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The Flame of Love, A Salute to Lanello

26 Feb

“Be the fire that God has made you to be!  Meditate on the boundlessness of the flame, the freedom of the flame, the completeness of the flame, the capacity of the flame to be all things to all people. You must carry the teachings by love and by the fire of love… I AM Lanello!  I have become the flame of love, and by that love I AM the victor. I would have you ride upon my coattails, but the law would not allow it. The law requires that you become love. Start loving now!  Love yourself!  Eject all self-condemnation!  Put it into the flame that is before you!  Put it in consciously, and with it will go the demons of the night that torment you with their condemnation, their vilification… Let love be more than a smile. Let the smile be the effect of a cause, a burning in your heart to convey a fire. Let your motto be Start a Fire! Start a fire with Maitreya! Start a fire that will never, never be put out. Start it now in your heart and see it leaping! I can see it leaping across this land to hearts and homes who have never been touched by the fiery destiny of the soul…When you have sufficiently loved yourself to consume the jagged edges of your self-analysis, your self-hypnosis, your self-deprecation, then turn around and love those around you. Criticism is an absence of love. Strife and discord, cruelty and pettiness—all of these things belie the flame of love. The bickering and the argumentation, the gossip and the evil spirits that flirt with those on the fringe of the movement—these are the absence of love.”   Beloved Lanello’s Birthday Message 1975, The Flame of the Christ Mass, Pearls of Wisdom, Vol. 19 No. 51  December 19, 1976.

“Remember that the heart that has truly loved never forgets. I have loved you long before you found my footprints in the sands, whether in this life or in previous lifetimes. I have loved you because we are part of a mandala. We came from Venus together. We were trained on Mercury. We were trained on the God Star. Yes, some or all of you who were part of our bands were trained on various planets… So, it is important to say to yourself on such an occasion as this: “Is there anything that I would not do? Is there anything I would not go through to have a victory for God or for earth or for my loved ones?…Go to the heart of God within you. Go into that secret chamber of your heart and fall upon your knees before your Holy Christ Self. Give yourself unto that Christ, beloved. And, after much soul searching, come to the place where you are ready to say, “There is nothing that my Lord could ask of me that I would not do.” Beloved Lanello, A Universal Religion of Divine Love Pearls of Wisdom, Vol. 38 No. 13, March 19, 1995


…”I am determined not only to focus within you my love, but to awaken within you God’s own love and your love that will indeed seal now the dispensation of your acceleration and give to all who hear me also that same opportunity—new birth and a reaching beyond the self. You see how in reality, blessed hearts, God’s power within you is infinite and can expand by the Word…Therefore in the name of that Word, I AM THAT I AM, I greet you in the living pulsation of heart…You may speak always through the heart. You may consciously direct the power of the throat center through the heart flame so that it is no figment or fancy but truly you are communicating heart to heart. The heart is the seat of a momentum of great light. And by the very nature of this fire chakra and your constant diligence in its purification, you may see a greater control of the flow of emotions that sometimes occurs through the voice. Therefore, see how the threefold flame itself will not only increase the power of the spoken Word, but it will purify it, balance it, and draw you into a perception of life through the heart. For you see, my beloved, you may also see through the heart as well as speak through the heart. You may view all life by the sacred love center. Love, therefore, is not to create the illusion of something that is not. But love is the means whereby you perceive what is real, whereby you feel and know the souls with whom you deal. Love, then, is a penetration beyond the unreal. Beloved hearts, love is able to quicken! Love is able to illumine!…

It is done!

I AM the living Son of God!

I AM the Presence here!

I AM standing in the center of the court of the temple of Helios and Vesta, and Helios and Vesta is the light of my heart. And I AM that Light Magnificent! I AM the dissolving of all memories less than that Cosmic Christ perfection.

I AM the consuming and the rolling up as a scroll all that is past, all that is unholy, all that is unclean, all infamy of the fallen ones. They have no power over me, because I AM THAT I AM! And all that is past is already water over the dam. It passes through the flame and the judgment upon it seals it, then, in the very heart of Elohim!

I AM that Christ!

I AM that Son of God.

I AM free, nevermore to go back into a lesser level of evolution. And into the flame I pour the vials of my own karma—I pour the vials of the seven last plagues that are petrifying and putrifying my body temple and my seven chakras.

I pour them into the flame, and my body is clean—clean as a whistle and made whole! And I AM purified wholly, thoroughly. I AM purified as crystal.

I AM God-free this day!

I AM the ascending one. I AM soaring to the sun.

I AM lifting right up off my tippy-toes, and I AM moving with the Holy Ghost. I AM free and I AM weightless and I AM in God. And I AM manifesting in this body temple now all expertise that I require to do my work now!

Ho! Ho! Ho!

I AM the alchemist and I AM clearing my place!

I AM clearing my forcefield now! Death has no power over me—nor disparagement, nor discouragement, nor any deprecation of my duty now fulfilled!

I AM my God in action here! I AM my sacred labor fulfilled God’s way! Roll back—Ho! Ho! Ho!—collapse, then, the structure of atoms and electrons that would interfere with the Word made manifest!

