring about unity amid diversity.  As you study the mystical paths of the world’s religions, you can see that these paths are much more alike than they are different.  That’s the way it is with so many things in life.  and we can enjoy the diversity–and even benefit from it–while seeking the underlying unity.

Affirmations For Activating The Crown Chakra

Through our crown chakra, we receive the creative thoughts of God and our Higher Self.  The following affirmations can help clear the physical and spiritual faculties of the mind.  They can help you strengthen your intuitive faculties and develop a keener perception of spiritual dimensions.  As you give these affirmations, see the violet flame clearing your mind of all mental blocks, negative images and limiting concepts about yourself or others.  See your mind becoming filled with the brilliant golden light of the crown chakra.

Crown Chakra Meditation

O flame of light bright and gold,

O flame most wondrous to behold,

I AM in every brain cell shinning,

I AM light’s wisdom all divining.

Ceaseless, flowing fount

of illumination flaming,

I AM, I AM, I AM illumination


I AM light, thou Christ in me,

Set my mind forever free,

Violet fire, forever shine

Deep within this mind of mine.

God who gives my daily bread,

With violet fire fill my head

Till thy radiance heavenlike

Makes my mind a mind of light (3X)

Your Seven Energy Centers by Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Second Energy Center

29 Jul



Location:  midway between the navel and the base of the spine

Color:  violet

Sanskrit Name:  Svadhishthana (sweetness’ or abode of the self”)

Petals:  6

Positive Expression:  freedom, mercy, forgiveness, justice, transcendence, alchemy, transmutation, diplomacy, intuition, prophecy, revelation

Unbalanced Expression:  lack of forgiveness, justice or mercy; intolerance, lack of tact, disregard for others, cruelty

Parts of Body:  organs and systems of elimination and reproduction

Musical Instrument:  woodwinds

Gemstone:  amethyst, diamond, aquamarine

Spiritual Tradition:  Taoism

By reclaiming our soul’s original pattern,

we are free to realize our full creative potential.

Life Lesson:  To Thine Own Self Be True

Man’s main task in

life is to give birth to himself.

-Erich Fromm

Through the second energy center, the seat-of-the-soul chakra, we experience freedom–the freedom to become all that we are meant to be.  The ancients saw a seat of the soul as a real power point.  In martial arts, it is our point of equilibrium and the central focus of ch’i, the inner energy essential to the maintenance of life.

This chakra is also the point where we make contact with out soul and receive her impressions and guidance.  Our soul is wise and can give us much inner direction.  We all have soul powers.  When you have a gut feeling about someone, you are receiving an instantaneous soul impression.  Sometimes your soul will give you a warning, “It’s not safe to go here or to do this right now…”It’s part of your internal guidance system.”

More often than not, these impressions and intuitions are accurate.  The more our soul is in touch with her true self, spiritual nature, the more sensitive and accurate these readings will be.  The more our soul is attached to the human ego, the unreal self, the less clear these readings will be.  The initiations of the seat-of-the-soul chakra deal with expressing our soul’s true voice and her creative impulses.  At the level of the seat of the soul, we also deal with archetypes, patterns and personality.

I Invest My Energy In Ways That Are Congruent With My Soul’s Original Inheritance And Pattern

The soul retains an ancient memory, even if it’s dim, of her divine origin, her divine pattern and the part she is to play in God’s scheme.  Although our soul is meant to be a clear reflecting pool for that original patter, sometimes the waters get muddied.  On her journey through the ages, our soul has at times taken on patterns that are not in alignment with her divine pattern.

Too many of us have had the experience of trying to work out our life’s mission while someone else, well-meaning or not, has tried to impose on us their version of our life plan.  Your opportunity at the level of the soul chakra is to recapture the original matrix of your soul-identity–to be true to yourself.  Your challenge is to free your soul to recognize and then fully claim your spiritual inheritance and pattern.  As seventeenth-century Kabbalist Moses Zacuto wrote, “Search and discover the root of your soul, so that you can fulfill it and restore it to its source, its essence.  The more you fulfill yourself, the closer you approach your authentic self.”

Self-knowledge–knowledge of our real self and our real path in life–is the starting point of our personal power and our soul liberation.  The soul that is truly free is the soul that can express her native reality.

