The Essence of Love

6 Feb


Precious Seekers for your own Freedom, know that the full Power of the three-times-three is released in the mighty stream of Love that issues forth from God’s Heart and, filling the Universe with abundant Joy, flows forth into thine own Heart. This is the Cosmic Fount of Pure Love and It springs up as the crowning Radiance of each manifestation—of Nature, of the Angelic Host and of Man.

It is to this Love of God that We must pay tribute whenever we enjoy the full floral fragrances of the many manifestations of natural beauty nodding in the sunlight and fresh air. This Love is also the motivating Power behind all Angelic action. Therefore, those who would draw very close to the Angelic Host, that they might receive their Protection, Radiance and Blessing, will be most wise to keep harmonious at all times and to shun all forms of human discord.

That Love, which is the greatest Love found in Man, is the Love which lays down its own life daily to keep the well-being of its friend. What greater Service can be rendered to Life than simply to manifest Love? Remember that true Love is the Great Magnet that draws forth the Power of God’s Heart, charged with His Holy Wisdom. The secret of the evocation of Power, then, really lies within the Heart of Love. And it must be acknowledged that those men and women of the First Ray who so successfully invoke Power do so through turning to the Great Power of Love and drawing thereupon from the Power of God.

Unfortunately, some among mankind—surely through ignorance—seek to find a flaw in Our Thoughts and Our released Ideas. Now, the human mind can be very tricky and stubborn. If individuals determine that they are going to find a flaw or contradiction in Our Words, be assured that they will. I regret that such are moved by their own ignorance and desire for self-righteousness but I cannot be moved to undue concern for them. One day they will humbly seek Truth.

However, I am concerned for the sincere and would therefore mention the law of opposites, i.e. thesis and antithesis; for some who consider an Ascended-Master postulation or thesis do not take this law into account nor understand that in the great balance of God’s Wisdom and Love of Wisdom there is always the necessary manifestation of antithesis to be reckoned with. This law functions in the human reasoning process and, when it comes “full circle” in the individual’ s experience, supports Truth and exposes error. The seekers for fallacy can always find a false answer in the very system of human logic which will support or justify their own ends according to the premise taken, but Divine Truth stands as a Sun of Love to melt the most brittle and frigid human concepts.

Just as there is a positive pole, so there is a negative pole of the same quality. For example, the opposite pole of pure Love is hate and, as I have often said, even mild dislike is a form of hate. This is so because true Love is always pure and does not contain within it the adulteration of any form of hate; true Love is always understanding, yet not necessarily always understood! From a Heart of true Love then, the words, “Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do” (Luke 23:34) are easily uttered.

Words of criticism and condemnation; words of judgment and words of malintent, do not spontaneously spring forth from a Heart accustomed to attunement with God’s Mighty Flame of Love. As has been well said, “He that loveth not his brother, whom he hath seen, how can he love God whom he hath not seen?” (I John 4:20) And this maxim still speaks Truth when it is reversed to read, “If you do not see God and sense His Love you cannot truly love your brother.” For the true Love of the Universe is always drawn forth from God’s Heart, which is the great Source of Truth, Life, and every benign Quality.

I would like to say here that inasmuch as there is no other Source for Love but God, and as so many have for so long been “absent from the Lord,” many do not yet have the means within themselves to understand that which they do not already possess. Now, if any find that he cannot summon Love for his brethren, or compassion for the world and its problems, let him reckon, then, that this indexes a state of dryness within himself, which needs to be infused with Eternal Love by a mighty Invocation. As the Christ spake, “Cast thy net upon the right side of the boat and ye shall find” (John 21:6), so, then, let all who would manifest more Love, but who do not feel Its mighty pulsations and cannot seem to successfully invoke It toward all Life upon Earth, recognize their need for greater attunement. This indicates a very serious deficiency which is not to be taken lightly. Unless you continually invoke Love and expand It within your world, there is a great tendency to shrivel up the other aspects of the Threefold Flame which you are already manifesting,

I cannot honestly say that I marvel to witness the number of spiritual seekers who desire to have Power over themselves and also over other parts of Life and yet who seem to ignore the vital need to express Love. Remember that the Unfed Flame which is the fullness of the manifestation of the tripartite Flame of Love, Wisdom and Power must be totally invoked. Any partial manifestation does not generate the complete Freedom-cutting action of the Unfed Flame, which so completely expands God’ s Kingdom within the seeker.

