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Mending the Bridge For Crossing

17 Aug

Mending the Bridge for the Crossing

The Journey of the Soul

This is the great mystery of the journey of the soul to the center of the heart. And by and by, the soul which enters the alchemical union with Christ bears more and more of the light of Christ into the lower centers until all of that karma is transmuted, the dweller is bound and cast out, the sacred fire of the Kundalini is raised without danger because it will no longer contact that turbulent karma and record and actuality of misqualified substance that does cause a chemistry and often a violent reaction when that Kundalini is forced.

By and by, therefore you see, with the soul ascending and descending the spiral staircase, there is the illumination; and the lower chakras become as clear and purified as those above. And each individual therefore stands in his own mighty figure-eight flow, and the light of the causal body may descend. It may descend because the I AM Presence and the Christ Self, the Father and the Son, have come to take their abode in the temple of the loving and the obedient disciple.

Thus day by day and little by little, you experiment with this increment of fire. And as you make the journey again through the untransmuted layers, you guard the harmony, you guard the consciousness, you do not allow yourself to engage. None of your chakras, your feelings, emotions, or thoughts engage with the unreality that is being consumed. And therefore, my precious ones, you become the victor.

Once the human creation of thyself can see that there is nothing it can do to rouse you, upset you, engage you, cause you to believe the lie or the illusion, become burdened with the records of doubt, then it does give up. It will no longer manifest the ferocious face of the beast; but it sees the end come, passes through the death throes—and you are also vigilant.

And therefore by your call, Archangel Michael and the mighty archangels do bind that dweller as you stand fast and behold the salvation of your God in your very living temple and you become on earth an electrode of living fire like unto the Lord God above who dwells in the Holy of Holies in the heart of the I AM Presence. This is the goal of your walk with God.

Let not lesser considerations take the place of this path, this understanding, this vigil. For you see, just as quickly as you gain this Mother-awareness, this Mother presence, you will find yourself feeding the multitudes, tending the millions. For the Mother flame of cosmos will flow through you as those rivers of living water and many, many will gain that same inner strength by your presence in the earth.

These days are not far from you! Do not compare the path of the ascended masters and the Great White Brotherhood to any other path, East or West. Let no man take thy crown in this hour. Let no man rend the veil of the holiness and the oneness of thy life with the living Christ.

Understand, beloved hearts, that this is the new dispensation of Aquarius. It does not require centuries, as in the past, to come into this union. Nor should the process be taken lightly. Nor should you so easily forgive yourself your discords—as if it were nothing.

Mending the Bridge

The co-measurement and understanding of that which is violated when you lose your God-control and that which you lose, in fact, is necessary. Thus, not remorse or condemnation or self-pity, but a more enlightened and alert striving—not rote but a deep entering in and the willingness to go to those weak places of consciousness as though you were a workman repairing a bridge crossing the abyss in the Himalayas and your master had told you: “The Buddha is coming! He must cross over this bridge. You must secure it that it break not with his coming. There are weak places in the bridge. You must find them. You must test the bridge. You must mend each and every one so that when the Buddha crosses over, he will have safe and enjoyable passage.”

Thus the responsibility is upon you.

But the Buddha is your soul. With all of your ingenuity, you prepare the way of the soul’s passage and you realize, blessed hearts, that if you leave a weak spot in the bridge, a weak link in the chain, when the soul must pass the most severe testing and temptation and trial, it will not have the strength to endure and that particular place in the bridge will break—and therefore the soul will fall into the abyss.

This is why no more light or attainment or initiation may be given you until you mend the bridge for the crossing. For we dare not give you the light which would assure you advanced initiations, which initiations you would then not pass.

Thus the holdup, you see, comes to the point of your ingenuity, your wisdom, and your carefulness in remembering this which I am teaching you. It is so important for the journey of life—whether for the initiate who walks as the ministering servant, whether for the married couple, the family, the child. The marriage will not succeed, the sacred labor will be abandoned, the child will not realize his potential, the undertaking will fail if you have not first seen to it that the weak points are strengthened.

