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Lords of The Seven Rays – Lord Lanto – Chohan of the Second Ray

28 Sep

On July 3, 1958, Lord Lanto was succeeded by the ascended master Confucius as hierarch of the Royal Teton Retreat. On that date also, Lord Lanto, with attainment far beyond that required either of retreat hierarch or chohan, accepted the office of lord of the second ray from Kuthumi. This blessed brother, who had worshiped the God of Peace as Saint Francis, had already joined Jesus in the office of World Teacher in 1956.

On October 30, 1966, in cooperation with the God and Goddess Meru, Lanto was granted the dispensation by the Karmic Board for a “mighty transcendent golden flame of illumination” to pulsate three hundred feet into the atmosphere over the colleges, universities, divinity and theological schools of America and the world whose students and faculty were and would be receptive to knowledge from higher spheres.

Grand Teton range, focus of the Royal Teton RetreatThe ascended master Lanto conducts classes at the Royal Teton Retreat, the initial retreat of the Great White Brotherhood to where we may ask to be taken in our etheric body at night. Here we learn the fundamentals of the path of initiation. Because of the dispensation of opening the seven retreats of the seven chohans, many tens of thousands of souls are receiving training at inner levels to accelerate their consciousness for the New Age.

Lord Lanto, the Sage, Master of Precipitation.

Lord Lanto is a master of the power of precipitation—the alchemical process of drawing forth cosmic light and substance from the universal substance and coalescing it into physical form, often by using the Science of the Spoken Word.

Having studied under Lord Himalaya and gained his mastery in the Retreat of the Blue Lotus, Lord Lanto elected to use the yellow plume to enfold the hearts of all mankind. He is dedicated to the perfectionment of the evolutions of this planet through Cosmic Christ illumination. The golden flame that he bears is charged with the momentum of God-victory for the youth of the world.

Lanto volunteered with Sanat Kumara, the Ancient of Days, to come to earth long ago for the rescue of the planet and her evolutions. He was a High Priest in the temple of the Divine Mother on the continent that sank beneath the Pacific, known as Lemuria. He had other incarnations on Atlantis, as did all of the chohans of the rays.

In the last days of Lemuria, those who tended the flames upon the altars of the temples were warned of the coming cataclysm. They removed their flames, carried them to places of safety, and deposited those flames in other physical retreats or removed them to the etheric octave. Lord Lanto carried the flame of precipitation and deposited it in the area of the Grand Teton mountains in North America.

The flame of precipitation is a Chinese green tinged with yellow of the second ray. This flame burning in the Royal Teton Retreat is the quality in consciousness that makes Americans extremely practical, developing an applied science in technology that takes us back to the time of Mu when that technology even exceeded what we have today. It is a flame of abundance that enables the precipitation of wealth as well as happiness and joy and the Universal Christ consciousness.


Lord Lanto and Wisdom’s Ray

Teachers, philosophers and educators serve on the ray of illumination and wisdom under Lanto

Initiation: Crown Chakra
Gifts of the Holy Spirit: Word of Wisdom and the Word of Knowledge
Retreat: Royal Teton Retreat over the Grand Teton mountains, Wyoming, USA
Vibration: Yellow, Gold
Gemstone: Yellow Diamond, Yellow Sapphire, Topaz
Quality: Wisdom, Understanding, Judgment
Day: Sunday

Quick Prayer: Teach me the way of wisdom and show me how to bring forth my Christ consciousness.

Lord Lanto’s Previous Lifetimes in China

Lord Lanto embodied in ancient China as the Yellow Emperor (2700 BC) and was later embodied as the Duke of Zhou (or Chou) a ruler of China (1050 BC)

Lanto has held the golden flame of illumination on behalf of the Chinese people for many, many centuries. This flame is anchored in China in the retreat of the archangels Jophiel and Christine, which is located in central China.

Throughout the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, Lanto has stood faithfully behind the efforts of Saint Germain to liberate mankind through his release of the ascended masters’ teachings on the I AM Presence and the violet fire.

