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What is the aura? Can You Read Auras?

10 Jun

The book The Human Aura by Kuthumi and Djwal Kul is a series of letters dictated through Mark Prophet to his students throughout the world. It goes into the aura in an exceptional way. We are all interested in knowing about the aura because at sublevels of awareness we all perceive one another’s aura. We’re all reading each other and that reading is being translated to our conscious mind.

When we have a sense of danger about a certain individual or an immediate affinity with someone or we sense that someone has a certain personality, we are contacting the aura. It’s an energy field. It’s a blueprint, and it exists before birth and after death.

Scientists have conducted studies on this energy field and have postulated that this nonphysical matrix, this electromagnetic blueprint, or “life field,” exists around every living thing on the planet—not just around people but around animals and plants. It has also been shown to exist around inorganic matter. Scientists call it an L-field.

Researchers have also discovered an energy field originating in the mind, which they call a “thought-field” (T-field). This in turn controls the L-field, or the life field. They say that the thought field exists independently of the physical brain, and both the T-field and the L-field are influenced by greater electromagnetic fields of the universe.

When we start thinking about this and the flow of life, we begin to reconsider our entire world view, even our concepts of theology and science, and we begin to realize that there is a continuity of being that we have been divorced from by the way we view the universe in the West.

Is the aura what is photographed in Kirlian photography?

Personally, when I see the aura I see much more than what is being photographed, but certainly Kirlian photography substantiates a nonphysical energy that we have not figured on scientifically before.

Jesus Christ’s Teaching in the Bible on the Aura

There’s no question that the great avatars have taught of the aura. Jesus said: “The light of the body is the eye. If therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light. But if thine eye be evil, thy whole body shall be full of darkness. If therefore the light that is in thee be darkness, how great is that darkness!”

That statement denotes a mystical teaching. It cannot be understood from the context of the words themselves but only in the light of energy and its qualification.

In the concept of the eye being single, Jesus is talking about our attention. Where our attention rests, so will be the light of the body. If the eye is single, or single-minded—on God, on good, on developing the highest potential of being—then the body is full of light. But if the eye is evil, that is, if the eye descends out of that single-mindedness into the duality of a dual vision, which is seeing constantly the relativity of good and evil, then the body is full of darkness.

This shows that we have an energy field. That energy field can be full of light or it can be qualified as darkness. I have seen some people whose auras were literally surrounded by a black energy. And I have seen others whose auras were filled with light. Their eyes reflected that light as well as their joy, their laughter, their communion with the bubbling brook of the Holy Spirit, if you will.

I have noticed that the people who have a black energy around them also have chakras that emanate a darkness. When such people are in a state of anger, the blackness becomes charged with a crimson like lightning, which emanates from the mouth if they are verbalizing their anger or from the solar plexus if they are feeling that anger but not expressing it. The aura records moment by moment by moment the feelings and the thoughts of an individual.

The conclusion of Jesus is: “If therefore the light that is in thee be darkness, how great is that darkness!” But how can light be darkness when they are opposites? The answer is that light is another name for energy, and energy is another name for God. The aura, then, is a receptacle that we have been given to contain God’s light, God’s energy, the very essence of God himself.

The Human Aura Records Thoughts and Feelings

Through the thoughts of our hearts, we may put a forcefield on the aura, creating greater light or creating darkness. The aura is the greatest proof that man has the gift of free will and that we have a certain portion of God’s energy allotted to us daily. This energy registers as the aura, and we can choose whether we are going to make that aura dark or light.

We are living in what would be considered by some standards on other systems of worlds quite a primitive era in that most people do not readily perceive the aura with the eyes and therefore do not readily see what people are in actuality. We do not have the aura to bear witness, so we grope blindly, trusting people we shouldn’t trust and not realizing that even the coming of illness or death registers on the aura before it occurs.

The Human Aura by Kuthumi and Djwal KulThis great science of the aura that we are now discovering can lift us out of the era of the blind leaders of the blind where people follow whoever smiles at them and says nice words.

People cannot conceal what they are in the aura. The aura is a giant mirror of the soul and of the consciousness.

The aura is like a garment, and it is possible for people to completely conceal very dark modes of consciousness by putting over the aura a patine of great light and the manifestation of light. Kuthumi describes this in The Human Aura.

Does the aura ever lie?

Ascended Master Kuthumi says that at various moments when individuals are off guard and they suddenly become enraged or irritated or challenged, the aura will turn inside out and these dark manifestations hidden neatly between the folds of the garment will come to the surface. We see this happening again and again as people’s hidden selves come to the surface for judgment.

