Love Incarnate! Protecting and Nourishing the Heart

14 Feb


Hail, sons and daughters of love! I am, you are, love incarnate! And by the power of that Word incarnate, the flame flows across the sky, across the land, across the sea and in the fire. Oh, won’t you come up higher and enter in to the pulsating heart of our love?

We are Chamuel and Charity, and in the heart of love our twin flames abide as the focal point for the pure in heart, who shall see God. We come this day, in concerted action, in one flame, one heart, one mind and one voice to blend our energies in increments of sacred fire and to release to mankind those waves of love, from the Central Sun above, which have been invoked by the sacred Word he spoke, “Lo, I AM come to do thy will, O God!”—sacred words of love.

How great is the devotion of the angelic hosts toward mankind in this hour of change, of transition. It is a time of the turning of the tide—the turning of the tide of the human consciousness by an action of love that is born within the soul, a love that preserves and prefers the God Self above the human self. To be born in that love is to be reborn. And therefore the new birth of freedom is at hand as mighty tides of love turn the entire course and the tide of human thinking, human feeling. This is not a riptide. This is not shock energy. But this is a mighty wave, which sons and daughters of love must ride to its culmination, to its fulfillment, in the heart of the Great Central Sun.

Hearts united and on fire to do God’s will, will go forth from this place to out-picture a mandala of grace. It is a giant heart, a valentine, if you will, of our love for God, for man, for all life. The pulsating fire in this heart, the lacy filigree, the perfume of roses, is a thoughtform that makes its way as a focus of our retreat, as a focus of our love.

The heart of America is the heart of the world. And in our retreat there is an altar and a flame that is dedicated to the flow of life from the heart of God, the I AM Presence, to the heart of the Christ, the Christ Self of all mankind, and thence to the heart of man…

Precious children of the light, hearts must be nourished physically, emotionally, mentally and etherically. You must have the right sustenance for the heart by taking in foods that are natural, organically grown, so that you can spare your heart centers the burden of chemicals, of drugs, of unwanted substance. You must also nourish the heart flame by the action of love, by the action of intensifying the feelings of love—releasing a torrent of divine love through the heart at eventide, when the pink flame is seen in the sunset. It is a reminder that evening is provided for blessed communication with the heart center of God, of Christ, of man.


Now, here is the mystery of love. As man kneels before the altar of God pouring love and gratitude to God, there is a release of energy through the heart center—a mighty flow of love that acts to flush out darkness, opposition, mortal cursings, mortal consciousness, witchcraft and black magic that are projected against the heart centers of the children of light…

f you continually pour your love to God, the energies of your feeling bodies will be continually qualified with love and continually ascend back to the throne of God, carried by angel messengers, by cherubim of fire, by angels of our bands. And as they carry your love, God’s love re-qualified by your love, they afford to you that protection of the sacred spheres of the Great White Brotherhood. And the antahkarana of life—the web of love and reason, of logic and truth, of power and will—is fortified. And so you, too, are fortified…

Let love be without dissimulation. Let love be the action of the Law. God rests in motion. Let your motion be his energy perpetually giving forth the energies of love.

As we release our love, it is encased in a sheath of blue fire, that all who receive that love should use that love in purity, desiring only to see God and to be God. Thus to the pure in heart our energy flows. And to anyone to whom it is given who shall use this love in an inordinate manner, of them it shall be spoken, “To them that have not shall be taken away that which they have.” Those who use not the energies of love for the glory of God in man, for the upliftment and the comfort of all life in compassion—these, then, must have the withdrawing action of love.

Love does not allow itself to be dissipated. Love does not allow itself to be trampled upon. Love is a flame that is free, that has a destiny and that would entwine the hearts of all mankind, as morning glories upon the stalk. As morning glories open to the sun, so love is open to the Christ in all mankind.

Vol. 56 No. 20 – Beloved Chamuel and Charity – October 15, 2013, Protecting and Nourishing the Heart, To Adore God Is One of the Surest Protections of the Heart Chakra

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