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A Maitreya Meditation Upon the Heart

16 Dec


Let us begin with a meditation upon the heart. Let us pursue the golden spiral of Life.

I would sit with you and ponder for a moment even the very intricacy of God. Will you not close your eyes, that you might penetrate deeply into the inner space of thine own heart.

In this stillness I re-create for you, beloved, the noble mansion of thy soul. Here is thy heaven. Here is thy earth. Thou art, as it were, God. For God is the center of this spherical interval. And you are in the center—one.


Here we affirm the mantra:

I and my Father are one. I and my Mother are one.

Thus, I draw the circle around the center. And you are not alone, yet the only awareness you have of Life itself is indeed your own God Self-awareness.

At first there is a noncomfortability in such aloneness. But by daily practice and the exercise of the heart, you begin to value this space of the Buddha—untampered with by men’s concepts of time yet, by frequencies of eternity, compartmentalized for the absorption of a vast light that is sealed in the single point in the center of the sphere.

Now be seated in that center and position thyself. See the white-fire dot coming into alignment with your own heart chakra.

Now sing with me this mantra. Let it be played upon our instruments, that we might flow with the tone of Alpha:

I and my Father are one. I and my Mother are one.

I and my Father are one. I and my Mother are one.

I and my Father are one. I and my Mother are one. (sung 8x)

There is far more to this mantra than you can even imagine in your outer mind. For the fullness of manifestation in all degrees of consciousness within thy being comes about through the entering into the center of the spiral and there converging, inverting the light but never perverting any formula of the sacred fire. Thus, penetrating downward and around and upward again—this mighty flow of inner God-realization ulminates in the manifestation where I AM of Alpha and Omega, worlds without end.

Let us continue the mantra, pouring love—the most intense white fire—into the sphere of Alpha and Omega, now congruent in the etheric octave with your own heart, beloved ones.

For this is why I AM here—to extend starry bodies of far-off worlds within the vastness of my own being, each star the coordinating point of Alpha and Omega. Where there is the fervent heart, the fervor of your heart will magnify the intense white-fire glow. Let it be!

I and my Father are one. I and my Mother are one.

I and my Father are one. I and my Mother are one. (sung 6x)

I approach nearer, then. And I come for the sealing of the point of light in the center of the sphere of thy being. I seal—by the meshing of worlds—your inner heart, your heart flame, and this fiery-sun point of light.

I seal the figure-eight flow. And each time you enter into this meditation, you may visualize the twin spheres of the figure eight and of the eighth ray merging as one—as the white-fire/blue-fire sun.

Now you are the chela of white fire! Now you are the chela of dazzling blue perfection! Let the merging of the diamond and the sapphire of the heart of Morya be for the merging of the white-fire/blue-fire sun of the God Star Sirius.

Thesummitlighthouse.org Pearls of Wisdom Vol. 24 No. 30.

Anticipate Initiations

10 Jun
I come, then, to the place where mankind are found in life, needing to be washed clean, needing the flow of the waters of the Word, needing to know that they are loved in compassion and compassion’s flame.I AM Maitreya, initiator of souls. I am always watching for the soul who is ready to be initiated in the unexpected. This requires flexibility, being accustomed to the wind of the Holy Spirit blowing to and fro, rearranging the garment of mercy, requiring continual adjustment to and therefore continual openness to the flame.

You will not be initiated in that which you expect to be initiated. I can assure you of that. I can assure you that you may study and prepare and give your decrees, and just when you are all decreed up on illumination’s flame, you will be tested in the emerald ray.

In that moment, when you realize you have been caught either empty-handed or red-handed, as the case may be, you must say to yourself:

I AM ready because God in me is ready.
I AM ready because the white fire of initiation’s flame
contains the allness of God and every good and perfect gift.
I AM ready, Lord.
Do with me what you will.
I AM ready to answer the call,
to fulfill the requirements of hierarchy.
I have asked for initiation and
I will take it when it comes.

So you can anticipate initiations but somehow they come when you are least prepared and off-guard. Yet how can we say this of the true chela, for the true chela is never off-guard, waking or sleeping. This is preparation for initiation. It is wakefulness, being alert, expecting the bridegroom at the midnight hour, expecting the coming of the Keeper of the Scrolls or the vials of the seven last plagues.

It is setting yourself as a diamond set in Matter, set in the very hills of the human consciousness, saying:

Let all the world and all of heaven and earth come to me.
I AM set and I AM ready.

Remember Jesus’ Example

Remember Jesus as he saw the multitudes, representing all aspects of the human consciousness. Seeing their consciousness, he went up into a mountain and when he was set in the Christ consciousness of the Cosmic Christ, he called his disciples unto him and taught them, giving them the Beatitudes, blessing the multitudes and teaching the end of that state of consciousness. The meek, the humble, the peacemakers, the poor in spirit—all were aspects of the multitudes.

Jesus did not begin to teach until he was set in the Christ consciousness. Yet, you say, “Jesus was always set in the Christ consciousness.” This is true, but there is a dialing of that consciousness, a focusing of the spectrum, whether as a concentrated band in the chakras or as a wide band including the aura of a planet.

Getting set means getting ready for the task at hand. It does not mean that you are off-guard. It means that you are on-guard in the white flame of purity, ready to adjust yourself to whatever is the need and requirement of the hour.

This excerpt from a dictation by Lord Maitreya was delivered December 31, 1975, at the Challenge of Initiation in Anaheim, California and published in the 2000 Pearls of Wisdom Vol. 43 No. 2 thesummitlighthouse.org

Oh, the Heart of Kindness!

31 Jan


“Blessed ones, as you enter this year filled with its promise and yet with some trepidation, wondering what might come to your doorstep next, I also come with hope. For hope is surely the star that we follow to the place where the Lord lay and where Christ is born in each heart.

It is good to know that all things that come to your doorstep can be dealt with by the living fire and the fount of Love within your heart. The key is not to react, not to become negative but rather philosophical, to say to yourself:

“Who knocks there? Whose footstep do I hear? Is it that of friend or foe? It matters not, for I give love and have plenty to spare. In this my calling in life, I shall greet all that comes to me with a chuckle, with a point of laughter, with the wisdom of the Mind of God, with my gaze fixed on him and yet kindness always flowing to my neighbor.”

In this stance, then, be not reactors, beloved, but know that life is full of promises and many packages wrapped, some with love and some with cords of enmity. Receive them all and deal with them justly, honorably and with that deep fire of love that has compassion for evildoers who have lost the key to the heart of God that you yet hold in your treasure chest of Love.

Be Not Moved by Circumstances or Karma

Oh yes, beloved, do not allow yourself to be moved this way and that because of circumstances. Do not ever discount the moment of karma. For is not every particle of sand that descends in the hourglass the sign of passing karma that can be dealt with, that must be dealt with at the moment when it passes through the nexus?

This must seem an impossible task–how to be there at the right point in time and space to greet your karma so that when it passes through the nexus it does not create a pile of karma beneath and therefore require you to start all over again.

Yes, beloved, when you are in the right place in consciousness, you are always at the point of the nexus, the nexus of the mighty figure-eight flow that delivers to you the lightning of the Mind of God through the Sacred Heart of your Holy Christ Self. Being at that point of equanimity, you can be philosophical about tragedy and sudden loss and also hold the reins of the ecstatic mood when great good things come your way.

In the peace-commanding presence of the centeredness of being, know wholeness. My prayer for you this year is that the Christmas wind, which is the wind of the Holy Spirit, shall bring to you peace of mind, wholeness, centeredness and, above all, charity toward yourself, toward all. Charity, beloved–for charity does engulf with flames of Love all pride and ego-centeredness that beget self-condemnation and the condemnation of others.

Wholeness, Achieved through Love, Is the Goal

Yes, beloved, I would have you walk the earth as the children of Wisdom and I would have you deal with life and circumstance by the fiat of the spoken Word.

Yes, beloved, wholeness is the goal. It is achieved through love, yes, and wisdom. But as you have been told, without God’s will, without that faith, without that fire of the true-blue chela, you will find it difficult, (yea impossible, as the scriptures say,) to please God. And, blessed heart, if you are not able to please God, then you will become among all people the most miserable.

See, then, and understand that pleasing God does not require gymnastics of the mind or ultimate feats of this and that but simply the gentle heart. Oh, the gentle heart, the heart of kindness, the heart of Maitreya, the heart of the Bodhisattva!”

thesummitlighthouse.org This excerpt on the heart of kindness is from Lanello’s Christmas Eve 1992 address published in the Pearl of Wisdom®, Vol. 36, No. 2

Know God By His Spirit

26 Jan


I must tell you that most of you do not know one another as you think you do. Some individuals who are close in the human sense almost take pride in their ability to understand another’s mind or heart or actions and to anticipate their behavior. These are behaviorists, one and all.

Those who are the godless seek to control others by memorizing their human patterns and then by carefully manipulating the same. Yet an individual’s mannerisms and human behavior do not always tell the secret of the soul or the nature of the Inner Christ. Those who have the greatest manifestation of my presence may not be the hail-fellow-well-met—the jolly sort of person whose personality everyone flocks to.

I remember the Gurus who were gruff and growling and angry most of the time. Why were they angry? They were angry at the nations and at the planetary momentums of intrigue. Sometimes the sweetest disciples would speak to them, and they would answer in a growl and a thrust of anger would go through the body like a chill wind. It was intended to do so that the bodies of the disciples might become transmitters of this anger to the world in all of its infamy and evil.

