Cosmic Christ Illumination

27 Mar


Peace be unto you, my beloved. For my heart is with you this day, and my Spirit and my Presence.

I AM Jesus the Christ. I come in the fullness of resurrection’s flame that I might transfer to the aura of each one, so carefully prepared [by yourselves] in these days, that momentum of the resurrection that can give all the atoms a spin, the cosmic atoms a [cosmic] spin so that you may win and win your Victory in this life. May that spinning and that throwing off [of humanly misqualified substance of karma], beloved, create evermore the concentration of the sacred fire in each sun center that does comprise the vast Body of God which you are.

May you bask in this flame for the duration of my message and be seated in the joy not only of my resurrection but of your own, beloved. For you are also resurrected this day and this is my Easter message!  For the resurrection of your Real Self, of who you really are, can be the most transforming experience of your life.

You have lived so long with the adoptive self, the adaptive self, the accommodating self, the not-self, and the dweller-on-the-threshold, that sometimes what you think is your very best self is but a conglomerate of all of these and a habit.  But when the habit is consumed by the living fires of God and you step forth from that tomb and see who you are, blessed ones, you will never again argue in defense of that old posture, that old reason, that old ego.

Now then, it is springtime. Step forth into newness of life! I have counseled many of my disciples in this Community to become your Real Self and so I do it again. For it is a step-by-step,  a day-by-day process and sometimes it is necessary to take out the old photograph album and to see just how far you have removed yourself from those other years and lesser spheres of manifestation.

I impart to you, then, the love of our Oneness. For, beloved, I tell you, whether you have identified with me or not in this life you have gravitated toward this activity of service to set the record straight, to resolve to enter fully and finally into the heart-to-heart relationship [with myself], precisely the one that I shared with John.

Beloved hearts, know, then, that this Christ that I AM and that I declare–for I AM the Son of God–is your Christ, is your Sonship. [And] though [this Sonship] may be at times more evident where I AM, whether when I was upon earth [two thousand years ago] or in the ascended octaves [as I AM] today, yet, beloved, this [Christ of my and your Sonship] is the Rock of your Divine Reality. Cling to it as though all the waves of the roaring seas of hell should beat against it and you should hold on to that rock for life!  [Seeking and finding the] true Reality of oneself is like mining the gold of the Divine Image until one comes to the golden image of the golden-age man and woman.

I come for restoration!  I come for re-storation, beloved!  Let there be a new story!  Let the sacred fire consume the old coil!  Be done with it!  Have done with it!

Blessed heart, there is a new spiral and a new man and a new woman and it is the glory of the living Christ within you. This joy I bring you, this understanding I tell you. For newness of life and resurrection is the only way to survive in a dead and dying world, is the only way to come apart to infuse new life into those who are the sick–the maimed, the halt, the blind. By the resurrection flame and through prayer and fasting know that that Divine Reality can come forth.

I will be God in manifestation!  I will be God in manifestation!

So help me, God!

Vol. 32 No. 21 – Beloved Jesus Christ – May 21, 1989, The Summit Lighthouse



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  1. September 17, 2018 at 2:27 am #

    Keep tһis going please, great job!


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