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Enlightenment Class Part 2: How to Spot a False Teacher

20 Feb


The ascended masters want you to be able to declare your independence from the imposters masquerading as legitimate spiritual teachers. To this end, the masters have formulated a pathway that will lead you unerringly to your own God Consciousness. But you must be willing to embrace this path, and one of the obstacles we all encounter on the way is the darkness sown by fallen angels and all agents of evil, no matter what face they wear. What we must overcome is our attachment to human consciousness, to the limitations of the human mind and to the seeming attraction of the world and all of its diversions. But this path must be chosen, not coerced. The ascended masters will never force their students to do anything. Students must be willing to exert themselves to show they have staying power, to lift the weight of darkness that it might become light. This is the path of discerning the difference between the real Self and the not self. The masters stand ready to show you how to do it.