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What is The Higher Self?

1 Jul

Think of a sun, a spiritual sun.  It appears to be white-hot but it feels cool to you.  For you are a part of that sun.  You are concentrated light, energy and consciousness, bursting with potential.  This sun is the spiritual source of all life.  It doesn’t have spatial coordinates.  It’s not separated from you by distance.  It simply exists as pure Spirit.  This sun is light.  It is God.  It is your Father and your Mother.  It is called the Central Sun.  Once you enjoyed being a part of this sun.  You reveled in the feeling of oneness with all creation. But you also wanted to experiment with your potential, your own ability to create, to ensoul matter with Spirit. You entered other dimensions, sometimes creating perfectly and other times imperfectly.  You may have designed cities, created sculptures or gardens, or simply existed in a state of bliss with God’s creatures.

Then, traveling through the world of form, you first contacted imperfection.  As you interacted with others and then engaged in negativity yourself, the imperfection multiplied and boomeranged back to you.  A shadow can between you and the Sun.  You became enmeshed in imperfect creation.  You forgot what it was like to be part of the Sun.  You could not find your way back to your original state.  Lost in shadows, your fiery nature cooled.  Now you could not return home since you could no longer withstand the awesome heat of the Sun in which your spirit had been forged.  Your soul fell asleep, forgetting its origins and it potential to create as God creates.

But your Father and Mother had foreseen this.  They did not leave you alone. They gave you a replica of that Sun, an I AM Presence, so that you would always remember where you came from–and always have a way to return.  And they gave you a mediator who would bridge the gap between you and your I AM Presence and awaken your soul to her lost identity.  This mediator between God and man is called your Christ Self.  Together the I AM Presence and Christ Self make up what is commonly referred to as the Higher Self.

God Self of higher self

What is the I AM Presence?  Your I AM Presence is more than just an image or a copy; it possesses all of the qualities of the original.  It is your individual God-identity, your God Self.  And God is God is God–every particle of God contains all of the whole.   The following picture represents your I AM Presence; including your God Self, your Christ Self and you.


Your Higher Self is your Real Self, the self that you identify with today is just a tiny fraction of that mighty being that you are.  When you contact that state of oneness, you’ll find that you can once again use your God-given power to create.  And you will enjoy the bliss that you knew with God in the beginning.  You will be able to put on once again the image and likeness of God in which you were originally made.

Access the Power of Your Higher Self by Elizabeth Clare Prophet