For I AM the sand of life. I AM the lowering into manifestation here of the exact and precise will of God for my life. For I AM WHO I AM. I know who I AM. I love who I AM. I trust who I AM. I fulfill the Word who I AM.

Victory is my name. Victory is my flame. Victory is my game. I only know Victory! I only know Victory! I only know Victory! I have never met another man except Victory.

I only know Victory! I only know Victory! I only know Victory! Henceforth, I know no man after the flesh. I only know the man Victory in my God, in myself, in my counterpart, in my friends, in my brothers and sisters—I only know Victory!

I AM the golden spiral of Victory which lifts up the light in all whom I meet—up that golden coil of life, up the spinal stalk. I AM Victory and I only know Victory! And I meditate upon the crown of Victory now!

Now I AM in the crown of Victory!

Now I AM in the center of the lotus!


I AM Victory God-willed. And I will not fret. I will not worry. I will not be anxious. I will not be concerned—past, present, or future—for I live!

And as I live, I live in eternity now! I live in eternity now! I live in eternity now! And no time and space can mar my place, for this is the living will of God I AM.

I AM it, and I know I know it!

I AM it, and I know I know it!

I AM it, and I know I know it!

Out they go! Out the door! Out the door! Out they go! Open those back doors now, and see them run. Open the doors and let them out! Let out all those discarnates and entities and demons.

Roll them back—Ho! Roll them back—Ho! Roll them back—Ho! Right out the very front door! Roll them back—Ho! Open wide those doors. There they go! There they go! There they go!

Stand up now and shake them out! Shake them out! Shake them out! Shake them out! Shake them out! Stand right up and roll them out! Roll them out! Roll out that lethargy! Roll out that condemnation! Roll them out the door!

You have no power, your day is done!

You have no power, your day is done!

You have no power, your day is done!

You have no power, your day is done!

I AM Lanello. I AM Lanello. And you are on the run! You are on the run! You are on the run! For I will not be moved. I will not be moved! And I will advance! I will advance, I will advance until you be gone!

Be gone in the name of Christ!

Be gone in the name of Morya! Be gone in the name of Saint Germain and Jesus Christ, in the name of Maitreya! Be gone now!

Bind the hordes, Astrea! Bind the hordes of night! Bind the false hierarchy of this earth! Roll them back, they have no power!

You have no power, your day is done! By the flame of Lanello, I challenge you—and you are on the run! You are on the run! You are on the run!

In the name I AM THAT I AM, in the name I AM THAT I AM, in the name I AM THAT I AM, Amen!

Decree 10.20


Beloved Lanello, Conclave of the Friends of Christ Pearls of Wisdom, Vol. 26 No. 30, July 24, 1983

A Salute to Lanello on the celebration of his 100th anniversary.



Love Incarnate! Protecting and Nourishing the Heart

14 Feb


Hail, sons and daughters of love! I am, you are, love incarnate! And by the power of that Word incarnate, the flame flows across the sky, across the land, across the sea and in the fire. Oh, won’t you come up higher and enter in to the pulsating heart of our love?

We are Chamuel and Charity, and in the heart of love our twin flames abide as the focal point for the pure in heart, who shall see God. We come this day, in concerted action, in one flame, one heart, one mind and one voice to blend our energies in increments of sacred fire and to release to mankind those waves of love, from the Central Sun above, which have been invoked by the sacred Word he spoke, “Lo, I AM come to do thy will, O God!”—sacred words of love.

How great is the devotion of the angelic hosts toward mankind in this hour of change, of transition. It is a time of the turning of the tide—the turning of the tide of the human consciousness by an action of love that is born within the soul, a love that preserves and prefers the God Self above the human self. To be born in that love is to be reborn. And therefore the new birth of freedom is at hand as mighty tides of love turn the entire course and the tide of human thinking, human feeling. This is not a riptide. This is not shock energy. But this is a mighty wave, which sons and daughters of love must ride to its culmination, to its fulfillment, in the heart of the Great Central Sun.

Hearts united and on fire to do God’s will, will go forth from this place to out-picture a mandala of grace. It is a giant heart, a valentine, if you will, of our love for God, for man, for all life. The pulsating fire in this heart, the lacy filigree, the perfume of roses, is a thoughtform that makes its way as a focus of our retreat, as a focus of our love.

The heart of America is the heart of the world. And in our retreat there is an altar and a flame that is dedicated to the flow of life from the heart of God, the I AM Presence, to the heart of the Christ, the Christ Self of all mankind, and thence to the heart of man…

Precious children of the light, hearts must be nourished physically, emotionally, mentally and etherically. You must have the right sustenance for the heart by taking in foods that are natural, organically grown, so that you can spare your heart centers the burden of chemicals, of drugs, of unwanted substance. You must also nourish the heart flame by the action of love, by the action of intensifying the feelings of love—releasing a torrent of divine love through the heart at eventide, when the pink flame is seen in the sunset. It is a reminder that evening is provided for blessed communication with the heart center of God, of Christ, of man.


