9 Steps to Making your own Treasure Map

17 Oct


A treasure map, or vision board, is a colorful blueprint of your dreams and goals. It’s one of the tools of spiritual alchemy, which is a way to manifest an abundance of good things in your life.

The world makes way for a man who knows where he is going. -Ralph Waldo Emerson

It’s a fun activity which is very worth your while, so here’s a step by step guide of how to make a treasure map.

1. Plan Your Treasure Map.

Make a list of your dreams and goals. The list can include spirituality, finances, career, family, children, relationships, education, health, travel and hobbies. Groups of people can also create treasure maps focusing on a joint venture at work or home. Don’t limit yourself, think of your highest aspirations. Also strike a balance, think hard about what you really need.

2. Allow God to Inspire and Guide You

You may like to meditate on your choices, it’s up to you. Think about your priorities. You may want to use treasure mapping to become financially successful, but remember to include other things like spiritual fulfillment.

Money or happiness; which is more valuable?…If your happiness depends on money, you will never be happy with yourself. ~ Lao Tzu

3. Collect Pictures

Look though catalogs, magazines and the internet. Print and cut out pictures of what you want. If you can’t find something in the color/size/make you want, you could draw it. The imagination engages best with color.

4. Write Positive Statements

Write some positive spiritual affirmations or statements. Write in the present tense (as if you already own or do something) or state dates when you want the things accomplished by. If you need money, you could write a check out to yourself for the exact amount you need.

5. Decide on the Size

Decide what size you would like your vision board to be. Make sure it doesn’t look cluttered so it’s not difficult for you to focus on the individual pictures.

You may decide to make a few smaller ‘themed’ treasure maps. If it’s a personal one, make sure no-one else sees it, or at least no-one who is likely to be critical and block the energy flow. It’s best if you can easily cover it or put it away somewhere when you’re not looking at it.

You might like to place the pictures on a piece of card/posterboard in a pastel or gold color, in a scrapbook or make a slideshow as your screen saver on your computer.

6. Arrange and Fix

Arrange your pictures and statements and stick them down.

Vision boards are ever-changing resources! Whether you receive what you asked for or you refine your desires, you’re going to want to shake it up every now and then. You may like to use blue-tac/white tack, drawing pins or small amounts of glue stick so it’s all adjustable.

7. Placement on the Map

Put your map in a place that you can easily see when you rise in the morning and go to bed at night. Have a good look at it at least twice a day and read your affirmations out loud if you can. Visualize holding, having, doing and living with what you’ve pictured as if you have it or it’s happened now.

8. Give and Take

As with everything, there’s got to be give as well as take. This can involve devotions, or service done with your whole heart.

It’s also good to write a letter to God or your favorite spiritual guide, thanking them for what you already have, apologizing for things you wish you hadn’t done, promising to give devotions or service (be realistic) and asking specifically for what you would like and when. I always ask for it to be adjusted to the will of God because He can see the big picture of my life and the lives it will affect. Then burn the letter while asking the angels to take your message to God.

9. Believe

Believe it will happen and keep your faith. Wait for it. Also keep an open mind about how it’s going to manifest – expect the unexpected. Faith is the building block for any spiritual alchemy.

I hope you have fun experimenting with your own treasure map. I know I do!

For more reading material on this and other spiritual alchemy techniques, I recommend the pocket guide by Elizabeth Clare Prophet, Creative Abundance: Keys To Spiritual And Material Prosperity. It’s got lots of practical and effective tips you can use.

Explore new ways to overcome hidden blocks to your prosperity.

Its sensible step-by-step techniques—including treasure mapping, principles of feng shui, meditations, visualizations and affirmations—show how to live a full and prosperous life. —Bodhi Tree Book Review

Here a few more tips to working with the Ascended Masters on your treasure map.

Plan your treasure map before you create It. First, make a list of the dreams you want to see come true in each area of your life. Your list can cover career, finances, family, children, education, health, home, relationships, spirituality, travel and hobbies.

  • Allow God to Inspire and guide you. Ask your I AM Presence and Holy Christ Self to show you which of your desires are God’s desires for you. Then refine your ideas. Once you are certain about what you need, you are ready to construct your treasure map.
  • Use green paper. Treasure maps can be any color you want but they work partic­ularly well when you use green paper or card stock, since this color immediately connects you with the green ray’s energy of abundance and precipitation.
  • Make your treasure map large or small. Your map can be big enough to post on a wall or door, or small enough to fit in a notebook or scrapbook.
  • Make one or more maps. You can picture several goals on one map or create more than one, each dedicated to a different need. Divide your map or scrapbook into sections for each area of your life. Then choose images and statements that show exactly what you want to accomplish in that area.
  • Be precise when selecting images and statements for your map. Show and tell exactly what you want. including size, dimension, color, location and target date.
  • Always picture something better than the best of what you are experiencing now. You always want to be reaching for something higher.
  • Use colored images on your map. The imagination responds well to color. Include pictures of your favorite ascended masters to remind you that they are helping you accomplish your goals.
  • Accompany your Images with words and affirmations describing your needs.
  • Keep your treasure map uncluttered.
  • Include what you will offer to God In return for the blessings you are requesting.
  • Keep your map private. It is better not to share it with others.
  • Meditate on your map at least twice a day. Put It in a place where there is positive and uplifting energy, and it can readily be seen. If you think others might Interfere with your alchemical precipitation, move the map out of sight when you are not alone. Look at it in particular before you go to sleep so your subconscious mind will work on the realization of your desires for an uninterrupted period of time.
  • Ask God to fulfill your requests according to his will.
  • Update your map as needed.

the summitlighthouse.org Spiritual encyclopedia and Working with the Masters

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