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Cosmic Christ Illumination

27 Mar


Peace be unto you, my beloved. For my heart is with you this day, and my Spirit and my Presence.

I AM Jesus the Christ. I come in the fullness of resurrection’s flame that I might transfer to the aura of each one, so carefully prepared [by yourselves] in these days, that momentum of the resurrection that can give all the atoms a spin, the cosmic atoms a [cosmic] spin so that you may win and win your Victory in this life. May that spinning and that throwing off [of humanly misqualified substance of karma], beloved, create evermore the concentration of the sacred fire in each sun center that does comprise the vast Body of God which you are.

May you bask in this flame for the duration of my message and be seated in the joy not only of my resurrection but of your own, beloved. For you are also resurrected this day and this is my Easter message!  For the resurrection of your Real Self, of who you really are, can be the most transforming experience of your life.

You have lived so long with the adoptive self, the adaptive self, the accommodating self, the not-self, and the dweller-on-the-threshold, that sometimes what you think is your very best self is but a conglomerate of all of these and a habit.  But when the habit is consumed by the living fires of God and you step forth from that tomb and see who you are, blessed ones, you will never again argue in defense of that old posture, that old reason, that old ego.

Now then, it is springtime. Step forth into newness of life! I have counseled many of my disciples in this Community to become your Real Self and so I do it again. For it is a step-by-step,  a day-by-day process and sometimes it is necessary to take out the old photograph album and to see just how far you have removed yourself from those other years and lesser spheres of manifestation.

I impart to you, then, the love of our Oneness. For, beloved, I tell you, whether you have identified with me or not in this life you have gravitated toward this activity of service to set the record straight, to resolve to enter fully and finally into the heart-to-heart relationship [with myself], precisely the one that I shared with John.

Beloved hearts, know, then, that this Christ that I AM and that I declare–for I AM the Son of God–is your Christ, is your Sonship. [And] though [this Sonship] may be at times more evident where I AM, whether when I was upon earth [two thousand years ago] or in the ascended octaves [as I AM] today, yet, beloved, this [Christ of my and your Sonship] is the Rock of your Divine Reality. Cling to it as though all the waves of the roaring seas of hell should beat against it and you should hold on to that rock for life!  [Seeking and finding the] true Reality of oneself is like mining the gold of the Divine Image until one comes to the golden image of the golden-age man and woman.

I come for restoration!  I come for re-storation, beloved!  Let there be a new story!  Let the sacred fire consume the old coil!  Be done with it!  Have done with it!

Blessed heart, there is a new spiral and a new man and a new woman and it is the glory of the living Christ within you. This joy I bring you, this understanding I tell you. For newness of life and resurrection is the only way to survive in a dead and dying world, is the only way to come apart to infuse new life into those who are the sick–the maimed, the halt, the blind. By the resurrection flame and through prayer and fasting know that that Divine Reality can come forth.

I will be God in manifestation!  I will be God in manifestation!

So help me, God!

Vol. 32 No. 21 – Beloved Jesus Christ – May 21, 1989, The Summit Lighthouse



Ye Are The Light of The World

22 Mar

O light that reigns in the hearts of men because he has come into the world, we salute thee in the spirit of the resurrection and in the very person of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ. Angels of the throne of glory, descend in concentric rings of sacred fire. As the sacred fire lily of our hearts bursts forth in the light of the Mother and the Son, we gather to proclaim him King of kings and Lord of lords, victor over hell and death, our supreme master of life.

O Father in heaven, in his name, let the resurrection flame reign in every heart in this hour. In the name of the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit, in the name of the Mother, Amen.

Next to the incarnation of the Savior, the most glorious of all events is the celebration of his resurrection. When we come into the world vowing to “do thy will, O God,” as he did, we have no assurance that we will walk the path of initiation to the hour of our own individual resurrection—save the assurance and the promise of God that with him all things are possible1 and, by the endowment of the threefold flame of life, we can fulfill the original promise. And so when we behold our Master fulfill that promise, we have the comfort and the peace that we may follow in his footsteps.

At this very moment of the prophecy of the agony and the ecstasy, we find the disciples nearest Jesus questioning him. And their first questions are directed toward their own fate, their own chelaship.

