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The Antahkarana of Power

30 Dec


Now comes the will of God!
Now comes the will of God!
Now comes the will of God!
And see how the energies roll
Into the inner blueprint,
Into the matrix of the law
Of each one’s Christed being.
I kneel before the altar of the will of God
And I say, O God, thank you for thy law!
O God, thank you for thy will!
In this is salvation still
For earth, for elemental life,
For the angelic hosts and blest humanity.

I AM Morya, your friend old and new,
Known forever unto you,
You who are in the diamond of God’s will.
Do you remember when
We swam in the sea of cosmos together,
Souls aborning,
Souls putting on skeins of the cosmic will?
Do you remember
How we said to one another,
”How glorious is this mighty blue fire!
We will stay in this fire forevermore”?

And as the cycles rolled
And others of the seven rays began to enfold the soul,
Some of you chose to follow the way of wisdom
And of love, of purity, of truth,
Of service, of science, of healing, of freedom.
And so you chose your path to Christhood
And to Buddha hood on one of the seven rays.
But you remembered your friend Morya,
Who tarried in the will of God
Forever and a day,
Who was created to say,
”I love thy will, O God. I love thy will, O God.
I love thy will, I love thy will, I love thy will.”
And here I am with you,
With you in this joyous moment of freedom,
Saying still, “I love thee, O my God,
In the eternal will.”

Now in the very core of the atoms
Of the flame of freedom
Which the magnificent violet-flame angels
Have spread across the land this day,
I consecrate the diamond of my will
And my attainment on that path,
Path to Hercules’ retreat,
Path to Half Dome which I have walked
So many, many times that my feet
Have carved a path in the rock.
Perhaps one day you will find my footsteps
To the retreat of my own Guru
And you will remember the one
Who was enamored by the Elohim
Because of his cosmic consciousness of will.

And so I consecrate
And I add my own flame
In support of Saint Germain,
And I lay out the royal blue carpet
For the coming of the God of Freedom to this city.
And I proclaim him president of the nations,
Master of ceremonies, guardian of the flame!
He is my master also.
And when I worship at the shrine of freedom,
It is to his heart that I come–
To the heart of blest Joseph,
Father of the Christed One,
Father of the Manchild within you.

Angels of the will of God, come forth!
Come forth now
With a mighty sealing action of freedom’s ray!
And now let us see what we will do this day–
We who are devotees of fire–
What we will do for freedom,
For victory, for America.
We will place our focuses of God’s will;
We will put them here and there
And in the hearts of people,
In the rocks and in the flowers,
In the streams and in the mountains,
In the cities and in the towers,
In the skyscrapers.
And we will publish it abroad,
Even in the newspapers.

The will of God will come forth!
Let it come forth!
Let it come forth to tell,
To tell of the magic and the moment
And the miracle of the Mother
And of Maitreya
And the magnificent followers of God
Who in this moment of a cosmos rejoicing,
Inundating waves of light,
Do stand in the foam, on the sand,
One with the shore and with the sea,
As hand in hand these devotees know
That the will of God is a poetry and a song;
It is the meditation of the heart all day long.
It is the light,
And it is the void of the night
Into which we project
Cosmic consciousness of Virgin pure,
Womb of God and fiery stars
All inside becoming children,
Children, children of the heart of love.

The will of God is marching on.
The will of God is marching!
Legions of the will are marching,
And we bring the banner of the victory
Of the turning of the tide.
Let those who have joined
The light revolution
Know that the rod of power
Is thrust into the hand of the Mother
And the electrodes of power are placed
Within the hearts of her children.
Now let us see what darkness and deceit,
What degeneration and deception
Can stand against the moment
Of the coming of the light of God.

And with the turning of the hours
And the dawning of the day
And the moment of the beginning
Of the Fourth of July,
The Mother light will begin to flow
And to glow and to flow and to glow,
And all of Earth and all of her evolutions
Will have a new cycle and a new moment.

