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How to Ascend

2 Apr

The ascended masters have told us that the entire goal of life is finding God. And when we have found God, our goal then becomes to merge with Him in the ascension.

There you go. That’s the key spiritual formula upon which all true pathways to God are built: find God; become God.

Now, all that’s left to do is…the doing! Piece of cake, right? Hardly.

Of course, we know that all paths leading to God are filled with the highs and lows that constitute life in earth’s schoolroom. Even the ascended masters acknowledge that earth is a particularly challenging place to navigate.

The path to our ascension constantly brings us face to face with our karma, with all the considerations and demands of our sacred labor, with the fulfillment of our divine blueprint, with balancing our threefold flame and myriad spiritual chores of all kinds.

Pictures of God in Heaven

But rather than drudgery, our spiritual chores can be joyous. That’s because we know where they’re taking us. The goal acts like a magnet pulling us ever closer and closer to our Godly goal.

So is there a tried and true formula for finding God and making our ascension? Yes!

We ascend daily! Day-by-day, step-by-step we climb the mountain of mastery until, finally, we emerge victorious. And while the ultimate victory is our goal, that one victory is made up of all the daily victories we have carved out of life.

Victories of grace and gratitude, of service, self-sacrifice, selflessness and surrender, victories of forgiveness, victories of love.

They come in all shapes and sizes, and taken together, they are the body of work that is anchored as treasure in our causal bodies. They are the bouquet, garnered from our earthly victory garden that we bring to the Father when we have taken that final ascending step into His heart and into our immortality.

Look ahead for a moment and imagine the beaming masters and the joyous choirs of angels saluting you for all the victories great and small that you achieved each and every day on our Homeward path.

When our lives are shaped by gratitude, we’re more likely to notice ...

The Summit Lighthouse

Your Real Inner Self

10 Jul

So another video to discuss our inner beings which we have been speaking about in earlier blogs.  After this we will move on to more information about the violet flame which can help us transmute our personal and planetary karma.

The Flame of Mother

19 Jun

kuanyin mother mary mother of the world

God is the androgynous whole, and we can speak to God as Father and we can speak to God as Mother.  The Chinese have the magnificent symbol of the T’ai Chi representing the masculine and the feminine aspects of the Whole. All things come from the circle of energy of the plus and the minus, the Alpha and Omega.  This energy as God is present within us all, and as we meditate upon this energy, we can feel the wholeness of the presence of the Father-Mother God.

The Aquarian age is the age of the Holy Spirit and it is also destined to be the age of the rise of the feminine principal–of God as the Mother.  We see this reflected in women all over the world coming into their own after thousands of years not realizing their true identity in a world dominated by the masculine ray.  Our devotion to God as Mother will create the balance in the individual and in our civilization that is necessary for the alchemy of self-transformation.

Ancient civilizations have risen and fallen by the use or misuse of the light of the Mother flame. The culture of the Mother is the culture that existed on the golden-age civilization of Lemuria and Atlantis.  Now is th emoment when we must work to restore the true culture of America and all nations, which is the culture of the Mother of the World.  The Mother of the World is the object of the adoration and meditation of the Buddhas and the Christs.  She is seeking her children and desires to resue them from the burdens that beset them.  The principle of the Mother Flame is exemplified and personified by ascended lady masters of heaven, great beings such as Mother Mary, the divine mother of the West, and Kuan Yin, compassionate saviouress of the East.

In each one of us individually, the Mother light is anchored in the base-of-the-spine chakra, the fount of the Mother, and the Father energy is focused in the crown chakra.  As the two unite in the heart chakra, the Father and Mother principles within us give birth to Christ consciousness.  One means to gently raise the light of the Mother from the base to the crown is through the giving of the rosary.