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America is the Spirit of Freedom

6 Jun

America is moving forward into vastness of cosmic consciousness. Her genius, rising in a spiral, is ever pushing the limits of freedom to larger dimensions of consciousness. The soul of America is being prepared to define that freedom which is the ultimate discipline of the self according to the will of God. When the soul of America gains self mastery in the flame of Aquarius, it will expand true freedom to every nation with a fervor that will not be quenched and the golden age that is to be on Terra will be realized as the age of Aquarius.


“In the land of the free and the home of the brave, I AM come to manifest life–life that is freedom and freedom that is the life that cannot be lived without the definitions of opportunity, the safeguards of God-government and the eternal flow of the abundance of the Almighty.

Certain conditions necessary to the evolution of souls have been secured in this nation, have been confirmed not merely by laws written but by a culture and by an education, by a foundation and a way of life that has been called America. As the intangible spirit of the soul winging toward its freedom, so is this life. Because it is an essential spiritual quality, it does not occur to mankind that this almost vapory like quality of existence is thinning, is becoming polluted, is fading away…”

“The saturation of the children by the momentums of the entities of horror, of sex, of death and of greed have so distorted the crystal-clear image of the Christ that even when we send forth our energies of the violet flame, a certain percent of these energies are taken into matrices that are not the true freedom of the light but only a false freedom fabricated on the basis of an ideology that is not in life but in death…

We call for a revival of freedom and for a revolution of light! We call for an action of victory! We call for an action of flow! We demand that the movement of the violet flame be free and that individuals be not bound by endless laws that have been created because the flow of love is not present…

American people are intended to develop the heart chakra. The mighty heart chakra of this nation is intended to be the flow of the Christ consciousness in the love of one another, loving one another as Christ has loved his disciples, as the disciples have loved Christ. This is the definition of love. It is the love, the precious love of the Mother for the incoming soul, the love of the Father for the Mother. It is the love of the light. It is the love of children. It is the essential consecration of life to the bubbling brook of freedom…

And therefore, because this lie is believed, the consciousness of those who are entrapped by the lie are cut off from the great flow of the energies of the planes of Spirit. And therefore, mankind has made their own laws–laws that are the laws of sin and the sinful consciousness and the separate consciousness. Having chosen to live according to these laws, these laws are the final determining factor in their lives; and they have created a cell consciousness outside of the body of God.”

Archangel Zadkiel

Let us come together in prayer and dynamic decree and show the world that America is the heart., Elizabeth Clare Prophet back cover of the Greater Way of Freedom,

POW Vol. 44 No. 24 – Beloved Archangel Zadkiel and Holy Amethyst – June 17, 2001, A Thrust and a Roll and a Ho, Ho, Ho! Part 1

A Maitreya Meditation Upon the Heart

16 Dec


Let us begin with a meditation upon the heart. Let us pursue the golden spiral of Life.

I would sit with you and ponder for a moment even the very intricacy of God. Will you not close your eyes, that you might penetrate deeply into the inner space of thine own heart.

In this stillness I re-create for you, beloved, the noble mansion of thy soul. Here is thy heaven. Here is thy earth. Thou art, as it were, God. For God is the center of this spherical interval. And you are in the center—one.


Here we affirm the mantra:

I and my Father are one. I and my Mother are one.

Thus, I draw the circle around the center. And you are not alone, yet the only awareness you have of Life itself is indeed your own God Self-awareness.

At first there is a noncomfortability in such aloneness. But by daily practice and the exercise of the heart, you begin to value this space of the Buddha—untampered with by men’s concepts of time yet, by frequencies of eternity, compartmentalized for the absorption of a vast light that is sealed in the single point in the center of the sphere.

Now be seated in that center and position thyself. See the white-fire dot coming into alignment with your own heart chakra.

Now sing with me this mantra. Let it be played upon our instruments, that we might flow with the tone of Alpha:

I and my Father are one. I and my Mother are one.

I and my Father are one. I and my Mother are one.

I and my Father are one. I and my Mother are one. (sung 8x)

There is far more to this mantra than you can even imagine in your outer mind. For the fullness of manifestation in all degrees of consciousness within thy being comes about through the entering into the center of the spiral and there converging, inverting the light but never perverting any formula of the sacred fire. Thus, penetrating downward and around and upward again—this mighty flow of inner God-realization ulminates in the manifestation where I AM of Alpha and Omega, worlds without end.

Let us continue the mantra, pouring love—the most intense white fire—into the sphere of Alpha and Omega, now congruent in the etheric octave with your own heart, beloved ones.

For this is why I AM here—to extend starry bodies of far-off worlds within the vastness of my own being, each star the coordinating point of Alpha and Omega. Where there is the fervent heart, the fervor of your heart will magnify the intense white-fire glow. Let it be!

I and my Father are one. I and my Mother are one.

