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Winter Solstice Teaching

28 Dec

Winter Solstice Teachings


The following are some of the teachings given by the ascended masters over the years on the spiritual significance and opportunity that winter solstice (northern hemisphere) has for the chela on the path.

Solstice Letters to the Karmic Board

The Lords of Karma meet at the Royal Teton Retreat biannually, at the turn of the year and at summer solstice, to review petitions from unascended mankind and to grant dispensations for their assistance. Traditionally, students of the Ascended Masters write personal petitions to the Karmic Board at winter solstice and on New Year’s Eve and at summer solstice and the Fourth of July, requesting grants of energy, dispensations, and sponsorship for constructive causes, projects and endeavors. The letters are each sealed in an envelope, consecrated at the altar and burned. The angels then carry them to the Royal Teton Retreat, where they are read by the Lords of Karma.

You should begin your letter by calling upon the law of forgiveness for all transgressions of God’s laws, especially of the past year. You may then offer yourself at the altar of God to perform a service or work for him, requesting a dispensation of sponsorship. It is important to resolve to maintain your God-harmony and to fulfill any task to completion for which you request assistance. You may call for divine intercession in your personal life, for the Community of the Holy Spirit, for your nation and government, the world, the solar system, and so forth. As Helios requested, you may offer a portion of your Causal Body as “seed money” for something you desire to see accomplished in the world. But this must be approved by the Lords of Karma; the exact percentage will be determined by your I AM Presence and Holy Christ Self. After completing your letter, consecrate it at your altar and (safely) burn it. You may also want to keep a copy in your Bible for your record and to use in daily decrees for your stated goals.

Kuthumi Pearl of Wisdom Vol. 27 No. 58

Beloved ones, I bring the good tidings of eternal renewal which come forth in the hour calculated as winter solstice from the point of the North, from the heart of the God Star and the center of the Father. Thus, the Light of winter solstice is like unto none other, for its descent leadeth thee in the way of the law of righteousness as exemplified in the Son. Thus, the Father’s Light shines in the Son, and ye are that Son when ye are that sun! Thus, I come to admonish you by the sword of Maitreya to enter into the fire enfolding itself of the mighty heart flame of thy being.

. . .

So, my beloved, pillars in the temple of my God are ye! And the temple must be upheld. This is the half-year cycle of the coming of Helios; therefore, salute Vesta who appears in winter solstice as Helios appears in summer solstice.

Gautama Buddha, Pearl of Wisdom, Vol. 20 No. 23

This is indeed the hour of joy, the very bursting of light in each heart, the impetus for the new year that in actuality does start with winter solstice and the lighting of the taper in the heart of the Great Central Sun as Alpha bows to Omega and extends to her the gift of the flame.

And then Omega steps down from her throne and passes the flame to the legions of seraphim who compose the honor guard of the Divine Mother. And the first of the mighty seraphim, the Captain of the Lord’s Hosts, Justinius, does take that taper from Omega to light the second in command. And one by one the tapers are lit until, across the vastness of spacelessness and timelessness, the mighty seraphim wend their way unto the worlds within and the worlds without.

Curious as it might seem given your understanding of the speed of light, the ritual of the fulfillment of the passing of the taper of the new year does not occur on Terra until the hour of the year’s turning. And so the grand ritual of the hours from the Great Central Sun through millions of galaxies manifests on earth in the moment of the appearance of the mighty thought-form that descends from the heart of God to the heart of Sanat Kumara, thence into my own heart as the adoration to the Cosmic Virgin is sent forth from this planetary orb.

As we receive the impartation of the taper, we return that fire and that love back to Omega, and this is the grand ritual of millions and millions of hosts of light, Buddhas, and consciousnesses one with the Elohim. And therefore, when that focal point of light does reach our heart and we send it back, there is the weaving of the cosmic daisy.

