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God is Wisdom, Tidbits of Wisdom from the Great Divine Source!

23 Apr

Of what value is Wisdom unless It pierce the gloom of error and blaze forth through the limiting density of human consciousness that Holy Compassion which heals the crooked limbs of men’s vanity and enables them to walk the Path of Virtue? Wisdom is not intended to exalt the ego or set brother over brother; Wisdom is not intended to make men masters over other men. Wisdom is, pure and simple, a Beacon pointing the way to the fruits of fulfillment.

Men pursue Wisdom in order to attain advantage, to be thought wise and out of avid curiosity about Life, but the “pure in heart” see Wisdom as a means to find their Great Divine Source. All pursuit of knowledge ought to swallow up lesser aims, else knowledge becomes a canker, eating away the fabric of Selfhood and destroying that which loving Wisdom exists to preserve. In no ivory-towered citadel of self-glorification, but upon bowed knees of humility, the Initiate worships at the mighty Fountain of Theo-Sophia, striving to wash away the dust of the road and experience a baptism of Divine Grace.

As one chosen to conclude the Mighty releases of the Ladies of Heaven speaking in this series of Letters, I wish to close with an affirmation of delight that may be retained by you throughout your life, helping you on to greater understanding and Victory:

Come all who love Life,
Drink deep at Wisdom’s fount;
But let your draught be utilized
In climbing Victory’s mount.

          Come all who love Life,
Seek Holy Wisdom pure;
Let sweet attunement with God alone
Make everyone secure.

          Come, all who love Life
Cast off all vanity;
With hands of gentle grace stretched out
Let every man be Free.

Sophia, Goddess of Wisdom, Pearls of Wisdom, Vol. 6  No. 34,  August 23, 1963

Blessed ones, I do not wish to confuse you but to make this instruction as simple as possible.  Won’t you please try to understand—regardless of how wise you may feel you are or how simple you may think you are—that none of these ideas you hold about yourself are important by contrast to the immaculate idea God holds for you!  Of course you can be affected by your own thoughts about yourself, and (if you let them) the thoughts of others about you can create unhappiness for you.  But, lovely children of eternal youth and loveliness, know always that God’s world is the world of essential power where the dynamic energy of life is continually qualified with the transcending spiral of God’s ever-exalting wisdom.  God’s universe is permeated with the justice of an equal love from the heart of God for all his creation which by law’s perfect balance renders the fullness of himself to each according to his kind and willingness to accept more of his grace.

Remember, blessed ones, the stream of life flows first from the heart of God to the heart of your own Presence made in the immaculate image of the supreme one, and thence passes to your Higher Mental Body or Holy Christ Self into your physical heart where it manifests as a threefold flame of love, wisdom and power!  Unless there is an interruption of this pure energy—which is impossible by cosmic law at inner levels—there can be only constancy in a release of love, wisdom and power into your own worlds!  Do you see, blessed ones?  Yet the cause and core of disease, unhappiness, shadow, pain, jealousy and confusion of mind is ever the stoppage of the wisdom-power-love flame from within out, and a stultification of the flow of light and harmony into your mind and heart.  This can only occur when you succumb to the pressure of the mass thought and feeling of that which is directed at children of Light for the express purpose of stealing their energy to animate human creation!

Beloved Rose of Light, Pearls of Wisdom, Vol. 5  No. 22,  June 1, 1962

Let all men live for truth as they see it best, knowing that often their present understanding is in direct conflict with their own former light and that the present light of many people will one day prove to be that in which they will not wish to abide!  May men desire to reach up to God for greater wisdom, even that which transcends time and space and is one with eternal Life and eternal Light!

O Summit of hope . . .

Thou newness of Christ

Show me the way to

Everlasting Life!

I am breathing this prayer for all my children that all in unison may one day soon sit down together at the feet of their Holy Christ Self and say in the peace of full knowledge, knowing themselves also, even as they are known of God, “I AM the way!”

