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Torrents of Divine Love

29 Jan

Beloved ones of the Light, I remind you that God is the Lord of the Harvest. I remind you that each grain of wheat springs forth because of divine energy. And as the Christ reminded them that the very hairs of their head were numbered, so I say to you today, bear in mind that each one of you is a living, immortal manifestation of God. In order to realize this, you must drink into it and begin from day to day to increasingly think of yourselves as a manifestation of God…

It is ever a mistake to permit the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune to penetrate into the inner being of you. You must stand guard there and see that no discord touches your world. The best way that you can do this is to follow the admonishments of beloved Saint Germain and maintain a firm decree for the wondrous tube of Light to be established invulnerably against the inroads of human imperfection.

But in addition to doing that, there are also a number of other things which you can do. Chief among them is that when you behold discord acting on the outside, you say to your own God Presence:  “Mighty I AM Presence, You are the only Presence that is acting here!  Take command and control of this situation and see that it has no power to disturb me or any part of Life”…

Through wandering away from the center of your being–for the kingdom of God is within you–you have come to think upon yourself as separate and apart from God. And in this thought of separation, the Light that is within you has been cut off, as it were, by the accumulation of that admitted human discord which, as tarry substance, clogs the very pores of your being and prohibits the expansion of the Sacred Fire–just as when a damper or a draft is cut off from a grate, the fire slows down its action and does not brightly blaze. So when an individual has clogged the pores of his being, of his mental body, of his physical body, and of all his four lower bodies with discordant substance, there is then a slowing-down of the spiritual processes whereby that individual enters into a state of density and a proneness to both error and illness.

When individuals who would follow this Light desire to escape from the powers of the outer, they will enter into the Heart of the Sacred Fire within and demand an expansion of that Sacred Fire; and they will remove by cosmic decree and by calls to their own mighty I AM Presence all discordant substance from their own world. By the removal of this impediment, the pure and precious Spirit called the Holy Spirit will rush in to fan the flame to feed the Sacred Fire within man and to regenerate not only the physical form but also the mental body of man and the etheric body, to revive there the memory of those powers which have been stored there from the time before the world was, before the decadent civilizations and the errors of past infamy were ever known.

Vol. 15 No. 41 – Beloved Vaivasvata Manu – October 8, 1972 part 1 and 2. thesummitlighthouse.org