I and my Father are one. I and my Mother are one. (sung 6x)

I approach nearer, then. And I come for the sealing of the point of light in the center of the sphere of thy being. I seal—by the meshing of worlds—your inner heart, your heart flame, and this fiery-sun point of light.

I seal the figure-eight flow. And each time you enter into this meditation, you may visualize the twin spheres of the figure eight and of the eighth ray merging as one—as the white-fire/blue-fire sun.

Now you are the chela of white fire! Now you are the chela of dazzling blue perfection! Let the merging of the diamond and the sapphire of the heart of Morya be for the merging of the white-fire/blue-fire sun of the God Star Sirius. Pearls of Wisdom Vol. 24 No. 30.

9 Steps to Making your own Treasure Map

17 Oct


A treasure map, or vision board, is a colorful blueprint of your dreams and goals. It’s one of the tools of spiritual alchemy, which is a way to manifest an abundance of good things in your life.

The world makes way for a man who knows where he is going. -Ralph Waldo Emerson

It’s a fun activity which is very worth your while, so here’s a step by step guide of how to make a treasure map.

1. Plan Your Treasure Map.

Make a list of your dreams and goals. The list can include spirituality, finances, career, family, children, relationships, education, health, travel and hobbies. Groups of people can also create treasure maps focusing on a joint venture at work or home. Don’t limit yourself, think of your highest aspirations. Also strike a balance, think hard about what you really need.

2. Allow God to Inspire and Guide You

You may like to meditate on your choices, it’s up to you. Think about your priorities. You may want to use treasure mapping to become financially successful, but remember to include other things like spiritual fulfillment.

Money or happiness; which is more valuable?…If your happiness depends on money, you will never be happy with yourself. ~ Lao Tzu

3. Collect Pictures

Look though catalogs, magazines and the internet. Print and cut out pictures of what you want. If you can’t find something in the color/size/make you want, you could draw it. The imagination engages best with color.

4. Write Positive Statements

Write some positive spiritual affirmations or statements. Write in the present tense (as if you already own or do something) or state dates when you want the things accomplished by. If you need money, you could write a check out to yourself for the exact amount you need.

5. Decide on the Size

Decide what size you would like your vision board to be. Make sure it doesn’t look cluttered so it’s not difficult for you to focus on the individual pictures.

You may decide to make a few smaller ‘themed’ treasure maps. If it’s a personal one, make sure no-one else sees it, or at least no-one who is likely to be critical and block the energy flow. It’s best if you can easily cover it or put it away somewhere when you’re not looking at it.

You might like to place the pictures on a piece of card/posterboard in a pastel or gold color, in a scrapbook or make a slideshow as your screen saver on your computer.

6. Arrange and Fix

Arrange your pictures and statements and stick them down.

Vision boards are ever-changing resources! Whether you receive what you asked for or you refine your desires, you’re going to want to shake it up every now and then. You may like to use blue-tac/white tack, drawing pins or small amounts of glue stick so it’s all adjustable.

7. Placement on the Map

Put your map in a place that you can easily see when you rise in the morning and go to bed at night. Have a good look at it at least twice a day and read your affirmations out loud if you can. Visualize holding, having, doing and living with what you’ve pictured as if you have it or it’s happened now.

8. Give and Take

As with everything, there’s got to be give as well as take. This can involve devotions, or service done with your whole heart.

It’s also good to write a letter to God or your favorite spiritual guide, thanking them for what you already have, apologizing for things you wish you hadn’t done, promising to give devotions or service (be realistic) and asking specifically for what you would like and when. I always ask for it to be adjusted to the will of God because He can see the big picture of my life and the lives it will affect. Then burn the letter while asking the angels to take your message to God.

9. Believe

Believe it will happen and keep your faith. Wait for it. Also keep an open mind about how it’s going to manifest – expect the unexpected. Faith is the building block for any spiritual alchemy.

I hope you have fun experimenting with your own treasure map. I know I do!

For more reading material on this and other spiritual alchemy techniques, I recommend the pocket guide by Elizabeth Clare Prophet, Creative Abundance: Keys To Spiritual And Material Prosperity. It’s got lots of practical and effective tips you can use.

Explore new ways to overcome hidden blocks to your prosperity.

Its sensible step-by-step techniques—including treasure mapping, principles of feng shui, meditations, visualizations and affirmations—show how to live a full and prosperous life. —Bodhi Tree Book Review

Here a few more tips to working with the Ascended Masters on your treasure map.

Plan your treasure map before you create It. First, make a list of the dreams you want to see come true in each area of your life. Your list can cover career, finances, family, children, education, health, home, relationships, spirituality, travel and hobbies.

