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Sixth Energy Center

7 Aug


Location: between the eyebrows

Color: emerald green

Sanskrit Name:  Ajna (“to command”)

Petals:  96 (or 2)

Positive Expression:  truth, vision, holding the highest vision of myself and others, healing, wholeness, abundance, clarity, constancy, focus, music, science

Unbalanced Expression:  falsehood, lack of vision, mental criticism, lack of clarity, inconstancy, spiritual impoverishment

Part of Body:  pituitary (or pineal), portions of the brain.

Musical Instrument:  piano

Gemstone:  emerald, diamond, jade, quartz crystal

Spiritual Tradition:  Confucianism

By focusing our inner vision on the divine plan,

we achieve clarity and creative insight

Life Lesson:  Sustain a Vision of Wholeness for All

The light of the body is the eye, if therefore thine eye

be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.


Through the sixth energy center, the third-eye chakra, we can access the power of inner vision to perceive the reality of a situation.  In addition, the third-eye chakra, as well as the crown chakra, connects us with the magnificent realm of the higher mind and its flashes of insight, genius and originality.  An insight is an in-sight, a looking within.  The word insight means the power of seeing into a situation, into oneself or into the inner nature of things.  It is discernment and penetration.  The third-eye is also associated with intuition, which comes from the Latin word meaning to look at, to contemplate.  Our insights and our intuitions are the interior revelations that come to us through the third-eye chakra when we are in tune with our Higher Self.

You must trust that small voice inside you which tells you

exactly what to say, what to decide.  Your intuition is your instrument.

-Ingmar Bergman

These revelations can come as hunches, promptings or even as visions.  many times, if God wants us to do something or know something, you may find that he will put a picture in front of you.  Maybe a vision or image of what you need to do.

When we access the pure power of our third-eye, we have clear perception and a clear perspective on life.  Through the third-eye, we hold in mind the highest blueprint and the best outcome for a situation.  We tune into what should be (the divine pattern) instead of what is now happening, and we have discrimination to know what is the truth and inner reality of a situation.

The seat-of-the-soul and third-eye chakras are closely linked.  Speaking about the energies of the soul raised to the third-eye, the adept Djwal Kul says, “While the outer man takes life at its face value, the soul is evaluating the flow of energy, of karma, and of the cycles of life from the standpoint of inner realty…The image and likeness of God…out of which male and female were created, is held in the third-eye of each one as the potential that every living soul is destined to fulfill.”  Thus our challenge at the level of the third-eye, he says, is to purify this energy center so that we can anchor the perfect pattern of our being in outer form and focus our concentration on the upper reaches of our highest self.

I Honor The Creative Genius And Insights That Come To Me And Others

Honoring the creative insights that come to us is one way we master the energies of the third-eye chakra.  This requires setting aside our analytical thinking and judging to allow space for the flashes of genius that can come our way.  Detailed analysis and evaluation is an important and necessary skill.  But if we over analysis, we can dampen the creative fires.  We have a responsibility to ourselves and to others to let both sides of the brain have their say–the creative side and the logical side.

Another trap we have to watch out for is the ironclad judgements of our own human intellect.  Our lower mind will try to convince us that the unusual idea that just came into our head is not feasible–or that it’s even downright stupid.  Don’t allow yourself or anyone else to dismiss your inspirations and insights as “just your imagination.”  In fact, as soon as these ideas pop into your head, write them down. Hang onto them.  “The fierce power of imagination is a gift from God,”  said the twentieth-century Kabbalist Abraham Isaac Kook.  “Joined with the grandeur of the mind, the potency of inference, ethical depth, and the natural sense of the divine, imagination becomes an instrument for the holy spirit.”