You already know where you are strong, for you lead by your right hand and your strengths. Therefore examine what is missing and become strong spherically, and let your strength be at each sign of the clock. 1

This advice is for the victory of the Church and the victory of the community. Now, each one of you is a plank in the bridge, a part of the rope. Will you be the weak link whereby the community itself breaks, or breaks down, and the Buddha cannot pass through lest he step upon that weak link?

Thus say to yourself, “I am as important as any other part of the bridge. When Buddha walks upon me, will I be able to sustain the harmony and the integrity of the bridge, or will I be the weak link?”

To read the entire Pearl Marriage in the Church Universal and Triumphant, Mending the Bridge for the Crossing by Mother Mary, please go to: Vol. 27 No. 2 – Beloved Mother Mary – January 8, 1984. This is an excerpt of a dictation by Mother Mary given December 24, 1983 and published in the Pearls of Wisdom Vol. 27 No. 2

1. See Elizabeth Clare Prophet, Predict Your Future: Understand the Cycles of the Cosmic Clock (Climb the Highest Mountain), Summit University Press, paperback

Balance Heart and Mind

5 Apr

Balance of Heart and Mind


Excerpt from Pearls of Wisdom Vol. 14 No. 11 by Jesus the Christ (March 14, 1971)

Resurrection and Building the Kingdom Within

Until man learns to apply the higher laws that govern his being, he will continue his energy output according to old patterns of human habit and tradition. But when he understands at last the great tide of reality that is onward moving, that is progressive, that demands the discarding of unwanted qualities and conditions, and that continually directs and redirects all parts of his being into the patterns of perfection, then he will shine outwardly like the inward radiance that is reflected in the image of God placed within himself by the Almighty.

Why are the soul ties to the Father so relevant to the heart of man, and yet so meaningless to the head? First, because the heart relates to love, and love relates to the universe known of the soul; secondly, because the head relates to the examination of objects and concepts by the fingers of the mind. Standing alone, without the employment of the heart, the head often makes those brittle decisions which shatter on impact the tender and intuitive feelings of the soul.

Stern, then, is a man’s own life record and self-judgment when shaped after mortal design; but, when the natural faculties of the soul are allowed to breathe out the radiance of the Light, the whole world of man can be an eternal resurrection of loveliness. Then the strength of his mind, tethered to the radiance of his heart’s love, becomes a shining armor for the protection of the emerging Christ consciousness. Then the middle wall or partition between the Holy of Holies of his heart and the focus of his mind is rent in twain; and man, having access to the corridors of both mind and heart, fashions new wonders of perception and precipitation out of his total being.

Wherever the wall of partition exists between heart and mind, wherever one predominates over the other, there is bound to be an imbalance in the expression of the Christ–whether the corpse like gloom of the carnal mind that goes about classifying and devouring everything and everyone with its cutting criticism, or the unbridled passions of fruitless desire issuing from a heart untutored and impure.

But when the union of heart and mind occurs under the aegis of the one eternal Father and his eternal Son, then the meaning of the resurrection is revealed in the pulsating identity of the Christ, delineating mastery for all and in all. Then the soul looks on as from the flame within his heart, the Flame of balanced Love, Wisdom and Power: a New Age man is born. Leaping over the pages of history in giant strides, he rides upon a white horse, the master of his destiny and of his karma. His image is not cast upon a cross of human torture and debauchery but upon that masterful building which appears on the horizon of the new age; for man has first built the kingdom within, utilizing the rock and the timber, the chemistry and geometry, the very laws and elements of the firmament on high in his mastery of self and of the abundant Life.

When this happens in the inner beings of sufficient numbers of embodied men and women, then I am certain that the kingdom of heaven will become a reality in the world of form.