  • Allow God to Inspire and guide you. Ask your I AM Presence and Holy Christ Self to show you which of your desires are God’s desires for you. Then refine your ideas. Once you are certain about what you need, you are ready to construct your treasure map.
  • Use green paper. Treasure maps can be any color you want but they work partic­ularly well when you use green paper or card stock, since this color immediately connects you with the green ray’s energy of abundance and precipitation.
  • Make your treasure map large or small. Your map can be big enough to post on a wall or door, or small enough to fit in a notebook or scrapbook.
  • Make one or more maps. You can picture several goals on one map or create more than one, each dedicated to a different need. Divide your map or scrapbook into sections for each area of your life. Then choose images and statements that show exactly what you want to accomplish in that area.
  • Be precise when selecting images and statements for your map. Show and tell exactly what you want. including size, dimension, color, location and target date.
  • Always picture something better than the best of what you are experiencing now. You always want to be reaching for something higher.
  • Use colored images on your map. The imagination responds well to color. Include pictures of your favorite ascended masters to remind you that they are helping you accomplish your goals.
  • Accompany your Images with words and affirmations describing your needs.
  • Keep your treasure map uncluttered.
  • Include what you will offer to God In return for the blessings you are requesting.
  • Keep your map private. It is better not to share it with others.
  • Meditate on your map at least twice a day. Put It in a place where there is positive and uplifting energy, and it can readily be seen. If you think others might Interfere with your alchemical precipitation, move the map out of sight when you are not alone. Look at it in particular before you go to sleep so your subconscious mind will work on the realization of your desires for an uninterrupted period of time.
  • Ask God to fulfill your requests according to his will.
  • Update your map as needed.

the Spiritual encyclopedia and Working with the Masters

Heart of the Violet Flame and God-Government

18 Jun


“I AM Zadkiel of the light, priest of the sacred fire and of the Order of Melchizedek. I AM the sponsor of priests and priestesses of the seventh ray. I initiate the cycles of life, of freedom, and I come to accelerate that violet flame in the very presence of world tyranny and the tyrants themselves—into the very teeth I come with that blazing violet flame that does transmute death and the momentums of death which the fallen ones would put upon this planetary body.

My beloved hearts, this is the seventh age. It is the age of the coming of the soul, the soul of light, the spirit of Maitreya, and the flame of Mother—these three invincible, lo, I AM! And these are the three dots of Morya. And by that flame and by that light, so are worlds conquered!

We, the seven archangels, lead the hosts of heaven with Archangel Michael, with Saint Germain, with the Lord Christ. By the mighty bubbling fountain of the violet flame, there is amplified every other flame of the spectrum of God. And the resurrection flame itself pulses higher this day by the gift of the God of Freedom to the Earth.

I AM Zadkiel. I raise my hands and with a thrust and with a roll, with a ho!  ho!  ho!  I roll back the darkness across this land and I expose the Virgin wilderness, the promised land, the holy innocents, and the original divine blueprint of Saint Germain!

The government shall not be upon the shoulders of these mere mortals but that the government of these United States of America, of the promised land of all that is real shall be governed by that Christ who is raised up within you.

For lo, he said, “And I, if I be lifted up, will draw all men unto me.” Therefore, unto you who raise up the mighty sacred fire as the Mother flame, raising that sacred fire of light—you who raise up the Person of the Christ, upon that Christ and upon that mantle shall be the government of this nation.

And we, therefore, have received from the Cosmic Council and the Solar Logoi this dispensation whereby the God-government of the galaxies transmitted from the God Star Sirius will be transmitted through the sons and daughters of God, and all that transpires in the government of this nation shall pass through the sacred heart of our sons and daughters who have raised up the living Word.”, Vol. 23 No. 19 – Beloved Archangel Zadkiel – May 11, 1980,” The Electronic Presence of the Heart of the Violet Planet
Centered in the Earth—the God-Government of the Galaxies Transmitted from Sirius through the Sons and Daughters of God

Anticipate Initiations

10 Jun
I come, then, to the place where mankind are found in life, needing to be washed clean, needing the flow of the waters of the Word, needing to know that they are loved in compassion and compassion’s flame.I AM Maitreya, initiator of souls. I am always watching for the soul who is ready to be initiated in the unexpected. This requires flexibility, being accustomed to the wind of the Holy Spirit blowing to and fro, rearranging the garment of mercy, requiring continual adjustment to and therefore continual openness to the flame.

You will not be initiated in that which you expect to be initiated. I can assure you of that. I can assure you that you may study and prepare and give your decrees, and just when you are all decreed up on illumination’s flame, you will be tested in the emerald ray.

In that moment, when you realize you have been caught either empty-handed or red-handed, as the case may be, you must say to yourself:

I AM ready because God in me is ready.
I AM ready because the white fire of initiation’s flame
contains the allness of God and every good and perfect gift.
I AM ready, Lord.
Do with me what you will.
I AM ready to answer the call,
to fulfill the requirements of hierarchy.
I have asked for initiation and
I will take it when it comes.

So you can anticipate initiations but somehow they come when you are least prepared and off-guard. Yet how can we say this of the true chela, for the true chela is never off-guard, waking or sleeping. This is preparation for initiation. It is wakefulness, being alert, expecting the bridegroom at the midnight hour, expecting the coming of the Keeper of the Scrolls or the vials of the seven last plagues.

