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Cosmic Christ Illumination

27 Mar


Peace be unto you, my beloved. For my heart is with you this day, and my Spirit and my Presence.

I AM Jesus the Christ. I come in the fullness of resurrection’s flame that I might transfer to the aura of each one, so carefully prepared [by yourselves] in these days, that momentum of the resurrection that can give all the atoms a spin, the cosmic atoms a [cosmic] spin so that you may win and win your Victory in this life. May that spinning and that throwing off [of humanly misqualified substance of karma], beloved, create evermore the concentration of the sacred fire in each sun center that does comprise the vast Body of God which you are.

May you bask in this flame for the duration of my message and be seated in the joy not only of my resurrection but of your own, beloved. For you are also resurrected this day and this is my Easter message!  For the resurrection of your Real Self, of who you really are, can be the most transforming experience of your life.

You have lived so long with the adoptive self, the adaptive self, the accommodating self, the not-self, and the dweller-on-the-threshold, that sometimes what you think is your very best self is but a conglomerate of all of these and a habit.  But when the habit is consumed by the living fires of God and you step forth from that tomb and see who you are, blessed ones, you will never again argue in defense of that old posture, that old reason, that old ego.

Now then, it is springtime. Step forth into newness of life! I have counseled many of my disciples in this Community to become your Real Self and so I do it again. For it is a step-by-step,  a day-by-day process and sometimes it is necessary to take out the old photograph album and to see just how far you have removed yourself from those other years and lesser spheres of manifestation.

I impart to you, then, the love of our Oneness. For, beloved, I tell you, whether you have identified with me or not in this life you have gravitated toward this activity of service to set the record straight, to resolve to enter fully and finally into the heart-to-heart relationship [with myself], precisely the one that I shared with John.

Beloved hearts, know, then, that this Christ that I AM and that I declare–for I AM the Son of God–is your Christ, is your Sonship. [And] though [this Sonship] may be at times more evident where I AM, whether when I was upon earth [two thousand years ago] or in the ascended octaves [as I AM] today, yet, beloved, this [Christ of my and your Sonship] is the Rock of your Divine Reality. Cling to it as though all the waves of the roaring seas of hell should beat against it and you should hold on to that rock for life!  [Seeking and finding the] true Reality of oneself is like mining the gold of the Divine Image until one comes to the golden image of the golden-age man and woman.

I come for restoration!  I come for re-storation, beloved!  Let there be a new story!  Let the sacred fire consume the old coil!  Be done with it!  Have done with it!

Blessed heart, there is a new spiral and a new man and a new woman and it is the glory of the living Christ within you. This joy I bring you, this understanding I tell you. For newness of life and resurrection is the only way to survive in a dead and dying world, is the only way to come apart to infuse new life into those who are the sick–the maimed, the halt, the blind. By the resurrection flame and through prayer and fasting know that that Divine Reality can come forth.

I will be God in manifestation!  I will be God in manifestation!

So help me, God!

Vol. 32 No. 21 – Beloved Jesus Christ – May 21, 1989, The Summit Lighthouse



15 Dec

Blessed hearts, you may not be able to convert others to joy, for so many, so many enjoy the indulgence in sadness, in self- sympathy and self-pity. So many are so accustomed to non-joy that allows the complaining and the self-indulgence that they would not know what to do with themselves if life were perpetually joyous.

Joy is an inner quietude.

It is an inner consciousness of well-being.

It is an inner point of contact with all stars and Causal Bodies.

Joy is what centers you in the crisscrossings of the great antahkarana of Life. When you are in joy, you are in sync with the great Buddhas and Bodhisattvas.

Joy, then, must come by an appreciation of small things and great, an appreciation of life as it is before you in a moment.

Is it a glistening dewdrop?

Is it the face of a child or a smile?

Is it something precious that is without price, for it comes directly from the heart?

If you will, make a list of all those things that bring joy to you and affirm them. I will leave you to your deliberations as to how you will return to the point of joy, but I will suggest that gratitude in action is a most wondrous way to continually perceive the joy flame of life.

Beloved ones, moments after some seeming tragedy has come upon you, you can [by the joy flame] see through it to the other side and experience joy because God has shown you that this is something that you must pass through.

Joy, beloved, cannot be thinking too much of itself, for joy is something that we give. And as we give, it begets more within us. Joy is a flame that is opposed by the very worst side of everyone, for all that is not real about you, all that is less than that God-Reality, cringes at the point of dazzling joy that you keep in your house and in your heart.

God is where I AM.

I AM that God in manifestation!

This is my premise.

This is the foundation of every move I make

and every prayer I breathe.

I AM my God in action and there is no division!

I AM in agreement.

I am agreeing as I affirm the flow of fire in my midst. And I know that the joy of that flow of fire desires for me all that I AM–all that I am to be and all that I desire or need in the process of becoming who I AM.

And I AM Brahman.

I AM in the fire of the Atman, the point of perfect joy.

Think, then, upon this, beloved–that to have the gifts of the Holy Spirit, you must first of all have the Holy Spirit. For the Holy Spirit comes with an unmitigated joy, a joy that is the acceptance of things as they are, of things that cannot be changed and therefore will be dealt with in joy. And then [there is another] great joy that is magnified again and again [by the Holy Spirit] that says:

These are the things I can change!

And I will change them joyously by the fire of Brahman who I AM.


That I AM which I AM is Brahman.

