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The Defense of the Matter Cube in the Mother Light of the Ascension

23 Feb

Thus the Mother flame brings all to the surface that you may choose this day whom you will serve.  For the light cannot give you your victory until you stand, face, and conquer every jot and tittle of the law of your own being.

Where you have made the law of sin, which is the transgression of the law of God, the law of your life experience, the rising, pulsating Mother flame exposes that law of sin and allows you to repent and to experience that remission of sins which takes place within your very own temple when the law of sin and the consequences of sin—the responsibilities for the transgression of the law of life—are surrendered into the all-consuming white fire, sacred fire, Mother flame.

The Mother flame and the ascension flame are one. This pure white light that issues from the Source is the crystal clear river of water of life.   And the fire flowing through crystal waters is the all-purifying and all-knowing ascension flame.

Guru Ma is the name given and the mantle worn by the teacher who teaches the path of Self-realization through the Mother flame—devotion to purity of consciousness manifest in the Word and Work of the Lord and to the raising up of the Mother light (the Kundalini) in the ascension coil. The path of the Mother leads to soul liberation through the ritual of the ascension taught and demonstrated for thousands of years by the avatars of East and West.

The one called Guru Ma is a devotee of God who is devoted to his manifes­tation of the Mother principle of Life. The Guru Ma teaches his/her chelas the way of the Christ and the Buddha who were both devotees of the Mother flame. Through the path of devotion to Mother and the Mother flame, one embodies more and more of the divine personality of the Mother in her role as counterpart to the Trinity.

As the active personality of the Father, the Mother is called Shakti. She personifies his mind and energy, abundance and truth as the active, energizing love of himself throughout the manifest creation. Without God as Mother, the material universe would still be “without form, and void” and darkness would still be “upon the face of the deep.”

The Mother light which lights up the galaxies is actually the Father’s light in feminine form. Mother is the negative polarity of the Godhead—the ‘other side’ of Father who holds the positive ‘Spirit’ polarity of the Mother manifestation.

Adoration of the Mother establishes the heart tie of the devotee to the God who is nearest and dearest because She is Him in Matter. By establishing that tie, the devotee links himself to the Father through the Mother. In reality it is the Father’s desire that we know him first through the Mother—that we receive her love and creative disciplines, that we are prepared for our relationship with him as the Trinity through her path that leads Home.

The teachings of all true gurus begin with Mother. They are guru because they love Mother. The highest Guru to a planetary evolution, the “God of the Earth,” is the Lord of the World because he embraces Mother and is her foremost disciple.

The white cube is for the precipitation ‘on earth as in heaven’ of the stronghold of the Great White Brotherhood. The threefold flame of all hearts united through the initiations of the ascension is the very stronghold of our Brotherhood in form and formlessness. Wherever there is an ascended master, wherever there is a chela of that master engaging his light and engaged on the path of ascension’s disciplines, there is the presence of our Brotherhood intact, lighthearted and joyous by the flow of the figure-eight spiral that connects the reality of all worlds.

Beloved Serapis Bey Vol. 23 No. 4

How to Spot a False Teacher

20 Feb

Jesus foretold the coming of the false teachers in the ‘last days.’ He said they would be wolves in sheep’s clothing who would show great signs and great wonders to deceive the elect. These arch-deceivers are clever, charming, very convincing…and very deadly. Pure and simple, these false teachers are after your light and they will gladly derail you from the true path to get that light

The ascended masters want you to be able to declare your independence from the imposters masquerading as legitimate spiritual teachers. To this end, the masters have formulated a pathway that will lead you unerringly to your own God Consciousness.

However, you must be willing to embrace this path, and one of the obstacles we all encounter on the way is the darkness sown by fallen angels and all agents of evil, no matter what face they wear.

What we must overcome is our attachment to human consciousness, to the limitations of the human mind and to the seeming attraction of the world and all of its diversions.

But this path must be chosen, not coerced.

