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America is the Spirit of Freedom

6 Jun

America is moving forward into vastness of cosmic consciousness. Her genius, rising in a spiral, is ever pushing the limits of freedom to larger dimensions of consciousness. The soul of America is being prepared to define that freedom which is the ultimate discipline of the self according to the will of God. When the soul of America gains self mastery in the flame of Aquarius, it will expand true freedom to every nation with a fervor that will not be quenched and the golden age that is to be on Terra will be realized as the age of Aquarius.


“In the land of the free and the home of the brave, I AM come to manifest life–life that is freedom and freedom that is the life that cannot be lived without the definitions of opportunity, the safeguards of God-government and the eternal flow of the abundance of the Almighty.

Certain conditions necessary to the evolution of souls have been secured in this nation, have been confirmed not merely by laws written but by a culture and by an education, by a foundation and a way of life that has been called America. As the intangible spirit of the soul winging toward its freedom, so is this life. Because it is an essential spiritual quality, it does not occur to mankind that this almost vapory like quality of existence is thinning, is becoming polluted, is fading away…”

“The saturation of the children by the momentums of the entities of horror, of sex, of death and of greed have so distorted the crystal-clear image of the Christ that even when we send forth our energies of the violet flame, a certain percent of these energies are taken into matrices that are not the true freedom of the light but only a false freedom fabricated on the basis of an ideology that is not in life but in death…

We call for a revival of freedom and for a revolution of light! We call for an action of victory! We call for an action of flow! We demand that the movement of the violet flame be free and that individuals be not bound by endless laws that have been created because the flow of love is not present…

American people are intended to develop the heart chakra. The mighty heart chakra of this nation is intended to be the flow of the Christ consciousness in the love of one another, loving one another as Christ has loved his disciples, as the disciples have loved Christ. This is the definition of love. It is the love, the precious love of the Mother for the incoming soul, the love of the Father for the Mother. It is the love of the light. It is the love of children. It is the essential consecration of life to the bubbling brook of freedom…

And therefore, because this lie is believed, the consciousness of those who are entrapped by the lie are cut off from the great flow of the energies of the planes of Spirit. And therefore, mankind has made their own laws–laws that are the laws of sin and the sinful consciousness and the separate consciousness. Having chosen to live according to these laws, these laws are the final determining factor in their lives; and they have created a cell consciousness outside of the body of God.”

Archangel Zadkiel

Let us come together in prayer and dynamic decree and show the world that America is the heart.



thesummitlighthouse.org, Elizabeth Clare Prophet back cover of the Greater Way of Freedom,

POW Vol. 44 No. 24 – Beloved Archangel Zadkiel and Holy Amethyst – June 17, 2001, A Thrust and a Roll and a Ho, Ho, Ho! Part 1

The Visitation of the Heart

14 Feb



Therefore take heart, and realize the meaning of that word. Take the heart of your Mighty I AM Presence and Christ Self and of each one of us so dedicated and become that magnificent heart of Light!

Blessed ones, we advocate the fiery heart! We advocate fiery, burning hearts pressing out Love—Love that transmutes in the way all anti-Love. And surely there is no greater anti-Love than the misuse of the nucleus of the atom of Self, even of the Light of Alpha and Omega, for nuclear destruction. Surely there is no greater Love than the Holy Spirit itself come as the Destroyer to consume all unlike itself.

In the hands of God the sacred fire of the atom may lawfully destroy all that is not truly of Life, but in the hands of lesser individuals that destruction may very well be the destruction of souls and civilizations unlawfully and not in keeping with the will of God. Thus, let there be an intense fire pressing out by the petals of the heart that which would by malintent destroy the hearts of God’s people.

Protect the Fire of the Heart

At all costs, let us protect the fire of the heart, the threefold flame, the soul becoming one with that fire! This is the opportunity of Life granted unto life upon earth. Let us consume all Death! Let us consume War and the implements of War, not by the solutions of the intellect which have never worked and never will, but let us consume that, all of that, by the fire of the heart.

Measure for measure, I tell you, if there be the pressing out of the fire of love of your heart, heaven tells that there will also be a pressing in from heaven upon this planetary body of the Love of all of the members of the Great White Brotherhood, all of the angels of Light pressing in upon the earth, pressing out from heart centers and even the sun of even pressure.

