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Lords of the Seven Rays: El Morya

18 Sep


Moyra has served in numerous embodiments as a ruler of men, monarchs and nations, becoming thereby an expert in economics and the affairs of state, in the psychology of power in the human psyche, hence in its outworking in the politics of personal and international relations.  Through the initiations of his individualized path of Christhood, this beloved Master of the Himalayas has acquired a quintessential devotion to the will of God–a virtue for which he is supremely adored and trusted by his chelas and for which he was twice canonized by the Roman Church.  All of this and more has qualified him preeminently to hold the office of Lord of the First Ray.

El Morya as he is called was: Akbar, the greatest of the Mogul emperors, Abraham, the father of the Hebrew nation, Melchior who came with the three wise men, King Arthur, Thomas Becket and Thomas More, and Rajput prince of India.

“The will of God is the flawless diamond, it is the shinning of the Divine Mind,

it is the rushing of the wind of the Spirit, and it is the strength and laughter of real identity.”

-El Morya

From El Morya we learn that the will of God is inherent within life and merely awaits the signal of release from man’s will in order to ray forth the power of dominion to the word of the individual.   El Morya says the following about the will of God:  There is a sovereign link between the mortal will and the Immortal.  In the statement of Jesus, ‘It is the Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom,’ men can be aware of the eternal will as the fullest measure of eternal love.

Release, then your feelings of possessiveness over your own life!  Surrender the mean sense of sin and rebellion, the pitiful will to self-privilege which engenders bondage.  See the will of God as omnipresent and complete, the holy beat of the Sacred Heart throbbing within your own.  Know and understand that surrender is not oblivion but a point of beginning and of greater joy.

Create unto yourself the new sense of the ownership of God’s will!  You have long though of God’s will as a thing apart from yourself.  The will of God is the sole source of man’s freedom.  The will of God is everything.  For it provides the spark that pushes back the darkness of sense consciousness, of ignorance and despair while holding forth the torch of true illumination to the seeking soul, enabling each individual to find himself, lost in the passion of God’s will.

The fiat ‘Not my will but thine be done’ was not intended as a statement of sacrifice but one of heavenly inspired wisdom.  Be ready mentally, spiritually , and emotionally by an act of simple devotion or a feeling of awe to accept God’s will.  Until the will of God becomes acceptable to men, until they can put aside their double-mindedness, they will remain unstable and fluctuating in their aims. The will of God assures man that he will survive, for it is the will of God that those whom he has created should inherit his kingdom–but the rules of the game must be followed, for the law of God is inexorable in its demand for perfection.

Realize that the will of God can best be known by a spiritual experience.  Desire then that experience.  Desire to reach outwardly toward the Godhead in the Great Central Sun Galaxy.


Lords of the Seven Rays by Mark L and Elizabeth Clare Prophet