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Sacred Geometry

27 Sep

Sacred Geometry graphic by Craig Nicholson.



People have understood the spiritual significance of geometry for ages, from the ancient Egyptians to the Vedas in early India. These were studied by Pythagoras, who helped immensely in putting sacred geometry “on the map” i.e. making it more generally known. Born around 580 BC in Samos, this amazing Greek philosopher, mathematician, and spiritual leader formulated principles that influenced the thought of Plato and Aristotle and contributed to the development of mathematics and Western rational philosophy. He founded the Pythagorean brotherhood in Cortona, a mystical school developed as the archetype of a golden-age educational community.

They uncovered many of nature’s secrets, and held that at its deepest level, reality is mathematical in nature. (Pythagoras once declared: “All is number.” This theme has been repeated many times since, including by Bruce L. Cathie in his many books on harmonics, like The Bridge to Infinity.) They studied the mathematical laws behind the rhythm and harmony of music. They also pondered the intangible, not only by the logic of the mind but by the intuitive faculties of the heart. Pythagoras believed in life after death and reincarnation, and taught that the soul can transcend the cycles of rebirth and rise to union with the divine. Their community followed an ethical and moral code, and strove to put their spiritual knowledge into practical everyday use.

John Strohmeier and Peter Westbrook say the following on page 66 of their book Divine Harmony: The Life and Teachings of Pythagoras (Berkley Hills Books, 1999): “For Pythagoras, mathematics was a bridge between the visible and invisible worlds. He pursued the study of mathematics not only as a way of understanding and manipulating nature, but also as a means of turning the mind away from the physical world, which he held to be transitory and unreal, and leading it to the contemplation of eternal and truly existing things that never vary. He taught his students that by focusing on the elements of mathematics, they could calm and purify the mind, and ultimately, through disciplined effort, experience true happiness.”

Unfortunately for Pythagoras (and for all of us since) there was much jealosy directed towards him and his community, plus resistance to his enlightened ideas. He and many of his followers were eventually killed, and his teachings largely destroyed. So much of what we know about him is from third-hand accounts, some of it being aimed at discrediting him. But his legacy and genius live on, and many after him have been inspired to study and elaborate on this wonderful subject.


Geometry and creation.

The role of geometry in the process of creation is covered well by Robert Lawlor, in his fascinating book Sacred Geometry: Philosophy and Practice (Thames and Hudson, London, 1982). In it he says the following: “The perspective of volume offers yet another metaphor for the original and ever-continuing creative act of the materialization of Spirit and the creation of form. The very ancient creation myth coming from Heliopolis in Egypt gives an example of this mode of envisioning. Nun, the Cosmic Ocean, represents pure, undifferentiated spirit-space, without limit or form. It is prior to any extensive, any specificity, any god. It is pure potentiality. By the seed or will of the Creator, who is implicit within this Nun, the undifferentiated space is impelled to contract or coagulate itself into volume. Thus Atum, the creator, first creates himself or distinguishes himself from the undefinable Nun by volumizing, in order that creation might begin.”

  The Five Platonic Solids.

“What form, then, might this first volume have? What indeed are the most essential volumetric forms? There are five volumes which are thought to be the most essential because they are the only volumes which have all edges and all interior angles equal. They are the tetrahedron, octahedron, cube, dodecahedron and the icosahedron, and are the expressions in volume of the triangle, the square and the Pentagon: 3, 4, 5. All other regular volumes are only truncations of these five. These five solids are given the name ‘Platonic’ because it is assumed that Plato has these forms in mind in the Timaeus, the dialogue in which he outlines a cosmology through the metaphor of planar and solid geometry.”

In this dialogue, which is one of the most thoroughly ‘Pythagorean’ of Platos works, he establishes that the five elements of the world are earth, air, fire, water and aether (prana). Lawlor continues: “Plato’s fabricator of the universe created order from the primordial chaos of these elements by means of the essential forms and numbers. The ordering according to number and form on a higher plane resulted in the intended disposition of the five elements in the physical universe. The essential forms and numbers then act as the interface between the higher and lower realms. They have in themselves, and through their analogues with the elements, the power to shape the material world.