There can be, then, a band of containment and God-control by the conscious cooperation of members ascended and unascended of the Great White Brotherhood and of elemental life which promises to be the agency of the Holy Spirit mediating the flow of Love twixt the Hierarchy ascended and the devotees unascended.

Let us establish the cult of the heart and the path of the Ruby Ray rose of Light. Let us do it in Saint Germain’s name! Let us do it for the anchoring of Shamballa once again!

I AM the Light of the Heart Mantra

I come, then, with the assurance of Saint Germain that all of the Great White Brotherhood will confirm and recite with you:

I AM the Light of the Heart
Shining in the darkness of being
And changing all into the golden treasury
Of the Mind of Christ.

Each and every Ascended Master and angel of Light promises that as you affirm that will to be Love in all of the manifestations of thy creation everywhere, past, present, and future, so there will be the multiplication of this mantra of Saint Germain:

I AM projecting my Love
Out into the world
To erase all errors and
To break down all barriers.

Blessed hearts, can you not hear the rustling of wings, the sounds of tender cherubic voices, majestic seraphim, Cosmic Beings, Elohim who have intoned this mantra of the heart of the God of Freedom to the earth for aeons? Can you not hear yourself a part of one grand company of hosts of Light declaring,

I AM the power of infinite Love,
Amplifying itself—

O the amplification of that infinite Love throughout all the world, worlds without end! O the amplification of that Love! Truly,

I AM the power of infinite Love,
Amplifying itself
Until it is victorious,
World without end …world without end!

And truly, as the sound of many voices, so will there be a resounding roar! This is a key, a dispensation come this very day from the heart of Saint Germain as a part of that dispensation received by him in the Central Sun, as he would also lay it at the feet of Gautama Buddha.

Therefore, for the implementation of Buddhic Love and Buddhic Light, the universality of Christus, we of the ascended hosts converge at the altar of your heart. And the fire burning there will increase if you will allow it, if you will not doubt it, if you will fear not to surrender unto the greater Love of thy life.

O blessed hearts, surrender into the arms of the Divine Mother and live at the point of Light of Buddhic adoration, Buddhic initiation, now and forever, spiral upon spiral of being, worlds without end.

Excerpt from beloved Rose of Light, Pearls of Wisdom® Vol. 24 No. 65


To Fan the Fires of the Heart

12 Aug


I center on the heart chakra this day, for it is the central sun of being. Without the balanced threefold flame, and your adoration of the Atman in that flame, you will see that the other chakras cannot be intensified.

Therefore, we approach the sacred heart and the fires of the heart. We approach, beloved, that you might see and know that that magnanimous heart — that self-giving heart, that heart that is a fount overflowing — is the wonder of life and the wonder of self-transcendence.

Take heed, then, when I tell you that if the heart is not purified and endued with the love of your Christ consciousness, the vessel will be neither large enough nor strong enough for you to contain the Holy Spirit in the manner I would have you contain it. Therefore, take Saint Germain’s Heart Meditations. Take them to heart and play them and move with them and give your prayer offerings unto your I AM Presence.

The Holy Ghost is the presence of fire, sacred fire, purging fire — fire that tries every man’s work of what sort it is. The work of a man is the work of his heart, and when he consistently puts his heart into his work he will have the immortal prize in due course. However, when he does that work only to be admired of men, there is no gain. Thus, if there be glorying, let it be the glorying in God and not in self.

Visualize the Great Central Sun in the heart of cosmos superimposed over your heart. Remember Helios and Vesta. Remember the rituals of the Sun1, for these rituals, beloved, give the increase. Your meditation of the journey to the Sun and the return again2 can be repeated weekly once you have established a daily decree momentum of two years or more. El Morya’s Ashram Rituals, especially the Great Central Sun Ritual, will strengthen you for this meditation.

Fire of Helios and Vesta, come now! And let this fire be the anointing of the heart unto its quickening.

Draw rings of light around your heart, beloved, and know that these rings, sustained by you through the ritual of the cloud and other spiritual exercises, will bring you to that capacity which you seek — the capacity for steadiness day in, day out, the capacity for courage come what may, the capacity to love and to continue to love.

Therefore, ask to be taken to the retreats of the Lords of the Seven Rays so that you can enter into the spiritual exercises of the heart. Ask to be taken so that you may expand the qualities of the heart and balance the threefold flame.

