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Speaking the Truth

15 Aug


What if circumstances called for us to stand up and be counted, to speak the truth when we knew it would be met with anger or derision or even violence? We’d like to believe that we’d do the right thing, but if we’re honest with ourselves, we know it wouldn’t be easy.

All of the great masters who came before us found themselves in similar situations. They felt much the same reservations and apprehensions as we do. Yet they persevered and they remind us that we must be willing to speak the truth and profess our faith.

We must walk our talk, especially in these days of darkness, terror and utter disregard for Life, because speaking the truth is not an option, but a necessity!

We must become beacons of light for the whole world to see, even if the personal cost and consequences are steep.

But thank God we are not alone!

There is a community of lightbearers who know the power of truth and have found strength and resolve in the company of like-minded souls. The Summit Lighthouse.

archangel raphael

“Out of the eternal light of God whence you have descended, my beloved, I AM come in this hour—here in the physical octave—to establish the light of Truth as the foundation and the nucleus of this God-government in the earth! By the sword of Truth I stand. And Pallas Athena with me and my own beloved Mary.

Children of the sun, welcome to the heart of an archangel! Welcome to the heart of truth! Truth is a vibrancy of light’s own Holy Spirit. Truth is power! Truth is the power of judgment unto all error and erroneous conceptions of the mind and heart. Truth is the foundation whereby the inner blueprint of the will of God is crystallized in Matter.

Therefore, let Truth be proclaimed! For only by the speaking of the Word is there established that funnel of light whereby that which is real in God can become that which is real within you.

The power to create is locked in the power of the Word. And speech itself is granted unto the offspring of God wherefore and whereby they become co-creators with him. The speaking of Truth is the means whereby the alchemy of the Spirit does manifest…

When there is not loyalty to Truth within thy members, I can assure you that the soul is in pain and God once again is crucified upon the cross of life. Where Truth is defiled, so man and woman, father and mother are defiled.”

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An excerpt from Vol. 24  No. 14 – Beloved Archangel Raphael.

To Fan the Fires of the Heart

12 Aug


I center on the heart chakra this day, for it is the central sun of being. Without the balanced threefold flame, and your adoration of the Atman in that flame, you will see that the other chakras cannot be intensified.

Therefore, we approach the sacred heart and the fires of the heart. We approach, beloved, that you might see and know that that magnanimous heart — that self-giving heart, that heart that is a fount overflowing — is the wonder of life and the wonder of self-transcendence.

Take heed, then, when I tell you that if the heart is not purified and endued with the love of your Christ consciousness, the vessel will be neither large enough nor strong enough for you to contain the Holy Spirit in the manner I would have you contain it. Therefore, take Saint Germain’s Heart Meditations. Take them to heart and play them and move with them and give your prayer offerings unto your I AM Presence.

The Holy Ghost is the presence of fire, sacred fire, purging fire — fire that tries every man’s work of what sort it is. The work of a man is the work of his heart, and when he consistently puts his heart into his work he will have the immortal prize in due course. However, when he does that work only to be admired of men, there is no gain. Thus, if there be glorying, let it be the glorying in God and not in self.

Visualize the Great Central Sun in the heart of cosmos superimposed over your heart. Remember Helios and Vesta. Remember the rituals of the Sun1, for these rituals, beloved, give the increase. Your meditation of the journey to the Sun and the return again2 can be repeated weekly once you have established a daily decree momentum of two years or more. El Morya’s Ashram Rituals, especially the Great Central Sun Ritual, will strengthen you for this meditation.

Fire of Helios and Vesta, come now! And let this fire be the anointing of the heart unto its quickening.

Draw rings of light around your heart, beloved, and know that these rings, sustained by you through the ritual of the cloud and other spiritual exercises, will bring you to that capacity which you seek — the capacity for steadiness day in, day out, the capacity for courage come what may, the capacity to love and to continue to love.

Therefore, ask to be taken to the retreats of the Lords of the Seven Rays so that you can enter into the spiritual exercises of the heart. Ask to be taken so that you may expand the qualities of the heart and balance the threefold flame.

Love is the key. Whatever else you may develop or acquire in this or a thousand lifetimes, without love — without love in the manifestation of the power of the three-times-three and the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit3 — you will not fulfill your mission.

Be generous with love. Give love daily. And daily call on the law of forgiveness for having withheld love in the forgotten past. In addition, call on the law of forgiveness on behalf of those who play the role of the enemy. By your love let the souls of all people be converted to the Path.