B. Divine Love

Let us then define Love. As the worlds were framed by Love, Love is both sagacious and potent; for each part of the Unfed Flame is complementary to every other part and to the whole. But, Love in Essence is the very inner Being of God. It is, therefore, the Holy Spirit in action! Every one who loves, then, is born of the Spirit. And it can well be said they who do not love have not yet come unto Life.

Love is penetrative and expansive; Love is enfolding and transmutative; Love is Patience and Understanding; Love is Wisdom and Strength. Love is Virtue and Purity. Love is Dedication and Constancy. Love is the combination of all of the Qualities of God, and yet there is added thereto an ingredient not yet wholly known to Man and one which We cannot wholly define here for many reasons, except to say that the Fullness of Love is the very secret of Life!

Beloved Saint Germain, POW Vol 7 No. 8, Trilogy on the Threefold Flame of Life III LOVE, February 21, 1964

The Summit Lighthouse.0rg

The Responsibility of the Violet Transmuting Flame

3 Jan



Contemplate well the violet transmuting flame in its great application of cosmic mercy. Recognize that simply because it works for you is not enough. It works for all who call upon it, but this is not enough. The violet transmuting flame and its use thereof entails an enormous responsibility on the part of the chela who seeks to manifest his own heavenly kingship. The chela must recognize that because the violet transmuting flame is a flame of mercy, it ought to stimulate within his consciousness a recognition of the quality of mercy to every part of life.

And therefore, hardness of heart toward other parts of life cannot be tolerated in those who use the violet transmuting flame. If it is there, you will find, precious ones, that sooner or later the violet transmuting flame will break in you that condition of hardness of heart which prevents you from feeling the flow of the mercy flame from God’s own heart. You cannot sustain within yourself two focuses—one a focus of transmutation and the other a focus of hardness. If you do, it will break you yourself and bring you down. Therefore recognize that you must use the violet transmuting flame for its God-appointed and God-intended purpose so that you may free yourself from all hardness and density, all recalcitrance and darkness, all shadow in your world, and understand the great compassion of life that would raise you up—buoyantly, joyously, fervently—and assist you to your ascension in the light.

I would like today to call to the attention of the students, one and all, the cosmic law involving the ascension that the students may understand that the ascension, while it is a gift of God, must be understood. And when the students call for their ascension, they must understand what they are calling for. And, if they understand what they are calling for, they will recognize the need to live as an ascended being would while here below, and they will not allow petty differences and petty jealousy and petty conditions to interfere with their own freedom in the light.

I tell you, precious ones, it is a travesty before God and nature that individuals who claim they are seeking the ascension and their freedom in the light will continue year after year to make the same mistakes and enter into the same spirit of error—calling forth the violet transmuting flame to free themselves from the feeling of error and the feeling of darkness and the feeling of shadow without understanding and comprehending that the violet transmuting flame is intended to give them their freedom from the condition itself as well as the feeling about the condition. If individuals will understand this, they will understand the correct use of the flame; and, as they understand the correct use of the flame, they will find that it will produce in a more efficacious manner the freedom for which they seek.

This dictation by Elohim Arcturus was dictated to the Messenger Mark L. Prophet at the Retreat of the Resurrection Spiral on January 15, 1967, published in the 1978 Pearl of Wisdom Vol. 21 No. 27The Responsibility of the Violet Transmuting Flame: The Fiat and the Tree.

The Antahkarana of Power

30 Dec


Now comes the will of God!
Now comes the will of God!
Now comes the will of God!
And see how the energies roll
Into the inner blueprint,
Into the matrix of the law
Of each one’s Christed being.
I kneel before the altar of the will of God
And I say, O God, thank you for thy law!
O God, thank you for thy will!
In this is salvation still
For earth, for elemental life,
For the angelic hosts and blest humanity.

I AM Morya, your friend old and new,
Known forever unto you,
You who are in the diamond of God’s will.
Do you remember when
We swam in the sea of cosmos together,
Souls aborning,
Souls putting on skeins of the cosmic will?
Do you remember
How we said to one another,
”How glorious is this mighty blue fire!
We will stay in this fire forevermore”?