Now, here is the mystery of love. As man kneels before the altar of God pouring love and gratitude to God, there is a release of energy through the heart center—a mighty flow of love that acts to flush out darkness, opposition, mortal cursings, mortal consciousness, witchcraft and black magic that are projected against the heart centers of the children of light…

f you continually pour your love to God, the energies of your feeling bodies will be continually qualified with love and continually ascend back to the throne of God, carried by angel messengers, by cherubim of fire, by angels of our bands. And as they carry your love, God’s love re-qualified by your love, they afford to you that protection of the sacred spheres of the Great White Brotherhood. And the antahkarana of life—the web of love and reason, of logic and truth, of power and will—is fortified. And so you, too, are fortified…

Let love be without dissimulation. Let love be the action of the Law. God rests in motion. Let your motion be his energy perpetually giving forth the energies of love.

As we release our love, it is encased in a sheath of blue fire, that all who receive that love should use that love in purity, desiring only to see God and to be God. Thus to the pure in heart our energy flows. And to anyone to whom it is given who shall use this love in an inordinate manner, of them it shall be spoken, “To them that have not shall be taken away that which they have.” Those who use not the energies of love for the glory of God in man, for the upliftment and the comfort of all life in compassion—these, then, must have the withdrawing action of love.

Love does not allow itself to be dissipated. Love does not allow itself to be trampled upon. Love is a flame that is free, that has a destiny and that would entwine the hearts of all mankind, as morning glories upon the stalk. As morning glories open to the sun, so love is open to the Christ in all mankind.


Vol. 56 No. 20 – Beloved Chamuel and Charity – October 15, 2013, Protecting and Nourishing the Heart, To Adore God Is One of the Surest Protections of the Heart Chakra

Love Is the Fulfilling of the Law

11 Feb


I want to remind you that in 1987 Mighty Victory said to us: “Receive me to your heart. For I, Victory, encapsulate my Electronic Presence to a very small height that I might abide with you as the impetus to the balance of your threefold flame. Just call to me and say, ‘Victory’s impetus is mine this day for Power, Wisdom and Love in balance.’”

So I suggest we take Mighty Victory up on his promise and use that mantra as we work on balancing our threefold flames. Let’s say it now together, three times, with gusto:
Victory’s impetus is mine this day for Power, Wisdom and Love in balance!
Victory’s impetus is mine this day for Power, Wisdom and Love in balance!
Victory’s impetus is mine this day for Power, Wisdom and Love in balance!

I tell you there is nothing more powerful than a balanced threefold flame springing from the white fount of the Divine Mother. What you have to remember is that when the flames of love, wisdom and power are balanced within you, not only do you have the power of the three flames but you also have the exponential power of the three-times-three, which is nine. And the power of the nine is nothing less than invincible. So, as the Maha Chohan said, it all boils down to this: “Without love in the manifestation of the three-times-three,…you will not fulfill your mission.”

The apostle Paul wrote: “Owe no man any thing, but to love one another: for he that loveth another hath fulfilled the law.… Therefore, love is the fulfilling of the law.”

Love is indeed the fulfilling of the law. If we don’t do everything we do with love, our actions have no meaning. They have no promise. They have no healing properties. They have no joy. For love is the great healer, and you can be great healers when you have great love.

When you open your heart, God can step through, and the hosts of the Lord can step through. And through you, they can heal many, many people.

The Arrow of Love

This is not just a platitude. It is an initiation. The great mystics of all time talk about this initiation in terms of the arrow of love. Kahlil Gibran wrote: “When love beckons to you, follow him, though his ways are hard and steep. And when his wings enfold you, yield to him, though the sword hidden among his pinions may wound you.”

When Cupid’s arrow comes to you, what do you do? When El Morya or Mother Mary, Gautama Buddha or Kuan Yin comes knocking at the door of your heart, what do you do? When—in the guise of a finicky friend or a complaining child or an ailing parent—one of the Masters comes knocking at the door of your heart, what do you do?

Do you look through the peephole before you decide whether or not you will open the door? Do you say, “Not now, I’m busy. I’m not ready. I’ve got too much happening. Have you tried next door yet?” Or do you fling wide the doors, and let yourself be wounded by the arrows of love?

Only when you open those doors do you stand a chance of finding what you’re really looking for in life which, when you get right down to it, is a love tryst with the divine.

thesummitlighthouse.org This excerpt on love as the fulfillment of the Law is from a lecture Accelerating the Quality of Your Heart given by Elizabeth Clare Prophet at the Valentine’s Day Seminar 1999, published in the Pearl of Wisdom®, Vol. 42 No. 7

Let God Release Perfect Love Through You

8 Feb

Would you feel the cosmic rays of the stars? Would you know the vibration of Sirius? You can.

I say, you can if you will, but love must purge you of grossness, of cruelty in the spoken word. Love must purge you of those receptors that still hear the demons of the night and their vanity and their profane words. Love must purge you and silence all dissonance in your consciousness. Love that glows as a fire, for what? For God, God, God! Love that is a fire for friend and neighbor and for the child that is not seen.

Who is the child that is not seen? Is it the child in the womb of the Cosmic Virgin? It is the child of your own heart. The unseen child is the one who is profaned upon earth. Therefore, let the child appear. Let the child appear within you as perfect Love.

You can know all things. God has never withheld from any of his sons his perfect Wisdom and his perfect Love. You can aspire to become sages upon earth, teachers of wisdom but only by love.

Deliver me from the brittleness of those who memorize the Word without the heart of devotion! Deliver me, then, from those who take the ocean of God’s love to the depths of psychic thralldom and the entertainment of phenomena. Deliver me, then, from those who are more interested in doctrine and dogma than in the plight of the soul itself.

How we love the flame of Love bursting for joy in your heart and as love for one another! Blessed hearts of peace, open now and let God release through you his perfect Love. Then will you be my disciples indeed.

How can you sow the seeds of my Word unless you wrap them in the swaddling garment of love? The seeds cannot grow unless they be enfolded in love—enfolded in the name of the Father, of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit—sealed in the cosmic cross of white fire by the angels of the Ruby Ray, sealed in the Light of Alpha and Omega in the Body and Blood of Christ. Yes, seeds of my heart and wisdom, seeds of my discipline must be enfolded in love when you pass them to another and sow them in the soul’s consciousness.

thesummitlighthouse.org.  This excerpt on the flame of love by Lanello is from the 1981 Ascension Day Address, published in the 1981 Pearl of Wisdom®, Vol. 24 No. 55

Love God in One Another

19 Mar

The Holy Spirit descending into your temple cooks out fear. Therefore, when God releases that Holy Spirit through his avatars, we are immediately converted to the light. A transfer of intense love has instantaneously melted our fear and we come to a experience of love.

I began by talking about having a reservoir of love in our heart to convey to people who need healing. Well, that is what the Ascended Masters have, and that is why, when you really make contact with them, you experience conversion. A portion of their love comes into your life and you are reborn. You experience a rebirth, which is another definition of conversion. However, you have to have something in you that can magnetize enough love to have a conversion experience. Even if there are layers and layers and layers of human infamy over it, the core of your being has to have the raw material–a God flame and some previous devotion to God’s love–to polarize with the love of an ascended being.

You also need to have a reservoir of love in your heart so that by magnetizing God’s love, you can be used as an instrument to transfer it to those who are in need of conversion, those who may not in themselves have enough of what is required to have a direct contact with an Ascended Master.

Therefore, it becomes the goal of your path to give of your heart’s love to someone who needs more love to experience conversion. You do this because your love for the God whom you know is so intense that it is transferred to the person before you who seems not to know God.

The Christ Is God’s Love Sent into the World

I will read verse 9. “In this was manifested the love of God toward us, because that God sent his only begotten Son into the world that we might live through him.” This is the perfect love of God.

He gave us in the beginning a threefold flame. We left off adoring it. It was reduced in size until we no longer knew the Son of God in our temple through that threefold flame. Thus the love of God was manifest in that he sent his only begotten Son, the Christ, the Universal Christ, into the temple of Jesus Christ so that we might live through that Christ.

This is also the love of Jesus Christ, because long before he ever took incarnation, he determined to pour out so much love to the Father that the Father would endow him with the fullness of that only begotten Son.

Verse 10: “Herein is love, not that we loved God, but that he loved us, and sent his Son to be the propitiation for our sins.” We are never the originators of love. God first loved us and with his love we have done what we will. The exercise of our free will has determined how we have spent this love, which manifests as the energy of the Holy Spirit.

God’s Love Is the Propitiation for Our Sin

God’s love is the energy we misqualify, and therefore fear is misqualified love. I repeat, fear is misqualified love. The flame within our hearts, the presence of the Guru Jesus Christ and the Universal Christ as your Christ Self, is God’s love sent into the world to be the propitiation for our sin.

How is it the propitiation for our sin? By the very process I explained, by the great mystery of love burning with an alchemical heat to transform the elements of the etheric, mental, emotional and physical bodies within the cells. That is how the Son of God who comes into your temple is the propitiation for your sin.

He adds unto your temple his momentum of the sacred fire of love and takes upon himself your fears, your sins, which you have not been able to transmute because you have not been able to wax hot in your fervor for Almighty God. That is why God has denounced those who are lukewarm, because the lukewarm can’t boil the pot. They cannot change or have the alchemy of the Holy Ghost.

The more psychological disturbances people have, the more they inflict all kinds of things upon their physical bodies. People do atrocious things to their bodies. We know therefore that there is a force of anti-body, and since the body is the Mother, it is an anti-Mother force that has us do things that destroy the wholeness and the figure-eight flow within our beings.

In fact, it’s the anti-Mother momentum that causes us to sin, to make karma and to fear, to the extent that we function only at a certain percentage of capacity. The cells and the various organs are working only at a certain capacity and we have to look squarely at the conditions whereby we allow this to continue.

This is the sword of truth, and it is the all-seeing eye of the fifth ray that puts a spotlight on our subconscious momentums and reveals to each one those elements of self-hatred that are really the hatred of the Great God Self. Self-doubt and fear are really the doubt and fear of the Great God Self.