Therefore I shall change for the better as I see that I can change. And I will look to the glory of the Lord–yes, the glory of the Lord, my Mighty I AM Presence. I will look to the glory of my own Christ Self and threefold flame, and I will see that glory working through me–in me and yet not of me, but of that which is only God.

Oh yes, I will see that glory as a whirlwind of fire and wind. I will see it going before me fashioning my future, fashioning my all, re-creating me so that God, God may reveal himself to men because Christ is born in me this day!

TheSummitLighthouse.org Beloved Jesus Christ Vol. 35 No. 69 The Point of Dazzling Joy

The Secret of Keeping the Christmas Rose

6 Dec

The Secret of Keeping the Christmas Rose


In celebration of Christmas, the following is an excerpt from Jesus’ Christmas 1992 address, I Will Let No Man Take My Crown of Joy published in the 1992 Pearls of Wisdom Vol. 35 No. 69.

Would you not know the secret of keeping the Christmas Rose of joy–joy perpetually in the heart that nothing can move or turn aside? Would you not become the invincible manifestation of my joy, beloved? [“Yes.”]

I would also know you as the “joy fountains” in the earth where I may come and drink, where many who are without joy may drink of the fount and yet the fount should not decrease.

Oh, the perpetual giving of the flame of joy!

Oh, the laughter of the Christed ones who know this joy and who have discovered the secret of not letting go of it under any circumstance!

Is this not the true joy of self-mastery?

Indeed it is, beloved.

Well, then, when you set yourself to this determination to open the floodgates of joy that shall never be shut again–a joy that is the perpetual fountain of Life flowing through you descending from your I AM Presence–you thereby challenge all forces of doom and gloom and all sundry manifestations that happen to be along the lines of self-preference and indulgence and the dependency upon others for happiness, for fun, for laughter.

There must be a moment in your life when you say: “I will let no man take my crown of joy! I will stand and still stand. I will find the joy in every happening, in every occurrence I see. And where I see non-joy, I shall have within myself such a momentum of joy that I may fill the vacuum!”

Blessed hearts, you may not be able to convert others to joy, for so many, so many enjoy the indulgence in sadness, in self- sympathy and self-pity. So many are so accustomed to non-joy that allows the complaining and the self-indulgence that they would not know what to do with themselves if life were perpetually joyous.

Joy is an inner quietude.

It is an inner consciousness of well-being.

It is an inner point of contact with all stars and Causal Bodies.

Joy is what centers you in the crisscrossings of the great antahkarana of Life. When you are in joy, you are in sync with the great Buddhas and Bodhisattvas.

Joy, then, must come by an appreciation of small things and great, an appreciation of life as it is before you in a moment.

Is it a glistening dewdrop?

Is it the face of a child or a smile?

Is it something precious that is without price, for it comes directly from the heart?

If you will, make a list of all those things that bring joy to you and affirm them. I will leave you to your deliberations as to how you will return to the point of joy, but I will suggest that gratitude in action is a most wondrous way to continually perceive the joy flame of life.

Beloved ones, moments after some seeming tragedy has come upon you, you can [by the joy flame] see through it to the other side and experience joy because God has shown you that this is something that you must pass through.

Joy, beloved, cannot be thinking too much of itself, for joy is something that we give. And as we give, it begets more within us. Joy is a flame that is opposed by the very worst side of everyone, for all that is not real about you, all that is less than that God-Reality, cringes at the point of dazzling joy that you keep in your house and in your heart.


Spiritual Resurrection

22 Jun
  • What is the resurrection?
  • Would it be possible to end physical death?
  • What about physical healing?
  • What is the first thing you seek to change?
  • What is the ascension?
  • What does karma have to do with it?

Mrs. Prophet, speaks about about the resurrection.

The resurrection proves Saint Paul’s teaching that the last enemy to be overcome is death. The reality of it is that there is no death, but we have to prove that there is no death.

The resurrection is a resurgence of God’s energy through our being, through our chakras. It was the drawing forth of the energies of the resurrection from the I AM Presence and from the base-of-the-spine chakra that enabled Jesus to restore life to his temple. By the meditation of his soul upon the Oversoul, or the Higher Self, he overshadowed his body until he restored that body to life.

Now, we begin our resurrection by the restoration of consciousness, of joy, of happiness, of love, of truth. And we keep on increasing and accelerating God’s consciousness within us until the ultimate victory over death is a natural conclusion of our soul’s quest on the Path and of our soul’s reunion with God.

Resurrection Manta

Continuing, then, with El Morya’s “Heart, Head and Hand Decrees,” we have a mantra for the resurrection—and it can be used every day. As we give this mantra we can say, “I am being resurrected every day! I am overcoming death every day!”

Resurrection I AM affirmationI AM the flame of resurrection
Blazing God’s pure light through me.
Now I AM raising every atom,
From every shadow I AM free.

I AM the light of God’s full Presence,
I AM living ever free.
Now the flame of life eternal
Rises up to victory.

We accompany this mantra with the visualization of white light coming through us, rising through us as a white fire pulsating from beneath our feet, through our consciousness and chakras. It is an energy field that can restore us from sickness to health, from depression to wholeness, from anxiety to joy.

Mantras for Transmuting Karma

There is an alchemy in this mantra and in all mantras whereby through the Science of the Spoken Word, as in no other form of meditation, misuses of God’s energy are transmuted. This process of transmutation means that each time we give mantras that contain the name of God, I AM, we are actually balancing negative karma.

