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The Flame of Love, A Salute to Lanello

26 Feb

“Be the fire that God has made you to be!  Meditate on the boundlessness of the flame, the freedom of the flame, the completeness of the flame, the capacity of the flame to be all things to all people. You must carry the teachings by love and by the fire of love… I AM Lanello!  I have become the flame of love, and by that love I AM the victor. I would have you ride upon my coattails, but the law would not allow it. The law requires that you become love. Start loving now!  Love yourself!  Eject all self-condemnation!  Put it into the flame that is before you!  Put it in consciously, and with it will go the demons of the night that torment you with their condemnation, their vilification… Let love be more than a smile. Let the smile be the effect of a cause, a burning in your heart to convey a fire. Let your motto be Start a Fire! Start a fire with Maitreya! Start a fire that will never, never be put out. Start it now in your heart and see it leaping! I can see it leaping across this land to hearts and homes who have never been touched by the fiery destiny of the soul…When you have sufficiently loved yourself to consume the jagged edges of your self-analysis, your self-hypnosis, your self-deprecation, then turn around and love those around you. Criticism is an absence of love. Strife and discord, cruelty and pettiness—all of these things belie the flame of love. The bickering and the argumentation, the gossip and the evil spirits that flirt with those on the fringe of the movement—these are the absence of love.”   Beloved Lanello’s Birthday Message 1975, The Flame of the Christ Mass, Pearls of Wisdom, Vol. 19 No. 51  December 19, 1976.

“Remember that the heart that has truly loved never forgets. I have loved you long before you found my footprints in the sands, whether in this life or in previous lifetimes. I have loved you because we are part of a mandala. We came from Venus together. We were trained on Mercury. We were trained on the God Star. Yes, some or all of you who were part of our bands were trained on various planets… So, it is important to say to yourself on such an occasion as this: “Is there anything that I would not do? Is there anything I would not go through to have a victory for God or for earth or for my loved ones?…Go to the heart of God within you. Go into that secret chamber of your heart and fall upon your knees before your Holy Christ Self. Give yourself unto that Christ, beloved. And, after much soul searching, come to the place where you are ready to say, “There is nothing that my Lord could ask of me that I would not do.” Beloved Lanello, A Universal Religion of Divine Love Pearls of Wisdom, Vol. 38 No. 13, March 19, 1995


…”I am determined not only to focus within you my love, but to awaken within you God’s own love and your love that will indeed seal now the dispensation of your acceleration and give to all who hear me also that same opportunity—new birth and a reaching beyond the self. You see how in reality, blessed hearts, God’s power within you is infinite and can expand by the Word…Therefore in the name of that Word, I AM THAT I AM, I greet you in the living pulsation of heart…You may speak always through the heart. You may consciously direct the power of the throat center through the heart flame so that it is no figment or fancy but truly you are communicating heart to heart. The heart is the seat of a momentum of great light. And by the very nature of this fire chakra and your constant diligence in its purification, you may see a greater control of the flow of emotions that sometimes occurs through the voice. Therefore, see how the threefold flame itself will not only increase the power of the spoken Word, but it will purify it, balance it, and draw you into a perception of life through the heart. For you see, my beloved, you may also see through the heart as well as speak through the heart. You may view all life by the sacred love center. Love, therefore, is not to create the illusion of something that is not. But love is the means whereby you perceive what is real, whereby you feel and know the souls with whom you deal. Love, then, is a penetration beyond the unreal. Beloved hearts, love is able to quicken! Love is able to illumine!…

It is done!

I AM the living Son of God!

I AM the Presence here!

I AM standing in the center of the court of the temple of Helios and Vesta, and Helios and Vesta is the light of my heart. And I AM that Light Magnificent! I AM the dissolving of all memories less than that Cosmic Christ perfection.

I AM the consuming and the rolling up as a scroll all that is past, all that is unholy, all that is unclean, all infamy of the fallen ones. They have no power over me, because I AM THAT I AM! And all that is past is already water over the dam. It passes through the flame and the judgment upon it seals it, then, in the very heart of Elohim!