And as the cycles rolled
And others of the seven rays began to enfold the soul,
Some of you chose to follow the way of wisdom
And of love, of purity, of truth,
Of service, of science, of healing, of freedom.
And so you chose your path to Christhood
And to Buddha hood on one of the seven rays.
But you remembered your friend Morya,
Who tarried in the will of God
Forever and a day,
Who was created to say,
”I love thy will, O God. I love thy will, O God.
I love thy will, I love thy will, I love thy will.”
And here I am with you,
With you in this joyous moment of freedom,
Saying still, “I love thee, O my God,
In the eternal will.”

Now in the very core of the atoms
Of the flame of freedom
Which the magnificent violet-flame angels
Have spread across the land this day,
I consecrate the diamond of my will
And my attainment on that path,
Path to Hercules’ retreat,
Path to Half Dome which I have walked
So many, many times that my feet
Have carved a path in the rock.
Perhaps one day you will find my footsteps
To the retreat of my own Guru
And you will remember the one
Who was enamored by the Elohim
Because of his cosmic consciousness of will.

And so I consecrate
And I add my own flame
In support of Saint Germain,
And I lay out the royal blue carpet
For the coming of the God of Freedom to this city.
And I proclaim him president of the nations,
Master of ceremonies, guardian of the flame!
He is my master also.
And when I worship at the shrine of freedom,
It is to his heart that I come–
To the heart of blest Joseph,
Father of the Christed One,
Father of the Manchild within you.

Angels of the will of God, come forth!
Come forth now
With a mighty sealing action of freedom’s ray!
And now let us see what we will do this day–
We who are devotees of fire–
What we will do for freedom,
For victory, for America.
We will place our focuses of God’s will;
We will put them here and there
And in the hearts of people,
In the rocks and in the flowers,
In the streams and in the mountains,
In the cities and in the towers,
In the skyscrapers.
And we will publish it abroad,
Even in the newspapers.

The will of God will come forth!
Let it come forth!
Let it come forth to tell,
To tell of the magic and the moment
And the miracle of the Mother
And of Maitreya
And the magnificent followers of God
Who in this moment of a cosmos rejoicing,
Inundating waves of light,
Do stand in the foam, on the sand,
One with the shore and with the sea,
As hand in hand these devotees know
That the will of God is a poetry and a song;
It is the meditation of the heart all day long.
It is the light,
And it is the void of the night
Into which we project
Cosmic consciousness of Virgin pure,
Womb of God and fiery stars
All inside becoming children,
Children, children of the heart of love.

The will of God is marching on.
The will of God is marching!
Legions of the will are marching,
And we bring the banner of the victory
Of the turning of the tide.
Let those who have joined
The light revolution
Know that the rod of power
Is thrust into the hand of the Mother
And the electrodes of power are placed
Within the hearts of her children.
Now let us see what darkness and deceit,
What degeneration and deception
Can stand against the moment
Of the coming of the light of God.

And with the turning of the hours
And the dawning of the day
And the moment of the beginning
Of the Fourth of July,
The Mother light will begin to flow
And to glow and to flow and to glow,
And all of Earth and all of her evolutions
Will have a new cycle and a new moment.

I AM Morya,
Morya in love with the Divine Mother!
I AM Morya,
Come to proclaim the mighty mantle of that Mother
That is large enough to enfold evolutions
And lifewaves of all systems of worlds.
I AM with the Buddha
In the heart of the Mother,
I AM with the Mother
In the heart of the Buddha.

I AM in you the perpetual reminder
That God is ever new.
And I AM the new friend also,
For I AM not in any moment
The Morya you have known.
For life is transcending life.
And where I stand and where I serve
And from that point in Darjeeling
Where I project the light
Of God-government to the nations,
God as law, as principle, as science
Is transcending himself.

Day by day, we are renewed
And transformed from glory unto glory.
So is the coming
Of the will of God
In our hearts.
And the Elohim have pronounced
The writing of the light in the sky,
And by the rainbow of their consciousness
They have carved an ark of a covenant
Of God and man.
Lo, this is the Word of thy Maker!
Children of Israel, children of reality,
This is the Word!

In the will of God,
In the will of God is the commandment.
In the will of God is the covenant.
And in the will of God is the compassion of the Lord,
Who sends his hosts and his legions
To the children God adored.
This is the Word, this is the Word
That God writes in the azure blue,
The celestial dome,
This is the Word:
O chelas, come home,
O chelas mine, into my heart!
Come now for the thrust,
And in sacred trust take my hand
And let me show you the power and the glory.
Let me show you the light within.