It is setting yourself as a diamond set in Matter, set in the very hills of the human consciousness, saying:

Let all the world and all of heaven and earth come to me.
I AM set and I AM ready.

Remember Jesus’ Example

Remember Jesus as he saw the multitudes, representing all aspects of the human consciousness. Seeing their consciousness, he went up into a mountain and when he was set in the Christ consciousness of the Cosmic Christ, he called his disciples unto him and taught them, giving them the Beatitudes, blessing the multitudes and teaching the end of that state of consciousness. The meek, the humble, the peacemakers, the poor in spirit—all were aspects of the multitudes.

Jesus did not begin to teach until he was set in the Christ consciousness. Yet, you say, “Jesus was always set in the Christ consciousness.” This is true, but there is a dialing of that consciousness, a focusing of the spectrum, whether as a concentrated band in the chakras or as a wide band including the aura of a planet.

Getting set means getting ready for the task at hand. It does not mean that you are off-guard. It means that you are on-guard in the white flame of purity, ready to adjust yourself to whatever is the need and requirement of the hour.

This excerpt from a dictation by Lord Maitreya was delivered December 31, 1975, at the Challenge of Initiation in Anaheim, California and published in the 2000 Pearls of Wisdom Vol. 43 No. 2

A Daily Ritual to the Sun

5 Jun


On New Year’s Eve 1994, Gautama Buddha reminded us how important it is to make a daily ritual of facing the Sun of our I AM Presence and the sun of Helios and Vesta.

“Recognize,” said Gautama, “that all sons and daughters of God…have the possibility of meditating upon the Great Central Sun through the Sun of their I AM Presence and the sun of Helios and Vesta. This meditation can produce in you a feeling of intense heat or a glow over the third-eye chakra and surrounding the head as a halo.

“With concentrated visualization daily, you can establish such a strong tie to the Great Central Sun as to make you almost oblivious to the darkness of the earth. You must always put this darkness behind you, and when you invoke your tube of light, visualize the rays of the Great Central Sun streaming down upon you within and without.”

We are going to practice this meditation.

I AM Presence chartFirst of all, center in your heart. In your mind’s eye face the Sun of your I AM Presence above you—your own personal energy source. See the brilliant, intense white light of your I AM Presence, surrounded by the magnificent, pulsating spheres of your Causal Body.

Receive the light of the sun behind the sun in all of its glory, all of its tempered manifestation on behalf of those who dwell on this planetary home. See the circling, many-colored spheres of your Causal Body around the scintillating white light of your I AM Presence.

In the name of Almighty God, we call for the spheres of the five secret rays and the seven colored rays. We call for this action of the sacred fire to pulsate within us for our purification. In the name of the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit and the Divine Mother, we accept this done this hour in full power, Amen.

Now extend that visualization to Helios and Vesta, our Father-Mother God in the spiritual sun behind our physical sun. See and feel the rays of intense energy from this life-giving source pouring down upon you and making contact with your heart.

Place two fingers of your right hand on your heart. Hold those fingers there and feel the energy regenerating your heart. Let your heart be a receptacle for the action of the sacred fire. Let it be a receptacle for Divine Love. Let it be a receptacle for forgiveness, for all things that must come into balance, for all that we may know or not know about ourselves and our brothers and our sisters and the millions upon the planet who need these light rays from Helios and Vesta.

Now extend that visualization to the Great Central Sun, the supreme energy source in the center of the cosmos. And as you invoke your tube of light, visualize the rays of that Central Sun streaming down upon you, contacting the deepest levels of your being.

Let us give the “Violet Fire and Tube of Light Decree.”

Violet Fire and Tube of Light Decree
by the Ascended Master Saint Germain

O my constant, loving I AM Presence, thou Light of
God above me whose radiance forms a circle of fire before
me to light my way:
I AM faithfully calling to thee to place a great pillar
of Light from my own Mighty I AM God Presence all
around me right now today! Keep it intact through every
passing moment, manifesting as a shimmering shower of
God’s beautiful Light through which nothing human can ever pass.
Into this beautiful electric circle of divinely charged
energy direct a swift upsurge of the violet fire of Freedom’s
forgiving, transmuting flame!

Cause the ever expanding energy of this flame projected
downward into the forcefield of my human energies to completely
change every negative condition into the positive
polarity of my own Great God Self! Let the magic of its
mercy so purify my world with Light that all whom I contact
shall always be blessed with the fragrance of violets from
God’s own heart in memory of the blessed dawning day
when all discord—cause, effect, record, and memory—is
forever changed into the Victory of Light and the peace of
the ascended Jesus Christ.

I AM now constantly accepting the full power and
manifestation of this fiat of Light and calling it into instantaneous
action by my own God-given free will and the power
to accelerate without limit this sacred release of assistance
from God’s own heart until all men are ascended and God-free
in the Light that never, never, never fails!


