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Meditation – Union with God

4 Oct


Accelerating Your Spiritual Journey

The purpose of meditation is that God above may manifest in man below—as above, so below. This is the highest teaching which God can impart to man before opening the portal of reality and Self-awareness. Meditate in order that the beauty of the Divine may come into manifestation within you, that the Higher Image may surround you, and that you may literally become that image. It should be understood that at inner levels, according to the teachings of the Great White Brotherhood, a period of meditation is regarded as a journey into the temple. We call this temple the Temple Most Holy; and it is, in a very real sense, the laboratory of the Spirit. – Kuthumi


Archangel Uriel’s Meditative Exercise for Letting Go


Archangel Uriel’s Meditative Exercise for Letting Go

Sit with your legs uncrossed and your feet flat on the floor in front of you.

Focus your attention on your heart.

Place your hands one on top of the other over your heart and then release them.

Next put your hands on your knees, palms up.

Relax and breathe gently.

Say tenderly to your soul and body, “Peace, be still.”

Repeat it as many times as you like, in multiples of three, while visualizing yourself surrounded by the purple-gold-ruby light of the angels of peace.

Take a deep breath.

As you breathe out, release your worries and concerns into the light.

Watch as they dissolve on contact. Now inhale, seeing the light rush in to replace the burdens you have let go. Repeat three times.

Give the “Prayer of Saint Francis”

Prayer to Saint Francis

Make me an instrument of thy peace.
Where there is hatred let me sow love;
Where there is injury, pardon;
Where there is doubt, faith
Where there is despair, hope;
Where there is darkness, light; and
Where there is sadness, joy.

O Divine Master,
Grant that I may not so much
Seek to be consoled as to console;
To be understood as to understand;
To be loved as to love.
For it is in giving that we receive,
It is in pardoning that we are pardoned, and
It is in dying that we are born to eternal life.

Close your meditation saying three times:

Archangel Uriel and angels of peace,
I accept the gift of peace
In my heart, in my soul, in my spirit, in my body, in my mind!
Make me an instrument of God’s peace!

Radiating the Light of Spirit Meditation

Meditation To Experience Your Oneness with Spirit
Radiating the Light of Spirit Through Your Four Lower Bodies

A meditation to help you draw down the light of Spirit, the energy of your I AM Presence, and to radiate it through your four lower bodies* to cleanse and purify them.

Meditating on the I AM Presence, the Real Self, the eternal presence of God in our life

1. Go within and draw your attention to your heart. Place your hand over your heart to help focus your awareness there.

2. Breathe deeply until you feel calm and centered.

3. With your eyes closed, chant the words I AM THAT I AM nine times.

4. Visualize and feel the Divine light of your I AM Presence descending over your crystal cord through your Christ Self into your heart. The Chart of Your Divine Self can help you to visualize this action

5. See and feel that light expanding outward from your heart and penetrating each of your four lower bodies, one at a time:

Physical Body: Let the light energy flow first into your physical body radiating into every muscle, organ, and cell. Visualize the light flooding and consuming any troublesome physical condition you may have producing perfect health and vitality.

Emotional Body: In your emotional body, let the light of your I AM Presence radiate into any negative feelings you may have. Let it dissolve all anger, frustration, anxiety, fear and grief. Feel it washing over you, eliminating all tension and establishing a profound peace.

Mental Body: As the light energy moves into your mental body, see it penetrate and consume any negative or disturbing thoughts. See these thoughts melting as the light of your Presence moves through them, producing a positive mental outlook.

Etheric Body: Now in the etheric body, try to recall a painful memory. Direct the light of your I AM Presence into this remembrance. See it dissolve every facet of the memory until it entirely disappears.
Conclude your meditation with the following I AM affirmations:

I AM the perfect wholeness and harmony of my four lower bodies now made manifest! (3 times)

I AM grateful for the gift of light in my world today! (3 times)

I AM light, light, light! (3 times)

* The four lower bodies: four energy fields, interpenetrating sheaths of consciousness, each vibrating in its own dimension. A flesh-and-blood body, your physical body. A mind that cogitates, your mental body. Emotions and feelings, which express through your astral, or desire, or emotional body. A memory that is housed in your etheric, or memory, body, the highest vibrating of the four. These four lower bodies surround the soul and are the vehicles of expression in the material world of form.

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Life Begets Life Part 2

21 Mar


So the spirit is also infused into the physical body as the very blood cells are being formed. The spirit or essence is always in the blood of the individual as well as in the entire body itself.

The etheric body contains the record of your divine plan, the image of the Christ in whose image you were made. The etheric body contains the memories and records of all that you have ever done in previous lifetimes.

We know that our memory in this life defines our identity. Removed from the screen and from the memory bank of the computer, all memories of everything we have ever done before this moment, and not one of us would know who we are. We are who we are by memory.

But the memory we contain and the momentums in that memory contain all of the experiences that we have ever had since we first came forth from the heart of God—that memory is with the soul integrating with the physical body in this nine-month period.

Likewise the mental body is the accumulation of the cognitive and reasoning mind, the rational thinking self. All that we have ever thought and reasoned and become because of our thoughts and reasonings we bring with us in our mental body. It is there from the moment of conception.

Through the entire process of gestation, this mind is meshing with the new physical body.

It is part of the identity being formed and the identity that already is, for the child’s psychology is molded while he is in the womb by his parents’ psychology. And that becomes part of the psychology that he brings with him from past lifetimes.

What we need to understand is the selective process by Almighty God, by the Mind of Christ, of the genetic code that will be ours for this lifetime. Through that genetic code and those genes, we are expressing a portion of the vast memory, mental and desire bank that we bring with us.

A slice of our life will become prominent in this incarnation, for our life is infinite. And this finite time-and-space world, this finite body cannot contain the totality of our being.

Therefore you see the great Causal Body of yourself in the Chart behind me and you see those spheres of Light that contain all good, all that is of high vibration, all that is constructive that you have ever done in all of your previous lifetimes.

For the purposes of your divine plan and your karma in this life, you can access a portion of that Causal Body to accomplish certain things that are your assignment for this life.

And so, just as you bring your memory and your mind with you, you bring your desires and your desire body.

We have fulfilled and unfulfilled desires from previous lifetimes. We will have to deal with these; we will have to sort them out. We will have to admit the limits of our mortality, three score and ten.

Which desires shall we fulfill in this lifetime? This we will learn to do under the guidance of teachers, parents and our own communion with our own inner God.

So we have to look at what we want to accomplish in life. We have to look at our unfulfilled goals.

And we have to see, for instance, if there has been a sudden cutting-off in the very midst of the very prime of life of those things that we wanted to accomplish, maybe by untimely death or a violent crime.

We may desire to come back and pick up the pieces as soon as possible, to be reunited with loved ones, to fulfill what we began.

Many of us are here today because we have unfinished business.

I feel that I have unfinished business. I have many things I want to do. And one of the most important things I want to do is to tell you and the world today about the soul in the womb and the tremendous opportunity to fulfill that fiery destiny that God has ordained for each one of us.

When we abort life in the womb we are aborting the opportunity of a soul whose timetable has come to be on earth at that precise astrological moment. The timetables of the conception and birth of every child are directed by Almighty God, by the archangels and cosmic beings of light and the specific ascended masters who are the sponsors of that soul, the Godparents, if you will. These timetables are part of God’s grand design of life.”Elizabeth Clare Prophet, March 30, 1991


Life Begets Life – The Continuity of the Soul Part 1

14 Mar



Modern reincarnationists, I must say many of whom don’t know a thing about the real laws of karma and reincarnation, seem to think that the soul is like a candle on a birthday cake—you just stick it on at the last minute.

But this is not the case. The soul and the body are meshed. During gestation, the soul is meshing with the body. God doesn’t simply stuff a soul into a body, like you stuff a pillow into a pillowcase.

The idea that prevails is that the soul and the body are separate. This does not happen to be reality and it is spoken so easily and lightly by those who truly do not understand the great mysteries of the Lord and Saviour.

The soul and the body are in the process of becoming one. As the child grows in grace and waxes strong in the Lord, the Christ also descends into that temple increment by increment, year by year.

This integration of the soul with the body and of the soul with her Lord, the Holy Christ Self, takes place from the moment of conception up to and throughout adulthood.

Each one of us has a soul, or solar, awareness, a solar consciousness. Our soul is like a correspondent of the sun that we see in the heavens. Our awareness is spherical. And it is a continuing awareness from the hour of our point of origin going out from the Great Central Sun unto our return.

Our solar awareness is integral to our arms, our fingers, our eyes, our nose, our every organ and our four lower bodies. We have a memory body, a mental body and a desire body as well as the physical body.

We suffer not only the anguish of physical pain but also the anguish of emotional pain. Our physical organs can become ill because of the pain of the soul.

There is more happening during gestation than the soul meshing with the physical body.

The spirit—as well as the etheric, mental and emotional bodies—are being brought back from all previous lifetimes.

We have one etheric body that we have carried with us since the beginning, a mental body that consists of our mind and the accumulations of our reasonings in the Mind of God as well as in the lower octaves. We have a desire body containing all of the desires we have ever had, including the records of those that have been fulfilled.

We are a fully integrated entity, a being of God. All we need when it comes time to return to earth is a new physical body. And while that physical body is being formed, the three other bodies are meshing with it again.

The spirit of the living God and the I AM Presence is also a part of every son and daughter of God, directly tied to that child from the moment of conception when it is only called an embryo. Embryonic life contains the seed of the living God.

When we speak of the Spirit of the Lord it is a capital “S“, the I AM THAT I AM, the Father-Mother God. This is the God-essence or the God-life of all of us.

The spirit (with a lowercase “s“) of your lifestream and mine is defined as our animating principle—our energy, what kind of person we are. Our spirit is the overriding vibration reflected in our character.

We say of someone their spirit is laconic or feisty, or that individual has an evil spirit, or an honest heart, an honest spirit and so forth.

The spirit, then, of the individual is distinguished from the soul, the former being masculine; the latter, feminine.

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Elizabeth Clare Prophet

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