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The Defense of the Matter Cube in the Mother Light of the Ascension

23 Feb

Thus the Mother flame brings all to the surface that you may choose this day whom you will serve.  For the light cannot give you your victory until you stand, face, and conquer every jot and tittle of the law of your own being.

Where you have made the law of sin, which is the transgression of the law of God, the law of your life experience, the rising, pulsating Mother flame exposes that law of sin and allows you to repent and to experience that remission of sins which takes place within your very own temple when the law of sin and the consequences of sin—the responsibilities for the transgression of the law of life—are surrendered into the all-consuming white fire, sacred fire, Mother flame.

The Mother flame and the ascension flame are one. This pure white light that issues from the Source is the crystal clear river of water of life.   And the fire flowing through crystal waters is the all-purifying and all-knowing ascension flame.

Guru Ma is the name given and the mantle worn by the teacher who teaches the path of Self-realization through the Mother flame—devotion to purity of consciousness manifest in the Word and Work of the Lord and to the raising up of the Mother light (the Kundalini) in the ascension coil. The path of the Mother leads to soul liberation through the ritual of the ascension taught and demonstrated for thousands of years by the avatars of East and West.

The one called Guru Ma is a devotee of God who is devoted to his manifes­tation of the Mother principle of Life. The Guru Ma teaches his/her chelas the way of the Christ and the Buddha who were both devotees of the Mother flame. Through the path of devotion to Mother and the Mother flame, one embodies more and more of the divine personality of the Mother in her role as counterpart to the Trinity.

As the active personality of the Father, the Mother is called Shakti. She personifies his mind and energy, abundance and truth as the active, energizing love of himself throughout the manifest creation. Without God as Mother, the material universe would still be “without form, and void” and darkness would still be “upon the face of the deep.”

The Mother light which lights up the galaxies is actually the Father’s light in feminine form. Mother is the negative polarity of the Godhead—the ‘other side’ of Father who holds the positive ‘Spirit’ polarity of the Mother manifestation.

Adoration of the Mother establishes the heart tie of the devotee to the God who is nearest and dearest because She is Him in Matter. By establishing that tie, the devotee links himself to the Father through the Mother. In reality it is the Father’s desire that we know him first through the Mother—that we receive her love and creative disciplines, that we are prepared for our relationship with him as the Trinity through her path that leads Home.

The teachings of all true gurus begin with Mother. They are guru because they love Mother. The highest Guru to a planetary evolution, the “God of the Earth,” is the Lord of the World because he embraces Mother and is her foremost disciple.

The white cube is for the precipitation ‘on earth as in heaven’ of the stronghold of the Great White Brotherhood. The threefold flame of all hearts united through the initiations of the ascension is the very stronghold of our Brotherhood in form and formlessness. Wherever there is an ascended master, wherever there is a chela of that master engaging his light and engaged on the path of ascension’s disciplines, there is the presence of our Brotherhood intact, lighthearted and joyous by the flow of the figure-eight spiral that connects the reality of all worlds.

Beloved Serapis Bey Vol. 23 No. 4 thesummitlighthouse.org