This excerpt of a sun meditation by Elizabeth Clare Prophet on your I AM Presence and Helios is published in Make Heart-to-Heart Contact with Helios and Vesta in the 1998 Pearl of Wisdom®, Vol. 41 No. 49.

God is Wisdom, Tidbits of Wisdom from the Great Divine Source!

23 Apr

Of what value is Wisdom unless It pierce the gloom of error and blaze forth through the limiting density of human consciousness that Holy Compassion which heals the crooked limbs of men’s vanity and enables them to walk the Path of Virtue? Wisdom is not intended to exalt the ego or set brother over brother; Wisdom is not intended to make men masters over other men. Wisdom is, pure and simple, a Beacon pointing the way to the fruits of fulfillment.

Men pursue Wisdom in order to attain advantage, to be thought wise and out of avid curiosity about Life, but the “pure in heart” see Wisdom as a means to find their Great Divine Source. All pursuit of knowledge ought to swallow up lesser aims, else knowledge becomes a canker, eating away the fabric of Selfhood and destroying that which loving Wisdom exists to preserve. In no ivory-towered citadel of self-glorification, but upon bowed knees of humility, the Initiate worships at the mighty Fountain of Theo-Sophia, striving to wash away the dust of the road and experience a baptism of Divine Grace.

As one chosen to conclude the Mighty releases of the Ladies of Heaven speaking in this series of Letters, I wish to close with an affirmation of delight that may be retained by you throughout your life, helping you on to greater understanding and Victory:

Come all who love Life,
Drink deep at Wisdom’s fount;
But let your draught be utilized
In climbing Victory’s mount.

          Come all who love Life,
Seek Holy Wisdom pure;
Let sweet attunement with God alone
Make everyone secure.

          Come, all who love Life
Cast off all vanity;
With hands of gentle grace stretched out
Let every man be Free.

Sophia, Goddess of Wisdom, Pearls of Wisdom, Vol. 6  No. 34,  August 23, 1963

Blessed ones, I do not wish to confuse you but to make this instruction as simple as possible.  Won’t you please try to understand—regardless of how wise you may feel you are or how simple you may think you are—that none of these ideas you hold about yourself are important by contrast to the immaculate idea God holds for you!  Of course you can be affected by your own thoughts about yourself, and (if you let them) the thoughts of others about you can create unhappiness for you.  But, lovely children of eternal youth and loveliness, know always that God’s world is the world of essential power where the dynamic energy of life is continually qualified with the transcending spiral of God’s ever-exalting wisdom.  God’s universe is permeated with the justice of an equal love from the heart of God for all his creation which by law’s perfect balance renders the fullness of himself to each according to his kind and willingness to accept more of his grace.

Remember, blessed ones, the stream of life flows first from the heart of God to the heart of your own Presence made in the immaculate image of the supreme one, and thence passes to your Higher Mental Body or Holy Christ Self into your physical heart where it manifests as a threefold flame of love, wisdom and power!  Unless there is an interruption of this pure energy—which is impossible by cosmic law at inner levels—there can be only constancy in a release of love, wisdom and power into your own worlds!  Do you see, blessed ones?  Yet the cause and core of disease, unhappiness, shadow, pain, jealousy and confusion of mind is ever the stoppage of the wisdom-power-love flame from within out, and a stultification of the flow of light and harmony into your mind and heart.  This can only occur when you succumb to the pressure of the mass thought and feeling of that which is directed at children of Light for the express purpose of stealing their energy to animate human creation!

Beloved Rose of Light, Pearls of Wisdom, Vol. 5  No. 22,  June 1, 1962

Let all men live for truth as they see it best, knowing that often their present understanding is in direct conflict with their own former light and that the present light of many people will one day prove to be that in which they will not wish to abide!  May men desire to reach up to God for greater wisdom, even that which transcends time and space and is one with eternal Life and eternal Light!

O Summit of hope . . .

Thou newness of Christ

Show me the way to

Everlasting Life!

I am breathing this prayer for all my children that all in unison may one day soon sit down together at the feet of their Holy Christ Self and say in the peace of full knowledge, knowing themselves also, even as they are known of God, “I AM the way!”

Beloved Mother Mary, Pearls of Wisdom, Vol. 3  No. 25,  June 17, 1960

You will understand that through our service the purity and heights of heaven remain in a state of “all is well,” whereas men on earth are assured that the wisdom of Solomon—which is really the wisdom of God—is ever present to make those right decisions which in the long run present the best hopes to every life and in whose hands all shall find mercy, comfort and a steadfast enfoldment, with increasing victory, increasing compassion, increasing understanding and a life forever more abundantly happy!

Beloved Kuan Yin , Pearls of Wisdom, Vol. 4  No. 24, June 16, 1961


I AM the Indestructible One. I appear as the Sun Goddess in and out of time and space. I transcend the generations. I regenerate life by the love-wisdom of my beloved consort, Helios of the Sun.

