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Enlightenment Master Class, Part 3. Threatened by the Truth

25 Feb


As we continue our focus on the Corona Class Lessons by Jesus and Kuthumi for ‘teaching men the Way,’ a word of caution: the Truth spoken in these lessons is threatening to some. It has even been known to engender violent opposition. Yet, great teachers have persevered undaunted in their commitment to speaking the Truth. While we do not intend to generate undue fear, we do believe that caution is always prudent. History is filled with examples of great teachers of truth paying the ultimate price for boldly challenging orthodox belief. They knew their words would seriously agitate the black hearts of false teachers and gurus. These evil ones have a vested interest in keeping men ignorant and compliant, and they will not give up their power easily. So, as you hear the Truth and one day choose yourself to become a herald for the Truth, do your decrees. Put on the invincible armor of God’s Truth and His angels’ protection, and go forth boldly and confidently, certain of victory!

Statue of Pallas Athene Parliament. Vienna, Austria

Encore: Enlightenment Master Class, Part 3. Threatened by the Truth