I AM that Christ!

I AM that Son of God.

I AM free, nevermore to go back into a lesser level of evolution. And into the flame I pour the vials of my own karma—I pour the vials of the seven last plagues that are petrifying and putrifying my body temple and my seven chakras.

I pour them into the flame, and my body is clean—clean as a whistle and made whole! And I AM purified wholly, thoroughly. I AM purified as crystal.

I AM God-free this day!

I AM the ascending one. I AM soaring to the sun.

I AM lifting right up off my tippy-toes, and I AM moving with the Holy Ghost. I AM free and I AM weightless and I AM in God. And I AM manifesting in this body temple now all expertise that I require to do my work now!

Ho! Ho! Ho!

I AM the alchemist and I AM clearing my place!

I AM clearing my forcefield now! Death has no power over me—nor disparagement, nor discouragement, nor any deprecation of my duty now fulfilled!

I AM my God in action here! I AM my sacred labor fulfilled God’s way! Roll back—Ho! Ho! Ho!—collapse, then, the structure of atoms and electrons that would interfere with the Word made manifest!

For I AM the sand of life. I AM the lowering into manifestation here of the exact and precise will of God for my life. For I AM WHO I AM. I know who I AM. I love who I AM. I trust who I AM. I fulfill the Word who I AM.

Victory is my name. Victory is my flame. Victory is my game. I only know Victory! I only know Victory! I only know Victory! I have never met another man except Victory.

I only know Victory! I only know Victory! I only know Victory! Henceforth, I know no man after the flesh. I only know the man Victory in my God, in myself, in my counterpart, in my friends, in my brothers and sisters—I only know Victory!

I AM the golden spiral of Victory which lifts up the light in all whom I meet—up that golden coil of life, up the spinal stalk. I AM Victory and I only know Victory! And I meditate upon the crown of Victory now!

Now I AM in the crown of Victory!

Now I AM in the center of the lotus!


I AM Victory God-willed. And I will not fret. I will not worry. I will not be anxious. I will not be concerned—past, present, or future—for I live!

And as I live, I live in eternity now! I live in eternity now! I live in eternity now! And no time and space can mar my place, for this is the living will of God I AM.

I AM it, and I know I know it!

I AM it, and I know I know it!

I AM it, and I know I know it!

Out they go! Out the door! Out the door! Out they go! Open those back doors now, and see them run. Open the doors and let them out! Let out all those discarnates and entities and demons.

Roll them back—Ho! Roll them back—Ho! Roll them back—Ho! Right out the very front door! Roll them back—Ho! Open wide those doors. There they go! There they go! There they go!

Stand up now and shake them out! Shake them out! Shake them out! Shake them out! Shake them out! Stand right up and roll them out! Roll them out! Roll out that lethargy! Roll out that condemnation! Roll them out the door!

You have no power, your day is done!

You have no power, your day is done!

You have no power, your day is done!

You have no power, your day is done!

I AM Lanello. I AM Lanello. And you are on the run! You are on the run! You are on the run! For I will not be moved. I will not be moved! And I will advance! I will advance, I will advance until you be gone!

Be gone in the name of Christ!

Be gone in the name of Morya! Be gone in the name of Saint Germain and Jesus Christ, in the name of Maitreya! Be gone now!

Bind the hordes, Astrea! Bind the hordes of night! Bind the false hierarchy of this earth! Roll them back, they have no power!

You have no power, your day is done! By the flame of Lanello, I challenge you—and you are on the run! You are on the run! You are on the run!

In the name I AM THAT I AM, in the name I AM THAT I AM, in the name I AM THAT I AM, Amen!

Decree 10.20


Beloved Lanello, Conclave of the Friends of Christ Pearls of Wisdom, Vol. 26 No. 30, July 24, 1983

A Salute to Lanello on the celebration of his 100th anniversary.



Let God Release Perfect Love Through You

8 Feb

Would you feel the cosmic rays of the stars? Would you know the vibration of Sirius? You can.

I say, you can if you will, but love must purge you of grossness, of cruelty in the spoken word. Love must purge you of those receptors that still hear the demons of the night and their vanity and their profane words. Love must purge you and silence all dissonance in your consciousness. Love that glows as a fire, for what? For God, God, God! Love that is a fire for friend and neighbor and for the child that is not seen.

Who is the child that is not seen? Is it the child in the womb of the Cosmic Virgin? It is the child of your own heart. The unseen child is the one who is profaned upon earth. Therefore, let the child appear. Let the child appear within you as perfect Love.

You can know all things. God has never withheld from any of his sons his perfect Wisdom and his perfect Love. You can aspire to become sages upon earth, teachers of wisdom but only by love.

Deliver me from the brittleness of those who memorize the Word without the heart of devotion! Deliver me, then, from those who take the ocean of God’s love to the depths of psychic thralldom and the entertainment of phenomena. Deliver me, then, from those who are more interested in doctrine and dogma than in the plight of the soul itself.

How we love the flame of Love bursting for joy in your heart and as love for one another! Blessed hearts of peace, open now and let God release through you his perfect Love. Then will you be my disciples indeed.

How can you sow the seeds of my Word unless you wrap them in the swaddling garment of love? The seeds cannot grow unless they be enfolded in love—enfolded in the name of the Father, of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit—sealed in the cosmic cross of white fire by the angels of the Ruby Ray, sealed in the Light of Alpha and Omega in the Body and Blood of Christ. Yes, seeds of my heart and wisdom, seeds of my discipline must be enfolded in love when you pass them to another and sow them in the soul’s consciousness.

thesummitlighthouse.org.  This excerpt on the flame of love by Lanello is from the 1981 Ascension Day Address, published in the 1981 Pearl of Wisdom®, Vol. 24 No. 55

Oh, the Heart of Kindness!

31 Jan


“Blessed ones, as you enter this year filled with its promise and yet with some trepidation, wondering what might come to your doorstep next, I also come with hope. For hope is surely the star that we follow to the place where the Lord lay and where Christ is born in each heart.

It is good to know that all things that come to your doorstep can be dealt with by the living fire and the fount of Love within your heart. The key is not to react, not to become negative but rather philosophical, to say to yourself:

“Who knocks there? Whose footstep do I hear? Is it that of friend or foe? It matters not, for I give love and have plenty to spare. In this my calling in life, I shall greet all that comes to me with a chuckle, with a point of laughter, with the wisdom of the Mind of God, with my gaze fixed on him and yet kindness always flowing to my neighbor.”

In this stance, then, be not reactors, beloved, but know that life is full of promises and many packages wrapped, some with love and some with cords of enmity. Receive them all and deal with them justly, honorably and with that deep fire of love that has compassion for evildoers who have lost the key to the heart of God that you yet hold in your treasure chest of Love.

Be Not Moved by Circumstances or Karma

Oh yes, beloved, do not allow yourself to be moved this way and that because of circumstances. Do not ever discount the moment of karma. For is not every particle of sand that descends in the hourglass the sign of passing karma that can be dealt with, that must be dealt with at the moment when it passes through the nexus?

This must seem an impossible task–how to be there at the right point in time and space to greet your karma so that when it passes through the nexus it does not create a pile of karma beneath and therefore require you to start all over again.

Yes, beloved, when you are in the right place in consciousness, you are always at the point of the nexus, the nexus of the mighty figure-eight flow that delivers to you the lightning of the Mind of God through the Sacred Heart of your Holy Christ Self. Being at that point of equanimity, you can be philosophical about tragedy and sudden loss and also hold the reins of the ecstatic mood when great good things come your way.

In the peace-commanding presence of the centeredness of being, know wholeness. My prayer for you this year is that the Christmas wind, which is the wind of the Holy Spirit, shall bring to you peace of mind, wholeness, centeredness and, above all, charity toward yourself, toward all. Charity, beloved–for charity does engulf with flames of Love all pride and ego-centeredness that beget self-condemnation and the condemnation of others.