And for each and every one who receives the taper of the Mother in the Central Sun, there is the return current that forms another petal of this cosmic daisy. And the yellow center is indeed the Great Central Sun Magnet, and all of these petals in all dimensions going forth are the action of the flow of the love of the hosts of light for Alpha and Omega and the love that is returned. And this weaving–this weaving of this grand design is for the action, the interaction, and the integration of life flow–as Above, so below.

Saint Germain, Pearl of Wisdom, Vol. 1 No. 19

The true Christmas story, however, is far more than a mere pageant. It always brings a vibrant, ever-living exaltation of spirit to any and all who will humbly and gratefully take a few moments to fix their attention upon the realization of its symbology; for the Christmas story must one day take place for every one of the presently unascended children of Light of earth. Christmas, and each succeeding celebration of the Christ Mass, is the conscious release of the Christ-nature of and through the supplicant into visible, tangible expression within the heart. Allowing the Christ-self to radiate its full power of masterful Divine Love through the outer form and consciousness (personality), the soul, one with that Christ-self, lifts and raises all it contacts. Thus is the Word, the I AM THAT I AM, become flesh, and thus it does dwell among us!

It is particularly important that you allow this Christ-release, that is most powerfully accessible at winter solstice, to be made manifest in your lives, beloved chelas, even as it is fundamental that by the continuous daily use of the violet transmuting flame you keep on keeping on in the purifying of your worlds until that Holy Christ Self (abiding within the immortal threefold flame of Truth within your beating heart) stands forth visible and tangible to all who look upon you. Then shall you be known by your works, as was the beloved Jesus, and not by words alone. Then shall your outer self become a divine magnet to draw into our light whom you can so mightily assist.

I AM Alchemy: The Secrets of Prosperity

14 Dec

In the Bible the Apostle John says, “Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth.”Mark L. Prophet

Prosperity is abundance. The Lord Christ, when he was teaching in Judea, said, “I AM come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.” Somehow or other people have a habit of misconstruing the Master’s intent without really meaning to and thus cutting themselves off from and denying the intention of the Deity.

Now, obviously none of us could subscribe to a share-the-wealth plan where we would pool all the money on the planet into one pot and all wind up with ninety-eight cents. This is about what it would amount to. Yet if we put all the money into a pot and divided it between all the people on earth and gave each person his portion, in a matter of probably seven years just about all the money would be back where it started from.

This is true because the divine distribution of wealth on this planet occurs according to karmic patterns and karmic law. In most cases, every person who has money is entitled to it according to his karma—even if he didn’t earn it in one lifetime but it came to him through inheritance or he won the Irish sweepstakes.

Money comes to people because there is something in their Causal Body that attracts wealth to their being. And when you practice the laws of prosperity, you create good karma and you therefore begin to attract to yourself prosperity.

The Secrets of Prosperity
2. Give Ten Percent of Yourself to God »
3. Give in Secret »
4. Give Something, No Matter How Small »
5. Use the Gifts God Has Given You »
6. Think of the World as Your Family »
7. Remember that the God Presence Is the Source of Your Supply »
8. Call upon Fortuna »
9. Depend on God »
10. Always Keep a Seed of Prosperity and Keep Your Thoughts Uplifted »
11. Prime the Pump »
12. Understand that Prosperity is an Activity of the Spirit »
13. When You Are Tempted to Worry, Turn Your Thoughts to God »


1. Never Dam Up the Flow of Your Energy
The possession of money itself does not make a person better or worse. Not at all. Money—like every talent and gift of God—is responsibility. And when you have a great deal of money or even a little money, it is a form of prosperity that should not be dammed up like the Dead Sea.

The River Jordan flows down toward the Dead Sea and empties into it, but there is absolutely no outlet in the Dead Sea. This has been used a lot in Sunday schools to illustrate certain spiritual laws. Whenever you have anything that continually takes in and never gives out, it’s a symbol of death or stagnation because there is no flow and there is no movement.