Let this Be a Year when Illusion Drops Away

It is impossible to know God except by his Spirit. You may examine character traits. You may think you know exactly the definition of Christ and Antichrist. You may be certain in your own mind that you will know both on the highway of life, but unless the Holy Spirit, as the Maha Chohan, reveal it to you, you may be wrong nine times out of ten.

I trust that in the future you will have a better score than that, having so often perceived our vibration in these dictations. When all the world is maya and the pinpoints of light are the hearts of the chelas, do you not expect sometimes that even the visages of our best servants should be blurred by the water itself, by the astral plane of illusion, distorting even the most beautiful of countenances?

Then, of course, the burden of karma past and planetary and so many conditions of life may bow down the emergent Christed one. All this put together does not tell the best of tales concerning the best of men.

Therefore, beloved, let this be the year when illusion drops suddenly to the ground, as a cloak too heavy, and the body is light and clear again and no longer encumbered. Let this be a year, then, when you have no illusions, neither of grandeur nor of the miserable sinner that is projected upon you. Let us have no illusions about ourselves or about others and most of all, let us not have illusions about the Ascended Masters, that they may appear as they really are and not as they are imagined to be.

Get Down to the Things that Are Important

I AM Maitreya, a funny sort of fellow. I, too, look for friends who understand me. I hope you will. I hope that in your heart of hearts you can perceive me as I am. To be known and loved for who and what you are and not for who and what you are not is not only your wish but also the wish of every angel in heaven.

So, beloved, let us get down to the things in life that are important:
Work on your threefold flame.
Love your Christ and everyone else’s.
Listen to the words we speak and hear what they really mean.
Treasure every communiqué from our octave.
Love one another as I have loved you and will always love you.
Remember the prophets, their example and their precepts.
Do a good day’s work.
Covet not another’s attainment.
Give freely, but hold fast what thou hast received from God for thine own inner initiation.
Expose the lie, but dwell upon the image of truth.

Remember the mild eye of Pallas Athena and behold the nobility of the visages of the Goddesses of Liberty, of Truth, of Justice, of Mercy, of Love and of Peace.

How great are the countenances of the women of heaven who belong solely to God and are independent in their service to the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. We are grateful that we can count on the ladies of heaven to assist us in the great work of igniting illumination’s flame heart to heart around the planet.

The Christ Child is born. Christmas is over. A new year is upon us. Let us see to it that not one incoming avatar of my heart be lost.

The Summit Lighthouse.org. This excerpt by Lord Maitreya is from the New Year’s Class, The Buddhas in Winter, held December 28, 1982, through January 2, 1983 and published in the Pearl of Wisdom®, Vol. 43, No. 47

The Bethlehem Star of Initiation

21 Dec


The Truth, the Christ of your being, is the Light, and the Light is above and beyond all words! It is a vibratory quality which you may hold within the chalice of your being and recognize thereby the passions of God.

Hence, I take you and charge you this night, in the name of the Lord God of hosts, into that spirit of high regard for His being. Come with me a moment into the Light and consider yourselves no longer embodied in form. Free spirits, immortal and blessed, you stand, then, beholding through the eye of God all the pains of the world. Then stop to realize that the true meaning behind the monadic expression of yourselves, each one, is the star of your own manifestation of the universal Light, eternally lovely.

The Star of your Being

The star of your being—the star of the nativity of your being—this is the star of initiation that opens unto you a new world full of hope and the drama that is unfolded as the curtain of the universe swings wide and reveals to you those white wings of hope that will bear you high and in the bearing will release to you unprecedented power to overcome all things and stand in the temple of the living God as one who is devoted to His purposes upon earth!

“As Above, so below.” The Hermetic axiom has well established itself not only in the Egyptian civilization, but throughout all of those civilizations that manifested in the Fertile Crescent and were then carried throughout the earth by the command of the Christ: Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel unto every creature! All creatures great and small were able to summon those concepts of divine hope and delight that are the summum bonum of each man’s being that will summon for him newness of life and newness of hope.

Will ye this night, then, not by the will of man—not by the established will of man—but by the will of God as part and parcel of your initiatory experiences, establish yourself in the will and the love of God to be an overcomer and a pillar in the temple of God?

Do you realize the wondrous manifestation of the light of the nativity of Bethlehem’s star shining now two thousand years hence? Will you, then, frame yourselves as that child placed within the manger of God’s heart and summon the will of God to shine two thousand years hence into the future? Will you regard your life as a sacred trust of infinite capacity, infinite joy, and infinite doing?—I AM the will of God in action here!

Will you see what the power and passion of universal love harnessed to the divine will can produce of a miracle sense within your minds, within your beings, within your bodies, within your life and the chambers of the lives of all mankind? Will you understand that there is hope for the world, that the world can be changed, that the darkness can be extinguished, that the darkness can be burned, that out of the Word—the living Word by which even the earth itself may be caused to tremble—mankind may understand the natural expression of the Spirit of God and the overcoming power that shall reach out from all hearts to all hearts as an activity of cosmic love and cosmic will?