These things have shortened the lifespan of the evolutions of which we are a part, have caused aging, disease, death, and so forth. So we must love one another and we must see to it that elements within the desire body and the mental body are not inflicted upon the physical body. Then we go out into other bodies, our brothers and our sisters, and we see to it that not by the spoken word, not by an unkind remark or something vicious or sarcastic do we inflict upon another body the hatred contained within ourselves for a part of ourselves.

As we prepare to surrender these fears into the flame, we need to be mindful of what we are putting into the flame and how the flame will work. A prayer full of generalities will not work because you will have failed to take responsibility for your own substance. Some people cannot admit that they are wrong now or have ever been wrong, so when they confess, they just say, “O God, forgive me for all my sins.” That is an irresponsible confession, as it does not contain enlightenment.

God cannot vaguely come down with a surgeon’s knife and remove a vague tumor in your astral body. Therefore the most important sins to confess are the individual sins that you cannot talk to anybody about because they are so terrible. Of course, they are not that terrible, but the devil has you convinced that they are.

If you do not talk to anybody about them, including God, you will never get over the sense of guilt, for when you can’t get something out of your system, that record in your electronic belt becomes an anti-sun. Then more fear, more guilt begins to revolve around it, as the sinister force rubs it in through the demons and discarnates who plague you in the night and tell you over and over again what a miserable sinner you are. We offer a prayer.

In the name of the beloved Mighty I AM Presence of all life, in the name of the beloved Holy Christ Self, we come to the altar of confession, O God. In the name of the living Savior Jesus Christ, we come to confess our sins by our love of God, who first loved us and established within our temple the threefold flame of life upon the altar of being, who sent forth the beloved Christ Self to be the mediator and the propitiation for our human karma.

We bow before thy living flame. We invoke fearlessness flame. Blaze forth within this temple and in every cell, beloved Ray-O-Light. Legions of fearlessness flame, enter every living cell of this temple. Bind now those centers of fear. Blaze forth the light of God that never fails.

By the authority of Christ within me, I say, bind fear. Bind its cause and core. Bind the moment of its inception in my life. Cast out death. Cast out strife. Cast out doubt and fear. Mighty I AM Presence, send forth thy ray of love, for this my command made in the name of my own Christ Self is made in perfect love for thee.

I would prepare thy temple, O living Word. I call forth the whirling spiral of the Central Sun of love from the very heart of the secret love star. I call for the mighty action of Surya and Cuzco. I stand upon this very forcefield at the altar of my confession. I ask for the light of God that never fails to descend now into my temple. Purge now every vortex of fear. I surrender it, O God. Let thy living flame of love pour through me as the mighty River of Life.

Angelic hosts of the Lord, come forth. Mighty secret love star, I call forth the whirlwind action of the sacred fire, the whirling Central Sun of Almighty God. I call for the whirling action of the Sun behind the sun of my own heart flame, and of every living cell within my temple.

Lo, I AM the action of the sacred fire! Lo, I AM the presence of the Lord Christ! Lo, I AM the soul that rises to be one with this Christ Self even as I bow before the altar and place upon this altar of sacred fire all misqualified energy!

In the name of the living Word, I call forth the light of God that never fails. I confess each act of fear and sin, known or unknown. I take responsibility for each and every act, thought, word and feeling that has ever passed through my chakras. I take full responsibility for them and I denounce the misuse of the living Word. I cast it into the sacred fire. I give unto the Lord now this substance and by the very fervor of love of my heart, lo, I make contact. Lo, I arc the flame of my fire unto God, even as the flame of God’s fire has arced unto me.

Lo, I am the completion now of this mighty flow of sacred fire! Lo, I am the light of God that never fails. I come before the throne of Almighty God. I bow before the throne of grace. I understand, O God, that without love, there is no forgiveness or forgetting of sin. Therefore, O God, I bring to the altar the gift of love, my perfect love, which is thy perfect love for every part of thee, for brother and sister, for every part of life everywhere.

Elizabeth Clare Prophet

thesummitlighthouse.org This excerpt is from the lecture by Elizabeth Clare Prophet Perfect Love Casts Out Fear delivered November 20, 1980 published in the 2001 Pearls of Wisdom Vol. 44 Nos. 6 – 8.

How to Gain Greater Heart Capacity

6 Feb


Would you not have a greater heart capacity, beloved? [“Yes!”]

I come to you this evening to tell you, oh, it is so possible! Stretch the heart muscle! Expand the petals of the heart chakra! Breathe upon the fire of the threefold flame and breathe upon it again and know that your breathing exercises are for more than meets the eye.1

Blessed ones, here is how you expand the heart. Everyone has established a certain limit of patience, of tolerance, of indulgence of others. Most people, including yourselves, find that level of limitation. And when someone does try you or test you or torment you beyond a certain level, you, then, are no longer in that state of patience [or tolerance or indulgence]. And at that moment, because of the artificial barriers of the heart that you have erected, [you declare your limit, which] you do not go beyond. [You are unwilling to] walk another mile and another mile, caring for life–caring for life, beloved, loving and still loving, and yet that love is such a power of the discipline of the soul and of the fire of your own spirit. [This is surely not the way to expand the heart!]

