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The Spiritual Dimension of Love Relationships: Soul Mates and Twin Flames

20 Jan



The exchange of sacred energies in sexual union is for the transfer of spheres of cosmic consciousness-our Casual Bodies of light. The light energy resulting from this fusion enhances the positive qualities of each of the partners and strengthens their own divine identity-enabling them to carry their shared burden of karma.  As the union is consecrated to the love of God, the harmonious blending of pure Father-Mother energies yields the Son, the Christ consciousness-whether it be in the form of a child an inspiration, a successful enterprise, or a work of art.

When this exchange is not spiritualized through a recognition that God is both the lover and the beloved, the two individuals may experience physical pleasure, but they also unknowingly take on each others karmic patterns without the benefit of a spiritually transmutative love.

chart of your divine self001

Here is a ritual you can use to consecrate your sacred union with your partner and to seal your interchanges in the purity of God’s love. You can also use this ritual to celebrate your oneness with your twin flame and with God.

Stan (alone or with your partner) and face the Chart of Your Divine Self as you make your inner attunement with the star of your divinity, your I AM Presence. Meditate upon the sacred flame that burns within your heart. Visualize the arc of your love ascending from your heart to the heart of your I AM Presence. Take your right hand and dip into the fires of your heart and draw the circle of oneness around yourselves (you and your partner, your twin flame or your I AM Presence) as you stand in adoration of the one. Visualize this circle , twelve feet in diameter, as a line of sacred fire that will repeal all the opposes your union.

See yourselves focusing the plus and the minus of cosmic energies, two halves of the whirling T’ai Chi. Consecrate your love to your soul’s reunion with the I AM Presence and to the ultimate reunion of you and your twin flame within the hallowed circle of God. As an additional protection of your oneness invoke the cherubim daily, for they are the guardians of love.

Soul Mates and Twin Flames by Elizabeth Clare Prophet