Lord Lanto – The Science of the Spoken Word

Awaken the Light Within and Change Yourself and Your World

“I am your teacher, friend, and mentor of old; and I have come to claim you once again. At any hour of the day or night when you would be free of the bondage of mortality, call to me and I will send forth that golden ray to quicken, to awaken, to hallow the sacred ground beneath your feet made holy by your endeavor to be the fullness of the God flame.” -Lanto

Blaze Illumination’s Flame through us!
Beloved I AM!
Blaze Illumination’s Flame through us!
Take thy command!
Blaze Illumination’s Flame through us!
Magnify it each hour!
Blaze Illumination’s Flame through us!
Love, Wisdom, and Power!

“Rise to greet the dawn of illumination through Lord Lanto, who holds in his hands the book of the law of life for your soul—for the soul of a planet and a universe. His wisdom is a scroll that never ends; ’tis a scroll whereby you make amends. And in the profound understanding of the Lord of the Second Ray, lo, your sins are washed away!”—Djwal Kul, from the meditation, The Hidden Chamber of the Heart.

Lords of the Seven Rays -El Morya -First Ray

25 Sep

We realize that we have many ties, many interesting relationships that are carry overs from previous lifetimes. In this age of reckoning we go through many situations and relationships, always with the purpose being to release the light of God, the Holy Spirit, for balance, for blessing, for resolution and for love. Then we can go in peace and not be bound by age-old wounds, hurts, angers, sorrows, prejudices, fears and envies.

In studying the Lords of the Seven Rays, we begin with beloved El Morya, known as the Lord of the First Ray. He may look fierce, but he is fiercely devoted to the Will of God because the first ray is the ray of God’s Will. That devotion to the Will of God shines in him in these following embodiment when anyone of you may have known him and walked with him.

He was Abraham (2100 BC), Melchior – one of the three wisemen, and Arthur – king of the Britons.

He was Saint Thomas Becket (1118 – 1170) – Chancellor of England, friend of King Henry II, and then Archbishop of Canterbury. He came into conflict with the king of the rights of the Church and shortly following Christmas on December 29th he was murdered in Canterbury Cathedral by four knights. They had taken literally Henry’s remark that he wished to be rid of ‘this turbulent priest’.

The strength and the courage of beloved El Morya, just in these embodiments, is a guiding light to all who know him and feel the presence of his love. Morya is very straight-forward, very direct and very much active in the affairs of state today as he was in his embodiment as Saint Thomas More, Lord Chancellor of England.

El Morya incarnated as Akbar from 1542 – 1605, the greatest of the Mogul emperors of India. He has been described as one of the few successful examples of Plato’s philosopher king.

He founded his own faith, a divine monotheism, that united the basic truths of all religions. He had representatives of all the world’s major religions coming to him. He was supremely tolerant, he allowed all to practice their religion in his realm. He put the best of them all together, hoping that people would widen their horizons.

In the end, only his closest servants and friends adopted it. His legacy of universality, religious tolerance and a well-organized government blest India for centuries.

El Morya concluded his incarnations in the West as the famous poet Thomas Moore, composer, musician, prolific writer of prose and poetry. Following that life he went to India and became the Rajput prince El Morya Khan and took his ascension in 1898.

Do you realize that before a century passes you could also attain to reunion with God through the ascension in the Light? In fact, that may very well be your destiny in this life – to balance your karma, serve the will of God and love all life free and return to His heart nevermore to go out on the round and wheel of rebirth.

El Morya teaches us the mastery of the throat chakra. The throat chakra, which is the power center. Here you experience God as the power of the spoken Word. You observe everyday how your words may comfort people, curse people, lift them up or put the down. People use power in good ways and bad ways, but usually their conversation is involved.

Love is the Key

20 Sep


The eye of this spiral nebula is a thousand miles across. The Mystical Body of God are gathered here. Great hierarchs intone the Word that does echo in symmetry from side to side of this inner eye, creating by sound alone a grid of light, a weaving of light rays into a perfect geometry.

Know the Cosmic Egg and all that is inside. Know that thou art inside, thou who [doest] love God, his Law, his Will, and one another as Christ has loved you. Only those who love enter this interval. Love is the password and the key. Love is the means of passing through walls of light, impervious to those who have not love.