Love is surely the greatest quality of God and the most misunderstood. Love is a purging fire! Love is self-discipline and the discipline of the child and the four lower bodies that have grown out of line. [Accept Love without limits and you will expand your heart.]

Yes, beloved, let us test the heart! Let us expand the capacity of heart for the power of God to bring all into submission to the Great Heart of Light! Thus, [there is the need for] the two-edged sword, the mighty sword of discrimination, beloved, whereby there is mercy, whereby there is justice and whereby Love does impel those who have gone out of the way to come back to that center!

⋄ ⋄ ⋄

O beloved ones, for a moment contemplate the seraphim of God who have gathered this night to love you, to love you and to love you! All that we do and say is to love you. You must understand Love that is a piercing fire that will suddenly separate you from the most cherished elements of yourself or your life. You must understand this and get on top of it and go beyond it, beloved.

You must understand that Love does come in 144,000 different flames, if you will. There is no limitation to how Love can be conveyed, and that Love does meet every human need. It does meet it, beloved. This is not an unworldly love or an otherworldly love. This is love that is God’s love, which reaches every level of life. [Embrace it and you will expand your heart!]

O the mighty sunbeams of the Great Central Sun! Bask in them now. Bask in them now, beloved. For the light of the Sun caresses you, and these light rays so gently take from you now that which you are ready to give to your Father-Mother God.


Therefore let go. Give to God all that limits you. Receive the limitless light of the Sun, the sun rays, and on these golden beams, beloved, receive now the Holy Spirit.

Each day, think of your Father-Mother Helios and Vesta as you greet the sun. And even for a moment, as you bask in the light, simply say:

I AM receiving now the Holy Spirit of Helios and Vesta
into my mind, into my heart, into my being,
into the organs of my body, into my entire self.
And I AM made Whole by the Whole-I-Spirit of Helios and Vesta.

In this Love abide. In this Love remain steadfast, unmoved, beloved, by all that would take it from you. See how your immovability is the key to your increase of the Spirit of God.

Oh, reach up and simply touch and take now the hand of your Mighty I AM Presence! Hold that hand and clasp it.

Yes, beloved, you are so very, very near to your victory. Treasure, oh, treasure the moments which you endow with the flames of your victory. Treasure the cups of consciousness. Treasure them, beloved, for the moments in the time frame shall be the elements of your eternity.

I AM the Maha Chohan. I woo you to the sacred heart of every ascended one. Make it your goal, beloved, to be that sacred heart and see how the world will truly receive the teaching you so love and you have so internalized. This is a love feast, beloved, a love feast in the Holy Spirit.

These excerpts are from the Pentecost 1992 dictation by the Maha Chohan published in Pearls of Wisdom® Vol. 35 No. 21. To read the entire Pearl Expand the Capacity of the Heart! for the Maha Chohan’s complete teaching, please go to: Vol. 35 No. 21 – The Beloved Maha Chohan – May 24, 1992.

1. Djwal Kul’s breathing exercise, see Djwal Kul – Breathing Exercise and Meditation thesummitlighthouse.org

By Thy Grace I AM Love

31 Jan


The Presence of Life removes the dust of little things from the garments.  The Presence of Love infuses the soul with a new thought:  “By Thy grace I AM Love.”  Thus does the self stand aside and the Eternal Presence consummate the mystical union between souls.

Purpose is not conspiracy.  Purpose is fulfillment of the nature of Love—service.  To love is to serve.  He that is great in service is perfected in love.  The saints gathered small stones until their strength grew, and then they carried the larger stones to build the temple.  From the base of the mountain we have seen them rise, and it is a joyous occasion as the light upon the face of the shining ones shows that hope has been fulfilled in purpose…

The best things in life are truly free, and freedom is the best thing in life.  Freedom to us is the freedom to create and to fan liberty until in the blaze the imaginings and vanity of the people is shown up in retrospect as a viper to be consumed, to be burned, to be no more!  How long would men carelessly seek to preserve those values which are meaningless, destructive, purposeless and rebellious, carnal in their origin and leading to the ashes of bitterness in futility?

Let all men, then, perceive that God has created a magnificent opportunity for all.  There are no men and women upon the planet who cannot raise their heads in hope and face their God, saying at any age in the tenderness of the reaffirmation of the covenant, “By thy leave, O God.”  Such humility and assignation returns to the Father the right hand of purpose.  Surely it is his will, as soon as the son has demonstrated proficiency with the bow, to hand to him the quiver and the arrow and say, “The universe is thine.”

It is simply a matter of mastery.  Demonstrate proficiency in spiritual things and unify the wholeness of your life expression.  If you have talent, employ it in the salvation of men.

