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Macrobiotic Diet: Can The Diet Help Spiritually and With Your Health?

18 Sep

The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine, the oldest-known book of Chinese medicine, is the foundation of the macrobiotic diet. Ronald E. Kotzsch writes in Macrobiotics: Yesterday and Today that The Yellow Emperor’s Classic “asserts that food is an important means for treating disease. It says that in ‘medieval days’ the sages treated illness first by diet, usually prescribing a regime of rice gruel for ten days. If this treatment was not successful, then the roots and leaves of medicinal plants were used to harmonize the energies. Acupuncture and moxibustion were employed only as a last resort. If the emotions and the will of the patient are stable, says the Classic, then cereals alone can effect a cure. Grains have a special importance and power as human food. Water and grains are the root of life and ‘death comes only when they are exhausted.’ In particular, rice is mentioned as a vital and harmonious food.”

The Yellow Emperor’s Classic is attributed to Huang Ti, the legendary Yellow Emperor (born c. 2704 B.C.), but was probably not written down until about 500 B.C. The Yellow Emperor is believed to have ruled China during a golden age and is considered the ancestor of all Chinese people. The diet was given by Sanat Kumara to the lightbearers and, among others, to Lord Lanto, who is said to have inspired The Yellow Emperor’s Classic.

The messenger has given numerous lectures on the macrobiotic diet, including how human behavior and physical and mental health relate to the condition of the body’s organs and what foods are beneficial to the health of the organs.

Diet and the spiritual path

Sanat Kumara has spoken of the importance of diet on the spiritual path:

Come, then, into conformity with your true inner being. Espouse, if you will, as the messenger has, the present awareness of the diet of the Eastern adepts. Espouse, then, that path whereby you recognize that all things have consciousness.

From the mosquito who lands on your arm to the ant or the worm—all things have consciousness. The leafy green vegetables you eat also have consciousness, as does every other food. Thus, consider yourself to be made up of the various consciousnesses of the substances of which you have partaken. Shun, therefore, those meats of red blood but rather prefer the fish of the sea that are in abundance and readily available, that can balance your four lower bodies when you include the proper complements of grains, vegetables and seaweeds. And thereby you might one day know the freedom, if it be your choice, unless you have concluded that a specific condition in your body requires them for a time of not having to necessarily continue to eat fish, for you will know the strength of God within you….

Fortification of the physical body, then, provides the chalice for the soul and the Atman. And I, Sanat Kumara, promise you this: I will inhabit the physical body of anyone who does prepare that body and who does maintain the mind that is more yang than yin. I will inhabit that body, portion by portion of myself, even as you increase your God consciousness portion by portion.”[1]

Many spiritual traditions recommend avoiding meat when one is pursuing the spiritual path, as Sanat Kumara speaks of in this dictation. This is easier for those who are away from the pressures of the world in a monastery or a spiritual retreat. Every person is different and individual needs vary according to body chemistry. Although the ascended masters recommend a less dense diet with little or no red meat, they do expect students to be practical and make their own choices in consultation with their Higher Self. They encourage a healthy diet of grains, fresh vegetables and lighter protein sources, citing fish and poultry as being preferable to meat.

Students pursuing a spiritual path often tend naturally to eat less meat, since they find that a lighter diet helps in maintaining spiritual attunement. However, students of the masters who have a lifestyle that involves heavy physical work, especially in cold climates, may find that lighter foods do not meet all their needs, and that they need to partake of heavier foods, including red meats, to maintain balance in the body. They also find that they can transmute these dense foods quickly through their physical labor and the violet flame. This may be also the case for students on the spiritual path who are going through an intense period of work or stress and may feel the need for some meat or other heavier foods to help them stay more tethered to the physical plane.

Overall, it is better to complete one’s divine plan while eating meat as opposed to not being able to function effectively in the physical plane and hence not complete one’s divine plan because of not eating meat. The master El Morya has said that if one eats red meat, then it would be best to increase the amount of violet flame to help transmute any toxins or density associated with the meat.

While the principles of yin and yang underlying the macrobiotic diet are universal, the diet as it is taught by some practitioners today does not suit all constitutions. The masters are very practical and ask us to make our attunement with our own body Holy Christ Self and to trust that attunement. Be sure to consult a doctor or health-care practitioner if you have a medical or mental condition or if you are pregnant or nursing.

Research has linked modern diet and lifestyle habits to virtually all the debilitating chronic degenerative diseases, as well as lesser health issues generally attributed to aging. Without knowing which dietary and lifestyle changes can bring the health transformation people are looking for, is it any wonder there is a health crisis in the world today?

Macrobiotic DietMacrobiotics is a system that can be used to create extraordinary health, through using both traditional wisdom and modern knowledge to ascertain the underlying causes of an individuals current health challenges, and make adjustments to their food and lifestyle choices that support health improvement. Not simply a diet, macrobiotic recognizes the profound effects food, environment, activities, and attitude all have on our body-mind-emotions.

Whether you want to simply learn how to use our powerful food and lifestyle recommendations to optimize your health or support overcoming health issues, or you want to deepen your understanding of the principles upon which macrobiotics is based, and learn advanced cooking techniques and the skills of macrobiotic visual diagnosis.

Food categories and general daily proportions for persons living in a temperate climate:

Whole Cereal Grains

40 60% by weight

Organically grown, whole grain is recommended, which can be cooked in a variety of ways.

Grains include: Brown rice, barley, millet, oats, corn, rye, wheat, and buckwheat. While whole grains are recommended, a small portion of the recommended percentage of grains may consist of noodles or pasta, un-yeasted whole grain breads, and other partially processed whole cereal grains.