James and John, the sons of Zebedee, come unto him, saying, Master, we would that thou shouldest do for us whatsoever we shall desire.

And he said unto them, What would ye that I should do for you?

They said unto him, Grant unto us that we may sit, one on thy right hand, and the other on thy left hand, in thy glory.4

They knew of the positioning of the cherubim upon the ark of the covenant. They knew that the guarding of the flame was a sanctified office of the two highest initiates of the Master. They wanted to secure their position in heaven before he should remove himself from their sight.

But Jesus said unto them, Ye know not what ye ask: can ye drink of the cup that I drink of? and be baptized with the baptism that I am baptized with?

And they said unto him, We can.

Thus it has ever been that as the disciples look upon the mastery of their Lord, they do not perceive the elements of that mastery, the great light of that attainment. Nor do they understand the thousands upon thousands of years of the ingredients of the glory that so easily flowed from his garment, the light that transfigured him before their very eyes. They are so certain that they simply say, “We can.”

Perhaps it is a false sense of assurance. Perhaps it is a profound inner understanding of what he has already taught them. We cannot totally judge why they say what they say. We cannot see whether it is selfishness or the enlightenment of the Higher Self that understands that in following the Master one must ask for his mantle in order to receive it. One must ask for his initiations in order to receive them. Elisha asked his Guru for his mantle when he ascended. Thus we come to understand that even when we are so close to the ascended ones, without the prayer and the asking there cannot be the blessed conferment of the resurrection flame.

Now therefore, O living sacred fire, in the name of thy Son Jesus Christ, in the name of the Cosmic Christ, whose presence he has brought to our hearts, in the name of the great quickening fire and the opening of the door to our own Christ Self, we ask this day that the children of God upon earth and the sons and daughters of God might be drawn in to the great congruency of thy throne.

Let thy Three-in-One, O God, descend now! Let it be for the healing of hearts, the purifying of hearts, the opening of the path of initiation according to thy light.

O beloved Jesus, let us now understand the deeper mysteries of drinking thy full cup and remaining steadfast to thy fiery essence, infused thereby within our temple—infused because thou art the fullness unto us forevermore of the transfiguration, the crucifixion, the resurrection and the ascension. AMEN

Vol. 55 No. 8 – Beloved Elizabeth Clare Prophet – April 15, 2012,




Love God in One Another

19 Mar

The Holy Spirit descending into your temple cooks out fear. Therefore, when God releases that Holy Spirit through his avatars, we are immediately converted to the light. A transfer of intense love has instantaneously melted our fear and we come to a experience of love.

I began by talking about having a reservoir of love in our heart to convey to people who need healing. Well, that is what the Ascended Masters have, and that is why, when you really make contact with them, you experience conversion. A portion of their love comes into your life and you are reborn. You experience a rebirth, which is another definition of conversion. However, you have to have something in you that can magnetize enough love to have a conversion experience. Even if there are layers and layers and layers of human infamy over it, the core of your being has to have the raw material–a God flame and some previous devotion to God’s love–to polarize with the love of an ascended being.

You also need to have a reservoir of love in your heart so that by magnetizing God’s love, you can be used as an instrument to transfer it to those who are in need of conversion, those who may not in themselves have enough of what is required to have a direct contact with an Ascended Master.

Therefore, it becomes the goal of your path to give of your heart’s love to someone who needs more love to experience conversion. You do this because your love for the God whom you know is so intense that it is transferred to the person before you who seems not to know God.

The Christ Is God’s Love Sent into the World

I will read verse 9. “In this was manifested the love of God toward us, because that God sent his only begotten Son into the world that we might live through him.” This is the perfect love of God.

He gave us in the beginning a threefold flame. We left off adoring it. It was reduced in size until we no longer knew the Son of God in our temple through that threefold flame. Thus the love of God was manifest in that he sent his only begotten Son, the Christ, the Universal Christ, into the temple of Jesus Christ so that we might live through that Christ.

This is also the love of Jesus Christ, because long before he ever took incarnation, he determined to pour out so much love to the Father that the Father would endow him with the fullness of that only begotten Son.

Verse 10: “Herein is love, not that we loved God, but that he loved us, and sent his Son to be the propitiation for our sins.” We are never the originators of love. God first loved us and with his love we have done what we will. The exercise of our free will has determined how we have spent this love, which manifests as the energy of the Holy Spirit.

