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Enlightenment Master Class, Part 3. Threatened by the Truth

25 Feb


As we continue our focus on the Corona Class Lessons by Jesus and Kuthumi for ‘teaching men the Way,’ a word of caution: the Truth spoken in these lessons is threatening to some. It has even been known to engender violent opposition. Yet, great teachers have persevered undaunted in their commitment to speaking the Truth. While we do not intend to generate undue fear, we do believe that caution is always prudent. History is filled with examples of great teachers of truth paying the ultimate price for boldly challenging orthodox belief. They knew their words would seriously agitate the black hearts of false teachers and gurus. These evil ones have a vested interest in keeping men ignorant and compliant, and they will not give up their power easily. So, as you hear the Truth and one day choose yourself to become a herald for the Truth, do your decrees. Put on the invincible armor of God’s Truth and His angels’ protection, and go forth boldly and confidently, certain of victory!

Statue of Pallas Athene Parliament. Vienna, Austria

Encore: Enlightenment Master Class, Part 3. Threatened by the Truth





Speaking the Truth

15 Aug


What if circumstances called for us to stand up and be counted, to speak the truth when we knew it would be met with anger or derision or even violence? We’d like to believe that we’d do the right thing, but if we’re honest with ourselves, we know it wouldn’t be easy.

All of the great masters who came before us found themselves in similar situations. They felt much the same reservations and apprehensions as we do. Yet they persevered and they remind us that we must be willing to speak the truth and profess our faith.

We must walk our talk, especially in these days of darkness, terror and utter disregard for Life, because speaking the truth is not an option, but a necessity!

We must become beacons of light for the whole world to see, even if the personal cost and consequences are steep.

But thank God we are not alone!

There is a community of lightbearers who know the power of truth and have found strength and resolve in the company of like-minded souls. The Summit Lighthouse.

archangel raphael

“Out of the eternal light of God whence you have descended, my beloved, I AM come in this hour—here in the physical octave—to establish the light of Truth as the foundation and the nucleus of this God-government in the earth! By the sword of Truth I stand. And Pallas Athena with me and my own beloved Mary.

Children of the sun, welcome to the heart of an archangel! Welcome to the heart of truth! Truth is a vibrancy of light’s own Holy Spirit. Truth is power! Truth is the power of judgment unto all error and erroneous conceptions of the mind and heart. Truth is the foundation whereby the inner blueprint of the will of God is crystallized in Matter.

Therefore, let Truth be proclaimed! For only by the speaking of the Word is there established that funnel of light whereby that which is real in God can become that which is real within you.

The power to create is locked in the power of the Word. And speech itself is granted unto the offspring of God wherefore and whereby they become co-creators with him. The speaking of Truth is the means whereby the alchemy of the Spirit does manifest…

When there is not loyalty to Truth within thy members, I can assure you that the soul is in pain and God once again is crucified upon the cross of life. Where Truth is defiled, so man and woman, father and mother are defiled.”

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An excerpt from Vol. 24  No. 14 – Beloved Archangel Raphael.


Let Truth Make All Thinks Right!

25 Jul

I AM Pallas Athena—known to many as the Goddess of Truth, and twin flame of the beloved Lord Maha Chohan.  In the interest of God’s Truth, I am delighted today to offer my energies in behalf of the Great Karmic Board and for and on behalf of mankind.

Statue of Pallas Athene Parlament. Vienna, Austria

Statue of Pallas Athene Parliament. Vienna, Austria

Blessed people—God Truth is power and also the power to bring comfort into the lives of all mankind!  Many do not realize or consider the possibility for life to be any different than the way they see it through their own eyes.  They do not stop to consider that the traditions imparted to them by parents, family and religious teachers may—while sincerely given—be in error or contain within it elements of serious mistake.  An excellent example is to be found in the legends which grow up around national or religious personages after their passing from earth life.  If these servants of mankind were virtuous in truth, these virtues often become amplified out of all proportion to reality, and likewise, if they have made mistakes, these mistakes were accentuated—whereas in reality even the most undesirable of these in some cases did render truly great service to mankind, sometimes consciously and willingly and then again by reason of circumstance or the pressures of the times…

Distortion is uncomfortable for many reasons—first of all, because introduced at the beginning, it warps the whole structure of the building from the foundation up; introduced later, it can rear an ugly appearance which often mars the beauty of the finished structure (especially for those who look only on the surface of life).  I wish to particularly apply this to seemingly obscure individuals whose power of accomplishment may not always be so easily spotted on the surface.  Blessed ones, it is almost a cosmic danger to underestimate the worth of another.  I would far more recommend that excess virtue be imputed to a lifestream, which might prove as a gambit of inspiration than a negative appraisal, which might be so discouraging as to be the tiny straw which “broke the camel’s back.”

Vol. 4 No. 27 – Beloved Pallas Athena – July 7, 1961

Let truth make all things right! Let truth once again become the standard of the age! Let truth be the rebuke to all who have moved against the cycles of the will of God!

I AM truth in action! I AM truth without faction or separation of doubt and fear! I AM truth!

And I AM come and I AM here. And I will be here year after year until you come before the Lords of Karma not guilt-ridden, not with head hanging down, as has been the case before. But I will stand until you appear before our board with a thrust, with an energy, with such a momentum of light that you will no longer be asking dispensations. But you will take your helmet of truth and your emerald crystal and you will lay them upon our table at the Royal Teton Retreat. And you will say, “See here! This is my light! This is my momentum! I place them on the altar and I demand dispensations of light for the children of God!”

And your demand will be well taken. For we cannot refuse you light when you come giving light. This is the Law.

Vol. 55 No. 6 – Beloved Pallas Athena – March 15, 2012

Truth, as you know, is the emerald green. It is comprised of the First Ray of God’s will. It is comprised of the Second Ray of Cosmic Christ illumination. Thus it is the will of God engaged in illumined action. Thus, we know why we have called forth and we desire so much to see the producing of those tapes of songs and decrees on the yellow ray.

Truth, then, must contain the fundamentals of the will of God, the fundamentals of learning, the nucleus whereby the mind may surround a concept, a word, a self-knowledge and build thereupon. Men do not often speak of Truth, for they are more comfortable in relative right and wrong, in excusing the self for their absence of shining allegiance to the sword Excalibur that is drawn.

You need setting free by Truth in the etheric body and plane of your very being and soul. You need the Truth that will set you free in the mental body, that you may not be overcome by the lethargy of ignorance and “ignorant animal magnetism,”  as you call it.

Thus, beloved, I rejoice to be in your midst that you might feel the Presence and know the power of Truth itself, that you might understand that I fall under the lineage of Helios and Vesta, as I did keep the flame of the Sun with the vestal virgins long, long ago. And therefore, serving under Vesta, I know that this power of the Sun of this system is released to all who espouse Truth without compromise.

It is the responsibility of a chela on the Path of your tenure to speak the Truth into the lie where you hear it and not to turn the back and walk the other way, concerned for reputation or popularity. Some will hear, the ethers shall record it, and the words you speak may be the Truth that sets some poor captive free!  Let it be done with the power of Truth, the diplomacy of Truth, the love of Truth, the illumination of Truth–but let it be done.

Vol. 32 No. 1 – Beloved Pallas Athena – January 1, 1989