Approximately 20 30% by weight

Local and organically grown vegetables are recommended, with the majority being cooked in various styles such as lightly steamed or boiled, sautéed with a small amount of unrefined, cold pressed oil, etc. A small portion may be used as fresh salad, and a very small volume as pickles.

Vegetables for daily use include: green cabbage, kale, broccoli, cauliflower, collards, pumpkin, watercress, parsley, Chinese cabbage, bok choy, dandelion, mustard greens, daikon greens, scallion, onions, daikon radish, turnips, burdock, carrots, and winter squash such as butternut, buttercup, and acorn squash.

For occasional use in season (2 to 3 times a week): cucumber, celery, lettuce, herbs such as dill and chives. Vegetables not recommended for regular use include: potatoes, tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, spinach, beets, and zucchini.

Beans & Sea Vegetables

Approximately 5 10 % by weight

The most suitable beans for regular use are azuki beans, chickpeas, and lentils. Other beans may be used on occasion. Bean products such as tofu, tempeh, and natto can also be used. Sea vegetables such as nori, wakame, kombu, hiziki, arame, dulse, and agar-agar are an important part of the macrobiotic diet as they provide many vitamins and minerals.

Macrobiotic Dietary Pyramid


Soups may be made with vegetables, sea vegetables, grains, or beans. Seasonings include miso, tamari or shoyu (soy sauce), and sea salt.


Recommended beverages include: roasted kukicha twig tea, stem tea, roasted brown rice tea, roasted barley tea, dandelion root tea, and cereal grain coffee. Any traditional tea that does not have an aromatic fragrance or a stimulating effect can also be used.

When drinking water, spring or good quality well water is recommended, without ice.

Occasional Foods

Recommended fish include fresh white-meat fish such as flounder, sole, cod, carp, halibut or trout.

Fruit or fruit desserts, made from fresh or dried fruit, may be served two or three times a week. Local and organically grown fruits are preferred. If you live in a temperate climate, avoid tropical and semitropical fruit and rather eat temperate climate fruits such as apples, pears, plums, peaches, apricots, berries and melons. Frequent use of fruit juice is not advisable.

Lightly roasted nuts and seeds such as pumpkin, sesame, and sunflower seeds may be enjoyed. Peanuts, walnuts and pecans may be enjoyed as an occasional snack.

Rice syrup, barley malt, amasake, and mirin may be used as sweeteners.

Brown rice vinegar or umeboshi vinegar may be used occasionally for a sour taste.


Macrobiotic Lifestyle Suggestions

  • Eat only when hungry.
  • Proper chewing (around 50 times or more per mouthful) is important for good digestion and assimilation of nutrients.
  • Eat in an orderly and relaxed manner. When you eat, sit with a good posture and take a moment to express gratitude for the food.
  • You may eat regularly two or three times per day, as much as you want, provided the proportion is generally correct and each mouthful is thoroughly chewed. It is best to leave the table satisfied but not full.
  • Drink liquids moderately, only when thirsty.
  • For the deepest and most restful sleep, retire before midnight and avoid eating at least 2 to 3 hours before sleeping.
  • Wash as needed, but avoid long hot baths or showers which deplete the body of minerals.
  • Use cosmetics and cleaning products that are made from natural, non-toxic ingredients. Avoid chemically-perfumed products. For care of the teeth, brush with natural toothpaste.
  • As much as possible, wear cotton clothing, especially for undergarments. Avoid wearing synthetic or woolen clothing directly on the skin. Avoid wearing excessive accessories.
  • Spend time outdoors if strength permits. Walk on the grass, beach, or soil for at least one half hour every day. Spend some time in direct sunlight daily.
  • Exercise regularly. Activities may include walking, yoga, martial arts, dance, etc.
  • Include some large green plants in the home to freshen and enrich the oxygen content of the air. Open windows daily to permit fresh air to circulate, even in cold weather.
  • Keep your home in good order, especially the areas where food is prepared and served.
  • To increase circulation and elimination of toxins, scrub the entire body with a hot, damp towel every morning or every night. If that is not possible, at least scrub the hands, feet, fingers and toes.
  • Avoid using electric cooking devices (ovens and ranges) or microwave ovens. The use of a gas or wood stove is preferred.
  • Use earthenware, cast iron, or stainless steel cookware rather than aluminum or Teflon-coated pots.
  • Minimize the frequent use of television and computers. When using a computer, protect yourself from potentially harmful electromagnetic fields with a protective shield over the screen or other safety devices.
  • Sing a happy song!



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Temple of Good Will

12 Sep

The Temple of Good Will is the etheric retreat of the master El Morya. It is located in the etheric realm in the foothills of the Himalayas above the city of Darjeeling, India. Magnificent, radiant currents of light pour from his retreat, which also has a physical focus in the hills surrounding the city.


A drawing of the retreat at Darjeeling made under Mark Prophet’s direction                                                 

The etheric retreat is a glistening white building in Moorish architecture, square with minarets at the four corners and a large central flame-shaped dome. The walls are as thick as a medieval castle. The apertures are also flame or dome-shaped, delicately shaded in a pale blue as are the doorways, the apertures atop the minarets, and the carvings that mark the divisions of the four stories of the retreat.

As we enter this headquarters of the inner-world government, on the first floor, we are shown the main auditorium. At the far end is the focus of the diamond heart, ministered unto by the devas and Brothers of the Diamond Heart. On a raised altar there is a pale-blue diamond with a delicate blue flame encompassing the white flame that is visible in the center of the diamond.