I Recognize That What I Put My Attention On, I Will Become

When Jesus said, “If therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light,” he was talking about the single-eyed vision of the third-eye chakra.  He was talking about the truth that where our attention rests, so will the light/energy of our being.  When the eye is “single”–when it is focused on God, on good, on the highest potential–we open a tremendous highway of light between our world and the divine world.  With all the details of our day, how often do we remember to place our attention upon God, upon good, upon that highest potential?  Taking even a short time-out during our daily routine to focus with our third-eye on the inner light, on God, on our highest goals, can make an incredible difference.  For whatever we place our attention on, we energize.  More than that, whatever we place our attention on, we become.  Gautama Buddha summarized it best when he said, “We are what we think, having become what we thought.”

In order to be perfection

man must see perfection

-Djwal Kul

Dr. Wayne Dryer, for instance , says that what we really, really, really, really want, we will get.  And what we really, really, really, really don’t want, we will get too–because whatever we put our energy into will come to pass.  “Attention is the key,” says Saint Germain  Because our vision and our thoughts have the power to create.

I Strive To Recognize And Overcome Mind-sets And To See As God Sees

When we have single-eyed vision, when we place our attention upon God, we allow our eye to become God’s eye.  We see what God sees.  We see as God sees.  What often keeps us from seeing as God sees is our fixed mind-sets, our stereotypes.  A mind-set is a “set-mind.”  A Zen adept once said “Stop talking, stop thinking and there is nothing you will not understand…There is no need to seek Truth:  only stop having views.”  Have you ever noticed how hard it is to be creative and inspired when people with rigid minds are around?  Someone with a strong mental concept about something is like a barbed-wire fence.  That is why master alchemists, like Saint Germain, tell us it is not a good idea to share all our plans with even our closest friends.  People’s mind-sets or closed minds can spoil our creative endeavors and stop us from tapping into our higher mind.  The severe misuse of the energies of the third-eye chakra to harm or spoil another’s plans is what some refer to as the “evil eye.”

I Practice Holding In My Mind The Highest Image Of Others, Even Though They May Not Be Manifesting It Now

Through the inner vision of your third-eye along with the intuition of your soul chakra, you can tap into the “immaculate concept” for your life, your projects, your plans.  The immaculate concept is the divine blue print for what is meant to be.  When we hold this concept in mind with constancy, when we focus our energy and  inner vision there, we will create the image we are “seeing” and it will come into being.

We can hold this blueprint in mind not only for our own life but for others.  Just as God continually holds the perfect image for us, so we can hold that image for others.  As Goethe once said, “If you treat men the way they are, you never improve them.  If you treat them the way you want them to be, you do.”  At a practical day-to-day level, holding the immaculate concept for someone means that we don’t jump to conclusions before we know the facts.  It means we allow ourselves and others the opportunity to transcend what we might have been decades ago, weeks ago or even an hour ago.  Recognizing our misconceptions can be challenging. We don’t always perceive things as they actually are, because what we take in goes through the filter of our own emotional and mental matrix.

Aung San Suu Kyi said that the search for truth “is in a sense the struggle to overcome subjectivity” as we learn to distance ourselves from our prejudices when assessing a situation.  “The search for truth,” she said, “has to be accompanied by awareness…If you are aware of what you’re doing, you have an objective view of yourself.  And if you are aware of what other people are doing, you become more objective about them too.”  For example, awareness means that when you are aware of the fact that somebody is shouting, you don’t think to yourself:  “What a horrible man.”  That’s purely subjective.  But if you are aware, you know that he’s shouting because he’s angry or frightened.  That’s objectivity.  Otherwise, without awareness all kinds of prejudices start multiplying.”  If you see things as a whole you can always see a humorous side of it.  That is why we laugh at situations which to some seem so serious.

Affirmations for Balancing the Third eye

Visualizations:  Take some deep breaths.  Focus your energy at the point of your third-eye chakra, between your brows.  See your third-eye chakra as a pulsating energy center of intense emerald green.  (If you start to feel uncomfortably or pain between your brows, gently move your concentration to your heart.)  Once you have mastered this visualization, you can then visualize something you want to see take place–the achievement of a goal, the resolution of a situation at work, the improvement of a relationship.  As you do repeat the following affirmations:

I AM, I AM beholding all,

Mine eye is single as I call;

Raise me now and set me free,

Thy holy image now to be. (3x)


I AM the eye that God does use

To see the plan divine;

Right here on earth his way I choose

His concept I make mine.