Beloved El Morya, POW Vol 44 No 30 July 3, 1976,

The Christmas Rose A Calling to the Heart of God

27 Dec
The Christmas Rose – A Calling to the Heart of God.


I show you the midnight of my coming, and I show you the sky and worlds beyond, illumined by thousands upon thousands of stars and bodies. How you have wondered before this sight as a child! And with childlike wonder you still consider the heavens and all that they contain.

I say to you each one, be the Christmas star! Let your star shine as your Causal Body in heaven, as your great Dharmakaya. Let it shine! Let it draw nigh to you as you draw nigh to it! Practice the Presence of God by daily making your vessel the biding place of the I AM THAT I AM. Do this, beloved.

As you belong to God–and I have said ye are God’s–so you are also that God-manifestation. Let not time or space or self-condemnation or sense of worthlessness take from you the true joy of this day, [nor the joy] that because I have come in this two-thousand-year cycle and come again from ancient cycles, there is the reconnecting of your heart to the heart of the living Christ if you seek that path of initiation.

[This day,] there is the reigniting of the flame in those who seek the rekindling of the flame. [This day,] there is the present possibility of that return to the paradise lost, to the great golden age whence you have descended at great cost and loss to yourself.Celebrate, then, that God called me but celebrate also that he called you and that your star can rise. It can be a nova and through you the great Lord may contact many. Do not lose sight of this perspective; for if you do, beloved, if you lose the vision, you will forfeit so great an opportunity as has not come to you in many ten thousands of years.

I proclaim to you: It is the hour of the union of twin flames at inner levels, of the union of great spheres of Light for a cosmic purpose. As you are “alive” (as much as one is alive in this condition), “alive and well on planet earth,” you have the great, great opportunity of being the anchor point of your own Causal Body and that of your twin flame and, through the twain, to draw forth the Light of the ancient Gurus back to the Great Central Sun.

May you take the great teaching that has been given and rejoice that this is the day of the Christmas Rose for you and your Beloved. Wherever each one of you is on the Path, there is a fusion of Causal Bodies for the great, great purpose of the fulfillment of your mission. Remember this and be one-pointed.

I am Jesus, your brother, your friend, your teacher, avatar of the age, desiring so to strengthen you that you might be unto the many what I have been unto you. Keep on keeping on, beloved, for your track is direct to the star of great, great hope.

I seal you in this hour that you might rejoice yet more hours this day in what it really means to be the Christmas Rose. In celebration of Christmas, the following is an excerpt from Jesus’ Christmas 1991 address, “The Christmas Rose, I Call You to the Heart of God published in the 1991 Pearls of Wisdom Vol. 34 No. 67.

Prayers are Powerful Reflections of God

14 Nov



Prayers are spoken, sung and chanted in churches, temples and mosques around the world.

Prayers, mantras, or chants – the spoken word – are at the heart of the world’s spiritual traditions, East and West, whether as the Jewish Shema and Amidah, the Christian Our Father, the Muslim Shahadah, the Hindu Gayatri or the Buddhist Om Mani Padme Hum.

Perhaps the practice is so widespread because people of many religions instinctively recognize the effectiveness of spoken prayer.

In the Jewish mystical tradition, Kabbalists teach that by calling upon and meditating on the names of God, we can tap into an infinite source of power to restore peace and harmony to this world.

Catholic tradition tells us that Saint Clare of Assisi saved her convent during an attack by Saracens when she held up the Eucharist and prayed aloud.

Hindu writings contain powerful accounts of yogis who have used mantras for protection and wisdom, to enhance their concentration and meditation, and to help them achieve enlightenment and oneness with God.

No matter what religion you practice (or none), you can add decrees to your devotions. Decreeing is a very effective and powerful way to harness the power of spoken prayer for positive change—for yourself, your nation and the planet. It is the divine key to personal transformation, world transformation and spiritual transformation!

It’s a spiritual axiom that whatever you put your mind on and whatever you pour your heart into will come true. That’s why our thoughts and dreams, our hopes and visions are all-important.

And that’s why what you think about while you are praying or decreeing makes a big difference in how effective your prayers and decrees are. It’s the mind-body connection.

If your mind is concentrating on your Higher Self or on the flame in your heart while you pray, you are energizing yourself with that light and taking on those spiritual patterns in your body.

If, on the other hand, you put your attention on negativity or lower vibrations, you will take on those patterns. That is why, for example, violence on TV or in movies is not a healthy diet for children or adults.

