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The Power of Prayer to Reverse Disease

29 Jul

Prayer is an integral part of the Abundant Life. One of the first things Jesus taught His followers was how to pray, and He frequently separated Himself – even from His ministry – to take time to be with our Heavenly Father. He indicated the power of prayer to change our circumstances, but we’re learning more about what prayer can do for our lives and even our health.


The Importance of Prayer

In the morning, Lord, You hear my voice; in the morning I lay my requests before You and wait expectantly. (Psalm 5:3)

The life of a Christian should center around prayer. Jesus modeled this for us, making time for prayer even when He was surrounded with people expecting so much of Him. In His three year ministry, He accomplished enough that the Gospels say books couldn’t contain it all – yet He still made time to step away and pray; which was probably the reason why He was able to accomplish so much, but that’s another story altogether…

Like the proverbial caution against Perfection becoming the enemy of Good, we cannot allow Busy to take away from Blessed.

Taking the time out in prayer to breathe, meditate, and refocus our lives is vital for our spiritual, mental, and physical health.

What a boon to universal manifestation is to be found in universal prayer!

Tis a hymn

That, humming lightly,

Penetrates the air-

A wave of light,

Manifesting everywhere.

Sun glow and sun fire,

Hope’s a radiant desire–

Manchild manifesting

Spiritual Intensifier

I AM THAT I AM–so pure,

Imbued with cosmic power.

I shall endure

All assailing, failing

Outer things,

By consecration now within

Expand my wings.

I, too shall win–

I shall rise!

No more by carnal bound,

My rising soul hears

The universal sound.

Where God is, there I AM,

and Everywhere’s my prayer.

“Tis fragrance’s evolving spin

That shapes my destiny through prayer.

Communication with the One,

Our Father dear,

Thou Radiance of the Central Sun,


By Light I glow,

Thy word I hear:

Beloved Son, through love

Cast out all fear!

Thy work is mine;

To Thee I say, “Well done!”

For faith and hope

And Charity are one;

Attainment comes as see of God

Right here within thyself.

Expand and know the fullness

Of the inner light that glows

To teach, to counsel, to enfold!

I AM the cosmic law

Of elder race of old

That, shining down

The pathways of the years,

Has sought to guide,

To wipe away all human tears,

To show the power of the inner light,

The inner faith, the inner might,

To shape and reshape the course of men,

To cause the holy kingdom

To be born again in men.

“Come then, let us reason together,” saith God.

“My law of love and truth is heaven’s rod.

I stretch it forth in barren wilderness.

I make hopeful blossoms to confess

The Lord is God.”

He will bestow the wonders

Of communion to mankind below.

He’ll raise the earth

And every man that’s here

And let the cosmic universal Christ appear.

Why will ye tarry, blessed ones?

Why will ye delay as you pass this way?

It is a golden opportunity

Restoring great sincerity

And cosmic purpose old,

Restoring communication

With the God of old

Who maketh all things new

And swiftly bringeth into view

The greater light.


Blessed ones, join with me in the prayer of faith that all men may be one, even as God is one. Join with me in faith that true integration with Eternal Law will come to every man. In truth this is the master plan.                                                                                                                                          Abundantly, in the never failing response of universal prayer by every cosmic being.

Jesus the Christ

Prayer and Meditation by Jesus and Kuthumi –

Jesus Christ decree book001

Prayer Research

This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to His will, He hears us. 1 John 5:14 )

The subject of prayer has been the focus of a surprising amount of research. No doubt, the contrast between concrete steps of science and abstract actions of faith is intriguing.

A word of caution precedes the pursuit of hard evidence or “trying” God – at its core, prayer is about faith. With this in mind, the results of research are mixed – as one would expect. Yet, there have been indications of the effects of prayer that can be measurable in terms of data.