Part of this is an activity of the soul itself. The soul is not content to be dwelling within a personality that is deceitful, because the soul’s basic orientation is to move toward oneness with the Spirit of the living God. And therefore the soul arranges circumstances whereby we are exposed or we betray ourselves.

This is why many times criminals who commit the perfect crime will make an obvious mistake. At subconscious levels the soul really wants to be caught, wants to be discovered and wants to be brought to judgment so it can begin to atone for its sin—or, in Hindu terms, to balance its karma. We can hide certain emanations of our consciousness for a time but not permanently because the law of God forces them to the surface for cleansing.

Does the knowledge of the aura have any practical uses?

human aura and chakras over David statueI think the practical uses of the aura have to do with garnering an energy field of light. The aura is a receptacle, an outer garment that we wear. In other words, our identity does not stop with our skin. And sometimes when people are in a certain frame of consciousness or very relaxed, they can look over at a friend and see an energy wavelength around the body. It is a forcefield right next to the body that has to do with the protective emanation of the soul.

Now, that is only the beginning. There are force fields beyond force fields that go out from that immediate energy field, and these forcefields are interconnecting receptacles. We have the option by our free will to invoke the light of God and to fill the aura with more and more energy of the sacred fire and therefore to contain within these receptacles a greater concentration of what is called God’s consciousness, or the God consciousness, or cosmic consciousness.

Interpenetrating and working with the aura are the seven chakras. These focuses of the sacred fire are points of God-awareness that can be developed by meditation and by the Science of the Spoken Word. The key chakra, as we have said, is the heart itself and the threefold flame within the heart.

Meditating upon the heart and the threefold flame and using the violet-flame invocations, one begins to establish a momentum that builds day by day until the momentum is so great that it becomes as great as that of Jesus. We know that the woman who had the issue of blood for twelve years needed merely to touch the hem of his garment to be healed.

Example of the Healing Power of Jesus’ Aura

But the touching of the hem of his garment was not simply a physical touching. The woman touched his aura, and by touching the aura and placing her attention upon it, she became a siphon. She was empty; he was full. His aura immediately was transferred to hers and made her whole.

And Jesus said, “I perceive that virtue is gone out of me. Who touched me?” He knew who touched him, but he made the statement so that we could realize that healing occurs through a transfer of energy.

He wanted us to know that if we would follow him all the way, as he is the great example of our overcoming, we must also fill our auras and our chakras with light so that when people come in contact with us we will have a reservoir of energy that can be used. Having the aura filled with light is being ready to extend the cup of cold water in Christ’s name.

chakra manThe aura is an example of the interdependence of all life, because it is through the aura and the seven chakras that emanations of love, feelings of joy and buoyancy flow and are received and transmitted. Through the aura we all interact with life. We interact with distant galaxies and distant stars, and we have the capacity to give and receive energy.

The concrete forcefield of man, the physical body, is the focal point on which all of this hangs. The physical body, the mental body, the emotional body and the memory body all interpenetrate as four interconnecting sheaths. These sheaths are surrounded by the L-field and T-field we were discussing earlier.

The fact that researchers have postulated the preexistence of those energy fields makes us grapple with questions of theology because we are discovering more and more of man as we discover more of the aura. What is the source of the aura?

We can conclude that our Creator has placed a portion of himself within us, beginning with the threefold flame in the heart. We know that the aura is actually a garment we wear. It is a transmitting and receiving station. It is highly susceptible to the mass consciousness, to emanations from beyond our planet, and even to beings who are beyond our level of consciousness. I often think of the plane in which we live as a thin line in time and space, with a vast cosmos above and below.

This cosmos consists of frequencies that our five senses are not equipped to deal with. Considering this, we can realize that if the aura itself extends beyond this thin black line, then it can be used as an extension of the self into other dimensions—for instance, as a space probe or a time probe or as an energy that actually enables us, while we are tied to this physical frame, to explore many planes of consciousness.

Is it the aura that accounts for such things as ESP?

Certainly the extrasensory perceptions, perceptions beyond the five senses (and scientists tell us we may have hundreds of senses), must come to us through the emanation of the aura. Many people realize that as our moods change, so our forcefield changes.

We know how we feel when we have had a good night’s sleep. The aura is recharged. It is charged with prana and with the emanations of the stars and of the earth currents, and we awake with a certain charge of energy. We also know how we feel when we are depleted.

These are not merely physical conditions. These conditions are based on how much of the energy of God’s consciousness we take in and retain. People notice that in prayer or meditation they increase self-awareness and increase the manifestation of the aura and of the chakras.

