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The Universal Law of Love

28 Aug

Is there one maxim which ought to be acted upon

throughout one’s whole life? Surely it is the

maxim of loving kindness:  Do not unto others

what you would not have them do unto you.


Karma picks up where the golden rule leaves off.  Do unto others as you would have them do unto you–because someday it will be done unto you.  The Sanskrit word karma means “act,” “action,” “word,” or “deed.”  The law of karma as it is traditionally taught says that our thoughts, words and deeds–positive and negative–create a chain of cause and effect, and that we will personally experience the effect of every cause we have set in motion.  Karma, therefore, is our greatest benefactor, returning to us the good we have sent to others.  it is also our greatest teacher, allowing us to learn from our mistakes.

Because the law of karma gives back to us whatever we have sent forth as thought, word, or deed, some think of it as punishment.  Not so.  The law of karma is the law of love.  There is no greater love than having the opportunity to understand the consequences of our action–or our inaction–so that our soul can grow.  Karma teaches us to love and to love and to love as no other process can.  it gives us hope.

A single lifetime, whether lived to nine or ninety-nine, is just not enough time for the soul to pay off her karmic debts, develop her vast potential or fulfill her reason for being.  How could we learn all our spiritual lessons or share all of our unique talents on the stage of life in only one lifetime?

The peoples of every nation have some karma to resolve together, but they also have a collective genius–a particular endowment of talent that their culture can offer to the world.  It has been said, and it is true, that many American were incarnated on the ancient continent of Atlantis, which sank beneath the ocean many thousands of years ago.  Materialism, the abuse of power and the misuse of technology contributed to the decline of that advanced civilization.

American are facing the same tests and opportunities again.  Can we wed science and spirituality so that we can use our power and technological advancements to liberate rather than to control?  Can we sustain a practical spirituality that educated the heart and soul as well as the mind?  This time around, can we stay focused on inner values rather than worldly sophistication and intellectual knowledge devoid of spirit?

Observe the opportunity.


Karma and Reincarnation by Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Sixth Energy Center

7 Aug


Location: between the eyebrows

Color: emerald green

Sanskrit Name:  Ajna (“to command”)

Petals:  96 (or 2)

Positive Expression:  truth, vision, holding the highest vision of myself and others, healing, wholeness, abundance, clarity, constancy, focus, music, science

Unbalanced Expression:  falsehood, lack of vision, mental criticism, lack of clarity, inconstancy, spiritual impoverishment

Part of Body:  pituitary (or pineal), portions of the brain.

Musical Instrument:  piano

Gemstone:  emerald, diamond, jade, quartz crystal

Spiritual Tradition:  Confucianism

By focusing our inner vision on the divine plan,

we achieve clarity and creative insight

Life Lesson:  Sustain a Vision of Wholeness for All

The light of the body is the eye, if therefore thine eye

be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.


Through the sixth energy center, the third-eye chakra, we can access the power of inner vision to perceive the reality of a situation.  In addition, the third-eye chakra, as well as the crown chakra, connects us with the magnificent realm of the higher mind and its flashes of insight, genius and originality.  An insight is an in-sight, a looking within.  The word insight means the power of seeing into a situation, into oneself or into the inner nature of things.  It is discernment and penetration.  The third-eye is also associated with intuition, which comes from the Latin word meaning to look at, to contemplate.  Our insights and our intuitions are the interior revelations that come to us through the third-eye chakra when we are in tune with our Higher Self.

You must trust that small voice inside you which tells you

exactly what to say, what to decide.  Your intuition is your instrument.

-Ingmar Bergman

These revelations can come as hunches, promptings or even as visions.  many times, if God wants us to do something or know something, you may find that he will put a picture in front of you.  Maybe a vision or image of what you need to do.

When we access the pure power of our third-eye, we have clear perception and a clear perspective on life.  Through the third-eye, we hold in mind the highest blueprint and the best outcome for a situation.  We tune into what should be (the divine pattern) instead of what is now happening, and we have discrimination to know what is the truth and inner reality of a situation.