“As Gordon Plummer notes in his book The Mathematics of the Cosmic Mind, the Hindu tradition associates the icosahedron with the Purusha. Purusha is the seed image of Brahma, the supreme creator himself, and as such this image is the map or plan of the universe. The Purusha is analogous to the Cosmic Man, the Anthropocosm of the western esoteric tradition. The icosahedron is the obvious choice for this first form, since all the other volumes arise naturally out of it.”


  • Icosahedron:
The Hindu tradition associates the icosahedron with Purusha, the seed image of Brahma, the supreme creator himself.

  • Dodecahedron:
The icosahedron generates the dodecahedron, representing Prakriti, the feminine power of creation of the matter (mother) universe. The star born within it’s pentagon (below) produces the Golden Ratio, the energy of resurrection and symbol of the Christ.

The star born within the pentagon:

Patterns created from the moving 3-D Icosahedron lattice above:


The Golden Ratio.

The golden ratio is the mathematical proportion 1:1.6180339…ad infinitum. It’s mathematical name is phi, from the Greek alphabet. It is also known as the Divine Proportion, the Golden Section and the Golden Mean. It is found abundantly in nature and in the works of man. Find it in the pine cone, the daisy, the seashell, the sunflower, the great pyramid and the Parthenon. Or way out in the macrocosm in the spiral nebulae as described above. It is so integrated into life that many philosophers, artists, mathematicians, and scientists have see it as an essential aspect of beauty and perhaps of life itself. The Egyptians believed it was in the creative process and the fire of life. Plato considered it key in the understanding of the cosmos.

The golden ratio is found by dividing a line (AC) at a particular point to give two unequal sections, where the smaller one (AB) is proportionate to the larger one (BC) as the larger one (BC) is to the entire line (AC). The ratio is expressed as AB/BC = BC/AC. There is only one such point (B) on any line. It is easy to produce this ratio geometrically. One of many ways is the five-pointed star, as drawn within a pentagon above. Every outside line on the pentagon is in a phi ratio to any line of the star. Also, every line on the star has 3 segments. One side segment is in a ratio of 1:1.618 to the rest of that line. This ratio is what was used in the architecture of the great pyramids of Egypt, and results in the focusing of universal energy (a.k.a. prana) at a particular point, which helps in rejuvenation of life (or the preservation of dead bodies). This resurrection energy and ratio is the mark of the Christ, the victor over death and rejuvenating principle in nature.

Another aspect of the golden ratio is the Fibonacci Series. It is a series of numbers discovered by Leonardo Fibonacci. Each number in the series is the sum of the two before it: 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, … The amazing thing is that the ratio of each successive pair of numbers is approximately 1.618 (phi). The higher the numbers, the more accurate they get. 8 divided by 5 is 1.60, but 89 by 55 is 1.61818… Once again, this series is found abundantly in nature, like the way that plant stems branch out.


Phi and the Great Pyramid.

In the diagram above, the big triangle is the same proportion and angle of the Great Pyramid, with its base angles at 51 degrees 51 minutes. If you bisect this triangle and assign a value of 1 to each base, then the hypotenuse (the side opposite the right angle) equals phi (1.618..) and the perpendicular side equals the square root of phi. And that’s not all. A circle is drawn with it’s centre and diameter the same as the base of the large triangle. This represents the circumference of the earth. A square is then drawn to touch the outside of the earth circle. A second circle is then drawn around the first one, with its circumference equal to the perimeter of the square. (The squaring of the circle.) This new circle will actually pass exactly through the apex of the pyramid. And now the “wow” part: A circle drawn with its centre at the apex of the pyramid and its radius just long enough to touch the earth circle, will have the circumference of the moon! Neat, huh! And the small triangle formed by the moon and the earth square will be a perfect 345 triangle (related to the Pythagorean Theorem). Using the 345 triangle is also the easiest way to draw a squared circle.