I AM Morya,
Morya in love with the Divine Mother!
I AM Morya,
Come to proclaim the mighty mantle of that Mother
That is large enough to enfold evolutions
And lifewaves of all systems of worlds.
I AM with the Buddha
In the heart of the Mother,
I AM with the Mother
In the heart of the Buddha.

I AM in you the perpetual reminder
That God is ever new.
And I AM the new friend also,
For I AM not in any moment
The Morya you have known.
For life is transcending life.
And where I stand and where I serve
And from that point in Darjeeling
Where I project the light
Of God-government to the nations,
God as law, as principle, as science
Is transcending himself.

Day by day, we are renewed
And transformed from glory unto glory.
So is the coming
Of the will of God
In our hearts.
And the Elohim have pronounced
The writing of the light in the sky,
And by the rainbow of their consciousness
They have carved an ark of a covenant
Of God and man.
Lo, this is the Word of thy Maker!
Children of Israel, children of reality,
This is the Word!

In the will of God,
In the will of God is the commandment.
In the will of God is the covenant.
And in the will of God is the compassion of the Lord,
Who sends his hosts and his legions
To the children God adored.
This is the Word, this is the Word
That God writes in the azure blue,
The celestial dome,
This is the Word:
O chelas, come home,
O chelas mine, into my heart!
Come now for the thrust,
And in sacred trust take my hand
And let me show you the power and the glory.
Let me show you the light within.

Beloved El Morya, POW Vol 44 No 30 July 3, 1976,

The Christmas Rose A Calling to the Heart of God

27 Dec
The Christmas Rose – A Calling to the Heart of God.


I show you the midnight of my coming, and I show you the sky and worlds beyond, illumined by thousands upon thousands of stars and bodies. How you have wondered before this sight as a child! And with childlike wonder you still consider the heavens and all that they contain.

I say to you each one, be the Christmas star! Let your star shine as your Causal Body in heaven, as your great Dharmakaya. Let it shine! Let it draw nigh to you as you draw nigh to it! Practice the Presence of God by daily making your vessel the biding place of the I AM THAT I AM. Do this, beloved.

As you belong to God–and I have said ye are God’s–so you are also that God-manifestation. Let not time or space or self-condemnation or sense of worthlessness take from you the true joy of this day, [nor the joy] that because I have come in this two-thousand-year cycle and come again from ancient cycles, there is the reconnecting of your heart to the heart of the living Christ if you seek that path of initiation.

[This day,] there is the reigniting of the flame in those who seek the rekindling of the flame. [This day,] there is the present possibility of that return to the paradise lost, to the great golden age whence you have descended at great cost and loss to yourself.Celebrate, then, that God called me but celebrate also that he called you and that your star can rise. It can be a nova and through you the great Lord may contact many. Do not lose sight of this perspective; for if you do, beloved, if you lose the vision, you will forfeit so great an opportunity as has not come to you in many ten thousands of years.

I proclaim to you: It is the hour of the union of twin flames at inner levels, of the union of great spheres of Light for a cosmic purpose. As you are “alive” (as much as one is alive in this condition), “alive and well on planet earth,” you have the great, great opportunity of being the anchor point of your own Causal Body and that of your twin flame and, through the twain, to draw forth the Light of the ancient Gurus back to the Great Central Sun.

May you take the great teaching that has been given and rejoice that this is the day of the Christmas Rose for you and your Beloved. Wherever each one of you is on the Path, there is a fusion of Causal Bodies for the great, great purpose of the fulfillment of your mission. Remember this and be one-pointed.

I am Jesus, your brother, your friend, your teacher, avatar of the age, desiring so to strengthen you that you might be unto the many what I have been unto you. Keep on keeping on, beloved, for your track is direct to the star of great, great hope.

I seal you in this hour that you might rejoice yet more hours this day in what it really means to be the Christmas Rose. In celebration of Christmas, the following is an excerpt from Jesus’ Christmas 1991 address, “The Christmas Rose, I Call You to the Heart of God published in the 1991 Pearls of Wisdom Vol. 34 No. 67.