A 2015 review worked through the literature to analyze how and why people pray for others and during personal illness. The review documents a few studied reasons people pray in relation to health, including: (1)

  • Disease-centered prayer
  • Assurance-centered prayer
  • God-centered prayer
  • Others-centered (intercessory) prayer
  • Lamentations

For each of these kinds of prayer, researchers have analyzed the ways prayer is initiated, the motivation behind it, and the results, looking for patterns and verifiable results. At the end of the day, the confirmation we have regarding the effects of prayer seems to boil down to the long-standing core understanding of the Christian faith:

Prayer changes things, yes, but more importantly, prayer changes us.

5 Ways Prayer Heals

Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus. (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18)

1. Stress Management

This is the first healing change that I’d like to point out, for a very specific reason. Stress is at the core of so many of our health issues, both chronic and acute. Incidentally, stress is also one of our primary excuses for not spending more time in prayer.

In 1 Peter, we’re instructed to cast all our anxiety on Him, and we need to do so now more than ever.

An extensive review of the literature deemed individuals with an engaged religious and spiritual lifestyle have better mental health and adapt more quickly to health problems. (2) Moving our minds and hearts away from our stress and onto our faith takes the weight off of our shoulders.

2. Peace of Mind

When we turn our cares and stresses over to God in prayer, we are left with a peace of mind – yes, that passes all understanding! It doesn’t have to make sense – in analytics or research or data – for us to be calm and confident in the face of adversity. It’s a matter of faith expressed through prayer!

In addition to the overall health improvement indicated in the previous review, this level of peace was reflected in a study on patients with depression and anxiety. Not only did prayer help initially, but the effects of intensive prayer therapy extended until the follow up a full year after the study. (3) As many of us know personally, that kind of peace can extend as long as we are willing to maintain the prayer relationship.

Remember, His yoke is easy and burden light! We don’t have to hold our worries and cares, and when we actively let it go in prayer, our health reflects that release.

3. Lowered Inflammation

The illnesses and conditions sparked by stress are typically inflammatory in nature – the body’s inflammatory responses going into overdrive to attack the invisible threat. So, naturally, when our stress is under control thanks to a productive prayer life, the negative inflammatory response will be lessened.

Exploratory research is touching on this phenomenon, with a recent study pointing out the potential that we can help control inflammation with intentional control of emotions. (4) Purposefully shifting our focus in prayer can play a huge role in this kind of control that would ultimately tell our bodies to breathe easy – God’s got this!

4. Gut Health

A poorly functioning gut can wreak havoc on health. Beyond nutrient absorption – which is no small task – the gut is also a key component in immunity, bacterial balance, and even mental health.

The connection between the brain and gut is so strong it’s often referred to as the gut-brain axis. Our mental and emotional stresses trigger reactions in the brain that are then reflected in the gut. (5) Conversely, peace and calm in response to prayer is no less connected and can certainly benefit and even heal unstable gut health.

5. Intercessory Prayer

Heavily researched and hotly contested, scientists are dying to know whether and how intercessory prayer – praying for others – affects health.

A randomized, controlled study in 1999 indicated improved health for coronary care unit patients who had been prayed for. (6) This sparked an avalanche of studies and counters. Some, perhaps rightly, caution that we should not try to nail down a scientific formula for eliciting or even manipulating God’s hand.

I would counter that someone trying to manipulate God isn’t really praying at all.

Thirteen years later, patients with cancer who were graced with intercessory prayer were found to have a small but significant improvement in spiritual well-being. (7) For all that can and cannot be measured, I’m not sure that we can ask for more than this.

Intercessory prayer binds a community of faith together in support to provide each other with light in a dark time, however small it may be, it remains significant. And in the light, we find healing of our mind, body, or soul – sometimes, all three.

Dr. Eric Z

Threefold flame001

“There is a time and a place for quiet meditation, a time and a place for prayer, a time and a place for decrees.” The three form a trinity of power, wisdom and love-God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit experienced within the temple of your being.