Visualizing crystal structures for higher consciousness.

If you really want to get into the spirituality and personal growth aspect of sacred geometry, it is recommended to meditate on the geometric structure of crystals. David Tame, in his fascinating book The Secret Power of Music, (Destiny Books, 1984) says the following: “On the subject of crystals, modern esotericists have often recommended crystals, pictures of crystals, and models of the molecular structure of crystals as a subject for meditation. Contemplation upon their geometry is said to provide a route by which the consciousness of man can attune itself to the various qualities of the Consciousness of the Supreme.”

Here is a related and rather challenging exercise. It is a message from the Ascended Lady Master Leto through the messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet, April 15, 1976, found on an audio tape (#B7629). “You have been told …. to meditate upon the crystal and its structure. Now I ask you … to select images of crystals and then to diagram the molecular structure of crystals and to begin to memorize these structures and to endow them with flame, and to realize that your altar is a place of change …. And therefore consider that the crystal, especially of rare gems and their molecular structure – and I meditate now with you upon the structure of the emerald – is a means of contacting the plane of Spirit. For these emanations of the mind of God manifest in matter are parallel to the energies manifest in Spirit. They are time-space coordinates of the coalescing of energy in infinity.

“If you can therefore meditate upon, and endow your meditation with the flaming fire, this is what will take place: You will trace from effect to cause, to first cause, the very components of creation. And if you will study the treatise on alchemy by beloved Saint Germain, you will find that your visualizations will bring into manifestation elements of the Christ consciousness, abundance, the ability to expand a mandala for the community of the Holy Spirit.”
(Quoted with permission. Copyright © Summit University Press. All rights reserved. Website: http://www.thesummitlighthouse.org)

It is not that easy to find the molecular structure of crystals. To help you on your way, here is a link to an excellent website by the Institut Laue-Langevin (ILL) in France on The atomic structure of materials. This site allows you to obtain a 3D VRML model of structures by clicking on flagged links. If you do not have a 3D viewer on your computer, click the Help link at the top of their page. Once you have one, click on the “Gems and Minerals” link. Clicking on flagged links will allow you to navigate WITHIN and around these 3 dimensional crystal structures. Very cool! PS: If you have any ideas on how to “endow these structures with Flame”, please share them

Cymatics and Creation by Sound.

Now we come to one of nature’s greatest mysteries, the creation of matter by sound. “And God SAID, let there be light.” “In the beginning was the WORD, … and the Word was God.” Jesus and his followers obviously studied the ancient Hindu Vedas, written long before his time. They state: “In the beginning was Brahman with whom was the Word. And the Word was Brahman.” The sacred texts of India teach that sound holds the key to the mysteries of the universe, to the creation and constant changing of our world. They put much emphasis on mantras, spoken prayers and sacred music. We in the West, constantly being bombarded by discordant sounds and music, are largely unaware of its tremendous power.

The book Cymatics: A Study of Wave Phenomena & Vibration by Hans Jenny sums up the phenomena of the effect that sound has on matter. He developed techniques to show that every frequency and musical note has a particular geometric pattern that it forms, like this colour image on the book’s cover. Cymatics book cover He built on the work of Chladni, who created sand patterns on a metal disc through sound. You can find more on Cymatics at this AlphaOmega website. More insight into this subject is given by David Tame in his fascinating book The Secret Power of Music mentioned above. In his chapter The Physics of the Om, he says: “Complex and meaningful patterns are even more apparent in Jenny’s sound-affected substances when viewed at the microscopic level. Then are revealed beautiful and mathematically-precise mandala-structures looking like groupings of microscopically-viewed snowflakes. The stress-interactions created in substances by their exposure to sound frequencies always result in formations replete with meaningful numerolical, proportional and symmetrical qualities.”

