Drop by Drop Immortality Is Won

There is something immortal about the springtime of life. I come to reignite the life of the eternal spring within you. I come to touch you and to have you touch not only the hem of my garment, but that and more.

My touch is a touch of eternal Life. I would transfer it to you on this occasion of my ascension victory and on all occasions to come when I shall speak to you.


…I come to affirm Life. There is only one way to get Life and that is to get the victory over Death and Hell.

Is this, then, not the correct lesson for the celebration of ascension’s fires?–how to arrive there, how to enter those fires, how to be that holiness unto the Lord, yes, indeed, how to ascend!

You have spoken so often of ascending and of your ascension and of the process itself and of the goal of life, but do you really know how to ascend?

Do you imagine it shall be a leap from a diving board?

Do you imagine it shall be some lofty flight?

Shall it be an automatic process?

Who will be the helpers and how much will they be allowed to help you?

How much momentum [of ascension’s flame] must be in your own sails?  How much fire of holy purpose must be sealed with such white-hot heat/coolness of intensity in the chakras as to enable you to receive the transfer of flame whereby your identity is sealed and not denied?…

You ascend daily! It is like mounting a flight of steps. You know not the count, for the steps represent each step that must be taken in life. How to ascend is to arrive at the top step at the end of this embodiment.

Lanello Vol 35 No 10 thesummitlighthouse.com



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