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Golden Age Leadership

20 Oct



When the coming Golden Age dawns, its arrival will be characterized by clear, highly effective leadership modeled after principles espoused by the ascended masters: responsibility, accountability, pro-activity, visualization, discipline, balanced self-renewal, Christ consciousness.

These are leadership qualities we all hope to develop. And as we do, we realize that the first person we must lead is our self! How? By learning and applying the ascended masters’ specific equations of self-mastery.

What does this look like?

Most of us have heard of the legendary Seven Habits of Highly Effective People as formulated by Steven Covey in 1989.

His seven habits actually follow closely the teachings of the ascended masters! And now, in a series of programs, we explore each of these habits including deep, insightful commentary from Elizabeth Clare Prophet.


BEGIN WITH THE END IN MIND is habit number two from Steven Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. This Tuesday, we continue our exploration of Steven Covey’s famous ‘7 habits’ as seen through the lens of the ascended masters’ teachings.

In the course of this series, focused on key principles that form the foundation of self-mastery, we discover that Covey’s principle-centered leadership is very closely akin to the core principles of the teachings of the ascended masters on mastery.

In fact, Elizabeth Clare Prophet elucidates these similarities in typically insightful commentary, which we will share at length throughout this 5-part series.

In respect to the habit formulated as beginning with the end in mind, we will, of course, be emphasizing our ascension as the ‘end’ that we should all keep in mind. This is the goal of life, after all, and a good place to focus our energies and attention.


Habit number three of the seven habits of effective people as formulated by Steven Covey and viewed through the lens of the teachings of the ascended masters: Put first things first.

How good are we at personal management? How well do we stick to those projects that offer the greatest benefit to us and our pursuits?
We know all too well how easy it is to get distracted and lose focus. Things come up. That’s life. But when we choose to keep our focus on what’s most important, despite distractions, we greatly enhance our ability to succeed and prosper.

Lasting success involves both independent will and discipline. This is true in the business world, and it is true in the realm of spirituality.
Sometimes we must do what we don’t like to do to advance on the path. When we reach that point, simply ask ourselves if we’re victims of circumstance or victors (those who, by free will and effort, overcome circumstances).

Then we act by putting first things first.


Becoming an ascended master is a realistic goal. Your goal. In fact, believe it or not, becoming an ascended master is your destiny. Right this very minute, you are on a path of self-mastery. Your sights are already set on an immortal horizon, and your eventual victory is all but assured. So, for the moment, set aside any doubts you may have and realize that you would not be reading these words right now or listening to our program if your emerging mastery wasn’t already underway! As this series on becoming an ascended master has unfolded, we have been using Steven Covey’s ‘7 Habits of Highly Effective People’ as the basis and template for bringing ascended master principles into focus. This week, we will look at the power of helping others succeed, being empathetic and understanding as a means of bridging our differences and being open to new perspectives and new ideas. And we will look at all of these qualities through the lens of the ascended masters’ teachings. Tune in to part 4 on Tuesday October 25.