The Brothers of the Diamond Heart who serve at this retreat under the master El Morya assist humanity’s endeavors by organizing, developing, directing and implementing the will of God as the foundation for all successful organized movements. Within this main auditorium and the adjoining council rooms, the brothers, in their royal-blue robes of oriental design finished with light blue sashes, meet to discuss the plans of the Brotherhood for the most effective release of the flame of the will of God into the arena of action. Their great love for the will of God emanates the feeling of great compassion for humanity and of concern for their welfare, that they go not astray as they attempt in good faith to carry out the vows they have made at inner levels to further the divine plan and the onward-moving tide of the Father’s will for the coming golden age.

The diamond-shining mind of God is the focus, the very heart, of any endeavor. Thus, these servants of the will of God, through their devotion to the diamond in the Great Hub and its focus here on the altar at Darjeeling, assist the Holy Christ Selves of any group who come together for service in maintaining a focus of that diamond as a magnet that will draw to the group the energies required for the completion of a particular project or community service. These brothers direct the angel ministrants of the flame, the devas and the angels of white fire and blue lightning to go forth with the creative essence of the sacred fire focused here to carry it daily to the many centers of action across the face of the earth.

In rooms adjoining the main auditorium, public servants, world and community leaders and holders of public office are schooled between embodiments and in their finer bodies during sleep. All lifestreams on the first ray come here at one point or another in their embodiments, as well as between embodiments, to renew the charge of Morya’s thrust for a purpose in the world of form and to refresh their own understanding of the intricacies of the will of God in politics, in religion, in business, in finance and in education.

Second floor

On the second floor we are shown the private quarters of our beloved master, his study, libraries and formal meeting rooms for members of the Darjeeling Council. Another great hall is fully equipped to accommodate several hundred ascended and unascended masters who meet frequently to discuss international problems and the means to their solution.

Third floor

We are taken to the third floor where we notice more of the intricate carvings in Indian and Tibetan designs engraved in the white marble. The theme of the blue lotus recurs throughout the halls, whereas in the interior of the master’s quarters we see his favorite flower, the forget-me-not, clustered here and there. We learn that these carvings can be changed at will, for they are engravings of the diamond-shining mind of God, which the brothers of this retreat reflect to a remarkable degree and use as a function of the Christ mind and its ability to precipitate and to heal at will.

As we approach this floor, our hearts are expectant and quickened by the pulsations of the focus of the will of God. The doors to the flame room are opened by our host who bids us enter. Sparkling white walls are contrasted by royal-blue floor and ceiling. The flame of the will of God is adorned in the center of the room by an inlaid design, a cosmic pattern in mosaic, a focus of the divine geometry. The flame has a royal-blue center with deeper and lighter shades flowing without as facets of the will of God.

The third and fourth floors of the retreat have many prayer and meditation rooms. Here, worship is conducted, and special ceremonies are even held upon the roof under the stars where there is also an astronomical observatory.

The Sternness of Morya                                                                             

There are great lessons to be learned on the path of initiation, and they begin even at the very door of Morya’s retreat in Darjeeling. Morya is a very stern guru, and he has an interesting sense of humor. At the entrance to this retreat, he keeps a very gruff chela. This gatekeeper has no appearance whatsoever of mastery or of even being worthy to stand at the gate of the master’s retreat. He speaks gruffly and is not dressed in the best of attire. If those who knock at the door of the retreat have disdain for the gatekeeper, then the master determines that they are not worthy to be received at his retreat.

The master himself addresses the subject of his seeming sternness and of his great love for us:

For a long period of time individuals have intimated to mankind that I, Morya El, am extremely stern. This may be true, in a sense, that I am stern because the first ray in itself represents the will of God. And I ask you, beloved hearts, if I, as the chohan of the first ray, am to flinch from the will of God, then where is the foundation and basis for all that is to follow?

But I tell you that my love is as real and tangible as any of the other chohans of the rays, and they will be the first to witness to its reality and tangibility. If you contact any other master of light, whether you are sleeping or awake in your finer bodies, they will verify the great love. But I know, my chelas, it is not necessary that you ask, for you know, who know the light, that I love you. You know that I have stood beside you when you needed me. And you know that I will continue to do so as long as you revere in your hearts and minds the will of God, even when sometimes you seem to fall short of it.

However, I do not condone falling short of the will of God. I hope that the day will soon come when every one of you will be so firm that nothing can break you or shake you or change you. I await that day. I await the day when you are ready to give your all to the light as we have done.[1]

Welcome to Darjeeling

Morya opens his doors constantly to different lifestreams who desire to come closer to the will of God. He invites you to his retreat where he and the Brothers of the Diamond Heart open their arms and say, “Come to our fireside, warm yourselves upon the sacred fires, partake of our holy communion.”

Morya says:

Gracious ones, as I gaze upon the minarets here at Darjeeling, as I see the gleaming white marble so unlike and yet like the Taj Mahal, as I see our art treasures resplendent in hope of the will of God, how I would share with you some glimpse of all that herein remains as a monumental achievement to the Temple of Good Will. How I would share with you the soft carpets of our retreat. How I would share with you the musical tinkle of our fountain. How I would share with you the pleasant hours by the fireside, contemplating the immortal purpose.