In the power of the spoke Word, behold how the Creator first framed the universe with the fiat “let there be light!” In meditation, perceive the quickening of wisdom as the “wise dominion” of the Christ mind. In prayer, let the love of the Hold Spirit become in you the integration principle of life. When you have the trinity in this interchange, in this integration with God, your communion will work with the mathematics of the cosmos.

Prayer and Meditation by Jesus and Kuthumi  –



The Path of the Christian Mystic

28 Jul

Becoming God

Becoming God

“Mystics are those who seek a direct experience of the Presence of God. They yearn to know God, to see God and to be one with God…now!

There have always been mystics. They have plumbed the depths and scaled the heights of the soul’s potential. Mystics are psychologists (those who study the soul) – students of the soul intent on fulfilling their spiritual quest.

Their lives and teachings are a road map that leads to the very summit of being.

Mysticism is not exclusive to Christianity. It is the vital, animating element at the heart of every religion. The aspiration of every mystic is one and the same: union with God. He does not postpone it – because he cannot.

The spiritual marriage, the mystics tell us, is not merely a conforming to the ways and will of God but a total transforming of the soul into God. And this is the heart of the mystical path: the soul that is transformed into God…is God!

In other words, we are intended to become God, and nothing less! This is the goal of life.

Mysticism is not merely a belief or a philosophy; it is an experience that transforms the soul. If you aren’t transformed, you haven’t had the experience. When your soul is fully transformed, you and God are no longer two, but one.

The fifteenth-century mystic Saint Catherine of Genoa experienced oneness as submersion in the ocean of God’s love: “My being is God, mot by simple participation but by a true transformation of my being…I am so placed and submerged in His immense love, that I seem as though immersed in the sea, and nowhere able to touch, see or feel aught but water…My Me is God, nor do I recognize my other Me except my God Himself.”

In order to recognize and follow in the footsteps of the mystics, we need to know what the life of a mystic looks like, how he talks and thinks, how he views himself in relation to God. We need examples to show us the way, and the best examples are those who have already become one with God-ascended masters, those saints and adepts who have risen out of every culture and religion and made their way home to God. We refer to them as ascended master because they accelerated in consciousness to become one with God. They realized that God was where they were, in them, and that they were his vessel.

Threefold flame001

They were not satisfied to be mere reflections of God. Rather, they strove to be God in manifestation in their fullness of portion. To this end, they balanced the love, wisdom, and power of their threefold flame, the spark of Divine in their heart. They mastered time and space and circumstance-that is, they fulfilled the purpose of their soul’s journey on earth and balanced at least 51 percent of their karma. There are other requirements for the ascension as well, but these are the main ones.”


Becoming God The Path of the Christian Mystic by Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Violet Fire and the Memory of God

26 Jul


Therefore, it must be pointed out that the memory of man is at present not the memory of God, for the old patterns and records of sin occupy its compartments. It must likewise be recognized that the memory of man can become the complete memory of God, the repository of the original soul blueprint; and in this possibility is the hope of salvation in the Light, the Christ who lighteth (illumines by his Mind) every man who comes into the world. Those who willingly open the door to this Mind/memory bank, containing the original patterns of things perfect in the heavens of one’s Higher Consciousness, admit the inflow of every good and perfect influence of the Holy Spirit.

The soul (sole) requirement of every hour is complete release from the sin of harmful manifestations and the acceptance by each lifestream of the directing Christ-intelligence of his own Mighty I AM Presence. The merciful violet fire of freedom’s love is the means whereby this may be accomplished permanently—unless the individual chooses by his own free will to re-create those very conditions which he has already eliminated.

Beloved Jesus warned of this probability when he said, “Go and sin no more, lest a worse thing come unto thee.” Thus, “Stop sinning!” is the surest command of the Christ Self for the breaking of the self-perpetuating formulas of thy sinfulness.

Our students who are so accustomed to the ready unguent of the violet fire to soothe life’s hurts ought to remember that the majority of mankind have never even heard of the violet fire. Although the knowledge of the violet fire and its application are presently limited to the few, its service on behalf of earth’s evolutions remains the active principle of the mercy of God. However, the uses of the violet fire are not entirely understood by many who do use it.