Love is the key. Whatever else you may develop or acquire in this or a thousand lifetimes, without love — without love in the manifestation of the power of the three-times-three and the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit3 — you will not fulfill your mission.

Be generous with love. Give love daily. And daily call on the law of forgiveness for having withheld love in the forgotten past. In addition, call on the law of forgiveness on behalf of those who play the role of the enemy. By your love let the souls of all people be converted to the Path.

1. Rituals of the Sun. See Ashram Ritual 2, Great Central Sun Ritual, in Ashram Rituals booklet. For mantras to Helios and Vesta, see “Salutation to the Sun” and “Father/Mother Light Mantra,” decrees 20.20 and 20.21 in Prayers, Meditations and Dynamic Decrees for the Coming Revolution in Higher Consciousness.

2. The Meditation on the Great Central Sun, from chapter 7 of The Sacred Adventure by El Morya, is recorded by Elizabeth Clare Prophet on AscendedMasterLibrary.org, search for item “B91045” or under the year 1991.

3. The nine gifts of the Holy Spirit. The Maha Chohan and the Seven Chohans initiate the soul in the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit. See Lords of the Seven Rays, Book One, and I Cor. 12:8-10.

This excerpt is from a dictation by the Maha Chohan published in the 1994 Pearl of Wisdom Vol. 37 No. 33.


Surrender to a Higher Love – Alchemy of the Heart

24 Jan

Alchemy of the Heart: How to Give and Receive More Love by Elizabeth Clare Prophet


Love like you’ve never been hurt. Dance like nobody’s watching. —Satchel Paige

At one time or another we’ve all felt like Charlie Brown when he said, “Nothing takes the taste out of peanut butter quite like unrequited love.”

Perhaps a relationship or a friendship didn’t work out and we feel abandoned or rejected. Or we loved someone only to realize that they weren’t what we thought they were. Sometimes the sorrow or the guilt is almost unbearable.

We gave so much of our heart—for what? Sometimes the answer, the “for what,” is in the pain itself.

Your pain,” wrote Kahlil Gibran, “is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding.

When you are in pain because your love has been rejected, you can ask God to heal the hurt, to bless the one you have loved and to help both of you become more of your true self.

Most of all, you can ask God to show you why you are hurting.

Maybe we hurt because we expected something unrealistic in return for our love or we expected others to fill in the blanks in our own self-esteem—a job that only we can do by loving and nurturing ourselves. Maybe we were leaning on the human personality rather than seeking the spiritual essence that lies beyond the personality.

Whatever the source of the pain, if we pay attention to it, it can teach us.  The most important thing to remember is that no love is ever wasted.

There is no unreturn’d love,” wrote Walt Whitman, “the pay is certain one way or another.”

No matter what happens, love is always worthwhile because every moment of loving brings us closer to the higher love our souls are seeking.

At the most fundamental level of our being, we are yearning to reunite with our divine lovers—God and our “twin flame.” Our twin flame is our “other half,” as Plato described it, our original partner who was created with us in the beginning.*

Twin flames have often been lured away from each other and temporarily detoured en route to their divine destiny together. These sidetracks have snared us into circumstances where we have created negative karma with others.

In many cases, we aren’t free to be with our twin flame until we first balance these karmic debts with others. The only thing that will free us from these karmic entanglements is love.

So every morsel of love we give not only helps us balance our karmic debts, but it also brings us that much closer to reunion with our twin flame and with God. Realizing that love can help balance the debts we owe others has helped me see all kinds of relationships as learning experiences and opportunities to give more love, even if that love seemed to be rejected.

Another way to look at our initiations of love is through the lens of bhakti yoga. In Hinduism, one of the four yogas (or paths to union with God) is bhakti, the yoga of divine love. Bhakti yoga is practiced in different ways, but at its essence it is devotion to God above all else—a devotion that leads to the heart of God.

Whenever we reach out to touch another, we are really sending the arrow of our love from our heart to God’s heart. When we serve another—whether it’s the confused child, the cranky co-worker or the eccentric elderly woman we help up the elevator—we are serving the God who lives within that one. In essence, we are surrendering to a higher love.