God as the Divine Mother and Holy Spirit – The Christian Mystic

9 May

God as Holy Spirit and Divine Mother

The dawning age of Aquarius brings us the awareness of God as the Holy Spirit and as the Divine Mother. In this age the divine Feminine is destined to be exalted in both male and female as the sacred fire that rises on the altar of our

being.  In this age our soul is destined to don the wedding garment for her fusion with the Divine Mother and the Holy Spirit. The condition we must fulfill is self transcendence through divine love. We can see ourselves as we see God,

there is no other model for our spiritual being. This is a fundamental principle of the path of mysticism. If we polish our soul and polish the mirror of the soul and direct that mirror through attention to God, then we will always be able to

look in the mirror of our soul and see God. Thus, the unfoldment of God’s identity within us and our identification with it will culminate in our direct experience of God followed by our union with God. This is the goal of all of our past

incarnations and the goal of our life today.


A Divine Spark within Every Soul


Meister Eckhart taught:

“There is something in the soul that is so akin to God that it is one with him…God’s seed is within us. …There is a part of the soul that is untouched by time or mortality; it proceeds out of the Spirit and remains eternally in the Spirit and is

divine…Here God glows and flames without ceasing, in all His abundance and sweetness and rapture.”

Becoming God 

What is Mysticism?

Mysticism is the vital, animating element at the heart of every religion. The aspiration of every mystic is one and the same: union with God.

“The mystics are those who seek a direct experience of the Presence of God. They yearn to know God, to see God and to be one with God—now.

The aspiration of every mystic is one and the same: union with God. Spiritual marriage, they tell us, is not merely a conforming to the ways and will of God but a total transforming of the soul into God….

And this is the heart of the teaching that you only whisper: The soul that is transformed into God, is God.”

Unceasing Communion

The mystics taught that true prayer does not take place just at peak moments of the day or week. True prayer is unceasing communion with God even in the midst of daily activities. As Teresa of Avila said, we should talk with

God about even the smallest concerns of our day. Our conversation with him can take place anywhere. In his First Epistle to the Thessalonians, Paul urged them to “pray without ceasing.” To me unceasing prayer is like being

in love. When you are in love, you are always thinking of the beloved. When you are in love with God, you can never take your attention off of him.  You are consumed by spiritual passion. Moments apart from him are an

agony. Nothing else will comfort you but his love as he rekindles the fiery ecstasy of heart-to-heart communion.


At the Very Core of Mysticism Is Love

At the very core of mysticism is love: indeed, there can be, there is no mysticism without love. And love, as long as it is the Matter plane, includes in itself suffering. This is one of the very careful facts of the existence of love:  If we are not

willing to suffer, then we are not willing to love.   The piercing of the soul and the piercing of the heart through suffering is part of the mystery of love. When we take on the love of God and the love within our hearts, it becomes a burning,

transmutative fire infolding itself that Ezekiel observed. Now this vortex of energy, whirling in its center, the more intense it becomes, the more it magnetizes, like a whirlwind, almost like a tornado, everything around itself into the flame.

Why is this so? It is because the core of all creation is God, is fire, is sacred fire, and that white-fire core can never be tampered with. That which is misqualified is the energy in the spheres around the core, but the core, or nucleus, is an

energy field of Spirit in  matter.  That energy is God and remains God but it is imprisoned in the matrices of imperfection in which we have encased it.


True love means that we love the light of God that is in the core enough to be willing to tangle with and transmute the misqualified energies that surround it.  That is the meaning of God being crucified in matter.  So the soul that truly loves

God chooses to set free this misqualified energy. Karma is opportunity to free electrons.


Becoming God, The Path of the Christian Mystic by Elizabeth Clare Prophet, TSL.org


Life Begets Life – Part Four – Continuity of the Soul

5 Apr


And so before conception, the parents of every child—whether they are aware of it or not in their outer consciousness—have agreed at inner levels to receive that soul. If they have not agreed they have been made aware that it is their karma to have that soul.

Sometimes parents, seeing that this is a responsibility they must carry out, do not agree to sponsor the child because they are not willing to submit to the law of God.

Often this is because their teachers, pastors, ministers and rabbis have been wanting in the great knowledge of these cycles of life and have not been able to teach them, have not taught them that if they do not fulfill the calling to bear life now that they will be in a sense aborting their life plan and its cycles.

So in resisting that assignment, even though they may need to have that child, they both have karma with him or with her, they place themselves in a more difficult karma-making circumstance because sometime somewhere they will yet have to bear that child.

