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America is the Spirit of Freedom

6 Jun

America is moving forward into vastness of cosmic consciousness. Her genius, rising in a spiral, is ever pushing the limits of freedom to larger dimensions of consciousness. The soul of America is being prepared to define that freedom which is the ultimate discipline of the self according to the will of God. When the soul of America gains self mastery in the flame of Aquarius, it will expand true freedom to every nation with a fervor that will not be quenched and the golden age that is to be on Terra will be realized as the age of Aquarius.


“In the land of the free and the home of the brave, I AM come to manifest life–life that is freedom and freedom that is the life that cannot be lived without the definitions of opportunity, the safeguards of God-government and the eternal flow of the abundance of the Almighty.

Certain conditions necessary to the evolution of souls have been secured in this nation, have been confirmed not merely by laws written but by a culture and by an education, by a foundation and a way of life that has been called America. As the intangible spirit of the soul winging toward its freedom, so is this life. Because it is an essential spiritual quality, it does not occur to mankind that this almost vapory like quality of existence is thinning, is becoming polluted, is fading away…”

“The saturation of the children by the momentums of the entities of horror, of sex, of death and of greed have so distorted the crystal-clear image of the Christ that even when we send forth our energies of the violet flame, a certain percent of these energies are taken into matrices that are not the true freedom of the light but only a false freedom fabricated on the basis of an ideology that is not in life but in death…

We call for a revival of freedom and for a revolution of light! We call for an action of victory! We call for an action of flow! We demand that the movement of the violet flame be free and that individuals be not bound by endless laws that have been created because the flow of love is not present…

American people are intended to develop the heart chakra. The mighty heart chakra of this nation is intended to be the flow of the Christ consciousness in the love of one another, loving one another as Christ has loved his disciples, as the disciples have loved Christ. This is the definition of love. It is the love, the precious love of the Mother for the incoming soul, the love of the Father for the Mother. It is the love of the light. It is the love of children. It is the essential consecration of life to the bubbling brook of freedom…

And therefore, because this lie is believed, the consciousness of those who are entrapped by the lie are cut off from the great flow of the energies of the planes of Spirit. And therefore, mankind has made their own laws–laws that are the laws of sin and the sinful consciousness and the separate consciousness. Having chosen to live according to these laws, these laws are the final determining factor in their lives; and they have created a cell consciousness outside of the body of God.”

Archangel Zadkiel

Let us come together in prayer and dynamic decree and show the world that America is the heart.



thesummitlighthouse.org, Elizabeth Clare Prophet back cover of the Greater Way of Freedom,

POW Vol. 44 No. 24 – Beloved Archangel Zadkiel and Holy Amethyst – June 17, 2001, A Thrust and a Roll and a Ho, Ho, Ho! Part 1

Heart of the Violet Flame and God-Government

18 Jun


“I AM Zadkiel of the light, priest of the sacred fire and of the Order of Melchizedek. I AM the sponsor of priests and priestesses of the seventh ray. I initiate the cycles of life, of freedom, and I come to accelerate that violet flame in the very presence of world tyranny and the tyrants themselves—into the very teeth I come with that blazing violet flame that does transmute death and the momentums of death which the fallen ones would put upon this planetary body.

My beloved hearts, this is the seventh age. It is the age of the coming of the soul, the soul of light, the spirit of Maitreya, and the flame of Mother—these three invincible, lo, I AM! And these are the three dots of Morya. And by that flame and by that light, so are worlds conquered!

We, the seven archangels, lead the hosts of heaven with Archangel Michael, with Saint Germain, with the Lord Christ. By the mighty bubbling fountain of the violet flame, there is amplified every other flame of the spectrum of God. And the resurrection flame itself pulses higher this day by the gift of the God of Freedom to the Earth.

I AM Zadkiel. I raise my hands and with a thrust and with a roll, with a ho!  ho!  ho!  I roll back the darkness across this land and I expose the Virgin wilderness, the promised land, the holy innocents, and the original divine blueprint of Saint Germain!

The government shall not be upon the shoulders of these mere mortals but that the government of these United States of America, of the promised land of all that is real shall be governed by that Christ who is raised up within you.

For lo, he said, “And I, if I be lifted up, will draw all men unto me.” Therefore, unto you who raise up the mighty sacred fire as the Mother flame, raising that sacred fire of light—you who raise up the Person of the Christ, upon that Christ and upon that mantle shall be the government of this nation.

And we, therefore, have received from the Cosmic Council and the Solar Logoi this dispensation whereby the God-government of the galaxies transmitted from the God Star Sirius will be transmitted through the sons and daughters of God, and all that transpires in the government of this nation shall pass through the sacred heart of our sons and daughters who have raised up the living Word.”


thesummitlighthouse.org, Vol. 23 No. 19 – Beloved Archangel Zadkiel – May 11, 1980,” The Electronic Presence of the Heart of the Violet Planet
Centered in the Earth—the God-Government of the Galaxies Transmitted from Sirius through the Sons and Daughters of God