Karma is simply the substance of God’s energy that we have qualified either correctly or incorrectly. There is good karma and bad karma, positive karma and negative karma. Our goal is to re-qualify with light the energy that we have misqualified with darkness. This misqualified energy is stored in a forcefield comparable to the subconscious. When we give these mantras, increments of that energy are returned to the causal body, or the spheres of consciousness that surround the I AM Presence.

So mantras are not given simply for the alteration of a state of consciousness, although they do accomplish this. More importantly, they are always involved in the forgiveness of sin and the balancing of karma. Balancing karma means paying the debt for our misuses of God’s light, energy and consciousness.

We give the mantra on the resurrection to remove the consciousness of death. More than we realize, we are burdened by the energies of death on a day-to-day basis. Fear is the beginning of death. Doubt in oneself is the beginning of death. The condemnation or the belittlement of the self is the murdering of the self and its potential to be free. Freedom comes through this resurrection flame.

Are you saying it would be possible to end physical death?

The termination of death begins in consciousness. Since death is not real, what we see as death is simply the laying down of the body temple by the soul, who then journeys to other planes of consciousness, or other mansions in the Father’s house.

Jesus said: “In my Father’s house are many mansions. If it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you… that where I am, ye may be also.” The mansions are planes of consciousness, and there are many planes of consciousness. The soul journeys to these planes both after the transition called death and during sleep at night. Our souls may depart our body temples and go to other places and other schoolrooms for a learning experience.

Death, then, is the illusion of the cessation of life and it is only real to those who believe that our life is actually in the body. But life is in the flame in the heart and in the soul, and these move on as the path of acceleration continues here and hereafter.

Ultimately the demonstration of the ascension will mean not only the ascension of the soul but also of the physical body. But we have more immediate goals than the overcoming of physical death. Our immediate goal is the resurrection of life as it ought to be lived on earth today.

What about physical healing?

Physical healing may come about in the same way—through the use of meditation and the Science of the Spoken Word and also through the proper diet, which is most important.

We can see that light in our body temples brings about a manifestation of healing. Since so many physical conditions are caused by mental and emotional problems, the healing of the mind and emotions and the erasing by the violet flame of records in the subconscious is often all that is required to eliminate physical suffering.

So the first thing you seek to change is consciousness?

We go to cause behind effect. That doesn’t mean to say we don’t call upon the medical profession and use medicines and whatever is necessary—surgery, et cetera—for the correction of conditions in the body. But ultimately we seek to manifest the victory wherein the mind of God within us controls the manifestation in matter.

What happens after the resurrection?

You recall that after Jesus’ resurrection he came back. He spent forty days with the disciples. He gave them instruction in the Upper Room and told them: “Tarry ye in the city of Jerusalem, until ye be endued with power from on high.” And that power from on high descended with the descent of the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost.

After the resurrection comes the ascension. We talked about the concept of ascending every day, every hour. The ascension is the acceleration of consciousness. It is actually the increase of the vibratory rate of the electrons as they whirl about and through the nucleus of the atom until ultimately the soul reunites with the I AM Presence, the individualized Presence of God.

Ascension Mantra

The concluding mantra in the “Heart, Head and Hand” series is a mantra of the ascension. As soon as we begin to give it, we are accelerating the white light in our auras, preparing for that ultimate reunion with God at the conclusion of this life or our next life of incarnation. This is how it goes:

Ascension mantraI AM ascension light, Victory flowing free,
All of good won at last For all eternity.
I AM light, all weights are gone. Into the air I raise;
To all I pour with full God-power
My wondrous song of praise.

All hail! I AM the living Christ,
The ever-loving One.
Ascended now with full God-power,
I AM a blazing sun!

The visualization for this mantra is a sphere of white light that now envelops the entire form, the entire being. When we say, “I AM the living Christ,” we are affirming, “God in me is the living Christ, and that Christ, which was in Jesus, is now manifesting in me as the fullness of the threefold flame in my heart.”

Visualizing the self as a blazing sun gives us the key to the alchemy whereby Jesus disappeared from the people’s midst and whereby he could come into the Upper Room right through the wall. That alchemy was simply the rearrangement of the atoms and molecules of his physical body so they could pass through the atoms and molecules of the wall.

The day is going to come in the not-too-distant future when people on earth will be doing this without difficulty, and it is amazing how quickly this will happen as they begin to understand the science of the Word.

Now, when I say, “the science of the Word,” I’m talking about Word with a capital W. I’m talking about the Word incarnate. I’m not just talking about the words that come through the throat chakra in these decrees.

I’m talking about the Word as the very energy of creation, which we express when we give a mantra.

The goal of all of this is immortality, right?

That goal is something that is near and dear to the people of every religion in the world. Whether it’s called soul liberation or the ascension or nirvana, it is the same thing. It’s what Paul said: “This corruptible must put on incorruption.”

This corruptible must put on incorruption! Paul said that as the very equation of his being bursting from within. His soul was crying out—he knew this as the goal of life. And this is the eternal quest of the overcomers.

Paul also said, “This mortal must put on immortality.” This which is temporal in time and space, this soul, which is my option to opt for eternity, must accelerate, must return to the source whence it came—the I AM Presence.


What is the aura? Can You Read Auras?

10 Jun

The book The Human Aura by Kuthumi and Djwal Kul is a series of letters dictated through Mark Prophet to his students throughout the world. It goes into the aura in an exceptional way. We are all interested in knowing about the aura because at sublevels of awareness we all perceive one another’s aura. We’re all reading each other and that reading is being translated to our conscious mind.

When we have a sense of danger about a certain individual or an immediate affinity with someone or we sense that someone has a certain personality, we are contacting the aura. It’s an energy field. It’s a blueprint, and it exists before birth and after death.

Scientists have conducted studies on this energy field and have postulated that this nonphysical matrix, this electromagnetic blueprint, or “life field,” exists around every living thing on the planet—not just around people but around animals and plants. It has also been shown to exist around inorganic matter. Scientists call it an L-field.

Researchers have also discovered an energy field originating in the mind, which they call a “thought-field” (T-field). This in turn controls the L-field, or the life field. They say that the thought field exists independently of the physical brain, and both the T-field and the L-field are influenced by greater electromagnetic fields of the universe.

When we start thinking about this and the flow of life, we begin to reconsider our entire world view, even our concepts of theology and science, and we begin to realize that there is a continuity of being that we have been divorced from by the way we view the universe in the West.

Is the aura what is photographed in Kirlian photography?

Personally, when I see the aura I see much more than what is being photographed, but certainly Kirlian photography substantiates a nonphysical energy that we have not figured on scientifically before.

Jesus Christ’s Teaching in the Bible on the Aura

There’s no question that the great avatars have taught of the aura. Jesus said: “The light of the body is the eye. If therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light. But if thine eye be evil, thy whole body shall be full of darkness. If therefore the light that is in thee be darkness, how great is that darkness!”

That statement denotes a mystical teaching. It cannot be understood from the context of the words themselves but only in the light of energy and its qualification.

In the concept of the eye being single, Jesus is talking about our attention. Where our attention rests, so will be the light of the body. If the eye is single, or single-minded—on God, on good, on developing the highest potential of being—then the body is full of light. But if the eye is evil, that is, if the eye descends out of that single-mindedness into the duality of a dual vision, which is seeing constantly the relativity of good and evil, then the body is full of darkness.

This shows that we have an energy field. That energy field can be full of light or it can be qualified as darkness. I have seen some people whose auras were literally surrounded by a black energy. And I have seen others whose auras were filled with light. Their eyes reflected that light as well as their joy, their laughter, their communion with the bubbling brook of the Holy Spirit, if you will.

I have noticed that the people who have a black energy around them also have chakras that emanate a darkness. When such people are in a state of anger, the blackness becomes charged with a crimson like lightning, which emanates from the mouth if they are verbalizing their anger or from the solar plexus if they are feeling that anger but not expressing it. The aura records moment by moment by moment the feelings and the thoughts of an individual.

The conclusion of Jesus is: “If therefore the light that is in thee be darkness, how great is that darkness!” But how can light be darkness when they are opposites? The answer is that light is another name for energy, and energy is another name for God. The aura, then, is a receptacle that we have been given to contain God’s light, God’s energy, the very essence of God himself.

The Human Aura Records Thoughts and Feelings

Through the thoughts of our hearts, we may put a forcefield on the aura, creating greater light or creating darkness. The aura is the greatest proof that man has the gift of free will and that we have a certain portion of God’s energy allotted to us daily. This energy registers as the aura, and we can choose whether we are going to make that aura dark or light.

We are living in what would be considered by some standards on other systems of worlds quite a primitive era in that most people do not readily perceive the aura with the eyes and therefore do not readily see what people are in actuality. We do not have the aura to bear witness, so we grope blindly, trusting people we shouldn’t trust and not realizing that even the coming of illness or death registers on the aura before it occurs.

The Human Aura by Kuthumi and Djwal KulThis great science of the aura that we are now discovering can lift us out of the era of the blind leaders of the blind where people follow whoever smiles at them and says nice words.

People cannot conceal what they are in the aura. The aura is a giant mirror of the soul and of the consciousness.

The aura is like a garment, and it is possible for people to completely conceal very dark modes of consciousness by putting over the aura a patine of great light and the manifestation of light. Kuthumi describes this in The Human Aura.

Does the aura ever lie?

Ascended Master Kuthumi says that at various moments when individuals are off guard and they suddenly become enraged or irritated or challenged, the aura will turn inside out and these dark manifestations hidden neatly between the folds of the garment will come to the surface. We see this happening again and again as people’s hidden selves come to the surface for judgment.

Part of this is an activity of the soul itself. The soul is not content to be dwelling within a personality that is deceitful, because the soul’s basic orientation is to move toward oneness with the Spirit of the living God. And therefore the soul arranges circumstances whereby we are exposed or we betray ourselves.

This is why many times criminals who commit the perfect crime will make an obvious mistake. At subconscious levels the soul really wants to be caught, wants to be discovered and wants to be brought to judgment so it can begin to atone for its sin—or, in Hindu terms, to balance its karma. We can hide certain emanations of our consciousness for a time but not permanently because the law of God forces them to the surface for cleansing.

Does the knowledge of the aura have any practical uses?

human aura and chakras over David statueI think the practical uses of the aura have to do with garnering an energy field of light. The aura is a receptacle, an outer garment that we wear. In other words, our identity does not stop with our skin. And sometimes when people are in a certain frame of consciousness or very relaxed, they can look over at a friend and see an energy wavelength around the body. It is a forcefield right next to the body that has to do with the protective emanation of the soul.

Now, that is only the beginning. There are force fields beyond force fields that go out from that immediate energy field, and these forcefields are interconnecting receptacles. We have the option by our free will to invoke the light of God and to fill the aura with more and more energy of the sacred fire and therefore to contain within these receptacles a greater concentration of what is called God’s consciousness, or the God consciousness, or cosmic consciousness.

Interpenetrating and working with the aura are the seven chakras. These focuses of the sacred fire are points of God-awareness that can be developed by meditation and by the Science of the Spoken Word. The key chakra, as we have said, is the heart itself and the threefold flame within the heart.

Meditating upon the heart and the threefold flame and using the violet-flame invocations, one begins to establish a momentum that builds day by day until the momentum is so great that it becomes as great as that of Jesus. We know that the woman who had the issue of blood for twelve years needed merely to touch the hem of his garment to be healed.

Example of the Healing Power of Jesus’ Aura

But the touching of the hem of his garment was not simply a physical touching. The woman touched his aura, and by touching the aura and placing her attention upon it, she became a siphon. She was empty; he was full. His aura immediately was transferred to hers and made her whole.

And Jesus said, “I perceive that virtue is gone out of me. Who touched me?” He knew who touched him, but he made the statement so that we could realize that healing occurs through a transfer of energy.

He wanted us to know that if we would follow him all the way, as he is the great example of our overcoming, we must also fill our auras and our chakras with light so that when people come in contact with us we will have a reservoir of energy that can be used. Having the aura filled with light is being ready to extend the cup of cold water in Christ’s name.

chakra manThe aura is an example of the interdependence of all life, because it is through the aura and the seven chakras that emanations of love, feelings of joy and buoyancy flow and are received and transmitted. Through the aura we all interact with life. We interact with distant galaxies and distant stars, and we have the capacity to give and receive energy.

The concrete forcefield of man, the physical body, is the focal point on which all of this hangs. The physical body, the mental body, the emotional body and the memory body all interpenetrate as four interconnecting sheaths. These sheaths are surrounded by the L-field and T-field we were discussing earlier.

The fact that researchers have postulated the preexistence of those energy fields makes us grapple with questions of theology because we are discovering more and more of man as we discover more of the aura. What is the source of the aura?

We can conclude that our Creator has placed a portion of himself within us, beginning with the threefold flame in the heart. We know that the aura is actually a garment we wear. It is a transmitting and receiving station. It is highly susceptible to the mass consciousness, to emanations from beyond our planet, and even to beings who are beyond our level of consciousness. I often think of the plane in which we live as a thin line in time and space, with a vast cosmos above and below.

This cosmos consists of frequencies that our five senses are not equipped to deal with. Considering this, we can realize that if the aura itself extends beyond this thin black line, then it can be used as an extension of the self into other dimensions—for instance, as a space probe or a time probe or as an energy that actually enables us, while we are tied to this physical frame, to explore many planes of consciousness.

Is it the aura that accounts for such things as ESP?

Certainly the extrasensory perceptions, perceptions beyond the five senses (and scientists tell us we may have hundreds of senses), must come to us through the emanation of the aura. Many people realize that as our moods change, so our forcefield changes.

We know how we feel when we have had a good night’s sleep. The aura is recharged. It is charged with prana and with the emanations of the stars and of the earth currents, and we awake with a certain charge of energy. We also know how we feel when we are depleted.

These are not merely physical conditions. These conditions are based on how much of the energy of God’s consciousness we take in and retain. People notice that in prayer or meditation they increase self-awareness and increase the manifestation of the aura and of the chakras.

We notice that children can deplete the aura very quickly when they have a prolonged period of crying or a tantrum or become angry because their needs are not immediately met. At the conclusion, they usually drop off to sleep. They are exhausted because they have expended the energy content of the aura.

We find that certain types of music deplete our auras, while other types of music give us a sense of buoyancy and joy and of contacting realms of light, where we feel imbued by the consciousness of angels and ascended beings.

Reading The Human Aura

The aura is constantly being played upon; and the reading of the aura, as Kuthumi discusses in the Human Aura, is a profound science because there are so many levels and layers of the aura to be reckoned with. Truly it takes a level of adeptship that most people who claim a psychic clairvoyance actually do not have.

This is why Jesus said, “Judge righteous judgment.” An accurate analysis of the aura cannot be made from the surface, just as a doctor cannot produce an analysis of the health of the body by simply looking at the surface.

We may see manifestations in the aura that have to do with the type of environment the individual lives in, the pressures and tensions of life that he is under or the amount of karma that he is carrying that day. But that surface reading may tell us nothing of the deep soul yearnings and of an intense manifestation of light that comes from other lifetimes and incarnations.

It is important to realize that the aura is continually changing, like the blip on a tape-recording machine that registers the levels of one’s voice. The aura is a pulsating manifestation. It changes color and actually reflects the colors of frequencies that can be interpreted by the one who reads the aura as qualities of light or of darkness.

What are those colors, Mrs. Prophet?

Each color represents a certain band of frequencies in the electromagnetic spectrum. Color is more than color; it is actually vibration. For instance, when we love with purity without desiring to possess, control or manipulate loved ones, there is a pure stream of pink energy that comes forth from the heart and fills the aura.

This is why we say when people are in love that life is “rosy” and that people see through rose-colored glasses. Their auras are so imbued with the pink energy and the pink spectrum that they can only behold life in that love energy. Therefore they are not critical or analytical, but they are buoyed up by their own sense of the presence of God as love.

When love becomes impure because of lust and darkness and carnal manipulation and a misuse of that sacred energy of life, the auras of people become charged with a vibration—hence a color—that is not the pure pink of that rosy-cheeked babe that represents the fullness of our concept of love. The pink will take on perhaps a crimson color of passion or a dark gray and black tone and quality—the deathlike grip of the attempt to control individuals, whether one’s children or whomever one is sharing a relationship with.