When two people block their opportunity to balance karma by aborting a child they have conceived, they will find that they cannot go on with their own divine plan.

And it is very difficult to come to the place once again where two individuals will be together and that soul will be available and blessed by God to take embodiment.

So it is not only the child’s opportunity for life and spiritual growth that they are denying but it is their own souls’ divine plan and opportunity for life and spiritual growth that they are denying.
A denial of life on the one hand does return as karma the denial of life on the other.

We lose something when we abort life in any way or circumstance even if it is to crush another with words or with unkindness or meanness.

I remember many years ago visiting my next-door neighbor. We’d grown up together, known each other all our lives. She was married, doing very well financially. She and her husband had had four boys and the husband was in the process of making the decision to be sterilized.

I saw a beautiful girl, a child who was to be born through them in their auras. As I visited with them, I suggested very strongly that if they would have just one more child they would have a girl and complete their family. They were adamant and were not to be convinced. He was sterilized and they did not bring forth that child that they should have brought forth in this life.

Interestingly enough, they both came from very large families. So I looked at this beautiful little girl some months later and I realized that she would not be born to them in their present life. And I saw the lines of karma whereby that couple would have to reincarnate again in order to give birth to that child.

This is why under certain lines of planning and birth control methods it is wise to respect the opportunity that God gives us to bear children and to rejoice in the opportunity of giving life to those from whom sometime somewhere we may have taken life.

This is the great joy and purpose of marriage, of bringing forth children who can carry on in their mission even as through them we are allowed to fulfill our mission.

Children, of course, do not always represent karmic debts that we are paying off, but often and more often it is the case.

Sometimes parents who have already had children and have balanced the karma that they are intended to balance in this life through childbearing may then be chosen by God to bring forth children with whom they have no negative karma but on whose behalf they are given the opportunity to bring them forth.

And these may be highly gifted children who may make a great contribution to society by bringing back their past attainment with them.

When we abort life in the womb we are aborting the opportunity of a soul whose timetable has come to be on earth at that precise astrological moment. The timetables of the conception and birth of every child are directed by Almighty God, by the archangels and cosmic beings of light and the specific ascended masters who are the sponsors of that soul, the Godparents, if you will. These timetables are part of God’s grand design of life. —Elizabeth Clare Prophet, March 30, 1991

Erroneous beliefs regarding abortion
The abortion of the divine plan of a soul
The worthiness of life, regardless of how challenging it might be
Glimpses into the spiritual life of the unborn and the continuity of the soul
The abortion of millions of children in America since 1973 and the compromise of the divine plan for earth
And much more

1 DVD, #DV11005, 2 hours 9 minutes

Recommended for Keepers of the Flame

Second in the “Life Begets Life” series. See also #M10012, “The Dilemma of Life on Earth, Life Begets Life #1,” MP3 audio.

Mission Possible

21 Aug

Lifetime after lifetime we have desired to return to the state of love and wholeness that we knew in “Eden.”  Through many ups and downs along the way, we’ve done lots of great things and made tremendous spiritual progress.  Though it takes some effort, paradise can be regained once we understand and apply the knowledge of communing with the I AM Presence.  As Ascended Master El Morya says, “The trek upward is worth the inconvenience!”


As the Aquarian age dawns, there is a great spiritual awakening taking place on earth.  It has been prophesied as an age of freedom, peace and enlightenment, a time of technological progress combined with spiritual development.  It can be a time when the spirit of cooperation becomes the basis of every relationship–cooperation between God and humanity, and between people everywhere.  This age gives us an ideal opportunity to accelerate spirituality and realize our divine mission so that we can unite as a powerful force for planetary healing and change.  This is the time to tune in to our missions and go for it!  However, this may sometimes be easier said than done.

When our souls first descended into matter, our mission were crystal clear.  We knew exactly what we needed to do.  Today that sense of mission may be vague or incomplete.  And the experience of Spirit’s constant presence may have diminished.  Whether conscious of it or not, the soul retains the memory of its mission and its oneness with the Divine.  She remembers a freedom of movement and consciousness not normally experienced in the physical world.