Love is also the key whereby unascended initiates enter my retreat. Love is the key to the solution [of] every problem, love for your Mighty I AM Presence. Stay close to your Mighty I AM Presence and nothing can touch you. The maya may pass by and you may pass through it but this hath not touched you at all. For in the center of your heart you affirm:

O My God, I AM Real!

O my God, I AM real. And thou alone art real where I AM. I AM thy Light that is real. I AM thy Love that is real. I AM thy Life that is real.

O God, thou dost enter my heart moment by moment, drop by drop of light descending over my crystal cord. Therefore [I see that] each drop now enlarged before me on the screen of vision does contain the Divine Image of the Mighty I AM Presence. God does enter my heart. A million times a moment that Divine Image is flashing, flashing, flashing! And I behold thy Love, O God. I behold thy Love.

Come nigh to me, O God. I would come nigh to thee. Enter my heart fully and truly, Divine Image by Divine Image until thou dost approach–thy Presence near, thy voice.

O my God, thou art coming, coming to this temple thou hast wrought. O Mighty I AM Presence, come, be with me; and when the cup of my life is full take me utterly to thy Self.

O my Mighty I AM Presence, I love but thee! I love but thee. I love but thee. Let thy love fires burn within my heart. Let me know that when the heart does not burn, I must pray and pray again to increase that flame of fire of Love.

I AM THAT I AM. No separation is. The Mystical Body of God is One. In the interval of the Sun I know who I AM. I AM Real.

And when this interval and succeeding intervals are done, I step forth from out the center of this Sun once again, treading maya to find the souls caught in delusion, pearls of great price for whom a price has been paid by the Universal Christ.

I have seen Reality. I AM Reality. I can afford to go forth in unreality another round and another round until my God does call me forever to the secret chamber of his heart and I am born anew, an ascended Son of Light.

I therefore go back, go back and back. And with my diver’s suit I plunge into the sea to gather pearls, to protect them, to comfort them, to seal them in thy interval, O God, that is in the secret chamber of my heart where [thy] threefold flame is sealed.

O in that interval, O God, I now have the flame of thy Reality, thy Love. Thy Love that is my portion is my portion to give to those whom thou hast also loved who must know [thee] through my witness.

I AM the witness, O God. I go forth. I go forth.

Send me, O God! For it is my reason for being to gather the pearls until none are left to satisfy the sea monsters and they must die for want of pearls to eat, to devour. I will snatch them from their jaws. I will carry home sacks and bundles of pearls and lay them at thy feet.

O my Father, O my Mother, Alpha and Omega,

I AM coming Home.

Thus you will find that this recitation, beloved, (offered by you [at the moment] you desire to take leave of your body to enter the octaves of Light and the place we have prepared for your restoration) does establish the coordinates [of your soul’s meshing] with the Dhyani Buddhas and Kuan Yin, Padma Sambhava and the Vajrasattva whereby you may easily arrive at the place [we have prepared] and once there, easily absorb the grace that is our gift, the gift of Surya and Cuzco.

This excerpt is from the dictation Love Is the Key to the Solution of Every Problem by Cuzco delivered September 30, 1989 published in the 1989 Pearls of Wisdom Vol. 32 No. 46

Schooling the Desire by God-Control

5 Sep


Beloved, what can you control in life? The only thing which you can control is the self, for it is not lawful to control any other self, save the parent in God-control of the child entrusted to his care. Beloved, understand well, then, the meaning of the predicament of free will juxtaposed against the backdrop of cosmic and universal, systemic and planetary forces moving in, through, and around the individual.

Beloved ones, it has never been more precarious, hence more important, for the chela of the will of God to be in God-control of his mind and forces and heart and self-knowledge and to be therefore preparing to enter that Gemini Mind of God that is the Alpha and the Omega of the central sun of your Mighty I AM Presence.

It is of cosmic import, O chelas, that you do heed my word as my musings and commentaries upon the scenes of our time pass from me through the Messenger to you. For often, in a moment and in a comment you will find the telling of all that is required to unlock the puzzles of the present and the mysteries of Life.