He goes on to discuss the works of several researchers who prove that the whole-number ratios of musical harmonics correspond to an underlying numerical and geometric framework existing in nature and matter. This sheds light on Goethe’s statement “Geometry is frozen music.” The book also covers research on the effects of sound and music on the human body and psyche. In general, the findings show that classical type music promotes physical and mental health, whereas rock music has the opposite effect. However, this subject is beyond the scope of this website, but well covered in The Secret Power of Music book. A more spiritual study of sound, mantra and prayer is covered in The Science of the Spoken Word and The Creative Power of Sound (pocket book) by Elizabeth Clare Prophet (Summit University Press).

wholesome balance.com and thesummitlighthouse.org

Love as An Art -Paul the Venetian Love, to Fulfill the Mandate of God

15 Feb

Paul the Venetian on art and love

Blessed ones, let us fan the fire of hope and let love be without dissimulation. With all intense love, let us go after those who have the quality to be the vessel, to understand the meaning of the True Self as the Holy Grail, who love enough not only to seek the Grail but to become it, to fill it with light, and then to become the light.

It will take a great deal of love to fulfill the mandate of God who has said, “I have decided to save the earth.” It will take many decisions of many candles on earth and a love that some have not yet known.

I have come in gratitude and in joy for the Christ Mass and all beauty that has been sent forth from your souls in this year — beauty as deeds of love, beauty as love in every form, love as an art when you do not consider yourselves to be artists or to have time to perfect a skill.

The Art of Service

The art of service is a great art. Unbeknownst to you, you are creating an eternal mural of service. And angel artists paint a mural — I will tell you not where — showing the episodes of this community of lightbearers and the day-to-day overcomings. Many preparations are being made for your homecoming and your rejoicing at last to understand all that has transpired at all levels. These are master artists who have determined that the sons of the best of men should not go down unrecorded in the murals of heaven, but should indeed rise up and in their own victory perceive that victory as a lesson to those who will one day be the students of the art which they have lived. For you are living artists of a living art.

Whether you are repairing automobiles or machinery, whether you prepare the food or keep the records with the keepers of the scrolls, every act is a work of art. Every act is released from your soul as a release of energy which forms an engram of light, impressing upon the etheric octave geometric snowflake forms, roses and violets or, unfortunately, when done without grace or love, jagged forms of modern art which you would decry in a museum yet, alas, also manifest in the lower levels of the aura as work done without grace and joy and freedom.

Being Co-creators with God

Service in life without freedom creates a record of art that is gray and dissonant. This is why even those who produce films always see a dim light as being present in Communist countries. Films about the Soviet Union or Eastern Europe seem to have that quality of absence of light, absence of dimension and even reality. It is the weight of oppression of the people who in their service are missing the seventh ray as a part of that artwork.

Believe me, beloved hearts, much grace proceeds from the most humble of servants. Therefore you can realize that every movement in life, every thought and feeling is producing on the ethers either a magnificent design of virtue or something less, which by the grace of God is also erased as you invoke the violet flame.

Being co-creators with God, you therefore show all too quickly in the area surrounding you what is the nature of your work. These signs are read by elemental life and the angels, and there are crowds of angels around some and a total absence around the Scrooge characters portrayed on a yearly basis.

Thus, entertaining angels unawares is no mere entertainment, for these become a part of a personal battalion, even as elementals enter formation following the very points of light of the divine geometry of the flow of light in your aura. Thus, all of heaven bears witness to the auric emanations of the servants of God. Obviously therefore, those who are the devotees of the chohans can be known around the world by the light of the aura and the harmony of the artwork which their daily service is creating.

I ask then that you might be comforted in the embrace of love this night and that the love of God through the divine art outpictured in all of nature and all of cosmos might come for an inner realization of your soul as to the true mystery of love in the innermost parts of your being — love as the cohesive force that enables you to be who and what you are, the heart to beat, and all systems to be functioning.