The seat-of-the-soul and third-eye chakras are closely linked.  Speaking about the energies of the soul raised to the third-eye, the adept Djwal Kul says, “While the outer man takes life at its face value, the soul is evaluating the flow of energy, of karma, and of the cycles of life from the standpoint of inner realty…The image and likeness of God…out of which male and female were created, is held in the third-eye of each one as the potential that every living soul is destined to fulfill.”  Thus our challenge at the level of the third-eye, he says, is to purify this energy center so that we can anchor the perfect pattern of our being in outer form and focus our concentration on the upper reaches of our highest self.

I Honor The Creative Genius And Insights That Come To Me And Others

Honoring the creative insights that come to us is one way we master the energies of the third-eye chakra.  This requires setting aside our analytical thinking and judging to allow space for the flashes of genius that can come our way.  Detailed analysis and evaluation is an important and necessary skill.  But if we over analysis, we can dampen the creative fires.  We have a responsibility to ourselves and to others to let both sides of the brain have their say–the creative side and the logical side.

Another trap we have to watch out for is the ironclad judgements of our own human intellect.  Our lower mind will try to convince us that the unusual idea that just came into our head is not feasible–or that it’s even downright stupid.  Don’t allow yourself or anyone else to dismiss your inspirations and insights as “just your imagination.”  In fact, as soon as these ideas pop into your head, write them down. Hang onto them.  “The fierce power of imagination is a gift from God,”  said the twentieth-century Kabbalist Abraham Isaac Kook.  “Joined with the grandeur of the mind, the potency of inference, ethical depth, and the natural sense of the divine, imagination becomes an instrument for the holy spirit.”

I Recognize That What I Put My Attention On, I Will Become

When Jesus said, “If therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light,” he was talking about the single-eyed vision of the third-eye chakra.  He was talking about the truth that where our attention rests, so will the light/energy of our being.  When the eye is “single”–when it is focused on God, on good, on the highest potential–we open a tremendous highway of light between our world and the divine world.  With all the details of our day, how often do we remember to place our attention upon God, upon good, upon that highest potential?  Taking even a short time-out during our daily routine to focus with our third-eye on the inner light, on God, on our highest goals, can make an incredible difference.  For whatever we place our attention on, we energize.  More than that, whatever we place our attention on, we become.  Gautama Buddha summarized it best when he said, “We are what we think, having become what we thought.”

In order to be perfection

man must see perfection

-Djwal Kul

Dr. Wayne Dryer, for instance , says that what we really, really, really, really want, we will get.  And what we really, really, really, really don’t want, we will get too–because whatever we put our energy into will come to pass.  “Attention is the key,” says Saint Germain  Because our vision and our thoughts have the power to create.

I Strive To Recognize And Overcome Mind-sets And To See As God Sees

When we have single-eyed vision, when we place our attention upon God, we allow our eye to become God’s eye.  We see what God sees.  We see as God sees.  What often keeps us from seeing as God sees is our fixed mind-sets, our stereotypes.  A mind-set is a “set-mind.”  A Zen adept once said “Stop talking, stop thinking and there is nothing you will not understand…There is no need to seek Truth:  only stop having views.”  Have you ever noticed how hard it is to be creative and inspired when people with rigid minds are around?  Someone with a strong mental concept about something is like a barbed-wire fence.  That is why master alchemists, like Saint Germain, tell us it is not a good idea to share all our plans with even our closest friends.  People’s mind-sets or closed minds can spoil our creative endeavors and stop us from tapping into our higher mind.  The severe misuse of the energies of the third-eye chakra to harm or spoil another’s plans is what some refer to as the “evil eye.”

I Practice Holding In My Mind The Highest Image Of Others, Even Though They May Not Be Manifesting It Now

Through the inner vision of your third-eye along with the intuition of your soul chakra, you can tap into the “immaculate concept” for your life, your projects, your plans.  The immaculate concept is the divine blue print for what is meant to be.  When we hold this concept in mind with constancy, when we focus our energy and  inner vision there, we will create the image we are “seeing” and it will come into being.

We can hold this blueprint in mind not only for our own life but for others.  Just as God continually holds the perfect image for us, so we can hold that image for others.  As Goethe once said, “If you treat men the way they are, you never improve them.  If you treat them the way you want them to be, you do.”  At a practical day-to-day level, holding the immaculate concept for someone means that we don’t jump to conclusions before we know the facts.  It means we allow ourselves and others the opportunity to transcend what we might have been decades ago, weeks ago or even an hour ago.  Recognizing our misconceptions can be challenging. We don’t always perceive things as they actually are, because what we take in goes through the filter of our own emotional and mental matrix.

Aung San Suu Kyi said that the search for truth “is in a sense the struggle to overcome subjectivity” as we learn to distance ourselves from our prejudices when assessing a situation.  “The search for truth,” she said, “has to be accompanied by awareness…If you are aware of what you’re doing, you have an objective view of yourself.  And if you are aware of what other people are doing, you become more objective about them too.”  For example, awareness means that when you are aware of the fact that somebody is shouting, you don’t think to yourself:  “What a horrible man.”  That’s purely subjective.  But if you are aware, you know that he’s shouting because he’s angry or frightened.  That’s objectivity.  Otherwise, without awareness all kinds of prejudices start multiplying.”  If you see things as a whole you can always see a humorous side of it.  That is why we laugh at situations which to some seem so serious.

Affirmations for Balancing the Third eye

Visualizations:  Take some deep breaths.  Focus your energy at the point of your third-eye chakra, between your brows.  See your third-eye chakra as a pulsating energy center of intense emerald green.  (If you start to feel uncomfortably or pain between your brows, gently move your concentration to your heart.)  Once you have mastered this visualization, you can then visualize something you want to see take place–the achievement of a goal, the resolution of a situation at work, the improvement of a relationship.  As you do repeat the following affirmations:

I AM, I AM beholding all,

Mine eye is single as I call;

Raise me now and set me free,

Thy holy image now to be. (3x)


I AM the eye that God does use

To see the plan divine;

Right here on earth his way I choose

His concept I make mine.

Your Seven Energy Centers by Elizabeth Clare Prophet

chakra  man

Fourth Energy Center

3 Aug


Location:  center of chest

Color:  pink, rose

Sanskrit Name:  Anahata (“unbeaten” or “unbroken”)

Petals:  12

Positive Expression:  love, compassion, beauty, selflessness, sensitivity, appreciation, comfort, creativity, charity, generosity

Unbalanced Expression:  hatred, dislike, selfishness, self-pity, human sympathy, negligence

Part of Body:  heart, thymus, circulatory system

Musical Instrument:  harp

Gemstone:  ruby, diamond, garnet, rose quartz, pink beryl

Spiritual Tradition:  Christianity

The heart fires of loving-kindness and charity

impel us to wise and compassionate action

Life Lesson:  Become Love In Action

The important thing is not to think much

but to love much, and so do that which best stirs you to love

-Teresa of Avila

The heart center is the most important energy center in the body.  It is the hub of life, physically and spiritually.  Just as oxygenated blood from our lungs is pumped by the heart to the rest of the body, so the energy we receive from God passes through our heart chakra before it moves on to nourish the other chakras and systems of our body.  As energy passes through your heart chakra, it takes on its imprint–the unique vibration and quality of your heart.  “As (a man) thinketh in his heart, so he is,” says Proverbs.  If the motive of our heart is pure and we are intent upon giving love, kindness and compassion to others, then the energy flowing through our heart chakra will go forth to bless and energize.

If, on the other hand, the energy that emits from our heart chakra is impure–it is tainted with selfishness, hatred or dislike–all of our chakras can suffer.  That’s why it’s so important to begin our meditations and spiritual practices by clearing and balancing the heart.  A lot of people today talk about centering in the heart, speaking from the heart, acting from the heart.  But there are some misconceptions about what that looks like.

My strength is as the strength

of ten because my heart is pure.

-Galahad in “Sir Galahad”

Real love is not sentimental or passive.  It is strong and it is soft.  And, as the mystics tell us, it is eminently practical.  The Sufi poet Rumi, for instance, wrote, “Someone asks, How does love have hands and feet?  Love is the sprouting bed for hands and feet!”  Mother Teresa would have agreed with this whole-heartedly, for out of her love was born an all-consuming service to others.  Love, for her, was an essential part of the drama of everyday life.  “We do no great things,” she explained.  “We do only small things with great love.”