Your Seven Energy Centers by Elizabeth Clare Prophet

chakra  man

Third Energy Center

31 Jul

LOCATION:  at the navel

COLOR:  purple and gold with ruby flecks

SANSKRIT NAME:  Manipura (“city of jewels” or “filled with jewels”)


POSITIVE EXPRESSION:  peace, brotherhood, selfless service, right desire, balance, harmlessness

UNBALANCED EXPRESSION:  anger, agitation, fanaticism, aggression, egoism, overindulgence, fear, anxiety, passivity

PART OF THE BODY:  digestive system, liver, pancreas


GEMSTONE:  topaz, alexandrite, diamond with pearl


By mastering emotion and desire, we cultivate

inner peace, brotherhood and selfless service

Life Lesson:  Walk the Middle Way of Balance

The impulse “I want” and the impulse “I’ll have”–lose them!

That is where most people get stuck

–The Sutta-Nipata

The next step in our voyage of self-discovery is to rise from the seat-of-the-soul chakra to the level of the solar-plexus.  Here the soul learns to cultivate inner peace and brotherhood.  She does this by mastering her emotions and desires while dealing with the tests and trials of her karma.  The solar-plexus , from which this chakra takes its name, is the large network of nerves located behind the stomach.  Most of us have felt butterflies in our belly or a wallop of energy from someone who was upset with us, as if we were being punched in the stomach.  We were processing those emotions through the energy center at the solar-plexus.

Feeling like anger, agitation or fear as well as spiritual feelings of peace or devotion are filtered through this center.  Our solar-plexus and throat centers are closely linked, for we often express our feelings through our speech.  So powerful are our emotions that the solar-plexus chakra can multiply–for blessings or bane—what is taking place through our other chakras.

I Engage The Power Of My Emotions As An Instrument Of Peace

When Jesus said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water,” he was talking about those who would become instruments of peace as they mastered the powerful currents flowing through the solar-plexus chakra.

flowing river

Mastering the emotions does not mean that we have no emotion.  Emotion (e-motion) is simply energy in motion.  We can use our energy in motion to reflect and amplify the feelings of our soul or we can use it to subject the soul. We can use our energy in motion to emanate peace or to amplify agitation–to inspire or to provoke.

By staying calm when everything around us is in chaos, by tapping into the powerful reservoir of peace than can be garnered in the solar-plexus, we can summon a tremendous sea of energy to stabilize a situation, whether it is in our home or in a crowd.

The hero is the man

who is immovably centered

–Ralph Waldo Emerson

The test of the emotions comes in big and little ways, tempting us to indulge the emotions or lose control of them.  God wants us to master our lessons in energy flow, and he needs to make sure we’ve got it right.  For God will not give us more energy than we can hold in the chalice of our chakras and put to good use.  Why do we want a reserve of energy?  So that when the necessity arises we can send out to others, through our chakra and our aura, the healing light of joy, freedom, peace, love, power, vision and wisdom.

So when you are confronted with the trials of life that seem to be trying to unseat you, it’s because you’re doing something right, not something wrong.  When we’re committed to a course of spiritual growth, we can expect that we’ll be tested.  That’s what that quizzical verse we learned in Sunday school was all about:  “Count it all joy when ye fall into divers temptations; knowing this, that the trying of your faith worketh patience.  But let patience have her perfect work, that ye may be perfect and entire.”

Self-conquest is indeed, far greater

then the conquest of all other folk.

