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Hilarion, Chohan of the Fifth Ray Of Healing

13 Jan

Hilarion Saint Paul Prophet books

Embodiments of Hilarion

Hilarion was high priest of the Temple of Truth on Atlantis, and he transported the flame of Truth together with the artifacts of the Temple to Greece a short time before the sinking of the continent.

The focus of Truth that he established became the focal point for the Oracles of Delphi, messengers of Truth who served under the direction of Pallas Athena for hundreds of years, until black priests penetrated the Delphic Order and perverted the Truth that had been brought forth. The Brotherhood then withdrew this service to embodied mankind, since people were unable to distinguish between Truth and error.

Hilarion was later embodied as Saul of Tarsus, who became the apostle Paul. Hilarion has recalled for us his encounter with the Christ in that embodiment: “Jesus the Christ we called him, and we were called of him as you are called this day. I recall the memories of his coming to me, empowering me with his Word. Yet first he humbled me on that road to Damascus, the humbling I sorely needed that I might bow to my own Christ flame that he revealed to me, as he also gave to me the key of meditation upon that flame that I might walk in his footsteps on the fifth ray of science and healing and apostleship and the preaching of the Word.”

Because in that lifetime the apostle Paul had consented to the stoning of Saint Stephen (the first Christian martyr) and had actively persecuted and killed Christians, he did not ascend at the conclusion of that life. The taking of life in one incarnation often requires another embodiment to balance that karma.

The ascended master Hilarion has explained why he was required to embody again before making his ascension: “Remember, then, that we, the apostles of Christ, did come under the dispensation of the Law that required that one balance 100 percent of one’s karma ere the soul enter the ascension in the light.* Thus, I was required to atone in my life as the apostle Paul and in my next life as Saint Hilarion for the sins I had committed before I received my Lord.”

So Jesus, who raised up Paul to be his apostle, sponsored him in a final incarnation as Saint Hilarion (c. a.d. 290 to 372), the founder of monasticism in Palestine. Saint Hilarion had the gift of healing in abundant measure, learned from the heart of his Saviour, Jesus. Toward the end of his life, he lived in the desert of Cyprus, having moved to this remote part of the world in order to escape the crowds who sought relief through the fountain of healing that flowed from him.

But it was not possible for the “people’s saint,” as he was called, to evade the people—the multitudes followed him wherever he went. Finally his Lord taught him that the gift of truth and healing is only for the sharing, for the giving away. And so he healed.

Hilarion, Chohan of the Fifth Ray

Today from the ascended realm, Hilarion continues his healing mission. As the master of healing and truth, he is accessible to all who desire healing, teaching the way of self-healing and the rules of healing not only of the body, but of the mind, soul and spirit.

Hilarion is the chohan of the fifth ray of healing, wholeness, precipitation and Truth. He is accessible to all who desire healing, teaching the way of self-healing and the rules of healing not only of the body, but of the mind, soul and spirit.

The Fifth (Green) Ray

The Fifth Ray is the ray of truth and the science of God. It is the ray of healing and abundance, which vibrates in the color spectrum of green. It imbues all life with the perfect blend of the blue and the yellow—the faith and wisdom of God in nature. The eternal newness of the color green charges man with the fire of the sun and the fire of the power to create. The healing green restores man to the primal nature of God. The ray of green supplies man with every lack and is the color of abundance and supply.

On this ray, scientists, doctors, healers, mathematicians, musicians pursue a scientific mastery of the self and of the planes of Spirit and matter. This they do through the quest for truth in every discipline, including the healing arts.

Hilarion works with all of these, and he can assist us in drawing down the abundance that we need to fulfill our mission in life. He also assists us in developing truth or clarity in spiritual vision.  And so the Fifth Ray becomes the means whereby those who require the logic of the Logos can find their way back to the Christ consciousness, back to the God-design.

Hilarion’s Temple of Truth

In addition to the light of healing he bears, Hilarion organizes legions of the LORD’s hosts for the protection of the Logos, the logic of the Divine Mind in man, by the flame of Truth.

And he invites all who espouse the cause of Truth to come in their finer bodies to attend temple training and classes in his Temple of Truth on the etheric plane congruent with  the island of Crete, Greece.

Chohan for Atheists, Agnostics and Skeptics

Hilarion is also concerned with helping atheists, agnostics, skeptics and others empirically centered who, often through no fault of their own but thanks to the blind leaders of the blind in Church and State, have become disillusioned with life and religion.

“The agnostics cry out today against the trivia of this age and quite frequently they take a stand for principles of the Light,” Hilarion says. “The atheists deny while the agnostics struggle to see. In our temple at Crete, we have determined to bring new meaning to life through the avenues of science and to stop the perpetual harassment of those forward-moving individuals who seek to assuage some measure of human grief”—even though they may not conform to some people’s version of Truth or science or religion.

“The lost chord of religion,” Hilarion says, “is the science of healing. Rebellion upon earth in the hearts of men has kept them from receiving the gift of this divine art. How well I know it, for I was a rebel myself—a rebel against the Christ, a rebel against his cause.”

For all are mounting toward the goal. Until the summit is reached, no man’s perspective is complete. Some aiming for the top do not have the goal in sight—other mountains of conflicting desire obscuring the One.

Let us help one another to know Truth in true compassion for the lame, the halt and the blind—which we all are or have at one time been.

Book and eBook: Hilarion The Healer: The Apostle Paul Reborn

Hilarion as Saint Paul

The Apostle Paul changed the course of history. But history does not record that Paul returned for one more life as the great mystic and miracle worker Saint Hilarion.

Now an ascended master, Hilarion guides and inspires scientists, healers, doctors, musicians and seekers of truth.

Learn the amazing story of Hilarion’s lives on earth and his keys for healing body, mind and soul.

Topics include: The Healing of the Spirit, The Divine Source of Healing. The Alchemy of Healing, The Real Meaning of Disease. The Image of Wholeness, Karma and Healing, Violet Flame for Healing, The Healing Flames of Mercy and Forgiveness, The Body Elemental, The Gift of Healing, The Flame of Living Truth, The Power of Conversion, Heaven on Earth, Words from the Master, Hilarion Speaks, The Gift of Divine Healing and Mantras for Healing.

Elizabeth Claire Prophet

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