What ordains it? What maintains it? What seals you as a separate consciousness now able to hear my word and to follow the word into the vastness of your own eternal Self? It is love — universal love everywhere. May you capture it, cradle it, know it, follow it.

May love be the determining factor of your decisions, not fear. May love dissolve the hatred of the enemy, the enemies of the Light and of America. May love be such a force of the ruby ray that all assignments may be fulfilled and not one child of light on earth be found wanting the true message of the path of Christhood.

Excerpt from Pearl of Wisdom®, Vol. 27, No. 3 – Paul the Venetian – January 15, 1984

First Energy Center

26 Jul

Life Lesson:  Wed the Material to the Spiritual

Why separate your spiritual life and your practical life?

Integral being, there is no such distinction.

-Lao Tzu

Location: base of the spinal column

Color:  white

Sanskrit Name:  Muladhara

Petals:  4

Positive Expression:  purity, hope, joy, self-discipline, integration, perfection, wholeness, nurturing

Unbalanced Expression:  discouragement, hopelessness, impurity, chaos

Parts Of Body:  adrenals

Musical Instrument:  drum, tabla

Gemstone:  diamond, pearl, zircon, quartz crystal

Spiritual Tradition:  Hinduism


Through practicality, self-discipline and joy, we nurture life to wholeness!

Our ascent begins at the ground level–the level of the energy center know as the base-of-the-spine, or base, chakra.  It takes its name from its location at the base of the spine, but it is also the base (foundation) of our inner and outer development.  At the base chakra, we access the life-force that enlivens us both physically and spiritually.  This energy is the creative power of Spirit anchored in our physical bodies.

The base chakra represents the point where we connect with the physical world, with nature and with our environment.  Balancing the energies of this chakra is therefore fundamental to our practicality and effectiveness in the physical world.  When used in harmony, the pure and vibrant energies of the base chakra can endow us with hope, joy, self-discipline and wholeness.  Along with the soul chakra, the base also engenders the activity of procreation.

This energy center and its white light are associated with planning, striving for excellence and perfection, and externalizing inner patterns and divine geometry in outer form. The base chakra is also associated with the expression of purity, harmony, perfection, symmetry, order and integration in fields such as music, art, sculpture, architecture, technology and mathematics.

One of the reasons this first energy center is foundational is that its health and vitality affect all the other chakras.  How we use the energy that resides at the base chakra will determine whether the potential of our other chakras remains dormant or becomes fully awakened.

Some of us have a greater momentum of mastery in the base chakra then others, but at this level we are all called to learn certain lessons.  What are those lessons and initiations?  And how can we master the flow of energy through this center?

I Value The Material World And My Body As Chalices For Spirit

We cannot evolve spiritually without having a secure physical platform. The two go hand in hand.  Sometimes because of our religious upbringing we have the mistaken idea that Spirit is good and matter is bad, or spiritual things are good but the body is bad. In, reality, both the spiritual and the material, in their highest state, are meant to be a reflection of the divine.

Matter comes from the Latin work mater, meaning “mother.”  The physical world is the mother because matter is the womb or chalice into which spirit descends.  Matter is the instrument of Spirit.  It allows spirit to express itself.  Matter is like the flute and Spirit like the breath.  Without our flute–our physical instrument–Spirit cannot play its song through us.  And each of us contains a unique song waiting to be heard.

Another misconception we may have is that in order to be spiritual we need to escape from the world around us.  But real spirituality isn’t leaving the physical world behind; it’s imbuing the physical world with Spirit.  It’s part of the world, but not identifying so much with the material that we forget who we are (spiritual beings) and why  we are on earth (to express our spirituality in a practical way as we fulfill our unique reason for being and help others.)  In other words, being grounded and practical is part and parcel of spirituality.

At the level of the base chakra, we learn to relate to the world in the most meaningful way possible.  The initiation at this level asks us to tenderly care for those we are responsible for and not to neglect our duties to others because we are “pursuing spirituality.”

In fact, our spirituality demands that we enter the physical arena.  It demands that we integrate the spiritual and the material.  Ramana Maharshi, one of the great spiritual teachers of modern India, once chided a student who wanted to give up his job and family to serve God.  he said, “Renunciation doesn’t mean giving away your money or abandoning your home..No: a true enunciate actually merges in the world and expands his love to embrace the whole world.”

At energetic levels, the reason it’s important to pay attention to the physical is that the condition of our body determines in part how much energy we are able to hold onto.  God, won’t let a 240-volt flash of light pour through you if the chalice of your body is only able to receive 120-volt charge of light.  Our care for the physical includes not only our body but our physical base.  Our home and our work environment are extensions and expressions of our soul–the crucibles in which we forge our life’s work.  No matter how little money we have, we can be mindful of the importance of beauty in our homes.  The more uplifted we are by our environment, the more creative and fulfilled we will be.

I Strive To Be Non-attached To My Belongings

Most of the lessons associated with our seven energy centers have to do with balance.  While we value the material world as a way to concretely express our spirituality, over-attachment to the physical can tempt us into materialism.  The challenge can be subtler than we realize.  Even the poorest person can become a materialist if he is overly concerned about his possessions (or lack of them) and resents those who have more than he does.  Lao Tzu taught, “To know when you have enough is to be rich.” and that “enough” is different for each of us.

The twentieth-century Indian spiritual leader Sri Aurobindo saw money as a resource that should be used to reconnect us with our Divine Source.  He taught that it is not necessary to completely renounce all money, just as it is unhealthy to be attached to it.  “All wealth belongs to the Divine and those who hold it are trustees, not the possessors,” he said.  “it is with them today; tomorrow it may be elsewhere…In your personal use of money, look on all you have or get or bring as the (Divine) Mother…Always consider that it is her possession and not your own that you are handling…Do not look up to men because of their riches or allow yourself to be impressed by the show, the power, or the influence.

I Look Beyond Outer Appearances To The Inner Essence

As we master the energies of the base chakra, we move from attachment to the outer form to an appreciation of the inner essence.  Another name for attachment to the outer is idolatry.  Idolatry is placing one’s trust in the vessel that houses the Spirit instead of placing one’s trust in the spiritual flame that abides in the vessel.  When we meet someone, do we take a reading based on what they look like and what they are wearing–or do we take a moment to tune into the inner qualities they are expressing.

Idolatry and its sidekicks–over-dependence and co-dependence–are especially challenging in relationships.  In a healthy relationship, each partner can stand on a firm foundation of his own.  It has to be that way so the partners can take turns bolstering each other.  If one of them hasn’t developed his own strong roots, the relationship isn’t really a partnership..

Kahlil Gibran eloquently captured this truth when he wrote of marriage: “Let there be spaces in your togetherness…Sing and dance together and be joyous, but let each one of you be alone, even as the strings of a lute are alone though they quiver with the same music…Stand together yet not too near together: for the pillars of the temple stand apart, and the oak tree and the cypress grow not in each other’s shadow.”

I Honor The Sacred In Nature And Apply Its Lessons To My Life

Another way we enhance our connection with Spirit at the level of the base chakra is to strengthen our connection with Mother Nature.  Our Native American brethren have much to teach us in this regard.  Chief Luther Standing Bear said the Native Americans sat or reclined on the ground with a feeling of being close to “a mothering power.” He said, “The old Indian still sits upon the earth instead of propping himself up and away from its life-giving forces,” because he is “able to think more deeply and to feel more keenly.”

Working with the earth, with plants and with animals increases our sensitivity to life.  We learn to tune into what that plant needs in order to flourish.  Does it have enough sunlight and the right amount of water?  Does its soil have the proper nutrients?  We can apply the same sensitivity to the way we care for others.  People also need care and attention.  They too need optimum conditions in order to flourish.  How beautiful is everything God makes!