We notice that children can deplete the aura very quickly when they have a prolonged period of crying or a tantrum or become angry because their needs are not immediately met. At the conclusion, they usually drop off to sleep. They are exhausted because they have expended the energy content of the aura.

We find that certain types of music deplete our auras, while other types of music give us a sense of buoyancy and joy and of contacting realms of light, where we feel imbued by the consciousness of angels and ascended beings.

Reading The Human Aura

The aura is constantly being played upon; and the reading of the aura, as Kuthumi discusses in the Human Aura, is a profound science because there are so many levels and layers of the aura to be reckoned with. Truly it takes a level of adeptship that most people who claim a psychic clairvoyance actually do not have.

This is why Jesus said, “Judge righteous judgment.” An accurate analysis of the aura cannot be made from the surface, just as a doctor cannot produce an analysis of the health of the body by simply looking at the surface.

We may see manifestations in the aura that have to do with the type of environment the individual lives in, the pressures and tensions of life that he is under or the amount of karma that he is carrying that day. But that surface reading may tell us nothing of the deep soul yearnings and of an intense manifestation of light that comes from other lifetimes and incarnations.

It is important to realize that the aura is continually changing, like the blip on a tape-recording machine that registers the levels of one’s voice. The aura is a pulsating manifestation. It changes color and actually reflects the colors of frequencies that can be interpreted by the one who reads the aura as qualities of light or of darkness.

What are those colors, Mrs. Prophet?

Each color represents a certain band of frequencies in the electromagnetic spectrum. Color is more than color; it is actually vibration. For instance, when we love with purity without desiring to possess, control or manipulate loved ones, there is a pure stream of pink energy that comes forth from the heart and fills the aura.

This is why we say when people are in love that life is “rosy” and that people see through rose-colored glasses. Their auras are so imbued with the pink energy and the pink spectrum that they can only behold life in that love energy. Therefore they are not critical or analytical, but they are buoyed up by their own sense of the presence of God as love.

When love becomes impure because of lust and darkness and carnal manipulation and a misuse of that sacred energy of life, the auras of people become charged with a vibration—hence a color—that is not the pure pink of that rosy-cheeked babe that represents the fullness of our concept of love. The pink will take on perhaps a crimson color of passion or a dark gray and black tone and quality—the deathlike grip of the attempt to control individuals, whether one’s children or whomever one is sharing a relationship with.

But because most people are not capable of reading the aura, they are often misled by the words, the sweet words that someone may be speaking, rather than seeing beyond to the motive of the heart and the motive of desire within the subconscious. Because people do not read the aura, they must rely on an inner sense, almost a sixth sense.

Pilate was not able to read the aura of Jesus or he would never have turned him over to the Sanhedrin. He had to rely on the dream of his wife to determine that “this is a good man—leave him alone!” How impoverished we are that we think we have to rely on dreams, astrology, et cetera, when the aura is giving us, as though it were shouting from the housetops, every reading we need.

What can we do in the absence of our ability to read the aura?

Elizabeth Clare ProphetWe can tune in to the soul, because the soul will always tell us the truth if we maintain contact with this center of God consciousness. The soul knows—and will tell us by giving us that immediate first impression about someone—whether a person is right or wrong or rightly or wrongly motivated.

When we listen to the soul speaking within us as an inner voice, we can avoid costly mistakes in business and financial situations as well as in our love life and in our interactions with people. It is important to trust our first impression of someone, because subsequent to it, the individual will become familiar and we will start to incorporate his or her ways, actions and aura into our own. There will no longer be that sharp impact of the initial contact.

So the aura is our best defense, but we need to be still. As Jesus said, “Be still, and know that I am God.” We must be still and know that the I AM within us is the God who will direct us and care for us until we can expand our soul faculties to make full use of the aura, which is our gift from God.

Mrs. Prophet, is there a distinction between that intuitive feeling we get about each other and reading the aura?

Yes, there is a great distinction.

The intuitive feeling acts independently of the ability to read the aura and is a substitute for it. It is just another safety valve that we have—something that we can have without the development of aura reading and aura probing. It is a necessary faculty of self-protection that is built into the human psyche.

The reading of the aura demands years of study, but the very first principle that Kuthumi teaches us is the purification of the faculty of vision. This has to do with the clearing of the third-eye center, the Ajna, at the brow so that we can begin to see as God sees, which is God’s basic desire for us.

The Summit Lighthouse

Elizabeth Clare Prophet