Our souls have been evolving as long as they have been sojourning in the material universe.  When we first descended into matter, we were still very much aware of the Presence of God with us.  As long as we maintained the connection with the I AM Presence, everything was fine.  But after thousands of years of evolution, souls adapted more and more to the denser vibrations of matter.  This resulted in a loss of memory of our origin, our home of light, and of the true nature of ourselves as spiritual beings.  perceptions became clouded, and many lost sight of their source and the mission they came to accomplish.

And so we went forth to be the manifestation of our Father-Mother God, sons and daughters who could put on more and more of those spheres of light which we call God consciousness.  So it is in this God consciousness that we live and move and have our being.  This we must not forget…  As surely as we are here and now; we are still in that (Great) Central Sun.  We are in the beginning and we are in the ending.  We do not have to get anywhere–we have to know who we are now.  This absolute immaculate concept of our identity is the foundation of every quest and pursuit.

-Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Many experiences in the material world serve to reawaken within us the memory of the soul’s calling.  They remind us that there is a sacred purpose to life on earth and a divine mission to accomplish. Some already know their mission and are working to fulfill it.  Others are still searching and seem to be waiting for the true mission to begin.  Often a single lifetime will be devoted to fulfilling only a portion of the mission.

The soul is destined for such a great and noble good…

The soul must always hurry to this goal, that it can by every

available means come to the eternal good that is

God–for it is for that the soul was created

-Meister Eckhart

We are all emissaries of God.  It is our reason for coming to earth.  Each one has a special role to play in serving life, whether it’s doing a particular job or imparting an essential virtue.  We all hold points of light, points of identity as representatives of God.  The key is discovering the meaning of life on earth and our special mission to make contact with our highest spiritual self, the I AM Presence.  We are still connected to our I AM Presence, just as we were when we descended into matter.  Answers to question like “Who am I?”  and “Why was I born?” can be found by meditating on the I AM Presence.

“There is absolutely no limit to what you can know and do if you will but bend the knee before your own God Presence, I AM Presence.  Know, then, that keeping the commandments and obeying the laws of God are prerequisites to your receiving the dispensations of God.  Yet, we shun no one. And we help, to the fullest extend of the laws of God, all who will simply look up to the sun of their I AM Presence and say O God, help me!  This all you need to say.  It is sufficient prayer.  It allows the angels to enter your life and turn things around and set things right and direct you on your course to accomplish the mission that God has anointed you to in this hour.”

-Archangel Raphael

The Spiritual Quest by Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Healing the Heart

19 Jul


Healing the heart begins with mercy–extending mercy to others, extending mercy to ourselves.  It begins with affirming that we are in control of our destiny.  No matter what we have done, no matter what we have experienced, we can transcend ourselves.  We can learn to master the creative flow of energy through our heart. When something is difficult or distasteful, we want to flee as far and as fast as we can.  Winston Churchill once said, “Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing happened.”  When we’re on a path of the heart and we stumble over a situation that needs resolution, no matter how uncomfortable it may be, we don’t just pick ourselves up and hurry off.  For we know we are not really free to make spiritual progress unless we stop and apply mercy.  First, last and always, we are called to forgive, forgive and forgive.

There  is a simple law behind that injunction.  When we refuse to forgive someone who has wronged us, even if he wrongs us again and again, we tie ourselves to that person.  “All you are unable to give,” said Andre Gide, “possesses you.” The person we refuse to forgive, the person we are angry with, becomes our master.  No matter how hard we try to move in any direction, we can only go as far as the rope of non-resolution allows us to–and it’s usually a very short rope.  The rope is short because our soul inevitably gravitates back to the scene to restore harmony and reach resolution.

That’s why people who go to their graves without making peace with their adversaries will be in for a surprise when they reach the other side.  They will find out that when we don’t let go of our resentment, anger, or desire for revenge, we have to reincarnate with the same people again and again until we learn to love.  Thus deep seated vendettas between families and even nations are not just generations old; they can go back centuries or even lifetimes.  The feuding goes on with no end in sight until they forgive.