The main condition for progress

is honesty with oneself.

-Helena Roerich

I Regularly And Honestly Appraise How Much Of My Identity Is Invested In My Human Ego Or In My Real Self

When we are on a spiritual path, we discover that the greatest challenges come not from without but from within.  As the cartoon character Pogo once said, “We have met the enemy–and they is us!”

The road to self mastery is a continual process of self-examination.  We must have the courage to explore how much of our identity is invested in our true, divine nature and how much is invested in our lower nature, our human ego.  The long and short of it is that the human ego is the imposter of our real self. In the gnostic Gospel of Thomas, Jesus says that the pain of facing the truth will be troubling, but it is a necessary first step in overcoming and self-mastery.  The initiation of the soul chakra gives us the opportunity to free ourselves from those aspects of our personality that are not part of our true identity–our “mask,” as Mark Prophet often called it.

To protect herself and alleviate her pain, the wounded soul develops certain behaviors, defense mechanisms, that can adversely affect subsequent relationships in her life, inhibit the development of her true self, and create a blockage in the body’s energy system.  Many times the healing process requires serious attention to the issues of our psychology (literally, the study of the psyche, or soul) and we can gain strides by working with a trained therapist who understands the spiritual path.

I Am Able To Tap Into And Freely Express My Creative Impulses

Moment by moment we create.  Whatever we answer to the question “What have I done with my energy today?” it is our day’s creation.  Our thoughts, words, actions, and feelings are our creations. We are on a spiritual path we realize the importance of these creations and we take accountability for the impact our thoughts, words and deed have on others.

Again, we have just so much energy allotted to us each day.  Where do we invest it?  What do we create with it?  Health practitioners have shown that ailments in the area of the seat of the soul–corresponding to the organs of reproduction and elimination–are sometimes related to an unresolved issue with creativity.   When we feel “stuck” and cannot express our innate creativity, then our emotions and body reflect this tension.

Our intellect is a wonderful vessel for our Higher Self to work through, but the reasoning, educated mind alone will not create that important connection to our soul.  In fact, it can short circuit it.  The intellect cannot take the place of our soul.  That is why education of the heart and soul is just as important as the education of our mind.

I can find nothing with which to compare the

great beauty of a soul and its great capacity.

-Teresa of Avila

I Free Myself From Old Patterns By Forgiving Myself And Others

An essential part of the process of freeing ourselves from old patterns is encapsulated in a single word: forgiveness. If we do not forgive the wrongs and injustices practiced against us, we allow ourselves to be tied, through the law of karma, to the one who has wronged us.  The old vendettas that individuals, families and even nations held against one another go on for centuries for this very reason.  Their warring never ends because their hatred forms a strong rope between themselves and their enemies–a rope that grows thicker and thicker the more they hate.  When those involved reincarnate, they carry the same entrenched energy patterns with them, and the vendettas live on and on.

Resentment is a vicious circle. It drains us of our energy because part of us is always focused on that unresolved situation.  As Emerson put it, when this is the case, “we are not free to use today, or to promise tomorrow, because we are already mortgaged to yesterday.”  When we forgive, we free up 100 percent of our energy for constructive endeavor.  Gautama Buddha once said, “You can look the whole world over and never find anyone more deserving of love than yourself.”

Affirmation for forgiveness:


In those moments just before you fall asleep, close your eyes and let the events of the day pass before you like a movie.  Call to mind the people who need your love and forgiveness.  Ask God to forgive them and to forgive you.  Then see violet light, which is the native light of the soul chakra, passing through these scenes.  See this violet light turn into intense flames of violet.  Watch these flames neutralize the negative impact of the day’s events.  As you give the following affirmations, focus your attention on your heart.  Send love and forgiveness to all those who you have wronged and all who have wronged you, releasing the situation into God’s hands. You can repeat this affirmation as many times as you feel the need to.


I AM forgiveness acting here,

Casting out all doubt and fear,

Setting men forever free

With wings of cosmic victory.

I AM calling in full power

For forgiveness every hour;

To all life in every place

I flood forth forgiving grace.

Your Seven energy Centers by Elizabeth Clare Prophet