God’s Love Is the Propitiation for Our Sin

God’s love is the energy we misqualify, and therefore fear is misqualified love. I repeat, fear is misqualified love. The flame within our hearts, the presence of the Guru Jesus Christ and the Universal Christ as your Christ Self, is God’s love sent into the world to be the propitiation for our sin.

How is it the propitiation for our sin? By the very process I explained, by the great mystery of love burning with an alchemical heat to transform the elements of the etheric, mental, emotional and physical bodies within the cells. That is how the Son of God who comes into your temple is the propitiation for your sin.

He adds unto your temple his momentum of the sacred fire of love and takes upon himself your fears, your sins, which you have not been able to transmute because you have not been able to wax hot in your fervor for Almighty God. That is why God has denounced those who are lukewarm, because the lukewarm can’t boil the pot. They cannot change or have the alchemy of the Holy Ghost.

The more psychological disturbances people have, the more they inflict all kinds of things upon their physical bodies. People do atrocious things to their bodies. We know therefore that there is a force of anti-body, and since the body is the Mother, it is an anti-Mother force that has us do things that destroy the wholeness and the figure-eight flow within our beings.

In fact, it’s the anti-Mother momentum that causes us to sin, to make karma and to fear, to the extent that we function only at a certain percentage of capacity. The cells and the various organs are working only at a certain capacity and we have to look squarely at the conditions whereby we allow this to continue.

This is the sword of truth, and it is the all-seeing eye of the fifth ray that puts a spotlight on our subconscious momentums and reveals to each one those elements of self-hatred that are really the hatred of the Great God Self. Self-doubt and fear are really the doubt and fear of the Great God Self.

These things have shortened the lifespan of the evolutions of which we are a part, have caused aging, disease, death, and so forth. So we must love one another and we must see to it that elements within the desire body and the mental body are not inflicted upon the physical body. Then we go out into other bodies, our brothers and our sisters, and we see to it that not by the spoken word, not by an unkind remark or something vicious or sarcastic do we inflict upon another body the hatred contained within ourselves for a part of ourselves.

As we prepare to surrender these fears into the flame, we need to be mindful of what we are putting into the flame and how the flame will work. A prayer full of generalities will not work because you will have failed to take responsibility for your own substance. Some people cannot admit that they are wrong now or have ever been wrong, so when they confess, they just say, “O God, forgive me for all my sins.” That is an irresponsible confession, as it does not contain enlightenment.

God cannot vaguely come down with a surgeon’s knife and remove a vague tumor in your astral body. Therefore the most important sins to confess are the individual sins that you cannot talk to anybody about because they are so terrible. Of course, they are not that terrible, but the devil has you convinced that they are.

If you do not talk to anybody about them, including God, you will never get over the sense of guilt, for when you can’t get something out of your system, that record in your electronic belt becomes an anti-sun. Then more fear, more guilt begins to revolve around it, as the sinister force rubs it in through the demons and discarnates who plague you in the night and tell you over and over again what a miserable sinner you are. We offer a prayer.

In the name of the beloved Mighty I AM Presence of all life, in the name of the beloved Holy Christ Self, we come to the altar of confession, O God. In the name of the living Savior Jesus Christ, we come to confess our sins by our love of God, who first loved us and established within our temple the threefold flame of life upon the altar of being, who sent forth the beloved Christ Self to be the mediator and the propitiation for our human karma.

We bow before thy living flame. We invoke fearlessness flame. Blaze forth within this temple and in every cell, beloved Ray-O-Light. Legions of fearlessness flame, enter every living cell of this temple. Bind now those centers of fear. Blaze forth the light of God that never fails.

By the authority of Christ within me, I say, bind fear. Bind its cause and core. Bind the moment of its inception in my life. Cast out death. Cast out strife. Cast out doubt and fear. Mighty I AM Presence, send forth thy ray of love, for this my command made in the name of my own Christ Self is made in perfect love for thee.

I would prepare thy temple, O living Word. I call forth the whirling spiral of the Central Sun of love from the very heart of the secret love star. I call for the mighty action of Surya and Cuzco. I stand upon this very forcefield at the altar of my confession. I ask for the light of God that never fails to descend now into my temple. Purge now every vortex of fear. I surrender it, O God. Let thy living flame of love pour through me as the mighty River of Life.