Thus do ministering angels come to you this night. For as I am speaking to you, what might almost be conceived of as a Magellanic Cloud is appearing in the consciousness of many. And although it comes from afar, it shall draw nigh to you throughout this class and shall establish in you a concept of your cosmic initiations to come.

This excerpt is from a dictation by Lord Maitreya given in June 1972 and published in the 1984 Pearls of Wisdom Vol. 27 No. 42. thesummitlighthouse.org

Fire Exercise From Lord Maitreya

28 Feb

Your heart is intended to rule your head, your soul, your consciousness, your life, and the flow of energy which defines your identity in God. If you are to succeed on the path of initiation, the fires of your heart must be tended, intensified, and expanded. Now let me give an exercise to all who would make tangible this teaching1 tendered from my heart to your heart in University Hall at the Royal Teton Retreat.

Maitreya’s Fire Exercise

I want you to build a fire–yes, a physical fire. I want you to gather the logs and the kindling wood. I want you to arrange them carefully in your fireplace or in the fireplace of a friend. I want you to light that fire with a rolled paper on which you have written a note to me expressing your desire to be initiated in the cycles of life for the purpose of the integration of your soul with your Spirit. Take this note, roll it up like a scroll, light it with a match, and use it as a taper to light your fire.

violet flame fireplaceThis is an exercise whereby you anchor in the physical plane your meditation on the fires of the heart. The gathering of the wood is the gathering of the fuel of virtues manifest in life to increase the action of the sacred fire within your heart; it is also the gathering of the vices of the centuries to be consumed on the altar of the heart in the name of the Father, of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. The kindling wood symbolizes the momentum of the holy Kumaras who come to earth to rekindle the threefold flame that flickers in the hearts of humanity. We would that that fire might become a conflagration of love, an all-consuming desire of God to be God in the center of the AUM. Thus in the center of your home, build a fire, meditate on the love of the avatars, on the coming of the Christed one, on the elementals who serve in the four quadrants of your being to move all energy and flow to the center of life that is your heart.

When you light your fire with the taper of your love, let it be the arcing of the light of your heart chakra with the heart of your Christ Self and the heart of your own I AM Presence. Then visualize the arc of our covenant as a geometric curve pursuing the curve of infinity, transcending time and space, and anchoring in the heart of Maitreya your love for the path of initiation. Over the arc of contact, I will send the lightning of wisdom’s fire, lighting the sky with God’s desire in you to be whole, to be free, to be disciplined by discernment, discrimination, and determination.

As you meditate upon the flames crackling, leaping, popping, and exploding, enjoy the action of the Holy Spirit burning through and through. Invoke and impel those fires, translated in your mind’s eye as sacred fires, into the etheric body and the vast subconscious of the mass mind, into the mental plane and the astral sea, into every physical cell and atom that must be purged of the laws of mortality.

The Three D’s of the Initiatory Path

Now let us consider how the disciple of the Cosmic Christ takes the three d’s to implement his own divinity, carving the path of Deity by discernment, discrimination, and determination.

Take the faculty of discernment. It is the exercise of the yellow fire of the second ray. It is to separate with the mind, to recognize mentally, to detect with the eyes of the mind. Discernment is a faculty of the mind that enables the soul to understand the shades of difference as it examines manifestations in the relative plane of life and death, good and evil.

Once you have discerned the factors and the facts of a given situation, the torch is passed. And in the pink fires of the third ray, you exercise the action of discrimination; and by the penetration of the Holy Spirit, you isolate the distinguishing characteristics–the differences between qualities, person­alities, and choices in the planes of Matter. Discrimination is the assessment by love that results in the exercise of good judgment.

Thus the faculty of discernment in the mind becomes discrimination in the heart, and the resulting manifestation is the wise and judicious implementation of the best plan for the best results, given the circumstances of time and space. The assessment, then, of mind and heart becomes the judgment that is carried out through God-determination. By determination the disciple in the way of initiation delivers the thrust of the will of God, of action that becomes precipitation–good works bearing good fruits for a good harvest in the Lord.

Now let Morya’s chelas who have made their way to University Hall ponder the three d’s of disciplined divinity and invoke the balancing action of the sacred fire for the balanced threefold flame. Without mind and heart and the drive of action in hand, you will make little progress on the Path.

I leave you to your fires, that the material might become the spiritual through transmutation, that the spiritual might become material through initiation.

Excerpted from Pearl of Wisdom Vol. 18 No. 50 by Lord Maitreya (December 14, 1975).

1. In this Pearl, the second on a series on initiation, Lord Maitreya reviewed aspects of the path of initiation and the “requirement of the law of life that you don the spirals of integration.”