Beloved ones, you must understand that it is altogether possible for you to live in eternity here and now. Do you have any doubt that your messenger lives in eternity? We do not, for we observe the cycles of the freedom of her movement in and out of the Central Sun—timelessness, spacelessness, and not the awareness of the yesterdays or tomorrows, but always the ever-present mastery. This is the qualification for your own Christhood.

See, then, how the ascended masters set this example and how they have allowed, then, the messenger to embody their consciousness so that you might observe one who moves, in free form, in and out of these cycles and, therefore, perplexes your sense of time and space and therefore lends to you the grace of your yester years and your tomorrows, not as fears, not as the torment of the deep, but as the light that shines in the darkness as a giant beacon of the I AM Presence—the I AM Presence, the Lord of lords and the universe, the universal will, wisdom, power.

Wherever you go, wherever you walk, wherever you speak the Word of God, be the pillar of fire. The pillar of fire has the single attribute of non-attachment. It is the fire enfolding itself. Therefore be the pillar of fire as the sun that shines upon the just and the unjust. Be the energy that releases the sacred trust and moves on, blessed ones—attachment neither to bliss nor to pain, neither to those who compliment nor to those who criticize, but only giving of the immortal fount of God-wisdom, love and power to all.

Beloved Vesta, Pearls of Wisdom, Vol. 57 No. 11, given December 29, 1977


Wisdom – Simplifying the Complex

22 Apr


Wisdom, beloved hearts, is always the simplification of the complex snarls of the sinister force.

When you are burdened by a collection of flowers that are not of the Light and you know not the way to turn because every turn has its limitation, its problems, its vexation of spirit—then, you see, it is the logic of the Serpent that has put you in a corner. And you have said, “No way! No way can I follow the LORD God in purest light and without compromise. There is no way I can extricate myself from this plight without becoming more a part of the human consciousness!”

This is the trap. Blessed hearts, as sure as the animal in the forest is trapped by the hunter, this is the trap laid for the soul of the devotee—the certain belief that whatever the sin, whatever the struggle, whatever the circumstance, there is no way out.

I say, though you were in a cave a mile deep and dark, though you were in the passages inside of the earth—think of any prison house, think of any place physical you know, and I tell you: there is no dungeon from which God himself cannot deliver thee! The deliverance of the Almighty by the angel of the LORD is at hand, and only those who desire not to be delivered remain in bondage.

You ought to assess life. You ought to look at individuals bound by certain conditions and human habits. And you ought to understand that the blind who will not see, do not see; the prisoners who are bound, who will not be free, are not free!

Therefore understand the clear and true call for help, for mercy, for divine pity! And understand the ruse of the fallen ones that calls also for mercy, for pity, for light, and promises any promise you will name if you will just extend your hand another day.

Dear hearts, you must look clearly at these fallen ones who take no accountability for the burden that they place upon you or the earth or the body of God, but ask and ask again and again that you will carry them. They are without the sacred labor! They give nothing, but expect all in return! These ones are a defilement of the divine plan to the hurt of the individual.

Realize that the sign of the overcomer is productivity and fruit—fructifying, multiplying, bearing the seed of righteousness that is sown. Those, then, who give commands—“Go here and go there! Bear my burden! Carry this! Carry that!”—are not the ones who labor alongside of the pilgrims of Life.

Let us know them only by their fruits. And let us have mercy upon God, whose energy is stolen and transferred to those who have not earned it and therefore have no right to it!

I speak in this wise, though you may perhaps be weary of the teaching. Weary not, for if you did not require the reminder, I would not be here! And if you had the attainment that you think you have, you should be speaking and I should be listening!

This timeless wisdom on the simplification of the complex from Padma Sambhava is from his dictation published in the 1982 Pearl of Wisdom®, Vol. 25 No. 20

See God in All

2 Apr


I will tell you something. The great Masters of wisdom, such as Morya and Saint Germain and the others, seldom—I say, seldom—appear to students of the light and hardly at all to the masses, because they are aware of the law of karma governing these appearances and most of the students are not.

If you gaze upon the face of any of your contemporaries and you do not see God there, you have desecrated their temple and your own. Did you ever stop to think about that?

If you do not see God in man and in yourself, you are desecrating the temple of the living God. And, as you go up the ladder of attainment, if you take the name of Jesus Christ in vain and you lightly turn against him or against Master Morya or Mother Mary or any of the great ones, named or unnamed, your karma becomes great.

This is the reason behind the Masters’ withdrawal from the appearance world. They withdraw solely because they do not wish to involve you in a karmic sequence, for they know that if you see one of them and reject them or refuse to do what they say, it becomes an even greater karma. Do you see the point?

So they withdraw from the earth, from the visible realm into the spiritual realm. “And a cloud received him out of their sight.” So it is with everyone who is raised from the dead. Do you see, then, what a great deal of depth there is in the teachings, in the banner of Maitreya, the banner of hope, in the banner of the ages?