Let those in art seek those art forms
That ennoble the Spirit,
That inspire mothers with child
Until their dreams can be of finer things
That, floating softly in the air,
Do tell of man’s command of prayer,
To speak the Word and see it be
A thing of joy for all to see,
A radiant form of happiness
A child could press onto his breast
And feel a surge of comfort there
Because it spoke eternal care.
God loves you here and loves you there,
The universe is now your home—
Where’er you go, where’er you roam
Your God is there, you are his son—
A spark of light he made—well done.
No more is tarnish on your soul
A plan unfolds:  it is the goal
Be still, my child, and fret no more—
Your heart is now forevermore
God’s open door.
Then step right through
And see the world he’d have you view—
A passport to great majesty
A mantle wear; your freedom be,
And go or come beneath his hand
Your life’s secure; then by God stand!
Creator-son and master of
The world below and up above—
He made you then and loves you still
But you must find his holy will.
The key to Being is thine own—
You asked for bread, he gives no stone—
Save Rock of ages, Christ the Light,
Through him who vanishes our night.
The day eternal shows the way—
The game of life to play
As we uphold the Law of Good
We’ll understand life as we should
And fear will go and all that’s bad
That caused us to be sometimes sad:
The light will raise us from the sod
And seat us on the throne of God.
I AM is Being all secure—
I AM is Being, all that’s pure,
I AM is Life as perfect plan—
I AM is God who dwells in man.

Beloved ones, see in this poem from my heart the ideals that are sometimes put aside and forgotten at the moment when they are most needed.  Meditate on these things and may you ever remain, in the harvest of your life or in the springtime, one who seeks to serve without the mania of egotism that so often hurts one’s brothers needlessly.  Be the comfort of good will to men, and in thy being witness the staunchness of God, rising and raising thy life into the folds of its spiritual identity, into regenerative effort.

Vol. 10  No. 44  –  Beloved El Morya  –  October 29, 1967, thesummitlighthouse.org


Love Is the Magnet of the Heart

30 Jan

All men were created in the same image. All differences are the result of man’s choosing, in free will, to expand upon the original nature of infinite Love within him.

Love is like a great magnet. It is the magnet of the heart. Those who yield to the nature of the heart without the guidance of reason are often emotionally warped, and they do not understand the perfect balance of love manifest in the triune nature of God. Naturally, love is manifest in love; but love is also manifest in wisdom and in power. Unless it be included in these other aspects of the Trinity, man does not walk in that balanced consciousness of the Christ which enables him to retain his harmony with Life.

Harmony comes about because man is truly imbued with the love-nature of God. But how easy it is to confuse human loves and desires with divine love!  Once divine love is understood as the great givingness of God that is also mindful of every precept of cosmic law, try as he will, man realizes that he can no longer function from the plane of human desire and human opinion and still be in harmony with the law of infinite Love.

The reason for this is quite simple. Human desires and human opinions are fluctuating, whereas true love is constant and even-flowing.


Contrary to the law of divine love, people throughout the world criticize and condemn those who are not so much guilty of evil deeds as they are the victims of other people’s careless remarks and their prattle about things they little understand…

Now, divine love is not always obvious. Sometimes it is but a feeling in the heart. How foolish are they who judge without knowing what really is in the heart of another, for so often their judgments are unfounded save in the mass creation of darkness that spreads as an infectious plague amongst the people, causing them to eye one another suspiciously and to doubt the integrity of the inner man…

Through the gates of birth and death pass many souls. All were intended to move in pathways of divine loveLove can literally sweep into all  activities until darkness would no longer be without Light, but would disappear in the sunburst of the reality of Cosmic Love.


Vol. 14 No. 14 – John the Beloved – April 4, 1971, thesummitlighthouse.org


Your Love Is the Essence of Your Self The Petals of the Blue Rose of Sirius

26 Dec

Learn of power, beloved, and learn of me. Learn of the wonder of God and the miracle of grace. Learn of the entering in to the Temple of the Blue Lotus. Learn, then, of the assimilation of that cobalt blue in all of the chakras. Learn the stillness of the eye of the hurricane and the eye of God. Learn the majesty of the peace that establishes the Light of the heart.

How can the fiat be received and given if there is not stillness in the heart?  The stress upon the heart is the continuous irregular activity–the frantic fears and anxiety before the coming of the Lord. This ought not to be; for thy Lord truly is come in the splendor of a Light that is native to your soul, to your universe and to your point of origin.

Now I would have you understand the unfolding of the petals of the blue rose of Sirius, petal by petal until a thousand petals unfold. A life’s work, beloved, is noted by the number of petals on the blue rose. Some beings have an infinite blue rose, and the rose of Surya does span a cosmos.

Therefore begin the unfolding of the rose of the heart:  fearlessness in the joy of the blue diamond heart, fearlessness in the presence of one whose footsteps truly do tremble a cosmos, yet not your heart.

Concentric rings of blue light from my Causal Body encompass you now. Again I say, be at peace in the power of God. Our Love is great enough to cast out fear, but only that fear of which you no longer have use. Fear has always been a useless item but it is a commodity that men keep. It is a defense, beloved, and it is an excuse for [not allowing] the flowering of the blue rose of Divine Love.