The ascended masters will never force their students to do anything. Students must be willing to exert themselves to show they have staying power, to lift the weight of darkness that it might become light.

This is the path of discerning the difference between the real Self and the not self…and, if you will but ask, the ascended masters stand ready to show you how to do it.

So how can you tell a false teacher from a true one? That is the subject of this series, and one of the first indications that you may be dealing with a false teacher is if you notice a lot of human ego and human will. There will be flattery, charisma, pride…anything and everything that might appeal to and gratify your human consciousness. A true teacher will seek to help you overcome the carnal mind, not embellish it. A true teacher will, like the true shepherd, lay down his life for his flock. The false teacher has no such desire.

“The false teachers of mankind have one motive:  the subjection of the soul and the energies of the four lower bodies unto their own egos, their own human will…The mystique of the false teacher is the claim of the preferred personality. It is because the human consciousness itself contains some of the elements of the false teacher that it finds itself being drawn in over and over again to the false teaching…In the words of the one who sought and found the inner Christed man of the heart, you will find the key to your own Christ-identity:  “If any man shall say unto you, Lo, here is Christ or there, believe it not….Wherefore if they shall say unto you, Behold, he is in the desert, go not forth; behold, he is in the secret chambers, believe it not. For as the lightning cometh out of the east and shineth even unto the west, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.” (Matt. 24:23, 26-27.)”

THE PATH OF FREEDOM, To Choose Freedom Is to Choose Life, Beloved Saint Germain, POW Vol. 18 No. 33 August 17, 1975.  Listen to part one.


How to Gain Greater Heart Capacity

6 Feb


Would you not have a greater heart capacity, beloved? [“Yes!”]

I come to you this evening to tell you, oh, it is so possible! Stretch the heart muscle! Expand the petals of the heart chakra! Breathe upon the fire of the threefold flame and breathe upon it again and know that your breathing exercises are for more than meets the eye.1

Blessed ones, here is how you expand the heart. Everyone has established a certain limit of patience, of tolerance, of indulgence of others. Most people, including yourselves, find that level of limitation. And when someone does try you or test you or torment you beyond a certain level, you, then, are no longer in that state of patience [or tolerance or indulgence]. And at that moment, because of the artificial barriers of the heart that you have erected, [you declare your limit, which] you do not go beyond. [You are unwilling to] walk another mile and another mile, caring for life–caring for life, beloved, loving and still loving, and yet that love is such a power of the discipline of the soul and of the fire of your own spirit. [This is surely not the way to expand the heart!]

Love is surely the greatest quality of God and the most misunderstood. Love is a purging fire! Love is self-discipline and the discipline of the child and the four lower bodies that have grown out of line. [Accept Love without limits and you will expand your heart.]

Yes, beloved, let us test the heart! Let us expand the capacity of heart for the power of God to bring all into submission to the Great Heart of Light! Thus, [there is the need for] the two-edged sword, the mighty sword of discrimination, beloved, whereby there is mercy, whereby there is justice and whereby Love does impel those who have gone out of the way to come back to that center!

⋄ ⋄ ⋄

O beloved ones, for a moment contemplate the seraphim of God who have gathered this night to love you, to love you and to love you! All that we do and say is to love you. You must understand Love that is a piercing fire that will suddenly separate you from the most cherished elements of yourself or your life. You must understand this and get on top of it and go beyond it, beloved.

You must understand that Love does come in 144,000 different flames, if you will. There is no limitation to how Love can be conveyed, and that Love does meet every human need. It does meet it, beloved. This is not an unworldly love or an otherworldly love. This is love that is God’s love, which reaches every level of life. [Embrace it and you will expand your heart!]

O the mighty sunbeams of the Great Central Sun! Bask in them now. Bask in them now, beloved. For the light of the Sun caresses you, and these light rays so gently take from you now that which you are ready to give to your Father-Mother God.