Blood flows through the whole body and returns through the heart for oxygenation in the lungs. We all know that’s basic physiology. But here’s something that’s almost frightening: the moment you dam up an artery, you really have trouble.

Now, you may wonder why I’m bringing this up. Quite a few ladies, and men, too, have had varicose veins. Doctors can perform an operation for varicose veins where they tie off certain vessels and just stop the flow of blood.

One book written by a doctor who exposes some of the malpractices in hospitals and in the medical profession tells about a woman who had this operation. Two days after the doctor tied this blood vessel off she noticed that her toes were becoming very painful and inflamed. Then she noticed they were turning dark and discolored, and then her whole foot turned discolored. Well, when she went back to the doctor it was too late, and she lost her foot completely. It turned gangrenous because there was no flow of blood into her foot.

I think very few people realize how beautifully nature works to keep our blood flowing through our system. Well, prosperity is just as natural to the children of God as the flow of blood. And one of the ascended masters’ secrets of prosperity is that they always let go and never dam up the flow of their energy. Businessmen do the same thing, in a way, by investing and reinvesting their capital.


2. Give Ten Percent of Yourself to God
Another secret of prosperity is to give ten percent of yourself to God. There is no law that says you can’t give more, but I think to give less is to deplete the seed.

Giving a tenth is what is known as a tithe. Today I received a revelation concerning the word tithe. I didn’t hear it as tithe. I heard it as tie thee. The ten percent is the portion of the divine talent that becomes a seed to tie you to your God Presence, to God, the Great Source, so that the next cycle of the decimal system will grow. It’s the zero, you see. You come one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, and then you “tie thee”—tie thee to the Presence.

“Tie thee” means a tie, a link, a union with your Source, the source of your supply. And by giving that tenth, you’re planting the seed that makes your supply grow into the next cycle. If you deny it to God, you actually don’t gain at all. By holding it back you lose, because you don’t have any seed to make it grow in the next cycle.

There is a successful construction machinery man who made a compact with God to give away ten percent of all that he had when he was a young man. This man has a huge family and he travels all over the United States working for God. He pays far more attention to God’s business than he does to his machinery business. And his machinery business is so big today that it’s a tremendous industry. He has always used this secret of prosperity of giving the seed. As a result, his supply has just multiplied and multiplied and multiplied, because the law has continued to work for him.


3. Give in Secret
Many years ago Lloyd Douglas wrote Magnificent Obsession. In this book he revealed one of the great secrets of the masters: keep your mouth shut about what you do. This is why some people come up to me and whisper in my ear and say, “I’ll give so much money to your university.” They don’t want anybody else to hear it, because they know that if they give in secret, their supply will return to them and will also be multiplied.

One of the problems in the modern church has been to publish the names of donors in some of the church literature. In New York City there’s a tremendous activity of this kind. They call everybody that gives a donation a sponsor, and then they publish the names of all the sponsors on a list. As Jesus said, “Verily, they have their reward.”

There is a place in the Bible where the secret is given: “When you give,” Jesus said, “don’t sound a trumpet before yourselves as the hypocrites do. But give in secret.”



4. Give Something, No Matter How Small
Another secret of prosperity is to give of the little bit that thou hast. Some people have very little money. They say, “Well, I hate to offer The Summit Lighthouse ninety-eight cents; it’s too belittling to me.” But Mr. Rockefeller gave people only a dime, didn’t he? All he gave away to everybody was ten cents. He was always handing out ten cents as his charitable contribution.

So don’t feel that it is belittling to give a small amount. God knows exactly what you have. No one else has to know. Look at it this way: it is more blessed to give than it is to receive. And you will receive, because giving is a secret of prosperity. People who dam up the flow by saying, “Oh, I’m afraid,” generate fear in their worlds.


5. Use the Gifts God Has Given You
This fear was illustrated in the parable of the servant who received one lousy talent. