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Cosmic Hierarchy

13 Sep

The universal chain of individualized God-free beings fulfilling the attributes and aspects of God’s infinite Selfhood. Included in the cosmic hierarchical scheme are Solar Logoi, Elohim, Sons and Daughters of God, ascended and unascended masters with their circles of chelas, cosmic beings, the twelve solar hierarchies, archangels and angels of the sacred fire, children of the light and nature spirits, called elementals, and twin flames of the Alpha-Omega polarity sponsoring planetary and galactic systems.

This universal order of the Father’s own Self-expression is the means whereby God in the Great Central Sun steps down the Presence and Power of his Universal Being/Consciousness in order that succeeding evolutions in time and space, from the least unto the greatest, might come to know the wonder of his Love. The level of one’s spiritual/physical attainment—measured by one’s balanced self-awareness “hid with Christ in God” and demonstrating his Law, by his Love, in the Spirit-Matter cosmos—is the criterion establishing one’s placement on this ladder of life called hierarchy.

Origen’s conception of hierarchy

In the third century, Origen of Alexandria set forth his conception of a hierarchy of beings, ranging from angels to human beings to demons and beasts. This renowned scholar and theologian of the early Church, who set forth the chief cornerstone of Christ’s doctrine and upon whose works subsequent Church fathers, doctors, and theologians built their traditions, taught that souls are assigned to their respective offices and duties based on previous actions and merits, and that each one has the opportunity to ascend or descend in rank.

Hierarchy in the Book of Revelation

Many beings of the heavenly hierarchy are named in the Book of Revelation. Apart from the false hierarchy of Antichrist, including the reprobate angels, some of the members of the Great White Brotherhood accounted for by Jesus are Alpha and Omega, the Seven Spirits, the angels of the seven churches, the four and twenty elders, the four beasts, the saints robed in white, the two witnesses, the God of the Earth, the Woman clothed with the Sun and her Manchild, Archangel Michael and his angels, the Lamb and his wife, the one hundred and forty-four thousand who have the Father’s name written in their foreheads, the angel of the Everlasting Gospel, the seven angels (i.e., the Archangels of the seven rays) which stood before God, the angel clothed with a cloud and a rainbow upon his head, the seven thunders, the Faithful and True and his armies, and him that sat upon the great white throne.

Twelve solar hierarchies

The twelve solar hierarchies are twelve mandalas of cosmic beings ensouling twelve facets of God’s consciousness; they hold the pattern of that frequency for the entire cosmos. They are identified by the names of the signs of the zodiac, as they focus their energies to the earth through these constellations.

These twelve hierarchies of the Sun are often visualized on the twelve lines of the cosmic clock. Each of these hierarchies has one hundred and forty-four thousand cosmic beings in their service and each of these cosmic beings in turn has one hundred and forty-four thousand angels at their command.

These twelve hierarchies are represented at the Court of the Sacred Fire on Sirius by the four and twenty elders, twelve sets of twin flames, each set having mastery and authority over one of the twelve lines of the sun in manifestation. The four and twenty elders have appointed representatives to assist mankind in overcoming their human creation at the twelve points and attaining their mastery on each line. These representatives work directly under the four and twenty elders, who in turn dispense the blessings of the twelve solar hierarchies.

It is precisely because these twelve ascended masters and their twin flames (if they are ascended) have manifested their victory over the human creation on the particular line of the clock on which they serve that they have been appointed by the twenty-four elders to assist each one evolving upon earth to attain self-mastery.

The ascended masters who serve on each line of the clock and the heavenly hosts who serve with these divine appointees are as follows:

The Twelve Solar Hierarchies
Line of the Clock Hierarchy Representatives of the hierarchies to the earth
12 Capricorn The Great Divine Director and the seven archangels
1 Aquarius Saint Germain and the angelic hosts of light
2 Pisces Jesus and the great hosts of ascended masters
3 Aries Helios and the Great Central Sun Magnet
4 Taurus God Obedience and the seven mighty Elohim
5 Gemini El Morya and the legions of Mercury
6 Cancer Serapis Bey and the great seraphim and cherubim
7 Leo The Goddess of Liberty and the Lords of Karma
8 Virgo Lord Lanto and the Lords of Wisdom
9 Libra Mighty Victory and the Lords of Individuality
10 Scorpio Cyclopea and the Lords of Form
11 Sagittarius Lord Maitreya and the Lords of Mind


Ruby ray

The hierarchy of the ruby ray and the four initiations on the path of the ruby ray

The ruby ray is an intense and holy love that is developed through the path of sacrifice, surrender, selflessness, and service to uplift all sentient life. The ruby ray activates the first secret ray and ultimately all five secret rays. It is the ruby fire of ultimate love that annihilates ignorance and evil.

The hierarchy of the ruby ray

Jesus Christ, Lord Maitreya, Gautama Buddha, and Sanat Kumara are initiators on the path of the ruby ray and hold the offices of the hierarchs of the four quadrants. These offices (embodied by the Four Cosmic Forces) are noted in Ezekiel 1:10 and Revelation 4:7 as the Lion, the Calf (Ox), the Man, and the Flying Eagle.

As diagrammed on the Cosmic Clock, Lord Maitreya represents the Father on the 12 o’clock line (etheric quadrant) in the office of the Lion; Lord Gautama, the Holy Spirit on the 9 o’clock line (physical quadrant) in the office of the Calf; Jesus Christ, the Son on the 3 o’clock line (mental quadrant) in the office of the Man; and Sanat Kumara, the Divine Mother on the 6 o’clock line (emotional quadrant) in the office of the Flying Eagle.

The path of the ruby ray

The path of the ruby ray is the path of sacrifice, selflessness, service and surrender. These four precepts are the key to balancing the threefold flame in the four quadrants, fire, air, water and earth, representing the four lower bodies: etheric, mental, emotional, physical.


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