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Impetus For The New Year

29 Dec

Gautama Buddha meditating


In the stillness of the flame of Shamballa I come. I come with my light, like the fabled wand of old. I come with a rod of energy–God’s energy that bursts as a star. And I stand, the Lord of the World, directing the light of the Ancient of Days to all of the children of my heart whose flames beat one with my own. I come from Shamballa, centered in the Royal Teton, yet I AM everywhere in space and I dwell in the heart of time.

Lo, I AM the Buddha and I AM the fulfillment of your heart’s longing for joy. This is indeed the hour of joy, the very bursting of light in each heart, the impetus for the new year that in actuality does start with winter solstice and the lighting of the taper in the heart of the Great Central Sun as Alpha bows to Omega and extends to her the gift of the flame.

And then Omega steps down from her throne and passes the flame to the legions of seraphim who compose the honor guard of the Divine Mother. And the first of the mighty seraphim, the Captain of the Lord’s Hosts, Justinius, does take that taper from Omega to light the second in command. And one by one the tapers are lit until, across the vastness of spacelessness and timelessness, the mighty seraphim wend their way unto the worlds within and the worlds without.

Curious as it might seem given your understanding of the speed of light, the ritual of the fulfillment of the passing of the taper of the new year does not occur on Terra until the hour of the year’s turning. And so the grand ritual of the hours from the Great Central Sun through millions of galaxies manifests on earth in the moment of the appearance of the mighty thoughtform that descends from the heart of God to the heart of Sanat Kumara, thence into my own heart as the adoration to the Cosmic Virgin is sent forth from this planetary orb.

As we receive the impartation of the taper, we return that fire and that love back to Omega, and this is the grand ritual of millions and millions of hosts of light, Buddhas, and consciousnesses one with the Elohim. And therefore, when that focal point of light does reach our heart and we send it back, there is the weaving of the cosmic daisy.

And for each and every one who receives the taper of the Mother in the Central Sun, there is the return current that forms another petal of this cosmic daisy. And the yellow center is indeed the Great Central Sun Magnet, and all of these petals in all dimensions going forth are the action of the flow of the love of the hosts of light for Alpha and Omega and the love that is returned. And this weaving–this weaving of this grand design is for the action, the interaction, and the integration of life flow–as Above, so below.

Do you know, you have spoken of Spirit and of Mater. I desire to tell you something this night concerning the energy of God. It is that as that energy pulsates from Alpha to Omega and to the worlds within and the worlds without, microsecond by microsecond that energy is becoming Matter, becoming Spirit, becoming Matter. You cannot even calculate the fragments of time. They are so infinite, as it were, in their smallness as almost to be not increments at all, but the mighty cosmic flow.

But I desire that you should know that you may elevate and accelerate your consciousness and your vision that the planes of the consciousness of God are not simply two large bands across a cosmos, one of Spirit and one of Matter, but instead there is an infinitude of the bouncing of energy from Spirit to Matter until the entire cosmos is simply one pulsating sphere of God. Suspended in that sphere am I, suspended in that sphere are you. And in that suspension we find that soul, that becoming, that Elohim.

Do you really know when you are on earth and when you are in heaven? Do you really know when you are Spirit or Matter? Moment by moment the pulsation of energy from the heart to the farthest periphery is a focalization of intensity. But then all is stillness as the worlds seem to be still, as energy seems to be motionless, and even you seem to be in the stillness of your flame of meditation. In this stillness is a vast movement, a vast cycling of the energy that is God.

Now that I have taught you a lesson, a first lesson in the all-chemistry of God, can you not then take my hand and come with me and skip in and out of planes of consciousness? Come with me in your finer body this night, in your soul. Come to the Royal Teton Retreat and come to Shamballa, the goal. Can you not see how easy it is to lay aside one vehicle for another, or to accelerate this vehicle to the point of an etheric consciousness? God will withhold nothing from you.

Enter, then, the sphere of harmony in this beginning of the new year.

Excerpt from Pearl of Wisdom®, Vol. 20, No. 23 – Beloved Gautama Buddha – June 5, 1977

What is The Higher Self?

1 Jul

Think of a sun, a spiritual sun.  It appears to be white-hot but it feels cool to you.  For you are a part of that sun.  You are concentrated light, energy and consciousness, bursting with potential.  This sun is the spiritual source of all life.  It doesn’t have spatial coordinates.  It’s not separated from you by distance.  It simply exists as pure Spirit.  This sun is light.  It is God.  It is your Father and your Mother.  It is called the Central Sun.  Once you enjoyed being a part of this sun.  You reveled in the feeling of oneness with all creation. But you also wanted to experiment with your potential, your own ability to create, to ensoul matter with Spirit. You entered other dimensions, sometimes creating perfectly and other times imperfectly.  You may have designed cities, created sculptures or gardens, or simply existed in a state of bliss with God’s creatures.

Then, traveling through the world of form, you first contacted imperfection.  As you interacted with others and then engaged in negativity yourself, the imperfection multiplied and boomeranged back to you.  A shadow can between you and the Sun.  You became enmeshed in imperfect creation.  You forgot what it was like to be part of the Sun.  You could not find your way back to your original state.  Lost in shadows, your fiery nature cooled.  Now you could not return home since you could no longer withstand the awesome heat of the Sun in which your spirit had been forged.  Your soul fell asleep, forgetting its origins and it potential to create as God creates.

But your Father and Mother had foreseen this.  They did not leave you alone. They gave you a replica of that Sun, an I AM Presence, so that you would always remember where you came from–and always have a way to return.  And they gave you a mediator who would bridge the gap between you and your I AM Presence and awaken your soul to her lost identity.  This mediator between God and man is called your Christ Self.  Together the I AM Presence and Christ Self make up what is commonly referred to as the Higher Self.

God Self of higher self

What is the I AM Presence?  Your I AM Presence is more than just an image or a copy; it possesses all of the qualities of the original.  It is your individual God-identity, your God Self.  And God is God is God–every particle of God contains all of the whole.   The following picture represents your I AM Presence; including your God Self, your Christ Self and you.


Your Higher Self is your Real Self, the self that you identify with today is just a tiny fraction of that mighty being that you are.  When you contact that state of oneness, you’ll find that you can once again use your God-given power to create.  And you will enjoy the bliss that you knew with God in the beginning.  You will be able to put on once again the image and likeness of God in which you were originally made.

Access the Power of Your Higher Self by Elizabeth Clare Prophet