But because most people are not capable of reading the aura, they are often misled by the words, the sweet words that someone may be speaking, rather than seeing beyond to the motive of the heart and the motive of desire within the subconscious. Because people do not read the aura, they must rely on an inner sense, almost a sixth sense.

Pilate was not able to read the aura of Jesus or he would never have turned him over to the Sanhedrin. He had to rely on the dream of his wife to determine that “this is a good man—leave him alone!” How impoverished we are that we think we have to rely on dreams, astrology, et cetera, when the aura is giving us, as though it were shouting from the housetops, every reading we need.

What can we do in the absence of our ability to read the aura?

Elizabeth Clare ProphetWe can tune in to the soul, because the soul will always tell us the truth if we maintain contact with this center of God consciousness. The soul knows—and will tell us by giving us that immediate first impression about someone—whether a person is right or wrong or rightly or wrongly motivated.

When we listen to the soul speaking within us as an inner voice, we can avoid costly mistakes in business and financial situations as well as in our love life and in our interactions with people. It is important to trust our first impression of someone, because subsequent to it, the individual will become familiar and we will start to incorporate his or her ways, actions and aura into our own. There will no longer be that sharp impact of the initial contact.

So the aura is our best defense, but we need to be still. As Jesus said, “Be still, and know that I am God.” We must be still and know that the I AM within us is the God who will direct us and care for us until we can expand our soul faculties to make full use of the aura, which is our gift from God.

Mrs. Prophet, is there a distinction between that intuitive feeling we get about each other and reading the aura?

Yes, there is a great distinction.

The intuitive feeling acts independently of the ability to read the aura and is a substitute for it. It is just another safety valve that we have—something that we can have without the development of aura reading and aura probing. It is a necessary faculty of self-protection that is built into the human psyche.

The reading of the aura demands years of study, but the very first principle that Kuthumi teaches us is the purification of the faculty of vision. This has to do with the clearing of the third-eye center, the Ajna, at the brow so that we can begin to see as God sees, which is God’s basic desire for us.

The Summit Lighthouse

Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Rosary Novena to the Immaculate Heart

6 Sep

Rosary Novena to the Immaculate Heart


Pray, then for the sons and daughters of God to be in the positions of leadership in this nation.

If but one heart, [heart after heart,] should continue the rosaries unbroken, then you will know the strengthening of the cord through my own Heart to the hearts of those on earth. .

There are many changes happening behind the scenes. There are many things hidden. The political situation in this nation is a cause of great grief to my Heart. Pray, then for the sons and daughters of God to be in the positions of leadership in this nation.

It is a time to clean house, yes, to clean your house and the House of Representatives and the political bodies of the nations. It is a time to demand justice.

I ask for this perpetual novena to my Immaculate Heart to be unbroken at least through the November elections in this nation. For, beloved, if you do not, it is surely, surely an hour of the coming of the Great Darkness as pertains to those who shall lead, make policy, enact laws and legislation.
– Mother Mary, Pearl of Wisdom® Vol. 35 No. 34

Drawing the Presence of Mother Mary with the Rosary

When you utter the words “Hail, Mary, full of grace,” immediately I arc my Presence over you as the Mother Ray. And as you by your devotion fill in more and more of that Light week upon week, blessed hearts, you shall know my strength in your body, you shall know the immortality of the mind and the spirit, you shall know a certain lightness [in order that you might] bear a certain world heaviness, you shall know what it means to be stepping in the sandals of an Archeia, and you shall know that putting on immortality is a certain gradual process that you [ritualize] day by day by day.

Be strengthened in my Presence. Pause to listen to my heart communing with your heart. Pause to tell me, if you can articulate it, what is your sorrow, what is your burden, what is your joy.
– Mother Mary, Pearl of Wisdom Vol. 35 No. 4

Pray the Rosary

From the lecture given by Elizabeth Clare Prophet on August 9, 1998, during the celebration of the fortieth anniversary of the Summit Lighthouse and Mother Mary’s Ascension Day (Pearl of Wisdom Vol. 41 No. 39).

In response to Mother Mary, I believe it is imperative that we all give a rosary daily. Therefore in honor of Mother Mary’s ascension day and her Fátima message, I ask you to join with us in giving Mother Mary’s Scriptural Rosary for the New Age each day this coming week. We will be giving this rosary here in the Court every evening during our violet-flame vigil.

After this week, I encourage you to continue giving a rosary every day in order to fulfill the Blessed Mother’s request at Fátima. If you cannot give the long rosary, you can choose to give the shorter, 15-minute Child’s Rosary. We have eight long rosaries on tape,* and four tape albums and a CD of short rosaries* that can be used to give your devotions to Mother Mary. What a wonderful opportunity it is to spend even 15 minutes each day speaking to the Blessed Mother and turning over to her your personal burdens and the burdens of the world. These scriptural rosaries are beautiful devotions to Mother Mary.

We are going to start our vigil by giving the Healing Mysteries Rosary for the Fifth Ray followed by decree 56.03, “The Fátima Prayers” and “The Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.”

Consider the breakup of the Soviet Union and consider the wonderful and most beautiful souls that have come out from Russia to the United States, to this point of contact with us—to this very Court. They are tremendous souls and we are most grateful to have them in our community. And we send that message to you across the waves and to your hearts.


51. Ritual Drama


51. Ritual Drama

  • Why has the drama of life itself been taken out of so many people’s lives?
  • Was Shakespeare and other great playwrights actually telling us how to move from one plane of consciousness to the next?
  • How does giving the rosary relates to this drama?
  • What is the outcome of this ritual that you describe?
  • If we are denied the ritual, are we denied the outcome of the ritual?
  • So, there’s no “salvation made easy” course?
  • What is the true meaning of destiny?

Elizabeth Clare Prophet, when you talk about ritual, it seems that what you’re really talking about is the drama of life itself. Drama is one of those elements that has been taken out of so many people’s lives. Why has that happened?

I think that people have replaced the great drama of God’s appearing with the melodrama of their own carnal minds parading on the stage of life. When God and Job were discoursing and God answered Job out of the whirlwind, he said:

Who is this that darkeneth counsel by words without knowledge? Gird up now thy loins like a man; for I will demand of thee, and answer thou me. Where wast thou when I laid the foundations of the earth? declare, if thou hast understanding.

The point is: Who is man that he can stand and declare that we must eliminate ritual from the universe, when all of life is the great ritual drama of life unfolding—when, as God said, “the morning stars sang together, and all the sons of God shouted for joy”?

Ritual is the alchemical ingredient of life. It’s the chemistry whereby God becomes man and man becomes God.

And this is the goal of the entire flow of creation over the magnificent figure-eight spiral of infinity whereby Spirit becomes Matter and Matter becomes Spirit continuously in the nucleus of the atom.

It seems to me that Shakespeare and other great playwrights were actually telling us in their dramas how to move from one plane of consciousness to the next, which sounds very much like what you describe when you talk about ritual. Is this the work of the masters themselves?

The soul needs the ritual drama of life and her meditation upon the stars to transcend the mundane and reach for the great Macrocosm of being. On earth today people want instant religion, instant God—like instant pudding. And they want it to replace a process, an alchemical process that must include redemption, that must include the kneeling before Almighty God and confessing, “I have erred. I have gone out of the way of the Tree of Life and I desire to return. I call on the law of forgiveness and I accept the living God in the presence of his Son, the Lord Christ, as my Saviour.”

The Eternal FatherGod answers our prayer with a whirlwind action of the sacred fire that is the coming of the Holy Spirit, the coming of the Comforter. The Comforter gives us the original teaching of Jesus Christ and of the Cosmic Virgin, and we learn of the science of the Word, which is our means of taking dominion over the earth.

When I go to the altar of God, I realize that that altar is a place where I may alter, or change, my consciousness through the great alchemy of the sacred fire.

I know God is the Great Alchemist, even as I see him as the Great Dramatist writing the script of my life. And if I can follow this script and make my will become the will of God, wedded in the alchemical marriage of my soul’s reunion with the Spirit, then I can live my life as the instrument of the LORD.

In her ritual of the rosary, Mother Mary teaches us to follow the greatest ritual drama that has ever been written and portrayed. It is the life of Jesus Christ. In this drama we see the incarnation of the infant Child become the World Saviour. We see him putting on the consciousness of God layer by layer—passing through his initiations, giving forth the teachings and then going through the great betrayal, the crucifixion and the ultimate glory.

There is no finer rendition by any dramatist anywhere of the metamorphosis that must occur whereby that which is conceived of the “earth, earthy” becomes the living Son of God—from the first man, Adam, to the last man, Christ, the Son who is the Real Self of each and every son and daughter of God.

Would you explain exactly how giving the rosary relates to this ritual?

Mother of the World, RoerichThe rosary is our soul’s meditation upon God as we rise to the level of the Christ within the heart. And we meditate alternately upon Mary the Mother as the focal point of our own incarnation of the Motherhood of God and upon Jesus Christ for our realization of the fullness of that divine Sonship within us. Through the Mother and the Son we reach the Father, and in the Father we are reborn according to his immaculate design.

The rosary, then, is for the balance of the masculine and feminine polarity of being. And this is achieved by our contemplation of the life and the experiences of Jesus as we give the adoration of the Hail Mary.

Our meditation upon the events in the life of Jesus and the stations of the cross enables us to also pass through the experiences that Jesus passed through and therefore to participate in this drama—to become the drama with him, walking the stations of the cross. God thereby reenacts within us these most sacred events in Jesus’ life, which is to become our very own life. When we finally are able to totally equate with the life of Mary and Jesus and other saints, then we ourselves will be able to put on their consciousness of victory, of the resurrection and of the ascension.

As we are willing to enter this path, Mary and Jesus, the hosts of the LORD, Archangel Michael and the angels come to us each day. And each day becomes a little ritual whereby we are given an important lesson in cosmic law through a circumstance in our life created by our own karma. This path is called the path of initiation because our souls are being initiated.

We no sooner conclude our rosary in the morning than we are beset with all of the problems of the day and the challenges that life joyously presents to us. We do not walk the via dolorosa because we are not sad, we are not in a sinful sense, we are not in a sense of shame. But we are in a sense of glory because from glory unto glory we know that we are putting on the consciousness of God.

Mrs. Prophet, what is the outcome of this ritual that you describe?

New consciousness, new life—a joy that is indescribable!

If we are denied the ritual, are we denied the outcome of the ritual?

Precisely. This is why the fallen ones have entered into the churches, into the governments and into the economies of the nations and stripped us of the great ritual drama of life, which is such a necessary process. In its place, they offer that old instant pudding—that one-two-three formula and you’ve got salvation. It deprives us of the entire path of overcoming and working toward a goal. It destroys initiative and leaves us absolutely impotent as sons and daughters of God.