I Honor, Respect, And Nurture The Feminine In Myself  And Others

The energy of the base chakra is also referred to as the “Mother light.”  In a spiritually symbolic sense, the physical universe, which associated with the base chakra, represents the feminine (or Mother) principle of God. The spiritual universe represents the masculine (or Father) principle. As the inner traditions of the world’s religions show us, there is another side of the divine: the feminine side, or God as Mother.  This side nurtures, teaches and supports.  She is sacred energy that comforts and heals. The base chakra corresponds to this feminine aspect of life.  The personifications of the feminine are not , at their core, goddesses to be worshiped.  They are embodiments of the feminine attributes of God who teach us by example how we can realize our feminine potential.  We all have a feminine side. When we maintain a vital and balanced flow of energy through the base chakra, we are able to express the caring qualities of the divine feminine.  We too become sensitive to the needs of others.

divine mother

I Conserve My Energy

Those who conserve the energy they receive from their Source are the most creative, joyous and effective people in all fields of endeavor–because they are overflowing with that spiritual energy and they want to share it with others.  What does it mean to conserve energy?  Everyday we receive from our Source an allotment of spiritual energy.  This is the energy that empowers us to think, feel, speak and act.  We all have free will to decide what to do with that energy.  We can–through loving deeds and our spiritual practices–raise that sacred fire to endow all our interactions with that vitality of spirit.

On the other hand, we can dissipate that energy in any one of our chakras through a number of unbalanced activities that don’t add value to our spiritual path.  These could include anything from outbursts of anger to excessive chattering, egoism, criticism, gossip, resentment, non-forgiveness, perverted or excessive sexual activity, jealousy, obsession with material objects, feeling sorry for ourselves, revolving the past, constantly worrying about the future, and so on.

The bottom line is this:  We waste God’s precious energy by diverting it into activities that are not helping us grow spiritually–activities that tie up our energy rather than letting it flow.  The best measuring rod is to ask yourself:   Is what I’m about to do helping me realize more of my spiritual nature?  Is it helping me integrate my spirituality into everyday life?  Is it allowing me to help others in a meaningful way?

When we conserve the energy (the Kundalini) that resides at the base-of-the-spine, it naturally rises to nourish our other centers, activating new levels of spiritual awareness within us.

If you do not care about your vitality and waste it arbitrarily,

that is like putting water into a leaking cup.

-Ancestor Lu

A word of caution about working with the base chakra.  As we work with each of life lessons of the base chakra and use our energy wisely, the energy of our base chakra will naturally rise.  As it does, we will not necessarily fell it in a physical sense because it is taking place at inner levels in our being.  There are several techniques that claim to accelerate the raising of the Kundalini.  However, unless the base chakra is first balanced and cleared these practices can be dangerous.  For as energy rises, it can activate the negatives that we are carrying around with us.  For this reason, I have found it is best to meditate on the upper chakras, from the heart to the crown.  When we intensify the light of our upper chakras they become magnets of light that naturally and safely draw up the energy from the base chakra.

An effective way to purify and accelerate all of our chakras is to access the high-frequency spiritual energy known as the violet flame through prayer and meditation.

Mantra for the Resurrection of the Inner Light

As you say the following affirmation, see and feel the light within you as a mother-of-pearl softness bathing your body in a gentle, suffusing glow.  See the light surround every cell and atom of your body, becoming whiter, and whiter.  As the cells and atoms accelerate they begin to spin–releasing the white light to clear and energize your body, mind and emotions.  As you recite this affirmation, stand with your arms raised over your head.  Imagine that you are directing the energy that is rising up the network of your chakras back to God.

I AM the resurrection and the life of every

cell and atom of my being now made manifest.

Your Seven Energy Centers by Elizabeth Clare Prophet.