How I would share with you myself and all that God has wrought through me. How I would share with you the love of the shining faces round about our council table. How I would share with you the deliberations of our council. How I would share with you the communion of saints and the communion with heaven. How I would share with you the mighty pillar of good will, the great blue flame that pulsates upon our altar. How I would share with you every gift of good will, this season and eternally.[2]

See also

For a description of the Cosmic Mirror at this retreat, see Cosmic Mirror.


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El Morya, “The Jar of Freedom,” December 12, 1965, in Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet, MORYA: The Darjeeling Master Speaks to His Chelas on the Quest for the Holy Grail (1983), p. 334.



By Thy Grace I AM Love

31 Jan


The Presence of Life removes the dust of little things from the garments.  The Presence of Love infuses the soul with a new thought:  “By Thy grace I AM Love.”  Thus does the self stand aside and the Eternal Presence consummate the mystical union between souls.

Purpose is not conspiracy.  Purpose is fulfillment of the nature of Love—service.  To love is to serve.  He that is great in service is perfected in love.  The saints gathered small stones until their strength grew, and then they carried the larger stones to build the temple.  From the base of the mountain we have seen them rise, and it is a joyous occasion as the light upon the face of the shining ones shows that hope has been fulfilled in purpose…

The best things in life are truly free, and freedom is the best thing in life.  Freedom to us is the freedom to create and to fan liberty until in the blaze the imaginings and vanity of the people is shown up in retrospect as a viper to be consumed, to be burned, to be no more!  How long would men carelessly seek to preserve those values which are meaningless, destructive, purposeless and rebellious, carnal in their origin and leading to the ashes of bitterness in futility?

Let all men, then, perceive that God has created a magnificent opportunity for all.  There are no men and women upon the planet who cannot raise their heads in hope and face their God, saying at any age in the tenderness of the reaffirmation of the covenant, “By thy leave, O God.”  Such humility and assignation returns to the Father the right hand of purpose.  Surely it is his will, as soon as the son has demonstrated proficiency with the bow, to hand to him the quiver and the arrow and say, “The universe is thine.”

It is simply a matter of mastery.  Demonstrate proficiency in spiritual things and unify the wholeness of your life expression.  If you have talent, employ it in the salvation of men.

Let those in art seek those art forms
That ennoble the Spirit,
That inspire mothers with child
Until their dreams can be of finer things
That, floating softly in the air,
Do tell of man’s command of prayer,
To speak the Word and see it be
A thing of joy for all to see,
A radiant form of happiness
A child could press onto his breast
And feel a surge of comfort there
Because it spoke eternal care.
God loves you here and loves you there,
The universe is now your home—
Where’er you go, where’er you roam
Your God is there, you are his son—
A spark of light he made—well done.
No more is tarnish on your soul
A plan unfolds:  it is the goal
Be still, my child, and fret no more—
Your heart is now forevermore
God’s open door.
Then step right through
And see the world he’d have you view—
A passport to great majesty
A mantle wear; your freedom be,
And go or come beneath his hand
Your life’s secure; then by God stand!
Creator-son and master of
The world below and up above—
He made you then and loves you still
But you must find his holy will.
The key to Being is thine own—
You asked for bread, he gives no stone—
Save Rock of ages, Christ the Light,
Through him who vanishes our night.
The day eternal shows the way—
The game of life to play
As we uphold the Law of Good
We’ll understand life as we should
And fear will go and all that’s bad
That caused us to be sometimes sad:
The light will raise us from the sod
And seat us on the throne of God.
I AM is Being all secure—
I AM is Being, all that’s pure,
I AM is Life as perfect plan—
I AM is God who dwells in man.

Beloved ones, see in this poem from my heart the ideals that are sometimes put aside and forgotten at the moment when they are most needed.  Meditate on these things and may you ever remain, in the harvest of your life or in the springtime, one who seeks to serve without the mania of egotism that so often hurts one’s brothers needlessly.  Be the comfort of good will to men, and in thy being witness the staunchness of God, rising and raising thy life into the folds of its spiritual identity, into regenerative effort.

Vol. 10  No. 44  –  Beloved El Morya  –  October 29, 1967, thesummitlighthouse.org


Stars of His Appearing

25 Dec


Let newness of mind and heart provide the sanctuary where the Lord Jesus may enter with his angels in glory.

Therefore I address the stars of His Appearing: Candles in the earth whose central flame vibrates with Christ’s own Name and sends to farthest star and our home on Sirius the signal, the sign, that in the earth this Christmas year the Christ Child does appear. And truly writes His Name and comes to live in hearts made holy by purest love.

Let us celebrate, my beloved, a new year and a new year’s resolution. Let us decree by the power He has vested in us that every day will be our Christmas. Every day will be the sign of His Appearing. Every day the Nativity will be reenacted. Every day children longing to hope may have hope in us because we stand firm to hold the line of the singing of the Word. Every day the Virgin will come down to us because our hearts arise in adoration in the angelic salutation: “Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee.”

And the sacred fire of solstice will not go out because every day from sanctuary and hearth and home, from altar where we constantly atone, the cry is heard: “Lead me to the rock that is higher than I.” And the joyous shout: “Praise the Lord, I AM THAT I AM, Sanat Kumara!” And His mantra, blessed mantra of the child that’s free: “Jesus Christ, the same yesterday and today and forever!”

© SUPress This dictation was given at Camelot by the Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet in 1980.

Thank you Alex for this wonderful information

Lords of the Seven Rays -El Morya -First Ray

25 Sep

We realize that we have many ties, many interesting relationships that are carry overs from previous lifetimes. In this age of reckoning we go through many situations and relationships, always with the purpose being to release the light of God, the Holy Spirit, for balance, for blessing, for resolution and for love. Then we can go in peace and not be bound by age-old wounds, hurts, angers, sorrows, prejudices, fears and envies.

