VIOLET FLAME Alchemy for Personal Change

8 Oct


The Most Powerful Force
Would you like to learn how to create positive change in your life and on the planet?  Use precise formulas of the Word to command the flow of light from your      super conscious to your conscious mind–unlocking an unlimited creative potential. Learn how to call forth the violet flame–a high-frequency energy that can penetrate your nervous system, your heart, your brain–to increase stamina, longevity, and your extrasensory perception.

This spiritual fire can change inharmonious thought and feeling–stress, anger, depression–into a positive and centered disposition. It can increase mental clarity … and help you deal with the long-term effects of drugs.

The Violet flame will cleanse your system of emotional and physical poisons. It will transmute karma. It will erase the cause behind the effect of disease. It will even clean the distressing records of past lives. It will make you happy with yourself! But know this: The power of the violet flame will remain sealed in your Higher Consciousness until you summon it by the Science of the Spoken Word.

Often called the greatest gift of the new millennium, the violet flame has the power to change, to heal, to forgive, to illumine, to clear and transmute the karma of lifetimes for accelerated spiritual growth.

Long a secret known only to a few, the violet flame has now been released to assist your soul in the greatest journey she will ever take: the ascension.

Now, in Violet Flame, Alchemy for Personal Change, you will learn how to harness the power of the violet flame for transformation on all levels of being: physical, mental, emotional and etheric.

Feel the violet flame’s gentle mercy ease pain and suffering, erase past life records and restore wholeness.

Experience harmony as relationships are healed at the deepest levels.

Gain real and permanent momentum on your spiritual journey no matter what religion or spiritual discipline you currently follow.

The violet flame is a joyful path available to all right now!

What’s your next step? Say YES to the violet flame!

Why Would You Need Transformation If Your (Nearly) Perfect?

The purpose of life is to reunite with the heart of God, but the path of reunion is often challenging. That’s because along the way, we must confront and transmute our negative karma, instead of just excusing it for whatever really good reason we’ve been using.

And, as we grow in spiritual wisdom, we realize that we simply don’t know what we don’t know.

No matter what we encounter on our spiritual path, the violet flame is the ultimate tool for illumination, self-mastery…and real progress!

Dear Keepers of the Violet Flame of Freedom,

How to Begin with the Violet Flame?

The violet flame is a high frequency spiritual energy used by the great saints and sages of East and West that cleans up and transmutes negative karma and works wonders healing body, mind and soul!

Use this wondrous spiritual elixir to enhance your health, balance your psychology, improve your finances, heal relationships, restore family unity and help increase the fire of freedom for our planet!

It is the goal of Saint Germain and the ascended masters to provide all seekers with proven, practical tools such as decrees and the violet flame to enhance their spiritual practice and accelerate their progress on their spiritual path.

How Does the Violet Flame Work?

There are three special keys to using the violet flame. First picture the violet light as a living flame. If you have trouble at first, just look as some of the visualizations on the resource page. This exercising of the third eye chakra becomes easier with practice.

Second, let yourself feel the energy of the violet flame. You may feel warmth in your heart, joy, forgiveness, lightness or freedom. This engages your feelings in the creative process.

Third, begin to use the violet flame decrees. These are spoken affirmations. By saying a violet flame decrees out loud, we increase the light in our world by bringing the energy down from Spirit to matter using our chakras.

What People Are Saying About the Violet Flame

“Since I was scientifically oriented, this challenge to experiment with the violet flame was just what I needed…. To my amazement, old habits just melted away with no effort. Without the violet flame, I am sure that quitting those habits would have been a major struggle.”

“I have since found again and again that Saint Germain and all of heaven truly do await our petitions and prayers and calls, and that they are always answered according to God’s will and wisdom if we will just ask and accept it made manifest. Try it!”

The Secret of the Violet Flame


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