–The Dhammapada

Tibetan Buddhism teaches that anger is one of the “poisons” that are deadly to our spiritual growth.  Through anger we can very quickly lose any ground we have gained.   Like a baby who cries until he is literally exhausted, tirades of anger or other forms of emotional abuse can exhaust our energy supply–and cause turmoil within the energy centers of others.  Anger, is a symptom of a deeper malaise, telling us to dig below the surface.  Often what is hovering underneath is fear or insecurity or grief, and anger is the way, however unhealthy, that we chose to cope.  Anger does not change a situation; it usually makes it worse.  If we are serious about overcoming our unbalanced emotions, we first have to find out what is at the root of them.

I Strive To Walk The Middle Way

Gautama Buddha articulated the initiation of the solar-plexus chakra when he taught that we can make the best spiritual progress by walking “the Middle Way.”  In his first sermon after his enlightenment, given at Sarnath, India, Gautama explained that we can only attain enlightenment by avoiding the extremes of self-indulgence and self-mortification–by walking the Middle Way.  One hallmark of the Middle Way is tolerance.  Its nemesis is fanaticism or extremism, either to the right or to the left. Tolerance means that we accept others as they are because we haven’t walked in their moccasins and we don’t know the burden they may be carrying.  On the other hand, avoiding extremes doesn’t mean we are wishy-washy. Our point of balance, our fulcrum, is strong because it is centered in a solid sense of identity and purpose.

I Seek To Align My Desires With My Goals In Life

We can’t have inner peace if we don’t master our desires.  This doesn’t mean we have no desire.  Mastering desire means we tether our desires to the true desire of our soul and God’s desire for us.  When we are able to do that, the momentum of energy in our solar-plexus will propel us towards the fulfillment of our soul’s divine potential.  Our desires, like our emotions, aren’t automatically “bad.”  Gautama taught that the reason we suffer is that we crave.  We suffer when our desires are self-centered or selfish, when they reinforce the human ego and don’t take into account the needs of others.  There is a Buddhist saying about this grasping, possessive part of human nature:  “all the harm with which this world is rife, all the fear and suffering that there is:  clinging to the ‘I’ has caused it!  What am I to do with this great demon?”

The motive behind our desire is what counts.  For instance, if we desire to be educated or to become a doctor or lawyer so we share the talents God has given us and improve life for others, this is right desire.  If this pursuit is based solely on the desire to amass wealth or to control or impress others, that would be self-centered, inordinate desire.  In other words, there is always the option to fulfill our desires on a higher plane, the plane of service to life.  The spiritual meaning of the word desire is Deity siring–God and the presence of God within you giving birth to the highest and noblest aspirations of your soul.  Whenever you desire, you are creating (or giving birth to) something.  If the energies of your solar-plexus are balanced and at peace, the creations born of your desire can be beautiful, powerful and effective.

When you don’t get confused, our nature is naturally stable;

when your nature is stable, energy naturally returns.

-Lu Yen

Just because we feel the urge to have or to do something doesn’t mean it’s right for us.  We have to distinguish at the soul level whether what we are responding to is God’s desire for us or a desire that stems from an unhealthy pattern of the past.  Another key to evaluating desire is perspective.  Sometimes pulling away from a situation will give you a reality check.

I Set Aside My Own Desire When Necessary To Support And Serve Others

In a moment of self-reflection, Chief Luther Standing Bear once said, “As A child I understood how to give.  I have forgotten this grace since I have become civilized.”  The greatest gift you can give is the gift of yourself.  God endows us with talents and special qualities so that we can share them with others.  We’re like God’s messenger.  We’re God’s hands and feet on earth, delivering love or comfort, joy or illumination to those he cannot touch physically.  “Freely ye have received, freely give,” taught Jesus.  And the more we give, the more we open up the energy flow.  The more we prime the pump, the more that energy flows back to us.  That’s a principal of abundance, and it works.

We can choose to say, “Here I am God. You have created me.  Use me.  Use every aspect of my mind and heart and soul and all of my chakras to manifest your light and your love to everyone I meet!  Or we can become possessive.  We can claim the energy that comes to us from our universal Source as our own and stop the flow.  When we stop the flow that energy gets backed up. This creates a downward energy spiral that draws us down into the lesser self rather than a positive energy spiral that sweeps us up into higher vibrations of spiritual awareness.