In studying the Lords of the Seven Rays, we begin with beloved El Morya, known as the Lord of the First Ray. He may look fierce, but he is fiercely devoted to the Will of God because the first ray is the ray of God’s Will. That devotion to the Will of God shines in him in these following embodiment when anyone of you may have known him and walked with him.

He was Abraham (2100 BC), Melchior – one of the three wisemen, and Arthur – king of the Britons.

He was Saint Thomas Becket (1118 – 1170) – Chancellor of England, friend of King Henry II, and then Archbishop of Canterbury. He came into conflict with the king of the rights of the Church and shortly following Christmas on December 29th he was murdered in Canterbury Cathedral by four knights. They had taken literally Henry’s remark that he wished to be rid of ‘this turbulent priest’.

The strength and the courage of beloved El Morya, just in these embodiments, is a guiding light to all who know him and feel the presence of his love. Morya is very straight-forward, very direct and very much active in the affairs of state today as he was in his embodiment as Saint Thomas More, Lord Chancellor of England.

El Morya incarnated as Akbar from 1542 – 1605, the greatest of the Mogul emperors of India. He has been described as one of the few successful examples of Plato’s philosopher king.

He founded his own faith, a divine monotheism, that united the basic truths of all religions. He had representatives of all the world’s major religions coming to him. He was supremely tolerant, he allowed all to practice their religion in his realm. He put the best of them all together, hoping that people would widen their horizons.

In the end, only his closest servants and friends adopted it. His legacy of universality, religious tolerance and a well-organized government blest India for centuries.

El Morya concluded his incarnations in the West as the famous poet Thomas Moore, composer, musician, prolific writer of prose and poetry. Following that life he went to India and became the Rajput prince El Morya Khan and took his ascension in 1898.

Do you realize that before a century passes you could also attain to reunion with God through the ascension in the Light? In fact, that may very well be your destiny in this life – to balance your karma, serve the will of God and love all life free and return to His heart nevermore to go out on the round and wheel of rebirth.

El Morya teaches us the mastery of the throat chakra. The throat chakra, which is the power center. Here you experience God as the power of the spoken Word. You observe everyday how your words may comfort people, curse people, lift them up or put the down. People use power in good ways and bad ways, but usually their conversation is involved.


Schooling the Desire by God-Control

5 Sep


Beloved, what can you control in life? The only thing which you can control is the self, for it is not lawful to control any other self, save the parent in God-control of the child entrusted to his care. Beloved, understand well, then, the meaning of the predicament of free will juxtaposed against the backdrop of cosmic and universal, systemic and planetary forces moving in, through, and around the individual.

Beloved ones, it has never been more precarious, hence more important, for the chela of the will of God to be in God-control of his mind and forces and heart and self-knowledge and to be therefore preparing to enter that Gemini Mind of God that is the Alpha and the Omega of the central sun of your Mighty I AM Presence.

It is of cosmic import, O chelas, that you do heed my word as my musings and commentaries upon the scenes of our time pass from me through the Messenger to you. For often, in a moment and in a comment you will find the telling of all that is required to unlock the puzzles of the present and the mysteries of Life.

Inasmuch, then, as it is so that God-control within the individual must set the bounds of his habitation, understand this: that when you remain in God-control of the four lower bodies—of energies of the electronic belt and the karma—and when this God-control is not by human will but by your acquaintance with the Mind of God, then the force of the central sun of being, which is the heart, begins to expand and not undulate but to hold its position as [the central sun of] the auric envelope.

Retaining the Auric Field of Gautama

Pray, then, that thy threefold flame be in balance, that the Mother be in thee, and that thy flight be not in winter. Pray, then, above all things, to retain the auric field of Lord Gautama Buddha, who has lent to you, beloved, not only the thread of contact to his threefold flame but, to the devotees of the will of God, his auric field—the causal body—to be congruent with your own as you so will it and so periodically attune yourselves with those secret rays of his heart. He who is safe in time of planetary tribulation is the one who is sealed in this auric light intensified.

We come, then, for a measure of sanity and a measure of prevention. Let us take out our putty and seal the leaks in the auras of our chelas who invoke so much light—and yet that light sometimes oozes, sometimes drips or spills through pinprick holes or larger rents in the auric field.

Beloved ones, the strength of the auric field is the strength of the electromagnetic field—the latter being more permanent, whereas the aura is more reflective of momentary ups and downs. We, then, come with the putty of blue lightning and the sacred fire to assist you. Our angels, then, mend the energy field and the auric envelope as you are seated in loyalty and devotion in this hour of our coming.

Beloved, you are most beloved. Thus, it is our desire, we of the Darjeeling and Indian and Royal Teton Councils of the Great White Brotherhood with whom you serve, to give you an awareness this day of what it is like to be free of the leaky vessel, to feel yourselves in an auric envelope that has warmth and power and the Presence of God, so that as you move through your day you sense you are in that Presence, [you] do not stray from it, and [you] are abounding in the joy and the knowledge:

My Redeemer liveth.
I AM Who I AM.
I dwell in the Presence of God.
I feel that Love with me always.
And therefore, I know
I shall reach the place and period of my Destiny!
I shall go beyond these years of adversity of the planet!
I shall find myself yet in this body in the New Day!