What is true compassion?  In order to answer that question, we have to make a distinction between compassion and sympathy.  We tend to use those words interchangeably, but in order to understand the subtleties involved in developing the heart chakra, it helps to make this distinction:  Compassion comes from the level of our Higher Self and gives to another what he or she really needs in that moment.  Sympathy comes from the level of the lower self and stands in the way of what the soul really needs.

Sympathy allows us to feel sorry for ourselves, to indulge our weaknesses, to slide into a “woe is me” slump.  Sympathy validates that sense of victimization rather than helping us see our challenges as opportunities.  In the aura, sympathy shows up as a syrupy dripping of energy from the heart and as spirals of energy moving downward, which eventually drag down the emotions and soul awareness as well.

Compassion, on the other hand, dips into the pure fires of the heart to uplift others so they can realize their full potential.  Compassion supports the process of soul refinement.  Compassion doesn’t leave someone who is hurting where it finds him.


There are two universal truths that we sometimes forget.

     Number one:  Not everyone thinks, feels and acts like we do.

     Number two:  It’s okay that everyone doesn’t think, feel and act like we do.

We don’t have to be on a crusade to change anyone.  One of the most important things we can teach children at an early age is to enjoy people’s differences.   Give people room to be who they are.  We are going to meet all kinds of people in the world who may not fit our mold.  But more often than not, they have something to teach us.   No matter who comes your way, try to keep your heart open and uncover what God wants you to learn from them, because there are no mistakes.  Life brings us into contact with the people and situations we need.

I follow the religion of Love:  Whatever way love’s

camel takes.  That is my religion, my faith.

-Ibn Arabi

God arranges things so we can learn about anger, irritability, patience and compassion.  When we have an instant dislike for someone, we’ve probably bumped into our karma.  And the faster we face that karma and resolve it with love, the faster we’re going to be liberated from it.  Whisper a prayer to God to help you stay openhearted and to show exactly what you are supposed to learn from the situation.  Call to your Higher Self and to the Higher Self of the other person to direct your relationship.  Then simply be kind and let the rest unfold.


Many of us weren’t brought up learning how to coach.  Our role models were managers, not mentors.  It’s part of our collective challenge in this new millennium, in this age of Aquarius, to nourish and express our caring feminine side–the side of ourselves that has to do with building relationships, coaching, team work.  A good starting point is to simply go out of the way to appreciate others.  Everyday, go up to someone and thank her for her contributions–whether it’s good work she did or just the fact that she is so cheerful and sunny.  The more we reinforce the positive in others, the more likely they are to repeat that positive behavior.  And the more  we reinforce their negatives, the more likely they are to believe that that is all they are capable of and therefore repeat that same behavior.  In addition, the more we learn to love and appreciate ourselves, the more love we will magnetize into our world.

The spiritual activity of our heart has definite effects on our health and vitality.  Researchers at the Institute of HeartMath, for instance, have shown that emotions like anger and frustration put a strain on the heart and other organs.  Emotions like love, compassion and appreciation have the opposite effect:  they create harmony in the body that leads to enhanced immunity and improved hormonal balance.

Only from the Heart

can you reach the sky.



Just as one of the initiation of the heart is to keep it open, another is to draw healthy boundaries.  Yes, you are allowed to say no!  If we cannot set limits when necessary, it is actually unhealthy–not only for us but for others.  When you say yes to everything, you know how easy it is to become overextended and exhausted, irritable and uncreative.   If we don’t take enough time or space to recharge and nurture ourselves, we are that much less effective in fulfilling our mission.  To truly help others, we need to pay attention to ourselves first.  Setting healthy boundaries also means that we can stand up for our principles in the face of peer pressure or societal pressure.  It means we can say no to those things that will no propel us toward our ultimate goals in life.