Therefore let go. Give to God all that limits you. Receive the limitless light of the Sun, the sun rays, and on these golden beams, beloved, receive now the Holy Spirit.

Each day, think of your Father-Mother Helios and Vesta as you greet the sun. And even for a moment, as you bask in the light, simply say:

I AM receiving now the Holy Spirit of Helios and Vesta
into my mind, into my heart, into my being,
into the organs of my body, into my entire self.
And I AM made Whole by the Whole-I-Spirit of Helios and Vesta.

In this Love abide. In this Love remain steadfast, unmoved, beloved, by all that would take it from you. See how your immovability is the key to your increase of the Spirit of God.

Oh, reach up and simply touch and take now the hand of your Mighty I AM Presence! Hold that hand and clasp it.

Yes, beloved, you are so very, very near to your victory. Treasure, oh, treasure the moments which you endow with the flames of your victory. Treasure the cups of consciousness. Treasure them, beloved, for the moments in the time frame shall be the elements of your eternity.

I AM the Maha Chohan. I woo you to the sacred heart of every ascended one. Make it your goal, beloved, to be that sacred heart and see how the world will truly receive the teaching you so love and you have so internalized. This is a love feast, beloved, a love feast in the Holy Spirit.

These excerpts are from the Pentecost 1992 dictation by the Maha Chohan published in Pearls of Wisdom® Vol. 35 No. 21. To read the entire Pearl Expand the Capacity of the Heart! for the Maha Chohan’s complete teaching, please go to: Vol. 35 No. 21 – The Beloved Maha Chohan – May 24, 1992.

1. Djwal Kul’s breathing exercise, see Djwal Kul – Breathing Exercise and Meditation

A New Perception of Your Mighty I AM Presence

5 Feb


I would like to speak to you about the thought form that is in our poster for this retreat, the Sine Wave to the Sun. You might say that this is a different way of showing the Mighty I AM Presence, the Christ Self, and the individual who is ascending to God. You might also say that this sine wave is a ladder of light.

You can see the concentric rings in a dimension of the attitude of the soul climbing, or accelerating, the intensity of light and entering into the successive rings going into the Central Sun, which is the I AM Presence. And here it is depicted as an infinite galaxy of light.

If you can imagine the center of your Mighty I AM Presence as an infinite galaxy of light, you begin to think about a new perception of the Infinite One and the manifestation we have become so accustomed to meditating upon in the chart of the I AM Presence. This would be the individual, as you, clearly manifest as a ray of light coalesced in this dimension. The white fire in the center and the galaxy in the heart denotes the Christ Presence.

Many times we hear people ask, “Who is my Christ Self? Is it myself? Is it someone else? Is it someone with whom I can speak? Is it an energy? Is it a consciousness?” It is all of these things, depending upon your own positioning both on the outside of the sine wave–following it and becoming the sine wave–or being in the center of it, poised in that very perfect point of Cosmic Christ consciousness which is called the laya center….

We descended this ladder of light, each one having free will–each one, for various reasons, presenting himself before the Lord God Almighty in the Person of the Father/Mother God, Alpha and Omega. And therefore, we were given the opportunity to go into the outer universes, out from the original inner retreat in the heart of God. Some had the design of exercising the potential to be co-creator in the Matter spheres. Some wished to exercise free will independent of God. Others went forth as guardian spirits concerned about those who would go forth in a state of independence from the divine union.

For whatever reason, we find ourselves in the same octave, in the same frequency, which is a very narrow band of this physical universe. The outer universe is far more vast than this narrow band. Therefore finding ourselves together on the narrow band, we immediately have at least that in common. We can see one another, we can touch and feel one another, we can understand one another’s consciousness to a certain degree. And we understand one another’s problems because we share similar problems, similar karmic conditions….

This excerpt from a lecture by Elizabeth Clare Prophet was delivered October 9, 1981 during the conference Sine Wave to the Sun and published in the 1981 Pearls of Wisdom Radiant Word Vol. 24 No. 47.