Maintaining the Harmony of Light You Have Invoked

Beloved, if you do not feel this comforting Presence of God with you always, then I would say you ought to consider having a certain concern regarding your maintenance of the harmony of light you have invoked and regarding dangers on the path of life, whether from invasion of disease or accident or simply from being at the wrong place at the wrong time, which has proven fatal to many in this unleashing of terrorism.

Beloved ones, we come, then, with this Presence of Love. As you feel it from our heart, remember it is not only your I AM Presence and the Holy Christ Self and Holy Spirit with you, but it may very well be the overshadowing of an Ascended Master whom you love, an ascended twin flame, or an angel sent by one of the archangels to assist you.

Rejoice, then, in that comforting Presence and value it as against all commodities and situations and positions in the earth. For there are places in the earth, beloved, where you may wander which are so dark and heavy—many of these not far from you here physically—where this Presence is neutralized by the Darkness only because your God-mastery in that Presence, in the holding of it, is not yet attained. And therefore the Presence rises to a higher electronic field and you are unable to sustain that very Light in the places of Darkness where you may roam, where you may find your employment or other goings and comings to fulfill the necessities of life.

I ask you this week, then, in the name of the First Ray, whose Lord I am, to take the opportunity for self-observation, that you might note when comes the absence of this comforting warmth of the sunlight of your Christhood—what is the cause of it. Go after the cause, be it fear or anxiety or mundane involvements or allowing the world’s energy to enter through excessive access to your lifestream of the media, such as television, et cetera.

Beloved, safety is indeed in the ark of the LORD. Therefore, with all thy getting, get the ark of the LORD. Can you find it? Can you see it? It is the Place Prepared, indeed—the place of your heart, the place of the aura.

Safety in the Great White Brotherhood.

May it be a cloud of witness around you sustained by your heart’s pull and tug on angelic hosts and your love.

Safety in the heart of the threefold flame and the Buddha.

Safety, indeed, in the heart of Christ.

This excerpt is from the dictation by El Morya delivered April 27, 1986 The Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood –
Schooling the Desire by God-Control
and published in the 1986 Pearls of Wisdom Vol. 29 No. 48. thesummitlighthouse.org


The Antahkarana of Power

30 Dec


Now comes the will of God!
Now comes the will of God!
Now comes the will of God!
And see how the energies roll
Into the inner blueprint,
Into the matrix of the law
Of each one’s Christed being.
I kneel before the altar of the will of God
And I say, O God, thank you for thy law!
O God, thank you for thy will!
In this is salvation still
For earth, for elemental life,
For the angelic hosts and blest humanity.

I AM Morya, your friend old and new,
Known forever unto you,
You who are in the diamond of God’s will.
Do you remember when
We swam in the sea of cosmos together,
Souls aborning,
Souls putting on skeins of the cosmic will?
Do you remember
How we said to one another,
”How glorious is this mighty blue fire!
We will stay in this fire forevermore”?

And as the cycles rolled
And others of the seven rays began to enfold the soul,
Some of you chose to follow the way of wisdom
And of love, of purity, of truth,
Of service, of science, of healing, of freedom.
And so you chose your path to Christhood
And to Buddha hood on one of the seven rays.
But you remembered your friend Morya,
Who tarried in the will of God
Forever and a day,
Who was created to say,
”I love thy will, O God. I love thy will, O God.
I love thy will, I love thy will, I love thy will.”
And here I am with you,
With you in this joyous moment of freedom,
Saying still, “I love thee, O my God,
In the eternal will.”

Now in the very core of the atoms
Of the flame of freedom
Which the magnificent violet-flame angels
Have spread across the land this day,
I consecrate the diamond of my will
And my attainment on that path,
Path to Hercules’ retreat,
Path to Half Dome which I have walked
So many, many times that my feet
Have carved a path in the rock.
Perhaps one day you will find my footsteps
To the retreat of my own Guru
And you will remember the one
Who was enamored by the Elohim
Because of his cosmic consciousness of will.

And so I consecrate
And I add my own flame
In support of Saint Germain,
And I lay out the royal blue carpet
For the coming of the God of Freedom to this city.
And I proclaim him president of the nations,
Master of ceremonies, guardian of the flame!
He is my master also.
And when I worship at the shrine of freedom,
It is to his heart that I come–
To the heart of blest Joseph,
Father of the Christed One,
Father of the Manchild within you.

Angels of the will of God, come forth!
Come forth now
With a mighty sealing action of freedom’s ray!
And now let us see what we will do this day–
We who are devotees of fire–
What we will do for freedom,
For victory, for America.
We will place our focuses of God’s will;
We will put them here and there
And in the hearts of people,
In the rocks and in the flowers,
In the streams and in the mountains,
In the cities and in the towers,
In the skyscrapers.
And we will publish it abroad,
Even in the newspapers.

The will of God will come forth!
Let it come forth!
Let it come forth to tell,
To tell of the magic and the moment
And the miracle of the Mother
And of Maitreya
And the magnificent followers of God
Who in this moment of a cosmos rejoicing,
Inundating waves of light,
Do stand in the foam, on the sand,
One with the shore and with the sea,
As hand in hand these devotees know
That the will of God is a poetry and a song;
It is the meditation of the heart all day long.
It is the light,
And it is the void of the night
Into which we project
Cosmic consciousness of Virgin pure,
Womb of God and fiery stars
All inside becoming children,
Children, children of the heart of love.

The will of God is marching on.
The will of God is marching!
Legions of the will are marching,
And we bring the banner of the victory
Of the turning of the tide.
Let those who have joined
The light revolution
Know that the rod of power
Is thrust into the hand of the Mother
And the electrodes of power are placed
Within the hearts of her children.
Now let us see what darkness and deceit,
What degeneration and deception
Can stand against the moment
Of the coming of the light of God.