There does come a time when we have to draw the line for the protection of our own energy and chakras.  When people are angry, we do have the option of explaining to them softly, but firmly that we will be happy to talk with them later, when they are feeling better, but we will have to conclude the conversation if they continue to talk in this manner.  We can’t always change someone else, but we can take responsibility to guard our own energy by drawing healthy boundaries.


Both Eastern and Western adepts tell us that the greatest power in the universe is softness.  Lao Tzu used the analogy of water:  “There is nothing softer and weaker than water and yet there is nothing better for attacking hard and strong things…The weak overcome the strong  and the soft overcomes the hard…The softest, most pliable things in the world run roughshod over the firmest thing in the world.”When water is running through your fingers it doesn’t feel “strong” and yet water can wear down rock and find pathways in, through and around gigantic obstacles.  The power of softness can do the same.

Softness is a receptive mode where unnatural, forceful human action and reaction give way to the natural movement of the heart.  Softness is nurturing, giving attitude that does not take offense.  Softness is the opposite of brittleness, rigidity or resistance.  Brittle things can break, but softness is flexible and can bend.  As a wise commentator once said, “Blessed are the flexible, for they shall not be bent out of shape.  That’s the whole principal behind the martial arts, such as T’ai Chi Ch’uan.  They are based on cultivating inner energies and developing softness that will triumph over the use of external, muscular force.  The body appears to be soft and gentle externally but has a great concentration of internal power.

Through the heart,

all mankind are one.

-Djwal Kul

The Heart Affirmation

Experiences in this life and past lives can create a burden on the heart.  Sometimes these experiences cause us to close our heart.  We become guarded because we have been hurt and we don’t want to be hurt again.  Sometimes our heart is burdened because we have been selfish or angry or hard-hearted.  When we use the energy of the heart in unloving ways, that energy remains with us as part of our consciousness until we transmute it by love.  The following heart affirmation has helped many people attune with their loving heart.  It creates a spiritual climate around the heart that helps us become more open, more sensitive and more compassionate to ourselves and to the plight of so many who need our love and prayers.  This affirmation invokes the alchemy of the violet flame to clear the painful records of past experiences.  It helps clear our subconscious, which accepts the wrong judgement of peers or authority figures who have put us down or intimidated us.  The violet flame can resolve these patterns of consciousness and free us to be our real self.  As you recite the heart affirmation, visualize the violet flame within your heart chakra as pulsating violet light that softens and warms your heart.  See it melt away layers and layers of encrustation around the heart.  As the violet flame saturates your heart chakra, feel it transforming anger into compassion, bitterness into sweetness, anxiety into peace.  See the twelve petals of your heart center unfold as your heart radiates its native energy of divine love.


Violet fire, thou love divine,

Blaze within this heart of mine!

Thou art mercy forever true,

Keep me always in tune with you (3x)

Meditation On The Light Of The Heart

The more we focus on the heart and the qualities of heart in our life and in our spiritual practices, the more powerful and sensitive our heart will become.  The beautiful prayer ” I AM the Light of the Heart by Saint Germain celebrates the divine spark within our heats and can help us become more heart-centered.

  As you recite “I AM the Light of the Heart,” visualize radiant light descending from God into your heart chakra, where it will be released according to the words of your prayer.  Then focus your attention on your heart chakra, in the center of your chest.  Sometimes it’s easier to focus your attention if you place the thumb and first two fingers of your hand in the center of your chest. Now picture the brilliance of the sun at noonday and transfer that picture to the center of your chest.  Se thousands of sunbeams going forth from your your heart to penetrate and dissolve any darkness despair or depression within yourself, within loved one and then within the people of the world.  Project your love (which is really God’s love) out into the world.  See that love going forth as intense fiery-pink laser beams that break down all barriers to the success of your relationships, your family, your spiritual growth, your career, your neighborhood and your nation.

I AM the Light of the Heart

I AM the light of the heart

Shinning in the darkness of being

And changing all into the golden

treasury of the mind of Christ.

I AM projecting my love

Out into the world

To erase all errors

And to break down all barriers.

I AM the power of infinite love,

Amplifying itself

Until it is victorious,

World without end!

Your Seven Energy Centers by Elizabeth Clare Prophet