When people come to hear the Great White Brotherhood’s teachings, they come to see a man. Yet there is far more than the mere man in the teachings; there is the making of the whole man that is you, every one of you. The greatest desecration in all of life is that we do not permit ourselves to properly esteem or love ourselves as the handiwork of God.

“Until Seventy Times Seven”

We are the handiwork of God. Because we dropped a few stitches here and there, the garment may appear to have nubs or holes or be imperfectly woven. This is not so, because in the crucible of experience, in the molding and making of a man, his experiences are practical ones. When they happen to us, we are able to understand what has happened to others. If they had never happened to us, we might not be able to understand another’s reaction.

I do not say that we should do evil that good may come. That is wrong. But in the course of our struggle toward the light, in trying to reach God, if we should make a few mistakes, we ought to allow it in ourselves and in others.

This question was raised, you know, when the Master Jesus was on earth. The apostles asked, because they had a sense of self-righteousness too, “How oft shall my brother sin against me and I forgive him? Seven times, Master?”

They thought that seven was the magic number. Jesus turned to them and said, “I say not unto thee until seven times, but until seventy times seven,” showing the infinity of forgiveness toward us and toward others.

The road to a certain place is no doubt paved with the best of intentions, so that we all from time to time may find ourselves in a lesser state than we would want. No matter how badly we want to attain the kingdom of God within us, it may not materialize just the way we wanted, and oh, we wanted it to be so perfect! It is so perfect, but somehow everyone else seems to realize a little bit more of it than we do.

You Need the Master

So we think in terms of meeting the master. That is, we equate meeting the master with overcoming all things. Well, you see, when you meet the master, you meet him because you need help. That’s the whole thing. A lot of people think that they’re going to meet the master because they’re so perfect, but you meet the master because you need the master.

This excerpt from the lecture, Meeting Your Inner Master, by Mark Prophet was given on December 31, 1971, at the Class of the Solar Light, held in Colorado Springs, Colorado and published in the 2000 Pearls of Wisdom Vol. 43 No. 28.

The Flame of Love, A Salute to Lanello

26 Feb

“Be the fire that God has made you to be!  Meditate on the boundlessness of the flame, the freedom of the flame, the completeness of the flame, the capacity of the flame to be all things to all people. You must carry the teachings by love and by the fire of love… I AM Lanello!  I have become the flame of love, and by that love I AM the victor. I would have you ride upon my coattails, but the law would not allow it. The law requires that you become love. Start loving now!  Love yourself!  Eject all self-condemnation!  Put it into the flame that is before you!  Put it in consciously, and with it will go the demons of the night that torment you with their condemnation, their vilification… Let love be more than a smile. Let the smile be the effect of a cause, a burning in your heart to convey a fire. Let your motto be Start a Fire! Start a fire with Maitreya! Start a fire that will never, never be put out. Start it now in your heart and see it leaping! I can see it leaping across this land to hearts and homes who have never been touched by the fiery destiny of the soul…When you have sufficiently loved yourself to consume the jagged edges of your self-analysis, your self-hypnosis, your self-deprecation, then turn around and love those around you. Criticism is an absence of love. Strife and discord, cruelty and pettiness—all of these things belie the flame of love. The bickering and the argumentation, the gossip and the evil spirits that flirt with those on the fringe of the movement—these are the absence of love.”   Beloved Lanello’s Birthday Message 1975, The Flame of the Christ Mass, Pearls of Wisdom, Vol. 19 No. 51  December 19, 1976.

“Remember that the heart that has truly loved never forgets. I have loved you long before you found my footprints in the sands, whether in this life or in previous lifetimes. I have loved you because we are part of a mandala. We came from Venus together. We were trained on Mercury. We were trained on the God Star. Yes, some or all of you who were part of our bands were trained on various planets… So, it is important to say to yourself on such an occasion as this: “Is there anything that I would not do? Is there anything I would not go through to have a victory for God or for earth or for my loved ones?…Go to the heart of God within you. Go into that secret chamber of your heart and fall upon your knees before your Holy Christ Self. Give yourself unto that Christ, beloved. And, after much soul searching, come to the place where you are ready to say, “There is nothing that my Lord could ask of me that I would not do.” Beloved Lanello, A Universal Religion of Divine Love Pearls of Wisdom, Vol. 38 No. 13, March 19, 1995


…”I am determined not only to focus within you my love, but to awaken within you God’s own love and your love that will indeed seal now the dispensation of your acceleration and give to all who hear me also that same opportunity—new birth and a reaching beyond the self. You see how in reality, blessed hearts, God’s power within you is infinite and can expand by the Word…Therefore in the name of that Word, I AM THAT I AM, I greet you in the living pulsation of heart…You may speak always through the heart. You may consciously direct the power of the throat center through the heart flame so that it is no figment or fancy but truly you are communicating heart to heart. The heart is the seat of a momentum of great light. And by the very nature of this fire chakra and your constant diligence in its purification, you may see a greater control of the flow of emotions that sometimes occurs through the voice. Therefore, see how the threefold flame itself will not only increase the power of the spoken Word, but it will purify it, balance it, and draw you into a perception of life through the heart. For you see, my beloved, you may also see through the heart as well as speak through the heart. You may view all life by the sacred love center. Love, therefore, is not to create the illusion of something that is not. But love is the means whereby you perceive what is real, whereby you feel and know the souls with whom you deal. Love, then, is a penetration beyond the unreal. Beloved hearts, love is able to quicken! Love is able to illumine!…

It is done!