And with the turning of the hours
And the dawning of the day
And the moment of the beginning
Of the Fourth of July,
The Mother light will begin to flow
And to glow and to flow and to glow,
And all of Earth and all of her evolutions
Will have a new cycle and a new moment.

I AM Morya,
Morya in love with the Divine Mother!
I AM Morya,
Come to proclaim the mighty mantle of that Mother
That is large enough to enfold evolutions
And lifewaves of all systems of worlds.
I AM with the Buddha
In the heart of the Mother,
I AM with the Mother
In the heart of the Buddha.

I AM in you the perpetual reminder
That God is ever new.
And I AM the new friend also,
For I AM not in any moment
The Morya you have known.
For life is transcending life.
And where I stand and where I serve
And from that point in Darjeeling
Where I project the light
Of God-government to the nations,
God as law, as principle, as science
Is transcending himself.

Day by day, we are renewed
And transformed from glory unto glory.
So is the coming
Of the will of God
In our hearts.
And the Elohim have pronounced
The writing of the light in the sky,
And by the rainbow of their consciousness
They have carved an ark of a covenant
Of God and man.
Lo, this is the Word of thy Maker!
Children of Israel, children of reality,
This is the Word!

In the will of God,
In the will of God is the commandment.
In the will of God is the covenant.
And in the will of God is the compassion of the Lord,
Who sends his hosts and his legions
To the children God adored.
This is the Word, this is the Word
That God writes in the azure blue,
The celestial dome,
This is the Word:
O chelas, come home,
O chelas mine, into my heart!
Come now for the thrust,
And in sacred trust take my hand
And let me show you the power and the glory.
Let me show you the light within.

Beloved El Morya, POW Vol 44 No 30 July 3, 1976, thesummitlighthouse.org

The Next Step – Divine Love

3 Nov
The Next Step – Divine Love and Psychology

Now, the fullness of love cannot be love unless it is action. Contemplated love or the mere repetition of words may occupy one’s fancy, but love in action is the measure of a heart united with mind and soul.Therefore, as I come, I bring to you perhaps an understanding of your own soul’s psychology in relationship to El Morya and beloved Lord Lanto. For you see, your hearts wax fervent in love for the will of God, in joy in the presence of El Morya, and in the study of the wisdom teachings. But there is a general confusion, if I might say, among the students (which is akin to the confusion on this planetary home) that the contemplated action, the happiness, the enjoyment of another’s attainment is the equivalent of the attainment of the third ray, love itself.

Some actually suppose that the words “I love you” carry the full force of its commitment and fulfillment. Not so. It is a mantra that must be fulfilled by a keen perception of the needs and demands of every part of life and what ought to be the next givingness of self. Therefore, you see, it is easy to mistake one’s contemplated love of the masters, the activity, the messenger, and so forth with an inaction that does not complete the cycle.

Here, then, we roll up our sleeves and realize that the love of the third ray and its chohan, its disciplines, its chelas–must now carry forward those plans, those teachings, those advices given, already recorded, that now deserve to be made physical. And the measure of everyone’s cup of love must be that which is brought forth and brought to the full flowering and the fruit of the Tree of Life.

Let us, then, carefully define what are those spirals yet to be completed–the contemplated life’s journey. Each one has a sense of self-knowledge of that which is to be accomplished. Do not think that thinking about it will make it so! Thinking about it and yet not achieving will result, in the hour of transition, in the necessity of going back to begin again, to start again, and once again to understand that the mighty work of the ages must be here on earth a shrine to the living, to the free, to the little ones, and to the Lord himself who dwells with his people.

Now, therefore, I would converse with you concerning the step not taken–the step contemplated and often resisted until resistance itself becomes habit and a momentum and a coil wound tight around the spine of being. And this pole of being, then, once set with that habit, becomes an act no longer reviewed or questioned. It simply becomes a self-acceptance, “Well, this is the way I am. People will have to accept me the way I am. This is my level of service. This is all I intend to give. Others will have to do the rest.”

Well, the fallacy in this is not self-knowledge and defining one’s potential, for it is good to understand one’s capacity and not to commit more than one can. But the fallacy is, beloved heart, the sense that one can rest on any plateau or arrive at a set of definitions for one’s life or personality, seal them with a sealing wax, make the imprint of the seal of oneself and say, “As it is, so it is. So be it. I have spoken.”

Now, this is the human ego that would hold captive and prisoner the soul to a certain level of the known, a certain level of stability. But unknowingly it would keep the soul there, and it would convince the soul that no other progress can or should be made and that its current level of attainment is sufficient unto all things.

How can this state of mind, I ask you, be reconciled with the upward-spiraling, self-transcending movement of the galaxies, of God himself, of the ascended masters and their circles of chelas, all of whom and all of which are moving through cosmos at colossal speeds toward the Central Sun?

Let us take care, then, that self-assessment does not result in the inertia of rest and that such inertia is not confused with the lawful state of samadhi or of nirvana. Contrary to any human opinion whatsoever, these higher states of consciousness are those of movement even within the point and the heart of the rest.

I trust, then, that you will understand when I say that I have come to spin your tops! I have come to increase the movement and to give you the inner sense of timing, a timing that reflects now your I AM Presence and the inner vow to become all that you are. Why, becoming all that you are–this is what you sing and dance and pray and live and work about! But this becoming is a movement, requiring diligence and an intimate knowledge of the ruby ray, which is always self-sacrificing.

