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Clear Your Subconscious and Increase Abundance

9 Sep

There is no room for God in

him who is full of himself.

–Hasidic saying

Some people diligently practice the keys to abundance and still don’t get the results they want.  They climb just so far and then hit a ceiling.  Why?  Because they haven’t cleared their subconscious and they haven’t invited God to be a part of their plan.  Say you decide to start affirming and believing: “I AM a successful__________________” you fill in the blank.

But if you’ve been telling yourself for twenty years or twenty lifetimes that you’re a failure, your subconscious is going to take some convincing.  It’s going to say, “I don’t believe you.”  Our subconscious is like a recording  machine.  It records every impression we have absorbed throughout our life and our past lives–the good and the bad.  And, to our detriment, that includes the negatives we have heard and believed about ourselves.

Every time you think something negative about yourself, every time someone criticizes or intimidates you, your subconscious records the event.  Sometimes we don’t realize how much we have been influenced by another’s thoughts or words, especially a parent, sibling or authority figure.  These negatives are booby traps that can undermine our abundance.

For instance, all too often we limit ourselves by our current circumstances–our job, our income, our educational level, our IQ–and what we think we are able to accomplish.  We say to ourselves, “My income is thus and such.  I have this much social security.  My job gives me this much pay, so in ten years I can go just so high.”  We have pigeonholed ourselves and encased ourselves in these boxes that we cancel out the abundant sense of the soul.  In the highest dimensions of the spirit, however, our soul knows no boundaries.  And it wants to be liberated from the tyranny of negative subconscious programming.

The subconscious not only records negative impressions but, like a tape player on automatic replay, it plays back the recordings of the past.  It takes hard work to erase these “records.”  We may need the guidance of a trained psychologist who can help us heal the pain of our wounded inner child.  We may also need to reprogram our subconscious with positive messages.  That’s what positive affirmations are all about–affirming the innate beauty and positive potential of the soul.

But whatever steps we take, we can accelerate our healing when we accompany them with spiritual work.  I have had the best results in clearing the subconscious of negative records by using mantras and affirmations to the violet flame.  Ask your Higher Self to direct the violet flame into specific thoughts, actions and words that produced the negative recordings in your subconscious.  Visualize the violet flame literally burning up these records, one by one.

Another key for working with your subconscious is to ask your divine self to take dominion over the four components of the mind:   the subconscious mind, the conscious mind, the unconscious mind and the super-conscious mind.  By doing this we seal our subconscious and unconscious so they do not become tyrants over our soul.  We also empower our divine self to generate positive energies and impulses in the subconscious and unconscious.

What are these four compartments of the mind?  The super-conscious mind is the mind of infinite intelligence within us, the all knowing Mind of God that works through our highest self.  The conscious mind is the reasoning mind. Spiritually speaking, the subconscious mind corresponds to our desires–and that is why it is so influential.  This powerful storehouse of energy will bring to fruition your desires, whatever they are.  When it is polluted the subconscious can do us incalculable harm.  When it is cleared and functioning in a healthy way, the subconscious acts like a resilient trampoline, catapulting our highest aspirations into action.

The unconscious mind is the deepest level of our being and can exercise great power over us, although it is not directly accessible to our awareness.  Freud said the unconscious includes our primordial wishes and impulses as well as memories and drives we are no longer conscious of but which can have dramatic effects on our thoughts and actions.  The unconscious contains the absolutes of Good and Evil.

You can seal the compartments of your mind by directing your I AM Presence to occupy and take dominion over your unconscious and super-conscious minds and directing your Holy Christ Self to occupy and take dominion over your subconscious and conscious minds.  The I AM Presence is that portion of your spiritual self that is the absolute perfection of your divine reality.  It is the personal presence of Spirit that abides with you.  Your Holy Christ Self is the mediator between you and your I AM Presence.  The Holy Christ Self, also know as the Higher Self, is your inner teacher and voice of conscience.

chart of your divine self001

When we place the levels of our mind under the dominion of our I AM Presence and Holy Christ Self, and when we accompany this with the necessary spiritual and psychological work, these dynamic components of our being will produce only good.


O Mighty I AM Presence, enter

now, occupy and take dominion over my super-conscious and unconscious minds!

O Holy Christ Self, enter now,

occupy and take dominion over my conscious and subconscious minds!

Once you have offered the prayer (Preferably once a day), you can recite your own creative affirmations for a spiritual and material abundance.  It is a good idea to recite your affirmations for each compartment of the mind, as in the following example.


In the name of my I AM Presence and Holy Christ Self,

I AM perfect abundance in my super-conscious mind!

In the name of my I AM Presence and Holy Christ self,

I AM perfect abundance in my conscious mind!

In the name of my I AM Presence and Holy Christ Self,

I AM perfect abundance in my subconscious mind!

In the name of my I AM Presence and Holy Christ Self,

I AM perfect abundance in my unconscious mind!

When you begin to dig in and work on your subconscious, don’t be surprised or upset if you see negatives popping our more intensely and more frequently.  The more faith, determination and joy you have, the more spiritual light you will generate.  This brighter light will naturally expose the blocks to your spiritual progress–the maladies of the spirit that must go.

Creative Abundance by Elizabeth Clare and Mark L. Prophet