I AM the living Son of God!

I AM the Presence here!

I AM standing in the center of the court of the temple of Helios and Vesta, and Helios and Vesta is the light of my heart. And I AM that Light Magnificent! I AM the dissolving of all memories less than that Cosmic Christ perfection.

I AM the consuming and the rolling up as a scroll all that is past, all that is unholy, all that is unclean, all infamy of the fallen ones. They have no power over me, because I AM THAT I AM! And all that is past is already water over the dam. It passes through the flame and the judgment upon it seals it, then, in the very heart of Elohim!

I AM that Christ!

I AM that Son of God.

I AM free, nevermore to go back into a lesser level of evolution. And into the flame I pour the vials of my own karma—I pour the vials of the seven last plagues that are petrifying and putrifying my body temple and my seven chakras.

I pour them into the flame, and my body is clean—clean as a whistle and made whole! And I AM purified wholly, thoroughly. I AM purified as crystal.

I AM God-free this day!

I AM the ascending one. I AM soaring to the sun.

I AM lifting right up off my tippy-toes, and I AM moving with the Holy Ghost. I AM free and I AM weightless and I AM in God. And I AM manifesting in this body temple now all expertise that I require to do my work now!

Ho! Ho! Ho!

I AM the alchemist and I AM clearing my place!

I AM clearing my forcefield now! Death has no power over me—nor disparagement, nor discouragement, nor any deprecation of my duty now fulfilled!

I AM my God in action here! I AM my sacred labor fulfilled God’s way! Roll back—Ho! Ho! Ho!—collapse, then, the structure of atoms and electrons that would interfere with the Word made manifest!

For I AM the sand of life. I AM the lowering into manifestation here of the exact and precise will of God for my life. For I AM WHO I AM. I know who I AM. I love who I AM. I trust who I AM. I fulfill the Word who I AM.

Victory is my name. Victory is my flame. Victory is my game. I only know Victory! I only know Victory! I only know Victory! I have never met another man except Victory.

I only know Victory! I only know Victory! I only know Victory! Henceforth, I know no man after the flesh. I only know the man Victory in my God, in myself, in my counterpart, in my friends, in my brothers and sisters—I only know Victory!

I AM the golden spiral of Victory which lifts up the light in all whom I meet—up that golden coil of life, up the spinal stalk. I AM Victory and I only know Victory! And I meditate upon the crown of Victory now!

Now I AM in the crown of Victory!

Now I AM in the center of the lotus!


I AM Victory God-willed. And I will not fret. I will not worry. I will not be anxious. I will not be concerned—past, present, or future—for I live!

And as I live, I live in eternity now! I live in eternity now! I live in eternity now! And no time and space can mar my place, for this is the living will of God I AM.

I AM it, and I know I know it!

I AM it, and I know I know it!

I AM it, and I know I know it!

Out they go! Out the door! Out the door! Out they go! Open those back doors now, and see them run. Open the doors and let them out! Let out all those discarnates and entities and demons.

Roll them back—Ho! Roll them back—Ho! Roll them back—Ho! Right out the very front door! Roll them back—Ho! Open wide those doors. There they go! There they go! There they go!

Stand up now and shake them out! Shake them out! Shake them out! Shake them out! Shake them out! Stand right up and roll them out! Roll them out! Roll out that lethargy! Roll out that condemnation! Roll them out the door!

You have no power, your day is done!

You have no power, your day is done!

You have no power, your day is done!

You have no power, your day is done!

I AM Lanello. I AM Lanello. And you are on the run! You are on the run! You are on the run! For I will not be moved. I will not be moved! And I will advance! I will advance, I will advance until you be gone!

Be gone in the name of Christ!

Be gone in the name of Morya! Be gone in the name of Saint Germain and Jesus Christ, in the name of Maitreya! Be gone now!

Bind the hordes, Astrea! Bind the hordes of night! Bind the false hierarchy of this earth! Roll them back, they have no power!

You have no power, your day is done! By the flame of Lanello, I challenge you—and you are on the run! You are on the run! You are on the run!

In the name I AM THAT I AM, in the name I AM THAT I AM, in the name I AM THAT I AM, Amen!

Decree 10.20


Beloved Lanello, Conclave of the Friends of Christ Pearls of Wisdom, Vol. 26 No. 30, July 24, 1983

A Salute to Lanello on the celebration of his 100th anniversary.