Angelic hosts of the Lord, come forth. Mighty secret love star, I call forth the whirlwind action of the sacred fire, the whirling Central Sun of Almighty God. I call for the whirling action of the Sun behind the sun of my own heart flame, and of every living cell within my temple.

Lo, I AM the action of the sacred fire! Lo, I AM the presence of the Lord Christ! Lo, I AM the soul that rises to be one with this Christ Self even as I bow before the altar and place upon this altar of sacred fire all misqualified energy!

In the name of the living Word, I call forth the light of God that never fails. I confess each act of fear and sin, known or unknown. I take responsibility for each and every act, thought, word and feeling that has ever passed through my chakras. I take full responsibility for them and I denounce the misuse of the living Word. I cast it into the sacred fire. I give unto the Lord now this substance and by the very fervor of love of my heart, lo, I make contact. Lo, I arc the flame of my fire unto God, even as the flame of God’s fire has arced unto me.

Lo, I am the completion now of this mighty flow of sacred fire! Lo, I am the light of God that never fails. I come before the throne of Almighty God. I bow before the throne of grace. I understand, O God, that without love, there is no forgiveness or forgetting of sin. Therefore, O God, I bring to the altar the gift of love, my perfect love, which is thy perfect love for every part of thee, for brother and sister, for every part of life everywhere.

Elizabeth Clare Prophet This excerpt is from the lecture by Elizabeth Clare Prophet Perfect Love Casts Out Fear delivered November 20, 1980 published in the 2001 Pearls of Wisdom Vol. 44 Nos. 6 – 8.

The Power of Right Thought

5 Mar


The power of right thought to guide the lives of men is often overlooked; for the preeminence that men give to ego-centered emotions when making decisions that will affect their entire lives leads them into wrong thought patterns and negative spirals that can produce only more ego-centered emotions.

“He that is slow to anger is better than the mighty; and he that ruleth his spirit than he that taketh a city.”

Emotional control is the need of the decade. This need must be recognized by those who would go forth as representatives of the World Teachers (Jesus and Kuthumi). You who would set the example for the age must also bear in mind that you cannot mold the thoughts of others by argument, nor will a display of the ego generate respect in those you would lead. Therefore, your only alternative is to follow the commandment of the Lord, to “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.” Teaching by example is the way of those who have attained self-mastery.

It Is Not Necessary to Classify Individuals

How well we know that the misinterpretation of an individual’s thoughts and motives often creates a false picture of his character. Therefore, blessed hearts, the Brotherhood explains that it is not necessary to classify individuals. But, if after reading our admonishment you still feel compelled to do so, will you not “reclassify” them if your first opinion should be wrong? Why be hasty or feel the need to shove everyone you meet conveniently into a niche of your own creation?

Practice the Presence of God in your own life, we say, invoke the Spirit of his discernment in all matters, and you will more readily spread the balm of peace and beauty among your peers.

How easy it is for men and women to find fault with one another! Yet, how true it is that each such episode of faultfinding, when it is falsely based in any respect, brings forth a karmic recompense which may well create in the lives of the faultfinders those very faults that they so easily condemned in others. What, then, is the value of holding the immaculate concept for those whose lives are so impurely lived? Is it not in order to invoke the magnetization of benign energies throughout the universe?

And, conversely, does not the sordid thought about another sully also the garments of the mind of the one engaged in the practice?

How quickly the vibrations of a building, or of a consciousness, are lowered as men and women continually dwell on the errors and shortcomings of others. Hierarchy does not say that there is anything wrong with the statement, “By their fruits you shall know them”; but in heaven’s name, blessed ones, to know what a man is at a given moment should not forever defraud him of the mighty potential of improving his lot.

While the lives of men are full of shame, ending in blame toward one another, we would make them to be full of hope, that the dawn of self-improvement might appear daily to each human life. Why should we limit men when the balm of forgiveness can bring about a spiritual equity in the entire evolution of a planet? What applies to men individually applies to organizations, to nations, and to the split infinitives of purpose.

This excerpt is from the dictation Teaching by Example by Kuthumi published in the 1970 Pearl of Wisdom Vol. 13 No. 3.