Beloved Mother Mary, Pearls of Wisdom, Vol. 3  No. 25,  June 17, 1960

You will understand that through our service the purity and heights of heaven remain in a state of “all is well,” whereas men on earth are assured that the wisdom of Solomon—which is really the wisdom of God—is ever present to make those right decisions which in the long run present the best hopes to every life and in whose hands all shall find mercy, comfort and a steadfast enfoldment, with increasing victory, increasing compassion, increasing understanding and a life forever more abundantly happy!

Beloved Kuan Yin , Pearls of Wisdom, Vol. 4  No. 24, June 16, 1961


I AM the Indestructible One. I appear as the Sun Goddess in and out of time and space. I transcend the generations. I regenerate life by the love-wisdom of my beloved consort, Helios of the Sun.

Beloved ones, you must understand that it is altogether possible for you to live in eternity here and now. Do you have any doubt that your messenger lives in eternity? We do not, for we observe the cycles of the freedom of her movement in and out of the Central Sun—timelessness, spacelessness, and not the awareness of the yesterdays or tomorrows, but always the ever-present mastery. This is the qualification for your own Christhood.

See, then, how the ascended masters set this example and how they have allowed, then, the messenger to embody their consciousness so that you might observe one who moves, in free form, in and out of these cycles and, therefore, perplexes your sense of time and space and therefore lends to you the grace of your yester years and your tomorrows, not as fears, not as the torment of the deep, but as the light that shines in the darkness as a giant beacon of the I AM Presence—the I AM Presence, the Lord of lords and the universe, the universal will, wisdom, power.

Wherever you go, wherever you walk, wherever you speak the Word of God, be the pillar of fire. The pillar of fire has the single attribute of non-attachment. It is the fire enfolding itself. Therefore be the pillar of fire as the sun that shines upon the just and the unjust. Be the energy that releases the sacred trust and moves on, blessed ones—attachment neither to bliss nor to pain, neither to those who compliment nor to those who criticize, but only giving of the immortal fount of God-wisdom, love and power to all.

Beloved Vesta, Pearls of Wisdom, Vol. 57 No. 11, given December 29, 1977



Let God Release Perfect Love Through You

8 Feb

Would you feel the cosmic rays of the stars? Would you know the vibration of Sirius? You can.

I say, you can if you will, but love must purge you of grossness, of cruelty in the spoken word. Love must purge you of those receptors that still hear the demons of the night and their vanity and their profane words. Love must purge you and silence all dissonance in your consciousness. Love that glows as a fire, for what? For God, God, God! Love that is a fire for friend and neighbor and for the child that is not seen.

Who is the child that is not seen? Is it the child in the womb of the Cosmic Virgin? It is the child of your own heart. The unseen child is the one who is profaned upon earth. Therefore, let the child appear. Let the child appear within you as perfect Love.

You can know all things. God has never withheld from any of his sons his perfect Wisdom and his perfect Love. You can aspire to become sages upon earth, teachers of wisdom but only by love.

Deliver me from the brittleness of those who memorize the Word without the heart of devotion! Deliver me, then, from those who take the ocean of God’s love to the depths of psychic thralldom and the entertainment of phenomena. Deliver me, then, from those who are more interested in doctrine and dogma than in the plight of the soul itself.

How we love the flame of Love bursting for joy in your heart and as love for one another! Blessed hearts of peace, open now and let God release through you his perfect Love. Then will you be my disciples indeed.

How can you sow the seeds of my Word unless you wrap them in the swaddling garment of love? The seeds cannot grow unless they be enfolded in love—enfolded in the name of the Father, of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit—sealed in the cosmic cross of white fire by the angels of the Ruby Ray, sealed in the Light of Alpha and Omega in the Body and Blood of Christ. Yes, seeds of my heart and wisdom, seeds of my discipline must be enfolded in love when you pass them to another and sow them in the soul’s consciousness.

thesummitlighthouse.org.  This excerpt on the flame of love by Lanello is from the 1981 Ascension Day Address, published in the 1981 Pearl of Wisdom®, Vol. 24 No. 55