Wholeness, Achieved through Love, Is the Goal

Yes, beloved, I would have you walk the earth as the children of Wisdom and I would have you deal with life and circumstance by the fiat of the spoken Word.

Yes, beloved, wholeness is the goal. It is achieved through love, yes, and wisdom. But as you have been told, without God’s will, without that faith, without that fire of the true-blue chela, you will find it difficult, (yea impossible, as the scriptures say,) to please God. And, blessed heart, if you are not able to please God, then you will become among all people the most miserable.

See, then, and understand that pleasing God does not require gymnastics of the mind or ultimate feats of this and that but simply the gentle heart. Oh, the gentle heart, the heart of kindness, the heart of Maitreya, the heart of the Bodhisattva!”

thesummitlighthouse.org This excerpt on the heart of kindness is from Lanello’s Christmas Eve 1992 address published in the Pearl of Wisdom®, Vol. 36, No. 2

The Putting-on of the Garment of the Lord

20 Apr


To Those Who Espouse the Flames of Alpha and Omega as the Father/Mother God,
“The fining pot is for silver, and the furnace for gold:  but the Lord trieth the hearts.”

As we contemplate methods of self-realization through the reunification of man and woman in the flame of the One, let us consider now how nature is the backdrop for the return to wholeness that comes about as man and woman, representing the twin flames of the Paraclete, unite their energies in devotion to the common cause of the betterment of life on Terra.

The wholeness of God expressed in nature–released through flora and fauna, through the giant hills and snowy summits, the vastness of the plains and the tides of the sea–conveys to humanity the consciousness of God in all of its aspects. Standing upon the shore of life contemplating the mystery of oneness, man and woman bear witness to the planes of God’s consciousness in the fire of the sun, in the currents of the air caressing all life, and in the movement of the waters lapping the shore of Mother earth. Thus the four lower bodies of a planet are seen as dimensions of consciousness which may be penetrated at will by man and woman who seek to know God in the fusion of their heart flames and the merging of Alpha and Omega spirals for the victory of noble endeavor, their sacred labor–most cherished creation.

The sun reminds the soul of its ancient heritage in the white-fire core of being where twin flames were born and danced to the rhythm of the heartbeat of God. The sphere of golden-pink glow ray suspended in space holds the blueprint of cosmic destiny and the geometry of an origin far, far beyond the ken of mortal knowing. From the fiery ovoid in the heart of the Presence–the I AM THAT I AM–Life delivered unto life a polarity of consciousness:  “male and female created he them.”   Thus the I AM Presence of twin flames, through the fission of the white-fire core, became a dual manifestation out of which twin souls descended to take dominion in the four planes of Mater.

The rays of the sun, the Life-giving essence of eternity, stir the ashes on the grate of consciousness, stir the memory of far-off worlds. And souls basking in the summer sunlight know that sometime, somewhere, all shall return to the fiery womb of creation and to the reunion of twin flames. Thus the fire body of man, of planets, and of stars is the etheric (or memory) sheath in which are etched in fiery crystal the memory and the design of other spheres of opportunity, other worlds of consciousness. Through self-mastery, the disciplines of the law, and the initiations of hierarchy, these designs can be precipitated in the plane of Mater for the victory of a flame called love.

In the plane of air, a transparency for fire, water, and earth–invisible like the wind that “bloweth where it listeth” –is seen the coming of the Holy Spirit as the completeness of Alpha and Omega spirals that in each holy child become the breath of Life. In air, every duality is resolved into oneness by the Father/Mother God. And thus it is the plane of the mind–of that Christ mind which was in Christ Jesus which is clear thinking, clear seeing, sound logic, and conceptual purity when unencumbered by the pollutants of the carnal mind. Just as the atmosphere is burdened by the smog of mankind’s abuse of the sacred energies and resources of Life, so the mental belt is sundered by the profanity and the insanity of mortal pride. Yet here purely do the winds of the Holy Spirit create the transition from fire to water. Air is the medium wherein the flow of cosmic energy is seen in the precipitation of water to the earth below.