Affirmations for Balance and Inner Peace

Peace, be still! Peace, be still! Peace, be still!

I AM the hand of god in action,

Gaining victory every day;

My pure soul’s great satisfaction

Is to walk the Middle Way (3x)

                              The Prayer of Saint Francis


          Make me an instrument of they peace.

          Where there is hatred, let me sow love;

           Where there is injury, pardon;

           Where there is doubt, faith;

           Where there is despair, hope;

            Where there is darkness, light; and

            Where there is sadness, joy.

O Divine Master,

              Grant that I may not so much

              Seek to be consoled as to console,

              To be understood as to understand,

               To be loved as to love.

               For it is in giving that we receive,

                It is in pardoning that we are pardoned, and

               It is in dying that we are born to eternal life.

Second Energy Center

29 Jul



Location:  midway between the navel and the base of the spine

Color:  violet

Sanskrit Name:  Svadhishthana (sweetness’ or abode of the self”)

Petals:  6

Positive Expression:  freedom, mercy, forgiveness, justice, transcendence, alchemy, transmutation, diplomacy, intuition, prophecy, revelation

Unbalanced Expression:  lack of forgiveness, justice or mercy; intolerance, lack of tact, disregard for others, cruelty

Parts of Body:  organs and systems of elimination and reproduction

Musical Instrument:  woodwinds

Gemstone:  amethyst, diamond, aquamarine

Spiritual Tradition:  Taoism

By reclaiming our soul’s original pattern,

we are free to realize our full creative potential.

Life Lesson:  To Thine Own Self Be True

Man’s main task in

life is to give birth to himself.

-Erich Fromm

Through the second energy center, the seat-of-the-soul chakra, we experience freedom–the freedom to become all that we are meant to be.  The ancients saw a seat of the soul as a real power point.  In martial arts, it is our point of equilibrium and the central focus of ch’i, the inner energy essential to the maintenance of life.

This chakra is also the point where we make contact with out soul and receive her impressions and guidance.  Our soul is wise and can give us much inner direction.  We all have soul powers.  When you have a gut feeling about someone, you are receiving an instantaneous soul impression.  Sometimes your soul will give you a warning, “It’s not safe to go here or to do this right now…”It’s part of your internal guidance system.”

More often than not, these impressions and intuitions are accurate.  The more our soul is in touch with her true self, spiritual nature, the more sensitive and accurate these readings will be.  The more our soul is attached to the human ego, the unreal self, the less clear these readings will be.  The initiations of the seat-of-the-soul chakra deal with expressing our soul’s true voice and her creative impulses.  At the level of the seat of the soul, we also deal with archetypes, patterns and personality.

I Invest My Energy In Ways That Are Congruent With My Soul’s Original Inheritance And Pattern

The soul retains an ancient memory, even if it’s dim, of her divine origin, her divine pattern and the part she is to play in God’s scheme.  Although our soul is meant to be a clear reflecting pool for that original patter, sometimes the waters get muddied.  On her journey through the ages, our soul has at times taken on patterns that are not in alignment with her divine pattern.

Too many of us have had the experience of trying to work out our life’s mission while someone else, well-meaning or not, has tried to impose on us their version of our life plan.  Your opportunity at the level of the soul chakra is to recapture the original matrix of your soul-identity–to be true to yourself.  Your challenge is to free your soul to recognize and then fully claim your spiritual inheritance and pattern.  As seventeenth-century Kabbalist Moses Zacuto wrote, “Search and discover the root of your soul, so that you can fulfill it and restore it to its source, its essence.  The more you fulfill yourself, the closer you approach your authentic self.”

Self-knowledge–knowledge of our real self and our real path in life–is the starting point of our personal power and our soul liberation.  The soul that is truly free is the soul that can express her native reality.

The main condition for progress

is honesty with oneself.