This excerpt is from from the dictation, The Next Step, by Paul the Venetian published in the 1995 Pearl of Wisdom Vol. 25 No. 59.


Scale the Summit of Identification with Immortality

10 Oct

To know oneself is not always to probe the depths of subconscious memory but to scale the summit of identification with immortality. To preserve one’s shadows is not necessary when facing the light. Leave them behind; for while they lengthen as the sun goes down, they diminish each hour from the rising. Remember the zenith, for then the light of the Presence stands directly overhead. It is the Sun of man’s being, that luminous orb wherein the precious treasures of heaven are deposited, that releases the correct vibratory action into the world of men.

chart of your divine self001

At times even the myopic ones make the best travelers along the perilous pathway. When they arrive upon the mountaintop to encamp, they sometimes do so with discontentment of spirit. Such as these enjoy the climb and the pursuit of virtue more than they do the finding thereof. Men of normal vision are fortunate, for their perspective is blessed with balance. The spinning wheel of life has turned out the nubbed threads*, and the garment cannot be of greater refinement than the thread. When the thread of consciousness is refined, the clean linen can be woven upon the loom.

The wise see our abode as one of Spirit and, in fearlessness, they save their own lives. The worthy masons see in the placing of each brick the shining of celestial spires, raised stone upon stone. Perfidy yawns like a pinching chasm to break the bones; it is the chinks in men’s armor that must be guarded. The whirling follies of others seem as nebbishes** of ridicule to some, while their own creations pass unnoticed. How shall we scale Olympian heights with the spirit of injustice? The herdsman extended a rough arm, clad with homespun cloth, and it was rejected by the climber, who fell upon the rocks of pride.




The shining of the pure in heart
Is like a light upon the hill—
It illumines the earth with good will,
It is fragrant like the pine upon the hill,
Whose solitary vigil
Through the lonely hours of each night,
Drinks in the mellow tenderness of each day’s sun,
And calmly awaits the blowing away
Of the covering clouds.

Let us journey on!

*nubbed thread is a rough thread that causes variations in the feel of a fabric, versus a smooth thread.
**From the Yiddish word “nebech,” colloquially used for an ineffectual, timid, unlucky or hapless person.

This excerpt is from a dictation by El Morya published in the 1965 Pearl of Wisdom Vol. 8 No. 28.


Easter: I AM Affirmations

18 Mar


“As I gaze with my spiritual eye from land to land the world around, I see millions of souls who are indeed “lonely hearts,” the Master Morya shares in his Ashram Notes.

“Give these some thought sendings as you lovingly engage in our Ashram rituals and mantrams, that they might feel not alone but “all one” in God’s Divine Love and be encouraged to pick up the pieces of their broken lives.

“It is true that human loneliness results from the apparent separation between the soul and her God.  People are never so lonely as when they are in the midst of a crowd.

In time of personal crisis this feeling of aloneness can become terrifying until the soul turns to her God and cries out for help.

“Aloneness is not the intent of the Father. Furthermore, it is not real but always illusory. For Christ said, ‘I and my Father are one’; and in the Lord’s Prayer he said, ‘Our Father,’ showing the common heritage and the common access of all of God’s children to one another through their heavenly Father.

“It follows, then, that the sense of aloneness is the karma of one’s self-separation from the presence of the Lord through sin or the sense of sin.

“The soul who feels unworthy to stand in the presence of her Lord must seek restoration through repentance and the remission of her sin. She must seek and find self-worth in Christ and by his grace be an overcomer in all things that have separated her from the love of God in Christ Jesus.

“The soul who would be reunited in God through the oneness of Father and Son must literally storm the citadels of heaven with her prayers for the Holy Spirit’s violet flame transmutation of all her transgressions of the Law.

“Then she must invoke the strong right arm of Michael the Archangel to strengthen her in her resolve to ‘go and sin no more.’

“May you, the chelas of our Ashram, also storm the citadels of heaven with your invocations for comfort, consolation, wholeness and healing Truth as you offer your rituals this week on behalf of God’s children who identify themselves as the lonely hearts of our world.

“If you will call to Archangel Raphael and Mother Mary and their healing angels to heal the lonely hearts, heaven will answer your call without fail.

“And if you will call for the Spirit of the Lord God to come upon you, and the Lord, your Mighty I AM Presence, to anoint you, it shall be granted unto you according to your karma of good words and works and the stature of your Christhood.  And the Holy Spirit may work a mighty work through you in your day even as he did through Jesus Christ.

“As we enter the season when devotees of Christ may take the Lord’s resurrection spiral and wrap it about themselves twice round from head to toe as a cloak, I send forth the call from the Ashram of God’s Will here in Darjeeling to all my chelas to recite daily the mantram:

I AM the Resurrection and the Life of my entire consciousness, being and world!

“As you invoke Christ’s mantle of the Resurrection and the Life upon yourself, you will be able to multiply it by the power of your own Christ Self, Jesus working with you, and transfer it to all children of the Light on earth.

“For your Christ Self, with Jesus Christ, does have the power to multiply infinitely whatsoever of God-Good you can precipitate in Light as a gift of Love from your heart to all who are worthy who have need.

“This is why Jesus promised: ‘He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do, because I go unto my Father.’

“As you engage in this Eastertide endeavor, you will be joined by Ascended Masters, unascended adepts, angel devas and my most advanced chelas, who work not only seasonally with the sacred fire of the Resurrection but also regularly with the Light of God’s goodwill.”

An Easter message from the Ashram Notes by Mark Prophet.