Not only do people carry non-forgiveness to their graves, but they may go to their graves more quickly if they do not forgive.  A University of Tennessee study measured the effects of a forgiving personality.  Researchers measured indicators like blood pressure, forehead muscle tension and heart rate as students spoke about experiences of betrayal. The researchers found that those who forgave more easily had lower blood pressure and a smaller increase in blood pressure than those who held grudges.

The issue of forgiveness is confusing to many of us because we have been erroneously taught that forgiveness wipes away the transgression  or the crime.  We think that when we ask for forgiveness for something we have done or when we forgive another, that’s the end of the matter and we have no further responsibility.  But forgiveness does not equal absolution.  We are still required to take full responsibility for our actions. If you pay someone to paint your car blue and he paints it red, you can forgive him but he still has to rectify the situation and repaint your car.

When God forgives us, our negative karma (or sin) is sealed for a time.  It’s as if God takes this bundle of karma off our back so  we have time to pursue the path of self-mastery and prepare to pass the exam when it comes around again.  And it will come again.  When we do finally pass the test, we can graduate to the next level of spiritual mastery.

That’s how the universe works.  If we lose our temper or get angry, we will be tested again on the formula of patience and forgiveness.  The test may come in a new set of circumstances or it may come as a reply of the same scenario with the same actors.  Whatever the case, we will have to show how much love and forgiveness we can infuse into the situation to heal ourselves and others.

Jesus was a prophet of love and one of the most profound things he ever taught about the spiritual dynamics of love is in the Lord’s Prayer: “Forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors.”  We’re so used to hearing those words that we don’t really think about what they mean: Forgive us our own faults and mistakes in the same manner as we forgive the faults and mistakes of others.

That’s the fundamental law of karma:  As you do unto others, so it will be done unto you.  God will extend forgiveness to us in the same proportion that we extend our heart’s mercy to others.  And if we do not forgive, then mercy will be withheld from us.  Thus the biggest danger of the unmerciful heart is that it hurts the one who retains it.

The story of love is not important–what is important

is that one is capable of love.

-Helen Hayes

The law of forgiveness is a simple equation of energy, for whatever we think, feel and do has ramifications at energetic levels of our being.  The ancient Oriental art of  Feng Shui, for example, says that clutter or blockages within our environment can create blockages in our life.  The same things applies to our internal terrain.  When we freely give and receive love, when we quickly deal with and resolve issues that come into our lives, energy can move. But if we hold on to resentment or anger, energy gets blocked up.  When lack of forgiveness and love becomes acute, the blocked energy hardens around the heart.  At spiritual levels this creates hardness of heart.

If you want to heal the heart and activate mercy, a good rule of thumb is to handle that unpleasant, sticky issue that just walked into your life as fast as you can.  Forgive others and ask for forgiveness with all the sincerity of your heart so that both of you can move forward.  The great adepts did not say, however, that forgiveness was necessarily easy.  It’s not always easy to forgive those who have committed grave crimes against body, mind and soul.

Resolution, is a two-step process.  The first step is to invoke divine mercy.   We can forgive the soul of the one who committed the wrong and we can ask God to forgive the soul.  The second step is to invoke divine justice for the binding of the negative forces, within and without that hold the soul in their grip and work through that soul.  We can ask God to restrain the unreal self, the dark side of the person that caused him or her to commit wrong.  We can also ask God to give the soul an opportunity to repent of his deeds and an opportunity to strengthen himself so he can resist the urge to do wrong when it knocks again at his door.

However, just because we forgive someone, it doesn’t mean we condone his harmful actions. But it does mean we can let go of our sense of injustice and let God take care of the situation.  The when, where and how is God’s business–“Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord.”

That means it’s our work to forgive, and it’s God’s work to render judgement and deliver the increments of karma that will help the soul learn her lessons.  In fact, we can love the spiritual nature that resides deep within each person no matter what his actions are.  The animating fire at the very core of our cells is God, and therefore we can love the soul and honor that light even if the consciousness that uses that light is no longer serving the spirit.

“The understanding of these two components of forgiveness–forgiving the soul and asking God to bind the negative forces working through the soul–is the healing of a lifetime.

Elizabeth Clare Prophet