Thus it is that through the Mediator of the Christ mind, the fiery energies of the Father are transferred as a mighty flow that becomes the love of the Mother for the whole of creation. Thus into the plane of water, reflecting the desire body of the Father/Mother, there are transferred from higher planes of the Alpha-to-Omega consciousness the exalted feelings of God for the creation. And water as energy-in-motion in man and in woman is a conductor of the energies of Life and all of the ingredients that are necessary to the nourishment of the soul and its faculties. The minerals that nourish plant life are transferred by water. And the body temples of elementals and mankind are made up almost entirely of this Mother flow. The physical plane, the earth body and the earth earthy of Mother earth, is the detail of God’s cosmic consciousness transferred to atoms and molecules, etching in Matter form all of the wondrous designs that originate in the white-fire core of the central sun.

Now as the symmetry of the fourfold consciousness of God is related to the evolving consciousness of man and woman, we perceive the law of integration whereby man is intended to personify the attributes of Father and Son as these relate to the planes of fire and air, and woman is intended to personify the attributes of Mother and Holy Spirit as these relate to the planes of water and earth. In this, the wholeness of the sphere of the Father/Mother God becomes twain for the purpose of evolution and for the realization of the Holy Spirit through twin souls who come forth out of the white-fire core of being.

In every particle of Matter, in every design of nature, there is seen the infinite beauty of this polarity of the positive and negative spirals of the Godhead. In the table of elements and precious metals and gems, in the endless varieties of plant life and all of the inventions of which mankind has conceived and which he has derived from the mind of God–there is to be seen the yin and the yang of the Divine Whole.

“The fining pot is for silver, and the furnace for gold:  but the Lord trieth the hearts.”  So is gold the focus of Alpha energies and silver the repository of the frequencies of Omega. And the Lord Christ who trieth the hearts is the individual Christ Self who releases the energies of the Logos into the hearts of mankind to see whether they are able to retain the elements of grace, of virtue and nobility which enable man and woman to out-picture the Christ consciousness and the balanced threefold flame.

Now then, all that divides–all that seeks to tear down the glorious manifestation of the fourfold nature of God as his consciousness must manifest in man and in woman–is not of the light but of the darkness. The divide-and-conquer tactics of the Luciferians, the fallen ones, and their ploys are abroad in the land. And in this hour of the Dark Cycle of Gemini (which began April 23, 1974, and will continue until April 23, 1975) there is almost a relentless siege by the demons of the night to discredit every noble endeavor, every family, hearth, and home, and even the individual by causing schism, the splitting of the personality, the dividing of loved ones through argumentation, dissension, envy, jealousy, and turbulent emotional energies.

…The pursuit of the Holy Spirit is for some Christian groups the all and end of existence. And with a love and a fervor that sometimes consume their entire beings, they wait upon the coming of the Lord as the indwelling presence of the Comforter. Those who are students of ascended master law need not feel that this pursuit is set aside alone for those who call themselves Christians. For you who have perceived the higher criticism of the law and the inner teachings of the Christ must also recognize that the coming into prominence in the Aquarian age of the Divine Mother necessitates the restoration of the precious energies of the Holy Ghost in mind and soul, in heart, and in body temple.

Each of the four planes of consciousness, each of the four lower bodies, must become the dwelling place of the Most High God. And many of you have reached a point in your application of the sacred fire and in your invocations where you can now call upon the name of the Lord as the I AM THAT I AM and give forth the command to Life that the kingdom of God come into manifestation, as above so below, right within your very being foursquare. The Call to the Fire Breath is a call to the Holy Spirit and should be given with persistence by those who would entertain not only angels unawares but the very living, personal presence of the Maha Chohan himself.



Beloved Lanello Vol 17 No 27, 1974, thesummitlighthouse.org.