The Violet Fire Is the Divine Memory of God

Of note to all users and potential users is the statement made a number of years ago by the beloved Elohim Arcturus, who declared the violet fire to be the divine memory of God:

Let me tell you that one of the greatest services of the violet transmuting flame lies in the truth that the sacred memory of God’s perfection is held within this violet fire! When permitted so to do, this violet flame simply raises the vibrations of all it contacts until divine order is brought into manifestation through its merciful, forgiving and transmuting power of Divine Love.

This violet fire is itself the memory of the perfection of what should be—in everyone, everything, every place and in every instance. Wherever and whenever this violet fire is called forth, it always leaves a residue of its substance, nature and feeling in every person, place, condition or thing it purifies.<1>

Thus, you can begin to understand that by its inherent quality of divine mercy, the violet fire automatically transmutes, or changes, all else into the harmony of the Mind and Will of God.

1. Arcturus, January 1959, “Violet Fire—The Divine Memory of Perfection,” The Lighthouse of Freedom, vol. 1, no. 3 (February 1959), pp. 12-13.

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This violet fire post is an excerpt from the Corona Class Lesson 23 by Kuthumi originally published in the 1961 Pearl of Wisdom Vol. 4 No. 50.


Let Truth Make All Thinks Right!

25 Jul

I AM Pallas Athena—known to many as the Goddess of Truth, and twin flame of the beloved Lord Maha Chohan.  In the interest of God’s Truth, I am delighted today to offer my energies in behalf of the Great Karmic Board and for and on behalf of mankind.

Statue of Pallas Athene Parlament. Vienna, Austria

Statue of Pallas Athene Parliament. Vienna, Austria

Blessed people—God Truth is power and also the power to bring comfort into the lives of all mankind!  Many do not realize or consider the possibility for life to be any different than the way they see it through their own eyes.  They do not stop to consider that the traditions imparted to them by parents, family and religious teachers may—while sincerely given—be in error or contain within it elements of serious mistake.  An excellent example is to be found in the legends which grow up around national or religious personages after their passing from earth life.  If these servants of mankind were virtuous in truth, these virtues often become amplified out of all proportion to reality, and likewise, if they have made mistakes, these mistakes were accentuated—whereas in reality even the most undesirable of these in some cases did render truly great service to mankind, sometimes consciously and willingly and then again by reason of circumstance or the pressures of the times…

Distortion is uncomfortable for many reasons—first of all, because introduced at the beginning, it warps the whole structure of the building from the foundation up; introduced later, it can rear an ugly appearance which often mars the beauty of the finished structure (especially for those who look only on the surface of life).  I wish to particularly apply this to seemingly obscure individuals whose power of accomplishment may not always be so easily spotted on the surface.  Blessed ones, it is almost a cosmic danger to underestimate the worth of another.  I would far more recommend that excess virtue be imputed to a lifestream, which might prove as a gambit of inspiration than a negative appraisal, which might be so discouraging as to be the tiny straw which “broke the camel’s back.”

Vol. 4 No. 27 – Beloved Pallas Athena – July 7, 1961

Let truth make all things right! Let truth once again become the standard of the age! Let truth be the rebuke to all who have moved against the cycles of the will of God!

I AM truth in action! I AM truth without faction or separation of doubt and fear! I AM truth!

And I AM come and I AM here. And I will be here year after year until you come before the Lords of Karma not guilt-ridden, not with head hanging down, as has been the case before. But I will stand until you appear before our board with a thrust, with an energy, with such a momentum of light that you will no longer be asking dispensations. But you will take your helmet of truth and your emerald crystal and you will lay them upon our table at the Royal Teton Retreat. And you will say, “See here! This is my light! This is my momentum! I place them on the altar and I demand dispensations of light for the children of God!”

And your demand will be well taken. For we cannot refuse you light when you come giving light. This is the Law.