We must always keep our eye on the positive outcome. We must visualize the highest good we can imagine—peace on earth, brotherhood, a clean environment.

For what we together focus on, we will create.

Both mystics and scientists have demonstrated the benefits of repetitive prayer.

Hindus and Buddhists tell us that repetition allows the mind to focus on God.

Repetitive prayer is more prominent in Eastern religion than in Christianity, but it is still an important part of religious life in the West. Protestants sing hymns and offer lengthy prayers, depending on the denomination. Catholics recite the rosary repeating the Our Father and the Hail Mary, celebrate the Mass, sing hymns and experience peace in the sounds of ancient Gregorian chants. (The Cathars used to repeat the Lord’s Prayer as many as forty times a day.)

Jewish mystics described a similar feeling after repeating the names of God. They called it a transforming moment in which they entered the highest state of consciousness possible for human beings.

The Eastern Orthodox Church has also preserved a tradition of repetitive prayer.

From the Buddhists and Hindu mala (Sanskrit “garland”), to the Catholic rosary, Anglican prayer beads, to the Muslim misbaja many faiths have a form of prayer beads to track their repetitive prayer rituals.


But for centuries, skeptics pooh-poohed repetitive prayer as a superstition without measurable benefit, often confusing Jesus’ remonstration against rote prayer to include all repetitive prayer. Now, science has come to the aid of religion—a doctor at Harvard Medical School documenting beneficial physical effects from repetitive prayer, including the very prayers that monks used for centuries.

Many who decree have also felt this oneness with God.

For centuries, mystics have been telling us that sound actually creates matter. (A mystic is someone who seeks direct contact or union with God.) Hindu, Buddhist and Jewish mystics believe that the Word creates and pervades everything that exists.

But, the sound by which all things are created isn’t just any sound. It’s the Word of God.

In the Bible John wrote, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” Interestingly, in the ancient Hindu Vedas we read, “In the beginning was Brahman with whom was the Word, and the Word is Brahman.”

Mystics believe the world is a reflection of infinite combinations of sound patterns. They say that all things, from the biggest star to the smallest flower—and even you and I—are coagulations of sound waves.

On a cosmic scale, there may be evidence that sound has left its imprint on the galaxies. Some scientists argue that the galaxies are not arranged at random but in a regular pattern of clusters. Now researchers are suggesting that it was primordial sound waves that helped create this pattern of clusters.1

In the field of cymatics, Prof. Hans Jenny, a Swiss scientist, found that sound waves passed through various kinds of malleable matter, such as paste and sand, caused the formation of geometric patterns.

Following Jenny’s lead, photographer Alexander Lauterwasser photographed the patterns on the surface of water set into motion by the sound of pure sine waves, vocal music and music by Beethoven. Looking at these patterns, we can begin to imagine how creation by sound might occur.

The more one studies these things, the more one realizes that sound is the creative principle. It must be regarded as primordial. No single phenomenal category can be claimed as the aboriginal principle. We cannot say, in the beginning was number, or in the beginning was symmetry, etc. These are categorical properties which are implicit in what brings forth and what is brought forth. By using them in description we approach the heart of the matter. They are not themselves the creative power. This power is inherent in tone, in sound.   – Hans Jenny

We can harness that sound force for positive change. The mystics of East and West have connected with the power of creation by repeating spoken mantras and the names of God.

Many people are discovering that if they use the energy of sound properly, they can create positive change in every area of life.

By ultimate knowledge of sound, man can not only create, but he can also destroy. This is why the masters and gurus of the East require long periods of testing and proving of the chelas before each level of greater power can be bestowed by the giving of the inner secrets of the Word.

Nevertheless, the use of sound is available unto anyone who makes the effort—and upon the magnitude of effort rests the degree of control, power and spiritual attunement that comes into our lives.     – Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Prayer is sound and has power. The power of God.

1. See Sound Waves May Drive Cosmic Structure, Science News 151, 11 January 1997.



Too Blessed to Be Stressed

11 Nov


Stress. It’s something we all deal with. And how well we deal with stress can go a long way toward determining how happy, healthy and balanced we are.

While there may be some truth to the notion that ‘what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger,’ there are better ways of not only surviving stress in our lives, but actually thriving through stressful episodes.

