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The Bethlehem Star of Initiation

21 Dec


The Truth, the Christ of your being, is the Light, and the Light is above and beyond all words! It is a vibratory quality which you may hold within the chalice of your being and recognize thereby the passions of God.

Hence, I take you and charge you this night, in the name of the Lord God of hosts, into that spirit of high regard for His being. Come with me a moment into the Light and consider yourselves no longer embodied in form. Free spirits, immortal and blessed, you stand, then, beholding through the eye of God all the pains of the world. Then stop to realize that the true meaning behind the monadic expression of yourselves, each one, is the star of your own manifestation of the universal Light, eternally lovely.

The Star of your Being

The star of your being—the star of the nativity of your being—this is the star of initiation that opens unto you a new world full of hope and the drama that is unfolded as the curtain of the universe swings wide and reveals to you those white wings of hope that will bear you high and in the bearing will release to you unprecedented power to overcome all things and stand in the temple of the living God as one who is devoted to His purposes upon earth!

“As Above, so below.” The Hermetic axiom has well established itself not only in the Egyptian civilization, but throughout all of those civilizations that manifested in the Fertile Crescent and were then carried throughout the earth by the command of the Christ: Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel unto every creature! All creatures great and small were able to summon those concepts of divine hope and delight that are the summum bonum of each man’s being that will summon for him newness of life and newness of hope.

Will ye this night, then, not by the will of man—not by the established will of man—but by the will of God as part and parcel of your initiatory experiences, establish yourself in the will and the love of God to be an overcomer and a pillar in the temple of God?

Do you realize the wondrous manifestation of the light of the nativity of Bethlehem’s star shining now two thousand years hence? Will you, then, frame yourselves as that child placed within the manger of God’s heart and summon the will of God to shine two thousand years hence into the future? Will you regard your life as a sacred trust of infinite capacity, infinite joy, and infinite doing?—I AM the will of God in action here!

Will you see what the power and passion of universal love harnessed to the divine will can produce of a miracle sense within your minds, within your beings, within your bodies, within your life and the chambers of the lives of all mankind? Will you understand that there is hope for the world, that the world can be changed, that the darkness can be extinguished, that the darkness can be burned, that out of the Word—the living Word by which even the earth itself may be caused to tremble—mankind may understand the natural expression of the Spirit of God and the overcoming power that shall reach out from all hearts to all hearts as an activity of cosmic love and cosmic will?

Thus do ministering angels come to you this night. For as I am speaking to you, what might almost be conceived of as a Magellanic Cloud is appearing in the consciousness of many. And although it comes from afar, it shall draw nigh to you throughout this class and shall establish in you a concept of your cosmic initiations to come.

This excerpt is from a dictation by Lord Maitreya given in June 1972 and published in the 1984 Pearls of Wisdom Vol. 27 No. 42. thesummitlighthouse.org

I AM Light

14 Oct


Light! Let light echo in the chamber of your heart. Light is the essence of your life and your path and your ascension. Apply thyself to the study of light.

Light is the intelligence of the I AM whose geometry, by the power of the Holy Spirit, is manifest as the cross of Alpha and Omega, the Spirit/Matter spheres. I said light, l-i-g-h-t.


We seal in the heart of the Word the nucleus of its energy and intent. The study of the Word is the study of the science of creation.

I AM Surya. I AM the light of Sirius. I AM the Sun behind the God Star. I AM the Sun of light. I emit light. You also may emit light if you choose. But the fusion of the heart and the echo of the light within the heart is the science that you must learn.

If you are not a suitable instrument, the light will not pass through. If the light does not pass through you, then you will not be nourished of the light. If you are not nourished of the light, then you cannot be of the light, for the light transforms, creates, re-creates the soul. In order to sustain light, you must be an instrument of light—as water passing through a pipe, so light passing through a vessel. light passing through the vessel keeps the vessel clean and in tune with its origin.

Light, then, is the intelligence of God, the intelligence of God that moves in the cloven tongues of the Holy Ghost and precipitates in the cross of Matter.

All of creation is light. How is it that we say that some are not of the light? Some are not of the light because the light that is in them is darkness. From whence did the darkness come? It has come as a misstatement of light, as a misqualification of light, as the mystification of the science of light.

We, then, stand at the fulcrum of life to deliver pure light, that the pure light which we give may flush out impure light— light made impure by an ungodly matrix…

There is a light that you are not capable of assimilating. It is the light of far-off worlds and cosmic beings. Therefore, that light is stepped down to other ascended beings and angels. And through your mighty I AM Presence, the light of the white-fire sun, that you also are not able to assimilate, is stepped down through the blessed Son, the Mediator, and then passed through your chakras, again stepped down for the assimilation of physical matter and physical cells. Thus, you see, hierarchy as a principle is inherent in the transfer of light… The ascended masters’ teachings are charged with light.

Vol. 49 No. 4 – Beloved Surya – January 22, 2006



Balance Heart and Mind

5 Apr

Balance of Heart and Mind


Excerpt from Pearls of Wisdom Vol. 14 No. 11 by Jesus the Christ (March 14, 1971)

Resurrection and Building the Kingdom Within

Until man learns to apply the higher laws that govern his being, he will continue his energy output according to old patterns of human habit and tradition. But when he understands at last the great tide of reality that is onward moving, that is progressive, that demands the discarding of unwanted qualities and conditions, and that continually directs and redirects all parts of his being into the patterns of perfection, then he will shine outwardly like the inward radiance that is reflected in the image of God placed within himself by the Almighty.

Why are the soul ties to the Father so relevant to the heart of man, and yet so meaningless to the head? First, because the heart relates to love, and love relates to the universe known of the soul; secondly, because the head relates to the examination of objects and concepts by the fingers of the mind. Standing alone, without the employment of the heart, the head often makes those brittle decisions which shatter on impact the tender and intuitive feelings of the soul.

Stern, then, is a man’s own life record and self-judgment when shaped after mortal design; but, when the natural faculties of the soul are allowed to breathe out the radiance of the Light, the whole world of man can be an eternal resurrection of loveliness. Then the strength of his mind, tethered to the radiance of his heart’s love, becomes a shining armor for the protection of the emerging Christ consciousness. Then the middle wall or partition between the Holy of Holies of his heart and the focus of his mind is rent in twain; and man, having access to the corridors of both mind and heart, fashions new wonders of perception and precipitation out of his total being.

Wherever the wall of partition exists between heart and mind, wherever one predominates over the other, there is bound to be an imbalance in the expression of the Christ–whether the corpse like gloom of the carnal mind that goes about classifying and devouring everything and everyone with its cutting criticism, or the unbridled passions of fruitless desire issuing from a heart untutored and impure.

But when the union of heart and mind occurs under the aegis of the one eternal Father and his eternal Son, then the meaning of the resurrection is revealed in the pulsating identity of the Christ, delineating mastery for all and in all. Then the soul looks on as from the flame within his heart, the Flame of balanced Love, Wisdom and Power: a New Age man is born. Leaping over the pages of history in giant strides, he rides upon a white horse, the master of his destiny and of his karma. His image is not cast upon a cross of human torture and debauchery but upon that masterful building which appears on the horizon of the new age; for man has first built the kingdom within, utilizing the rock and the timber, the chemistry and geometry, the very laws and elements of the firmament on high in his mastery of self and of the abundant Life.

When this happens in the inner beings of sufficient numbers of embodied men and women, then I am certain that the kingdom of heaven will become a reality in the world of form.