-Helena Roerich

I Regularly And Honestly Appraise How Much Of My Identity Is Invested In My Human Ego Or In My Real Self

When we are on a spiritual path, we discover that the greatest challenges come not from without but from within.  As the cartoon character Pogo once said, “We have met the enemy–and they is us!”

The road to self mastery is a continual process of self-examination.  We must have the courage to explore how much of our identity is invested in our true, divine nature and how much is invested in our lower nature, our human ego.  The long and short of it is that the human ego is the imposter of our real self. In the gnostic Gospel of Thomas, Jesus says that the pain of facing the truth will be troubling, but it is a necessary first step in overcoming and self-mastery.  The initiation of the soul chakra gives us the opportunity to free ourselves from those aspects of our personality that are not part of our true identity–our “mask,” as Mark Prophet often called it.

To protect herself and alleviate her pain, the wounded soul develops certain behaviors, defense mechanisms, that can adversely affect subsequent relationships in her life, inhibit the development of her true self, and create a blockage in the body’s energy system.  Many times the healing process requires serious attention to the issues of our psychology (literally, the study of the psyche, or soul) and we can gain strides by working with a trained therapist who understands the spiritual path.

I Am Able To Tap Into And Freely Express My Creative Impulses

Moment by moment we create.  Whatever we answer to the question “What have I done with my energy today?” it is our day’s creation.  Our thoughts, words, actions, and feelings are our creations. We are on a spiritual path we realize the importance of these creations and we take accountability for the impact our thoughts, words and deed have on others.

Again, we have just so much energy allotted to us each day.  Where do we invest it?  What do we create with it?  Health practitioners have shown that ailments in the area of the seat of the soul–corresponding to the organs of reproduction and elimination–are sometimes related to an unresolved issue with creativity.   When we feel “stuck” and cannot express our innate creativity, then our emotions and body reflect this tension.

Our intellect is a wonderful vessel for our Higher Self to work through, but the reasoning, educated mind alone will not create that important connection to our soul.  In fact, it can short circuit it.  The intellect cannot take the place of our soul.  That is why education of the heart and soul is just as important as the education of our mind.

I can find nothing with which to compare the

great beauty of a soul and its great capacity.

-Teresa of Avila

I Free Myself From Old Patterns By Forgiving Myself And Others

An essential part of the process of freeing ourselves from old patterns is encapsulated in a single word: forgiveness. If we do not forgive the wrongs and injustices practiced against us, we allow ourselves to be tied, through the law of karma, to the one who has wronged us.  The old vendettas that individuals, families and even nations held against one another go on for centuries for this very reason.  Their warring never ends because their hatred forms a strong rope between themselves and their enemies–a rope that grows thicker and thicker the more they hate.  When those involved reincarnate, they carry the same entrenched energy patterns with them, and the vendettas live on and on.

Resentment is a vicious circle. It drains us of our energy because part of us is always focused on that unresolved situation.  As Emerson put it, when this is the case, “we are not free to use today, or to promise tomorrow, because we are already mortgaged to yesterday.”  When we forgive, we free up 100 percent of our energy for constructive endeavor.  Gautama Buddha once said, “You can look the whole world over and never find anyone more deserving of love than yourself.”

Affirmation for forgiveness:


In those moments just before you fall asleep, close your eyes and let the events of the day pass before you like a movie.  Call to mind the people who need your love and forgiveness.  Ask God to forgive them and to forgive you.  Then see violet light, which is the native light of the soul chakra, passing through these scenes.  See this violet light turn into intense flames of violet.  Watch these flames neutralize the negative impact of the day’s events.  As you give the following affirmations, focus your attention on your heart.  Send love and forgiveness to all those who you have wronged and all who have wronged you, releasing the situation into God’s hands. You can repeat this affirmation as many times as you feel the need to.


I AM forgiveness acting here,

Casting out all doubt and fear,

Setting men forever free

With wings of cosmic victory.

I AM calling in full power

For forgiveness every hour;

To all life in every place

I flood forth forgiving grace.

Your Seven energy Centers by Elizabeth Clare Prophet