Turning the tables on stress may ultimately come down to a simple change of attitude. In other words, if you don’t like what’s going on, change your mind! This gives you control, so you cease being a ‘victim’ of stress and stressful situations, and, instead, become the victor.

But how do you do that?

One way is with spiritual tools like decrees and the violet flame. With violet flame, every challenge becomes an opportunity to transcend our psychology, raise our consciousness and lift our souls and spirits higher.

And by using these tools regularly, we will soon be able to say to the world that we’re too blessed to be stressed.

Clean out the realm of the mental body and all the records of episodes that have been impressed upon it for thousands of years. When you self-empty and then call to God to fill you, giving the prayer “Come, occupy! occupy! occupy! my beloved Christ Self,” day by day by day you will have that clearing. And you may live to rejoice in these very bodies over the complete clearing of all past records. You may live to accomplish the balancing of 100 percent of your karma so that you may fill your vessels with light! light! light! qualifying that light with whatever is the need of the hour in vibration, in speech, in energy, in consciousness.

Join us on Sunday evening with Rev. Peter and Neroli Duffy

“Staying in Relationship with Your Higher Self:

Simple spiritual techniques for thriving in an uncertain world”

Feeling overworked and overwhelmed as we head into the Thanksgiving and Christmas Season and post elections? You are not alone. National research shows more and more of us are feeling stressed in these challenging times.

Some say that we get stressed when we forget to be in relationship with our Higher Self.  Easy to say but how do we get back into balance?  Well we can use some simple, easy and practical spiritual and physical tools to hit the reset/refresh button and take care of ourselves for the long haul.  Proven techniques from the Ascended Masters.

Sunday, November 13, 2016             5:30 – 6:30 pm MST

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The Next Step – Divine Love

3 Nov
The Next Step – Divine Love and Psychology

Now, the fullness of love cannot be love unless it is action. Contemplated love or the mere repetition of words may occupy one’s fancy, but love in action is the measure of a heart united with mind and soul.Therefore, as I come, I bring to you perhaps an understanding of your own soul’s psychology in relationship to El Morya and beloved Lord Lanto. For you see, your hearts wax fervent in love for the will of God, in joy in the presence of El Morya, and in the study of the wisdom teachings. But there is a general confusion, if I might say, among the students (which is akin to the confusion on this planetary home) that the contemplated action, the happiness, the enjoyment of another’s attainment is the equivalent of the attainment of the third ray, love itself.

Some actually suppose that the words “I love you” carry the full force of its commitment and fulfillment. Not so. It is a mantra that must be fulfilled by a keen perception of the needs and demands of every part of life and what ought to be the next givingness of self. Therefore, you see, it is easy to mistake one’s contemplated love of the masters, the activity, the messenger, and so forth with an inaction that does not complete the cycle.

Here, then, we roll up our sleeves and realize that the love of the third ray and its chohan, its disciplines, its chelas–must now carry forward those plans, those teachings, those advices given, already recorded, that now deserve to be made physical. And the measure of everyone’s cup of love must be that which is brought forth and brought to the full flowering and the fruit of the Tree of Life.

Let us, then, carefully define what are those spirals yet to be completed–the contemplated life’s journey. Each one has a sense of self-knowledge of that which is to be accomplished. Do not think that thinking about it will make it so! Thinking about it and yet not achieving will result, in the hour of transition, in the necessity of going back to begin again, to start again, and once again to understand that the mighty work of the ages must be here on earth a shrine to the living, to the free, to the little ones, and to the Lord himself who dwells with his people.

Now, therefore, I would converse with you concerning the step not taken–the step contemplated and often resisted until resistance itself becomes habit and a momentum and a coil wound tight around the spine of being. And this pole of being, then, once set with that habit, becomes an act no longer reviewed or questioned. It simply becomes a self-acceptance, “Well, this is the way I am. People will have to accept me the way I am. This is my level of service. This is all I intend to give. Others will have to do the rest.”

Well, the fallacy in this is not self-knowledge and defining one’s potential, for it is good to understand one’s capacity and not to commit more than one can. But the fallacy is, beloved heart, the sense that one can rest on any plateau or arrive at a set of definitions for one’s life or personality, seal them with a sealing wax, make the imprint of the seal of oneself and say, “As it is, so it is. So be it. I have spoken.”

Now, this is the human ego that would hold captive and prisoner the soul to a certain level of the known, a certain level of stability. But unknowingly it would keep the soul there, and it would convince the soul that no other progress can or should be made and that its current level of attainment is sufficient unto all things.