Therefore let the openness of the chakras be!  Let the wind of the Holy Spirit pass through!  Let thy love pass through without dissimulation.   Let that love reach all hearts. Let the forces of anti-Love be consumed by our Love this night. Let them be consumed, beloved!

Now you open your heart and send your love to me, as I represent the Godhead to you in this moment. And I shall receive the fervor of love that you send to me. I shall distill it as the essence of the blue roses and I shall send it back to you multiplied….


Thesummitlighthouse.org, Vol. 34 No. 5 – Beloved Lord Himalaya – February 3, 1991


Paul the Venetian, Chohan of the Third Ray of Love

3 Oct


Paul the Venetian is chohan of the third ray of divine love. He is hierarch of the etheric retreat, the Château de Liberté, located on the etheric plane over southern France on the Rhône River.

Paul the Venetian is a majestic being of some six feet, five inches in height. He is fair of countenance with deep blue eyes and golden, wavy hair. He is usually garbed in raiment of emerald-green velvet. Since he is a native of the planet Venus, where the inhabitants are masters of the Flame and therefore radiate harmony and divine love, Paul’s natural heritage is beauty and grace, diplomacy and tact. His voice is melodious and kind, bringing comfort and peace to all who come in contact with his Presence.

The ascended master Paul the Venetian is a great teacher of the path of love. His devotion is to beauty, the perfection of the soul through compassion, patience, understanding, self-discipline and the development of the intuitive and creative faculties of the heart by the alchemy of self-sacrifice, selflessness and surrender.

He initiates the heart chakra, and he trains us in the gift of the discerning of spirits—discerning good and evil, light and shadow and the delicate nuances of all of our creations of beauty. Discernment is a real inner sensitivity to one another.

Paul sponsors the ascended master culture of Beauty and Truth for this age and works with all—artists, musicians, architects, designers and craftsmen—who desire to bring that culture forth on behalf of mankind. The culture of the ascended masters, of Light and Beauty, is the keystone in the pyramid of the golden age. The ascended masters have pointed out that it is through culture—music, drama,architecture and art—that mankind will respond to spiritual truths and the teachings of the Great White Brotherhood.

Paul the Venetian’s keynote is I Love You Truly, by Carrie Jacobs-Bond.

Ruth Hawkins, Twin flame of Paul the Venetian

Paul the Venetian’s twin flame is the ascended lady master Ruth Hawkins, the Goddess of Beauty. She ascended in 1995 at the age of eighty-eight and serves with him at the Temple of the Sun.

FAQs about Paul the Venetian

Paul the Venetian, Lord of the Third Ray of Love. Paul the Venetian—the Artist.

Paul the Venetian, divine artist conferring by the ex­­cellence of works the image of Christ unique to every soul, preparing lifestreams by Love’s disciplines for the initiations of the Sacred Heart and the Tree of Life: “Learn to love to do well and you shall!”

Initiation: The Heart Chakra.
Gift of the Holy Spirit: Discerning of Spirits
Retreat: Château de Liberté, Southern France; and Temple of the Sun over Manhattan, New York, USA
Vibration: Pink, Rose
Keynote: I Love You Truly, by Carrie Jacobs-Bond
Gemstone: Ruby, Diamond, Garnet, Rose Quartz, Pink Beryl
Quality: Love, Creativity, Beauty
Day: Monday

Quick Prayer: Instruct me in the law of love and give me the formula for the victory of the love flame within my heart.

Lifetimes of Paul the Venetian

Paolo VeroneseIn the days of Atlantis, Paul served in the government as the head of cultural affairs. Before the continent sank, he established a focus of the liberty flame in Peru, which gave impetus to the culture, beauty and wealth of the Incan civilization.

Later, he was embodied in Egypt as a master of esoteric architecture and worked closely with El Morya, then a master mason.

His final embodiment was as Paolo Veronese, one of the major artists of the 16th-century Venetian school.

Paolo Veronese made his ascension from the Château de Liberté on April 19, 1588.

Awaken the Light Within and Change Yourself and Your World

Use the Science of the Spoken Word to connect with Paul the Venetian to expand the love flame of the heart.

Heart Chakra, Summit LighthouseYou may pray to Paul the Venetian to assist you in developing your heart chakra and the threefold flame of the heart and to bring forth the image of the Christ consciousness in your life.

Ask him to sponsor the true art of the Aquarian age and to overshadow artists of all kinds in bringing forth the consciousness of the Christ.

This is a prayer to expand the heart’s fire is given in multiples of three with intense visualization of the flame of the heart sending light rays out to the world.

I AM the light of the heart
Shining in the darkness of being
And changing all into the golden treasury of the mind of Christ!

I AM projecting my love out into the world
To erase all error, to break down all barriers!

I AM the power of Infinite Love
Amplifying itself until it is victorious
World without end!

“Receive blessed Paul the Venetian and be tutored in the intuition and the mandates of love as he imparts creative fires and creativity of soul desire seated in the throne of the heart.”—Djwal Kul, from the meditation, The Hidden Chamber of the Heart.