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Treasure Mapping: Practical Spiritual Tools for Abundance

22 Sep

What is a Treasure Map?

Treasure maps can take any form that appeals to you. It is your own individual letter to God A treasure map is a prayer in pictures. You can use it to catch your favorite dreams, shape them into tangi­ble goals and launch them into reality. Put another way, a treasure map is a blueprint of the spiritual and material abundance you want to create in your life. Like all good maps, it provides direction and helps you stay focused on your destination.

So don’t limit your imagination, for it is the Universal Source of abundance upon which you will be drawing to fulfill your needs. God is not limited—only our human sense of limitation hinders us.

We need to clear our mind of the thought that it may be nonsense to just paste together a pretty picture. Far from it. This is serious participation with God as our partner.

Treasure maps can take any form that appeals to you. It is your own individual letter to God. Maps can be any shape or size that appeals to your imagination, or you may prefer a scrapbook as more private if you have personal goals. How­ever simple or elaborate you make your map, it is a focus for concentration on your goals, subject to the will of God.

Building your Treasure Map

1. Begin with a large piece of poster board. Green or gold would be excellent if you are concentrating on finances; pink reminds us of divine love if you are working mainly on family matters; blue is symbolic of the power and will of God if you are still uncertain as to your complete divine plan. Use colored pictures rather than black and white, since the imagination responds more quickly to color.

2. Place a picture in the center of your map that represents the Alchemy of Precipitation to you the source of your good—a picture of Jesus, a church, an ascended master—whatever will remind you that God is the one and only place where you should look for your supply. I like to put in the center of my map the picture of Jesus as the good shepherd.

This always brings a graphic reminder to me that “The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.” Your map always needs words—I AM affirmations, Bible verses, quotations which have a special meaning to you. Be sure to include statements of gratitude for blessings you expect to receive.

If yours is a financial map, be sure to put some money and financial figures on it. Place If yours is a financial map, be sure to put some money and financial figures on it...checks made out to you for specific amounts you will need for a certain goal. Paste play money in large amounts or gold coins on your map—anything that will force your imagination to realize that you can win and that with God all things are possible.

3. You may make a map for only one phase of your life or make it all-inclusive of your desires. It is best, however, not to clutter it with too many pictures, affirmations, etc. Make several maps if you are concentrating on various phases of your life. Sometimes a notebook works better, devoting one page to each separate goal. Another way is to make a large map and section off the various quadrants of your life.

4. Be specific when placing pictures and statements on your map. Give amount, size, dimension, color, location, time­lines, etc., for your desires. Don’t forget to state by what date you want your dreams to be realized. The angels who will help bring your desires to pass need to be given specific and detailed instructions of the picture you are holding in your mind. Keep your consciousness tuned to the positive. There is absolutely nothing magical about being able to get the things you visualize, if it be the will of God. It is a law that what man imagines he can do, he can do.

5. To start the flow, place a statement about giving and receiving. What are you willing to give to God in return for his blessings? If we stop giving of ourselves, we will dam up the flow of God’s abundance and stagnate, as does a river that has no outlet, only an inlet.

6. Dedicate your treasure map to God. I remember, when I was first beginning my study of abundance and trying to bring prosperity into my life, that I was a little concerned when I first heard about treasure mapping. It seemed to me that I was trying to tell God what to do. (This was before I met Mark and Elizabeth Prophet and the ascended masters.) So concerned was I that I phoned Silent Unity, the prayer group of Unity, and told them of my concern. “Maybe God has something better for me in mind than what I am asking. How do I know that I’m not short-circuiting my goal by mak­ing a treasure map?”

The minister thought a moment and answered, “Would it make you feel any better if you placed a statement at the bottom of your map, ‘This or something better, Father, thy divine good will be done.'” That was the answer I had been looking for—the missing link, as it were, to treasure mapping. Since that day I have always included that one sentence at the bottom of my map.

7. There is a motto of the Great White Brotherhood: “To know, to dare, to do and to be silent.” The importance of keeping your alchemy and your visualization sealed cannot be overstated. Unless your map is one for a group or an organiza­tion, keep it private where only you can see it. If you confide your goals to someone, they may become jealous or envious and project all sorts of negative thoughts to you that can destroy your alchemy. You have entered upon a secret, private partnership between you and God.

Ascended Master Saint GermainSaint Germain, in his steps to precipitation, stresses the importance of privacy when he says, “Tell no man!” Do not show your map to others or discuss it with them except when several of you are working together for a common goal. Don’t put it in a place where someone who is cynical about your plans will be able to view it.

8. Spend some time each day quietly meditating upon your map. Concentration hastens the creation into manifestation. As I said before, early in the morning and just before you go to bed are excellent times when your consciousness is receptive. Repetition is important to convince your subconscious mind to be your ally in your project.

9. Do not try to decide how your desires are going to come into manifestation. That is the role that your I AM Presence fulfills—this is God’s part of the equation. Just consciously turn your requests over to God and wait in full faith that the desired outcome will be forthcoming according to his will. It is up to God to decide how and when your desires will be fulfilled.

10. You should constantly be picturing something better than the best of what you are experiencing now. The power of the imagination is always at work—either constructively or destructively. It is up to you how you decide to use this divine gift. You may think that your life at present is satisfactory and see no reason to make a treasure map. But regardless of what your present life is like, there is always hope for increased health, wealth and happiness if you follow faithfully the rules of divine alchemy.

11. Update your map as needed and as situations change. Even if you don’t have time today to paste together a whole treasure map, at least you can get a bulletin board or some sort of board where you can tack things. When you find the right images, tack them on the board and then eventually organize them into your complete treasure map.

12. And finally—patience! God’s time is not man’s time! Just give thanks for what you already have and know that at the proper time your desires may appear quite suddenly, perhaps when you least expect it, if you have turned your requests over to God and asked him to fufill them according to his will.

Continue your violet flame mantras and affirmations to transmute karma that may be coming up at the moment and blocking your precipitation.

What is Prosperity?

Prosperity is not only money—in your pocket, in the bank, in your stock portfolio and CDs. True prosperity is the sense of abundance, the sense that you have the right to live an abundant life. That you are a child of a wealthy Father and Mother who love you and want to give you all their riches.

Prosperity is your true inheritance. It is health, wealth, happiness, joy, peace, faith, hope, wisdom, being in tune with the flow of the universe and able to accept the abundance of God. And now, as the golden age of Aquarius dawns, it is time to claim your own prosperity.

(Excerpts taken from Secrets of Prosperity: Abundance in the 21st Century by Annice Booth, based on the teachings of Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet, and Creative Abundance: Keys to Spiritual and Material Prosperity by Elizabeth Clare Prophet and Mark L. Prophet.)