Vol. 55 No. 6 – Beloved Pallas Athena – March 15, 2012

Truth, as you know, is the emerald green. It is comprised of the First Ray of God’s will. It is comprised of the Second Ray of Cosmic Christ illumination. Thus it is the will of God engaged in illumined action. Thus, we know why we have called forth and we desire so much to see the producing of those tapes of songs and decrees on the yellow ray.

Truth, then, must contain the fundamentals of the will of God, the fundamentals of learning, the nucleus whereby the mind may surround a concept, a word, a self-knowledge and build thereupon. Men do not often speak of Truth, for they are more comfortable in relative right and wrong, in excusing the self for their absence of shining allegiance to the sword Excalibur that is drawn.

You need setting free by Truth in the etheric body and plane of your very being and soul. You need the Truth that will set you free in the mental body, that you may not be overcome by the lethargy of ignorance and “ignorant animal magnetism,”  as you call it.

Thus, beloved, I rejoice to be in your midst that you might feel the Presence and know the power of Truth itself, that you might understand that I fall under the lineage of Helios and Vesta, as I did keep the flame of the Sun with the vestal virgins long, long ago. And therefore, serving under Vesta, I know that this power of the Sun of this system is released to all who espouse Truth without compromise.

It is the responsibility of a chela on the Path of your tenure to speak the Truth into the lie where you hear it and not to turn the back and walk the other way, concerned for reputation or popularity. Some will hear, the ethers shall record it, and the words you speak may be the Truth that sets some poor captive free!  Let it be done with the power of Truth, the diplomacy of Truth, the love of Truth, the illumination of Truth–but let it be done.

Vol. 32 No. 1 – Beloved Pallas Athena – January 1, 1989

Violet Flame Challenge: Change Your Life Forever

20 Jul


to Heal Body, Mind and Soul

Gain Control of Your Life
Shine the powerful Light of the Violet Flame wherever you desire change!

15-minutes a day is all it takes…

Violet Flame Challenge: Change Your Life Forever

What Stands Between You and Heaven?

Spiritual Seekers want to find the meaning of life. They want to find purpose and reunite with the heart of God. The path of reunion can be challenging. That’s because along the way, we must confront and transmute our negative karma. Doubt, guilt, pain and fear can get in the way, too. This is why the Master Saint Germain has revealed the power of the violet flame to us so that these negative energies can be transmuted and erased.

And, as we grow in spiritual wisdom, we realize that we simply don’t know what we don’t know. But no matter what we may encounter on our spiritual journey, the violet flame is the ultimate tool for illumination, self-mastery and real progress! How can we put it to use to accelerate our progress?

Introducing the Violet Flame Challenge

The Violet Flame Challenge is all about support and learning. It is a 30-day program of daily violet flame (15-minutes a day is all it takes), plus all participants receive a daily email with wisdom from the archangels or masters on the power of the violet flame.

Each day, you will be cleaning up and transmuting negative karma, and this will work wonders healing body, mind and soul.

It is the goal of Saint Germain and the ascended masters to provide all seekers with proven, practical tools such as decrees and the violet flame to enhance their spiritual practice and accelerate their progress on their homeward journey. But you won’t know that it really works until you try it for yourself. Wouldn’t today be an excellent day to get started?

What People Are Saying About the Violet Flame:

“Since I was scientifically oriented, this challenge to experiment with the violet flame was just what I needed. . . . To my amazement, old habits just melted away with no effort. Without the violet flame, I am sure that quitting those habits would have been a major struggle.”

“I have since found again and again that Saint Germain and all of heaven truly do await our petitions and prayers and calls, and that they are always answered according to God’s will and wisdom if we will just ask and accept it made manifest. Try it!”

Best Spiritual Supplement Available – the Violet Flame!

Just as we add supplements to fortify our diets for physical health, we should remember that we may add supplements to nourish our spiritual health, as well.

A steady diet of Violet Flame can work wonders in our lives, on all levels of our beings …physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

The Violet Flame is the universal solvent for eradicating negative karma. It works to remove the karmic residue we have accumulated over many lifetimes, and it does so powerfully…yet gently and thoroughly.