Inasmuch, then, as it is so that God-control within the individual must set the bounds of his habitation, understand this: that when you remain in God-control of the four lower bodies—of energies of the electronic belt and the karma—and when this God-control is not by human will but by your acquaintance with the Mind of God, then the force of the central sun of being, which is the heart, begins to expand and not undulate but to hold its position as [the central sun of] the auric envelope.

Retaining the Auric Field of Gautama

Pray, then, that thy threefold flame be in balance, that the Mother be in thee, and that thy flight be not in winter. Pray, then, above all things, to retain the auric field of Lord Gautama Buddha, who has lent to you, beloved, not only the thread of contact to his threefold flame but, to the devotees of the will of God, his auric field—the causal body—to be congruent with your own as you so will it and so periodically attune yourselves with those secret rays of his heart. He who is safe in time of planetary tribulation is the one who is sealed in this auric light intensified.

We come, then, for a measure of sanity and a measure of prevention. Let us take out our putty and seal the leaks in the auras of our chelas who invoke so much light—and yet that light sometimes oozes, sometimes drips or spills through pinprick holes or larger rents in the auric field.

Beloved ones, the strength of the auric field is the strength of the electromagnetic field—the latter being more permanent, whereas the aura is more reflective of momentary ups and downs. We, then, come with the putty of blue lightning and the sacred fire to assist you. Our angels, then, mend the energy field and the auric envelope as you are seated in loyalty and devotion in this hour of our coming.

Beloved, you are most beloved. Thus, it is our desire, we of the Darjeeling and Indian and Royal Teton Councils of the Great White Brotherhood with whom you serve, to give you an awareness this day of what it is like to be free of the leaky vessel, to feel yourselves in an auric envelope that has warmth and power and the Presence of God, so that as you move through your day you sense you are in that Presence, [you] do not stray from it, and [you] are abounding in the joy and the knowledge:

My Redeemer liveth.
I AM Who I AM.
I dwell in the Presence of God.
I feel that Love with me always.
And therefore, I know
I shall reach the place and period of my Destiny!
I shall go beyond these years of adversity of the planet!
I shall find myself yet in this body in the New Day!

Maintaining the Harmony of Light You Have Invoked

Beloved, if you do not feel this comforting Presence of God with you always, then I would say you ought to consider having a certain concern regarding your maintenance of the harmony of light you have invoked and regarding dangers on the path of life, whether from invasion of disease or accident or simply from being at the wrong place at the wrong time, which has proven fatal to many in this unleashing of terrorism.

Beloved ones, we come, then, with this Presence of Love. As you feel it from our heart, remember it is not only your I AM Presence and the Holy Christ Self and Holy Spirit with you, but it may very well be the overshadowing of an Ascended Master whom you love, an ascended twin flame, or an angel sent by one of the archangels to assist you.

Rejoice, then, in that comforting Presence and value it as against all commodities and situations and positions in the earth. For there are places in the earth, beloved, where you may wander which are so dark and heavy—many of these not far from you here physically—where this Presence is neutralized by the Darkness only because your God-mastery in that Presence, in the holding of it, is not yet attained. And therefore the Presence rises to a higher electronic field and you are unable to sustain that very Light in the places of Darkness where you may roam, where you may find your employment or other goings and comings to fulfill the necessities of life.

I ask you this week, then, in the name of the First Ray, whose Lord I am, to take the opportunity for self-observation, that you might note when comes the absence of this comforting warmth of the sunlight of your Christhood—what is the cause of it. Go after the cause, be it fear or anxiety or mundane involvements or allowing the world’s energy to enter through excessive access to your lifestream of the media, such as television, et cetera.

Beloved, safety is indeed in the ark of the LORD. Therefore, with all thy getting, get the ark of the LORD. Can you find it? Can you see it? It is the Place Prepared, indeed—the place of your heart, the place of the aura.

Safety in the Great White Brotherhood.

May it be a cloud of witness around you sustained by your heart’s pull and tug on angelic hosts and your love.

Safety in the heart of the threefold flame and the Buddha.

Safety, indeed, in the heart of Christ.

This excerpt is from the dictation by El Morya delivered April 27, 1986 The Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood –
Schooling the Desire by God-Control
and published in the 1986 Pearls of Wisdom Vol. 29 No. 48.