How can this state of mind, I ask you, be reconciled with the upward-spiraling, self-transcending movement of the galaxies, of God himself, of the ascended masters and their circles of chelas, all of whom and all of which are moving through cosmos at colossal speeds toward the Central Sun?

Let us take care, then, that self-assessment does not result in the inertia of rest and that such inertia is not confused with the lawful state of samadhi or of nirvana. Contrary to any human opinion whatsoever, these higher states of consciousness are those of movement even within the point and the heart of the rest.

I trust, then, that you will understand when I say that I have come to spin your tops! I have come to increase the movement and to give you the inner sense of timing, a timing that reflects now your I AM Presence and the inner vow to become all that you are. Why, becoming all that you are–this is what you sing and dance and pray and live and work about! But this becoming is a movement, requiring diligence and an intimate knowledge of the ruby ray, which is always self-sacrificing.

This excerpt is from from the dictation, The Next Step, by Paul the Venetian published in the 1995 Pearl of Wisdom Vol. 25 No. 59.

Setting Forth the Blueprint of Community

31 Oct

A Worldwide Antahkarana

Community challenges us to master the interaction of spiritual-material energies. The concept of a community that stretches worldwide is antahkarana, or the web of life. Wherever the chelas are, the community exists, but unless the chelas and the guru are together in one place, there is not a duplicate of the Great Central Sun Magnet to hold the balance for the earth.

An outer focus of the Great White Brotherhood with a living messenger and living chelas is something that has not succeeded in a long time. Today I was contemplating the mystery of community, and I knew in my heart that along with Mother Mary’s teaching on the birth of the Manchild, the next most important step was to form the cradle in which to place the Manchild.

Without question, I would lay down my life a thousand times for the community to endure, and the only way it will endure is through living people who have become the essence of the master. Each of us must have such deep love for El Morya or for any of the brothers of light that we recognize that our reason for being is to transfer this torch of community.

If we do not leave the continuity of the Great White Brotherhood’s name, its organization and its teaching upon the planet for those who follow us, we will not have retained an open door for the traveler—the traveler who needs a hostel when he is weary. And we read about the traveler on the first page of the book, New Era Community.

The Blueprint of Community

Let us open the book to the page following the title page. Here, on an unnumbered page, El Morya sets forth the blueprint of the community:

Wayfarer, friend, let us travel together. Night is near, wild beasts are about, and our campfire may go out. But if we agree to share the night watch, we can conserve our forces.

Tomorrow our path will be long and we may become exhausted. Let us walk together. We shall have joy and festivity. I shall sing for you the song your mother, wife and sister sang. You will relate for me your father’s story about a hero and his achievements. Let our path be one.

Be careful not to step upon a scorpion, and warn me about any vipers. Remember, we must arrive at a certain mountain village.

Traveler, be my friend.*


Let us look at what El Morya is saying here. I would like you to see that this writing is a glyph. It is just like taking a grid of the master’s mind. He has decided that he is going to convey certain energies that are keys on the points of a grid, where vertical meets horizontal, Alpha meets Omega, at the point at which the lines cross. El Morya has selected certain key points on the grid, and he wants to superimpose them upon our consciousness.

These first four paragraphs of the book contain the entire matrix of community. First, the community is based upon divine friendship. Second, it is based upon a common journey. So the Zen master El Morya says, “Wayfarer, friend, let us travel together.”

The purpose of friendship is for the journey, for movement on the Path. El Morya mentions movement in this book at the very start. By the fifth word in the book, you know that you are moving with the Mercurian master. Then he gives you the reasons for moving together: “Night is near, wild beasts are about, and our campfire may go out.”

He is establishing the whole purpose of friendship and community. “If we agree to share the night watch, we can conserve our forces.” Conservation of cosmic forces is the purpose of community. We can do better together than we can alone because we have a common foe and limited resources. If we pool our resources, we can arrive at the mountain village.

The image of that mountain village keys right into our soul—the archetypal pattern, the Himalayan fastnesses, a place somewhere in the vast beyond, where you finally arrive at a village. In the heart of the village is a rustic sort of a little house, and in that house is the master.

You sense the crudity of the surroundings, which denotes that the value of this master is on inner planes. That is not to say that the master could not be found in a palace, but these are archetypal patterns, like finding Babaji and his disciples in the midst of nowhere or finding Kuthumi and El Morya hiking up a mountain trail.