1. Rituals of the Sun. See Ashram Ritual 2, Great Central Sun Ritual, in Ashram Rituals booklet. For mantras to Helios and Vesta, see “Salutation to the Sun” and “Father/Mother Light Mantra,” decrees 20.20 and 20.21 in Prayers, Meditations and Dynamic Decrees for the Coming Revolution in Higher Consciousness.

2. The Meditation on the Great Central Sun, from chapter 7 of The Sacred Adventure by El Morya, is recorded by Elizabeth Clare Prophet on, search for item “B91045” or under the year 1991.

3. The nine gifts of the Holy Spirit. The Maha Chohan and the Seven Chohans initiate the soul in the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit. See Lords of the Seven Rays, Book One, and I Cor. 12:8-10.

This excerpt is from a dictation by the Maha Chohan published in the 1994 Pearl of Wisdom Vol. 37 No. 33.

2016 National Elections Prayer Vigil

9 Aug

<p><a href=”″>2016 National Election Prayer Vigil</a> from <a href=”″>Sky Projects</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

Whereas, in the dire need of the hour, this land of America requires the stalwart sons of God for direction, for God-government, and most importantly for the diamond-heart transmission of the fire of God’s will, and whereas those candidates who have presented themselves are the rivals of the serpents within their ranks and we therefore can recommend none of them, we come before you and we offer this dispensation of light:  that the government shall not be upon the shoulders of these mere mortals but that the government of these United States of America, of the promised land of all that is real shall be governed by that Christ who is raised up within you.

For lo, he said, “And I, if I be lifted up, will draw all men unto me.” Therefore, unto you who raise up the mighty sacred fire as the Mother flame, raising that sacred fire of light—you who raise up the Person of the Christ, upon that Christ and upon that mantle shall be the government of this nation.”

This excerpt is from a dictation by Archangel Zadkiel published in the 1980 Pearl of Wisdom Vol. 23 No. 19

The Prayer Vigil is for KOF lesson 8 and above

A Violet Flame Magnet to Draw More Fire From the Great Central Sun

9 Aug


I am in charge of the seraphim of the cosmos, and I stand before you offering you the armour of seraphim. If you will but call to me daily for that armour, it will be placed upon you by two aides who will come to you and dress you in that armour and infire you with the flame that is both cool and powerful so that you may go forth as pillars of fire amongst the seraphim, serving side by side with them. And by and by, you may almost pass for seraphim yourselves and you will appreciate that honor, I can assure you.

So, then, know that the seraphim have come, that there is karma on a world scale to be transmuted, and that this is no time to say to yourself, “My karma is not such a heavy load. I do not need the violet flame.”

You need the violet flame so very much that I can hardly tell you how much you need it for the things that are coming upon the earth through the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. For they ride and they still ride and they have not yet delivered the full cup of the wrath of the indignation of the LORD God. And it does fall and the falling of that karma does accelerate.

And therefore be not angry. Be not put out! And do not rebel against your God, for your God has decreed that you must bear your karma. Therefore bear it gracefully, honorably, lovingly and in gratitude. Accept your daily lot only for a moment; then pass the violet flame and the white fire through it! Cast it into the flame and go forth free and recharged by the power of Helios and Vesta.

I bring you the message of the Father-Mother of the sun of your system, Helios and Vesta, that they desire you to give their mantras in the Ashram Ritual to the Great Central Sun. Yes, beloved, the sun of Helios and Vesta is the all-consuming power of God to consume the plagues that are coming upon the earth and the darkness that is covering the land. But the people are in such darkness that they do not even see the darkness!

We ask you to fight for the Light, to make your calls for the Light and thereby decelerate the accelerating karma in the earth. This you do by transmuting that karma through the action of the violet flame as soon as that karma descends.

Do you not feel the karmic weight when you do not call for that transmutation? Blessed hearts, tell me! Do you not feel the weight when you do not make the call? [“Yes!”]

And how many minutes does it take you to dispel that weight when you will to still your four lower bodies, when you will to be still, to not be agitated and to give your calls to the violet flame?

Well, I will tell you. Fifteen minutes is a minimum, and by the dispensation of Omri-Tas that fifteen is multiplied by the power of ten, <9> counting for 150 minutes.

Therefore, keep on keeping on! Keep on with the violet flame! Keep on with Omri-Tas! And you may see that total darkness may never come to earth (which darkness is the karma of her people in this time) but perhaps only a twilight where there is yet the possibility of seeing and making one’s way.

Yes, things could become darker, beloved. We have given the antidote. Many saints have walked in robes of violet flame in this century and contributed mightily to the staying action of the Lord God whereby greater calamities and burdens have not fallen upon America.

This excerpt from a dictation by Justinius, Captain of Seraphic Bands is published in the 1993 Pearl of Wisdom Vol. 36 No. 17.