The Violet Flame is not only cleansing, it is rejuvenating, uplifting, forgiving and effective! It can be applied wherever we are, whenever we need it.

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Message of Freedom From Saint Germain

19 Jul


Message to America and the People of Earth

This is an excerpt of a dictation by Saint Germain given June 11, 1977 and published in the Pearls of Wisdom Vol. 20, No. 31.

I say to you, people of light, accept your mission of the ages!  Accept your role as the ones who are the protectors of freedom on earth. This indeed is America’s destiny–to teach a way of life that is a form of government whereby each threefold flame and every living soul may commune with God and out of that communion evolve one vote and cast that vote for freedom.

So let it be that this understanding of the inner communion is the foundation of God-government of the people, by the people, and for the people that shall not perish from the earth if this nation, America, shall rise again to her God-destiny in this age and shall forge that unity that is sponsored by the Archangel Michael who comes for the deliverance, who comes to unite you, and who comes with a message:  “Remember, ye are brethren!”

Therefore let brethren unite for the glorious victory of the Christ, for the Second Coming of Jesus and the coming again of the gracious Lord Buddha, Lord of the World and giver of the flame of life to all peoples. So let the understanding of the convergence of the teachings of East and West be the forte of the God-identified man. And let souls who love the flame of purity now acquaint themselves with the flame of Mother, and let that Mother of Cosmos nourish once again new life and the new birth.

O Mother Liberty, raise your torch high and welcome all souls of light to America and to earth and reveal the Book of the Law and let it be the Everlasting Gospel. So let the angel come and let him deliver to the hearts of this people and every people on earth the understanding of the one true Source and that energy which is God vouchsafed to every living soul.

I call, then, to the lost tribes of the house of Israel:  Come forth and claim your God-identity!  Come out of all of the nations and be free and be the teachers of the ages and know the I AM THAT I AM within the heart and know your Real Self as the ever-living Christ.

So let the violet flame be the quality of mercy that is not strained. Let the violet flame be invoked daily. Let your meditation be upon the flame and the flame frequency which you will find in the violet-flame color. This is my ray. This is the ray of the Aquarian age. This is the color of freedom itself. So let it beat within your heart. Let it infire your heart. Let it instill you with that love of the early patriots and of those who forged that victory of freedom many centuries ago in the heart of Europe, in that little country of Switzerland where there burns yet a threefold flame for all peoples to dip into and to use for the victory.

saint germain eagle liberty

O Afra and sons and daughters of Afra, I call you to the one law of the I AM THAT I AM. I call you now. Heed the word of the ascended masters and prove your freedom and demonstrate your freedom and your ability to be whole. I speak then to the black and the white and to those of every race. Each one of you has the opportunity to bring forth a great genius to this earth, but it must be done by individual application and soul worth. It must be the forging of your Self out of the energy that God has placed within your heart.

Now come forth. I send you love. Be free, then, of all of the past. Let the earth be washed by the waters of the living Word. Let the records of war on every continent, of hatred and prejudice and strife be dissolved now!  For I AM Saint Germain, the sponsor of a new era of freedom. I sponsor America and every nation on earth where freedom is enshrined, and I sponsor every soul who will yet live to be free.

People of America, pray for those who are not free in every way and safeguard your heritage of freedom. For when you lose the right to be free by the subtle encroachments of the fallen ones, you will regret the hour that you were not vigilant upon the wall as watchmen of the Lord. And when the cry to that watchman, “What of the night?” will be sounded, I am counting on every American to be the watchman on the wall of the Lord and the wall of freedom. And when the cry is given forth, then, what will your answer be?  I say let it be, “All is well!”

This is an excerpt of a dictation by Saint Germain given June 11, 1977 and published in the Pearls of Wisdom Vol. 20, No. 31.

