I Believe in the United States of America

15 Feb

How do I tell you who are non-Jews that you are inheritors of the seed of Abraham and Isaac and Jacob?

I tell you that that seed is the everlasting light and that its descent is by the law of reincarnation. That seed has gone forth. That seed, the souls of this people, are embodied in every group and race.

This nation America is the New Jerusalem. It is Israel come again. It is the promised land—and Bible prophecy clearly defines it.

We have an entire nation of people who do not know they are the inheritors of the light of Reality. They do not know what is the United States of America.

We have to know our divine inheritance and to claim it as one people—not divided by religion or race but one because we have a common light.

I believe in the United States of America as this land which Sanat Kumara swore unto our fathers.

When I have that belief, what does it give me?—absolute certainty based on divine law that this is a land intended to be raised up, the place of the coming of THE LORD OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS and ultimately the woman clothed with the sun and the divine Manchild as that Christ consciousness in all of the people.


Therefore upon faith in Almighty God, I believe this nation can be saved, that its people are destined to be saved, that they can be delivered from the yoke of drugs and rock and Communism and forgetfulness of who they are and all of their many diversions because it is written, because it is prophecy, because the Holy Spirit says so! That’s why I believe.


Why do you believe and what do you believe in?

Our Founding Fathers understood that principle when they used the symbology of the promised land, the City Foursquare, in the Great Seal of the United States.

They were initiates. They were Masons. They had handed down to them the inner mysteries all the way down from Solomon and beyond—the great wisdom of the inner definition of this people, this peculiar people, who would gather. And this is why they came, and this is why they were determined. This is why they fought a war and won.

And this is why they placed within the Great Seal of the United States keys and clues to who and what we are, so that in the days of our forgetfulness we would be reminded.

The seal bears the unmistakable imprint of the mystery schools which guarded and transmitted the inner teachings throughout history—not only the Masons but the Knights Templars, the guilds, the Rosicrucians.


And the symbology itself in the Great Seal is of Masonic origin. The great eagle on the front and the pyramid on the back, the mottoes and numerous numerological symbols reflect the work of those who designed the seal.

So what does it tell us about America?

The divine Manchild of America’s awareness as a nation is symbolized in the front of the seal. It is the eagle, the ancient symbol of spiritual vision. We came to give the evolutions of earth the vision of their I AM Presence and their Christ Self and to restore to them devotion to the threefold flame which they had lost.

Elizabeth Clare Prophet



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