The archetypal pattern is of the soul on a quest. It is part of every spiritual story that has ever been told. It is this archetypal pattern of the soul that makes our young Americans go to India and, of course, we know that we could all go to India, yet we would not necessarily be there in consciousness.

The first paragraph keys into the etheric body and sets forth the blueprint of the community.

*From New Era Community copyright © 1951 Agni Yoga Society

This article is excerpted from Community: A Journey to the Heart of Spiritual Community by Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Keep on Keeping On!

25 Oct


The going can be tough on the spiritual path. The higher we aspire, the harder the climb. It’s easy to slip a little now and again, losing momentum; even falling off the rails for a time.

We also have an all-too-human tendency to kick ourselves when we’re down, to harshly judge, even condemn ourselves when we trip and fall. The dark voices of discouragement and despair like nothing more than to remind us how unworthy we are.

But that’s a lie!

It is enlightened self-interest to remind ourselves constantly that we are loved by God unconditionally! So let’s turn the tables on the temptation to believe we don’t measure up and remember two things.

One, we are totally worthy of the reward we seek.

And, two, every stumble, every trip and fall, every momentary departure from the path is an opportunity to learn, to grow and to remember that we can always rely on the ever-present Love and Light of God to sustain us at every point on the path.

So let your motto be to keep on keeping on! The open door.

Golden Age Leadership

20 Oct



When the coming Golden Age dawns, its arrival will be characterized by clear, highly effective leadership modeled after principles espoused by the ascended masters: responsibility, accountability, pro-activity, visualization, discipline, balanced self-renewal, Christ consciousness.

These are leadership qualities we all hope to develop. And as we do, we realize that the first person we must lead is our self! How? By learning and applying the ascended masters’ specific equations of self-mastery.

What does this look like?

Most of us have heard of the legendary Seven Habits of Highly Effective People as formulated by Steven Covey in 1989.

His seven habits actually follow closely the teachings of the ascended masters! And now, in a series of programs, we explore each of these habits including deep, insightful commentary from Elizabeth Clare Prophet.

BEGIN WITH THE END IN MIND is habit number two from Steven Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. This Tuesday, we continue our exploration of Steven Covey’s famous ‘7 habits’ as seen through the lens of the ascended masters’ teachings.

In the course of this series, focused on key principles that form the foundation of self-mastery, we discover that Covey’s principle-centered leadership is very closely akin to the core principles of the teachings of the ascended masters on mastery.

In fact, Elizabeth Clare Prophet elucidates these similarities in typically insightful commentary, which we will share at length throughout this 5-part series.

In respect to the habit formulated as beginning with the end in mind, we will, of course, be emphasizing our ascension as the ‘end’ that we should all keep in mind. This is the goal of life, after all, and a good place to focus our energies and attention.

Habit number three of the seven habits of effective people as formulated by Steven Covey and viewed through the lens of the teachings of the ascended masters: Put first things first.

How good are we at personal management? How well do we stick to those projects that offer the greatest benefit to us and our pursuits?
We know all too well how easy it is to get distracted and lose focus. Things come up. That’s life. But when we choose to keep our focus on what’s most important, despite distractions, we greatly enhance our ability to succeed and prosper.

Lasting success involves both independent will and discipline. This is true in the business world, and it is true in the realm of spirituality.
Sometimes we must do what we don’t like to do to advance on the path. When we reach that point, simply ask ourselves if we’re victims of circumstance or victors (those who, by free will and effort, overcome circumstances).

Then we act by putting first things first.

Becoming an ascended master is a realistic goal. Your goal. In fact, believe it or not, becoming an ascended master is your destiny. Right this very minute, you are on a path of self-mastery. Your sights are already set on an immortal horizon, and your eventual victory is all but assured. So, for the moment, set aside any doubts you may have and realize that you would not be reading these words right now or listening to our program if your emerging mastery wasn’t already underway! As this series on becoming an ascended master has unfolded, we have been using Steven Covey’s ‘7 Habits of Highly Effective People’ as the basis and template for bringing ascended master principles into focus. This week, we will look at the power of helping others succeed, being empathetic and understanding as a means of bridging our differences and being open to new perspectives and new ideas. And we will look at all of these qualities through the lens of the ascended masters’ teachings. Tune in to part 4 on Tuesday October 25.