Saint Germain’s Plan for the United States

15 Jul


Elizabeth Clare Prophet wrote, “It is America’s destiny to be the Comforter Nation, to fulfill the mandate given through the prophet Isaiah: ‘Comfort ye, comfort ye—comfort ye my people, saith your God.’

Constitution, We the people“Our forefathers founded this nation on the principle of the Comforter. The comfort of the unalienable rights to ‘Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness’ is the opportunity to walk the path of individual Christhood and to enjoy the fruits of one’s sacred labor in the abundant life.

“America is the place set apart from all nations where God’s people were called to raise up an ensign—a sign. That sign is the sign of the I AM Presence, individual Christhood. It foretells the coming of the standard-bearer.

“America, individual by individual and heart by heart, is sent by God to be the standard-bearer of the path of individual Christhood, bringing that path to the nations of the world, to all who would receive us, even as one of the least of these the brethren of the Lord.

“America is the nation sponsored by the Ascended Masters of the Great White Brotherhood who have come because Saint Germain has raised up his standard of freedom on these shores.

“Here, then, in an experiment of freedom we gather. We gather together through the Master/disciple relationship under Jesus Christ and the apostles, Moses and the prophets, Gautama Buddha and the bodhisattvas—all of whom trace their lineage to the Ancient of Days.

“America is destined to bring forth the culture of the Divine Mother that was once on Lemuria and Atlantis and in previous golden-age civilizations. The founding pyramid of her civilization is the path of the soul’s reunion with the Divine Mother.

“The capstone of this pyramid is the highest spiritual teaching of East and West which Gautama Buddha and Jesus Christ taught to their disciples.

“But in order for the capstone to be placed on the pyramid, that lost teaching must be regained and embodied heart by heart through The Lord Our Righteousness, whom we address as our beloved Holy Christ Self.

“On this path of the putting on of the garment of the Lord, the sons of God in America must become the living Word if we are to see the sealing of the capstone of this civilization.

“Through the teachings of the “Chart of Your Divine Self” which unfold the path of individual Christhood (the path of the Bodhisattva), all discover the foundation and the consummation of America’s destiny.

“Saint Germain teaches that Americans are called upon to champion every man’s right to joint-heirship, with Jesus Christ, of the Presence of the Great I AM.

“Under the Master’s sponsorship Americans have a destiny, a dharma, if you will, to bear the flame of liberty, the four sacred freedoms and the example of representative government and free enterprise to the nations of the world.

“They are sent to teach, working side by side with the people, that those who have the right to govern as ‘God’s overmen’ are those who have disciplined themselves before Christ in a sacred labor by which they serve the people and, in the process, balance the threefold flame and transmute personal and planetary karma, thereby earning (by grace) the right to wear the Lord’s mantle (his authority to rule).

“The true representatives of the people in every race and nation are the anointed of God, i.e., ‘the Christed ones,’ who have raised up the light of the Ancient of Days within their temples. These anointed have come to America’s shores to fulfill a soul destiny, and they or their descendants must one day return in spirit or in person to their point of origin to deliver the light of the Goddess of Liberty to their people and their nations.

“Without the freedoms we enjoy in America today, protected by law, secured by Divine Right, there is, there can be, no individual path of soul-testing or initiation unto the soul’s union with God.

“Without the freedom to create with God, the entering in to the Word and Work (the Alpha and Omega) of the Lord, there is no living Spirit of America—and by definition, there are no ‘Americans.’”

Excerpted from Pearls of Wisdom vol. 31 no. 9 – Elizabeth Clare Prophet – February 28, 1988

Champion A Cause for Freedom

14 Jul


Let us consider championing the right of the individual to know the unadulterated truth of the Path and the Teachings of the Ascended Masters.

If you would make this the challenge that you take on and the freedom that you champion, think what you will have to do. You will have to deal with all the negative publicity generated by the press since the Ascended Masters have stepped through the veil through the early Messengers, all the way back to Blavatsky. It has been over a century now that the press has vilified the activities of the Ascended Masters, their Messengers and their students—and not only the press but fanatical religious organizations who are not about to open the way for freedom of religion except it be their own freedom of religion.