If we practice seeing beyond the outer personality of the one we are serving to the real goal of our love (God), we will realize that our love for anyone and everyone is really a reflection of our love for God. After all, it was God who we were in love with from the beginning to the ending. Not only that, but when we love, it is God who is loving through us.

Each one of us wears a mask, in a sense, and behind the mask is the living presence of the Spirit. God disguises himself so that we have many, many opportunities to give our love back to him by loving all these different manifestations and expressions of the Spirit. The mask itself may be seemingly imperfect, yet we know that the Lord of Love lives within. In reality, love comes from only one source, and we can be grateful that many people in our lives have been beautiful instruments of that divine love.

So when you feel a painful loss and you ask yourself, “I gave so much of my heart—for what?” ask yourself another question: Who and what have I really loved?

If you allow yourself to go deeply enough, the answer will be: All the while I was really loving the Spirit who abides within that one. The beauty and intensity of your love could not possibly have been the love for the outer self. In reality, you loved the soul and the spiritual essence expressing itself in and through that person. And that kind of love is never wasted. It is the love of God.

Excerpt from “Alchemy of the Heart: How to Give and Receive More Love,” by Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Lords of the Seven Rays: Saint Germain

7 Nov

“Beloved hearts, how do we begin?  How do we maintain that God-Control that allows for the rhythm of God to restore the balance before the human reaction–out of fear or anger or that teetering/tottering off balance? Beloved hearts, the components are there in the dictations, the decree book, Keepers of the Flame lessons.  But , as it always is, the more vast the compendium of knowledge, the greater the requirement of the teacher to organize.  Thus, understand: sometimes when you suddenly feel a disturbance–you are taken aback, you have a shock or a sudden reaction to the actions of injustice of another–one of the reasons you momentarily lose your balance is because the normal flow of the aura has been distributed, as though you would suddenly agitate the waters.”

“Now, your aura is your sanctuary, and it is the sanctity of your God flame.  Thus, before answering the demands of the carnal mind–the questioning, the praying for favors, or whatever–reestablish yourself.  Speak quietly, softly, and slowly.  For in this way you will not engage into yourself the anger, the impetuosity, the upsetness of anyone around you. You speak from the seat f the heart, the point of the Buddha.  You speak loud enough, in the sense of being strong and firm, so that the breath and the voice are not sinking like a shrinking violet of fear.  You speak strong enough and firm enough and peaceful enough and powerful enough so that God may use your voice to still your own aura and the agitation or the fear or the excitement of another.”

“Be the calm presence in a vortex of calamity and activity, beloved hearts, and learn the way of power, the immense power of peace itself.  Realize that in a situation of upsetness it is necessary to take some deep breaths.  For in the presence of anxiety, the heart begins to palpitate and people begin to breathe in a short-breath manner, thus adding to the absence of control.  You take a deep breath, you release it, you go to the heart, and you give no instantaneous answers, yes or no–no instantaneous reactions or solutions–but quietly turn within.”

You see, beloved ones, the test are flying full and sure.  We want you to experience the sense of mastery, of dominion, the enormous pleasure of that driving force of irritation, and conquered and risen above every foible of the senses directed against your heart.  They would steal your life.  They would take the flow of love between us.  They would break the bond by any form of anger or outrage.  And they will steal from you your sense of worthiness, your sense of the mantle of being a disciple of Sanat Kumara.  When they can destroy your dignity and you begin to feel like a moth, then you will also behave like one.  And till you regain your self-identity, I must pause and wait again, wondering just how long you will flit around the bulb of these sepent ones who have beguiled you into their auras momentarily.”

Thus, beloved hearts, the soft answer turneth away wrath.  If someone is speaking to you in a loud and high-pitched manner, adjust the tone and answer with the God-command.  Answer with helpfulness.  Try to solve the problem.  Try to show the best side of things.  Provide emergency care when needed.  Keep your wits about you.  And don’t enter the vortex of another;s anxiety, else you will become confused.  Remember that anything that seeks to taunt you from the seat of the Buddha in the secret chamber of the heart must be noted as the enemy–not the person necessarily, for it is often a loved one, but the force attempting to use that one.  Thus it is your challenge to liberate that one as well as yourself from the human nonsense of the moment.   May you pass every test!”

Saint Germain

Saint Germain large001

Hierarchy of the Aquarian age

Seventh Ray

Lords of the Seven Rays by Mark L. and Elizabeth Clare Prophet