So there’s no “salvation made easy” course?

There is no instant pudding at the altar of God. There is a working out of our salvation “with fear and trembling,” as Paul said. And that fear is the tremendous awe of the Almighty and of his power and what this power can do if we misuse it.

The example of Gandhi – a non-violent move for soul independence

Many sons of God have shown us by their example the ritual of becoming one with God. Take Mohandas Gandhi. In his life we see the great ritual drama of his soul moving from childhood closer and closer to God until so much of God is in him that he can move all of the people of India into one united effort for independence.

In his salt march, Gandhi started walking to the sea with seventy-eight of his followers. It became a gathering momentum. He went from village to village and more and more people followed him, until there were thousands. After reaching the coastal town of Dandi, he went down to the water and picked up a pinch of salt from the sand.

This gesture signaled the Indian people to gather salt in direct disobedience to British law, which forbade them to gather or make their own salt. He thus declared the independence of the soul to forge its own God-identity without the superpowers governing it and controlling it, dominating it until it becomes a vegetable.

This is the true meaning of destiny, then, is it not?

Destiny means Deity-established-in-you. It is a process, a ritual whereby we begin with an opportunity given to us by God. By free will we choose to become that opportunity. And working the works of God daily and letting the Father work through us, we fulfill our destiny as one with the immortals, as sons and daughters of God reuniting with him in the glorious ritual of the ascension.

The ascension is our destiny. It is the goal of life whereby we accelerate consciousness, moving from the lesser self to the Greater Self, and find ourselves one with God, hence one with eternal life.


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For more about Mother Mary and the Rosary read A New Age Rosary chapter from the book, Inner Perspectives by Elizabeth Clare Prophet or visit the Child’s Rosary page for audio recording and download the free PDF rosary brochure.

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Freedoms of US Constitution Allow Path of Union With God

30 Jun


Elizabeth Clare Prophet wrote, “It is America’s destiny to be the Comforter Nation, to fulfill the mandate given through the prophet Isaiah: ‘Comfort ye, comfort ye—comfort ye my people, saith your God.’

“Our forefathers founded this nation on the principle of the Comforter. The comfort of the unalienable rights to ‘Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness’ is the opportunity to walk the path of individual Christhood and to enjoy the fruits of one’s sacred labor in the abundant life.

“America is the place set apart from all nations where God’s people were called to raise up an ensign—a sign. That sign is the sign of the I AM Presence, individual Christhood. It foretells the coming of the standard-bearer.

“America, individual by individual and heart by heart, is sent by God to be the standard-bearer of the path of individual Christhood, bringing that path to the nations of the world, to all who would receive us, even as one of the least of these the brethren of the Lord.

“America is the nation sponsored by the Ascended Masters of the Great White Brotherhood who have come because Saint Germain has raised up his standard of freedom on these shores.

“Here, then, in an experiment of freedom we gather. We gather together through the Master/disciple relationship under Jesus Christ and the apostles, Moses and the prophets, Gautama Buddha and the bodhisattvas—all of whom trace their lineage to the Ancient of Days.

United States Constitution


“America is destined to bring forth the culture of the Divine Mother that was once on Lemuria and Atlantis and in previous golden-age civilizations. The founding pyramid of her civilization is the path of the soul’s reunion with the Divine Mother.

“The capstone of this pyramid is the highest spiritual teaching of East and West which Gautama Buddha and Jesus Christ taught to their disciples.

“But in order for the capstone to be placed on the pyramid, that lost teaching must be regained and embodied heart by heart through The Lord Our Righteousness, whom we address as our beloved Holy Christ Self.

“On this path of the putting on of the garment of the Lord, the sons of God in America must become the living Word if we are to see the sealing of the capstone of this civilization.

“Through the teachings of the “Chart of Your Divine Self” which unfold the path of individual Christhood (the path of the bodhisattva), all discover the foundation and the consummation of America’s destiny.

“Saint Germain teaches that Americans are called upon to champion every man’s right to joint-heirship, with Jesus Christ, of the Presence of the Great I AM.

“Under the Master’s sponsorship Americans have a destiny, a dharma, if you will, to bear the flame of liberty, the four sacred freedoms and the example of representative government and free enterprise to the nations of the world.

“They are sent to teach, working side by side with the people, that those who have the right to govern as ‘God’s overmen’ are those who have disciplined themselves before Christ in a sacred labor by which they serve the people and, in the process, balance the threefold flame and transmute personal and planetary karma, thereby earning (by grace) the right to wear the Lord’s mantle (his authority to rule).

“The true representatives of the people in every race and nation are the anointed of God, i.e., ‘the Christed ones,’ who have raised up the light of the Ancient of Days within their temples. These anointed have come to America’s shores to fulfill a soul destiny, and they or their descendants must one day return in spirit or in person to their point of origin to deliver the light of the Goddess of Liberty to their people and their nations.

“Without the freedoms we enjoy in America today, protected by law, secured by Divine Right, there is, there can be, no individual path of soul-testing or initiation unto the soul’s union with God.

“Without the freedom to create with God, the entering in to the Word and Work (the Alpha and Omega) of the Lord, there is no living Spirit of America—and by definition, there are no ‘Americans.’”

Excerpted from Pearls of Wisdom vol. 31 no. 9 – Elizabeth Clare Prophet – February 28, 1988