Blessed hearts, understand that to champion a freedom you must challenge the encroachments upon that freedom and restore that freedom to its intended use. I say this, beloved, for the violet flame is able. The violet flame is able to consume the assaults against the four sacred freedoms. It is able to consume the mudslinging against those who represent the Great White Brotherhood. At every corner you see the rights of those who stand for truth being challenged.

I say, beloved, speak gently and tenderly and lovingly with an open heart, a loving heart, a compassionate heart—the heart of kindness that is the signet of Lord Maitreya—and speak on those subjects in which you find agreement with another. But come to the place where you are also willing to take a stand as freedom fighters, even as the wondrous saints have gone forth to fight the battles of this century and many past centuries and have laid down their lives for the honor, the freedom and the defense of their nations and their causes.

Understand, beloved, that you do have a cause. And you have deliberated and you have determined to begin to make your contributions to putting the Messenger on satellite. Blessed hearts, decree for it! Decree for the proper niche for these Teachings. Decree for every aspect of the Messenger’s presentation of the Teachings to the world.

And remember, each and every one of you is a patriot of Saint Germain, is a freedom fighter and can be one who carries the message and speaks the message by the Holy Spirit.

This excerpt is from a dictation by Saint Germain published in the 1994 Pearl of Wisdom Vol. 37 No. 43. The

Sending Freedom’s Flame In God’s Name

11 Jul

Sending Freedom’s Flame in God’s Name

This is the purpose of America–not the enslavement of peoples, not the tolerance of the enslavement of any part of life, but the sending forth of freedom’s flame in God’s name. Therefore in this cycle let us understand that there have come together–in the movement of government and toward greater freedom in government–souls of light who by the events of this year and the misuses of power by the president of this nation and his cabinet, they have come forth with a far greater determination, a greater organization, a greater vision, and–thanks to the decrees of lightbearers–with a greater energy to implement the plan of God.

Beloved ones, there are souls of great light to the left and to the right of the center, and in the center there are those who stand but do not stand in the center of the Middle Way of the Buddha or in the center of the Christ light. Beloved children of the sun, drop then from you all misconceptions and preconceptions of the destiny of nations and study then the law of the One, call upon the violet flame, and move to that time and space where you can understand both the karma and the dharma which must determine the decisions and the vote of the representatives of the people.

There are many in office today in the federal and state governments and at local levels in each and every nation who, because they neglect to follow the law of karma and dharma, do not judge righteous judgment and therefore do not properly represent the souls of the people but in actuality represent their outer minds, outer wants, and outer desires to the very destruction of the cosmic purposes of life in earth and in this solar system.

One cycle, then, has passed. There is a great organizing and amalgamation of forces at many levels, though unseen. For the first year of the cycle is yet in the etheric plane, and the second year of the cycle will also be in that etheric plane. And so you see, ten divided by the four quadrants gives equal opportunity in the etheric, mental, desire, and ultimately the earth cycle for souls of light to bring unto fulfillment the divine plan of God.

Heaven has its plan. We at Shamballa know that plan. We urge you to invoke it from the causal body of the Great Divine Director and, above all, to invoke the spiral that is yours to contribute and the spiral of your twin flame to contribute to the overall plan of the rescue mission of earth and her evolutions.

Let us understand, then, that there is a lifewave of souls who are intended to hold the balance of the Spirit cycle, keeping the white-fire core in dynamic decrees and making as their most important goal the spreading abroad of the teachings. We have our devotees who are keeping the flame also in the Matter plane who are servants of God in government–in the states and in the nation. Some of these have no idea of the teachings of the ascended masters. Some of these are being contacted on the stumping of the Mother and Lord Shiva, the stumping of El Morya and Saint Germain and of the chelas of the flame.

This excerpt is from a dictation by Gautama Buddha published in the 1978 Pearl of Wisdom Vol. 21 No. 43.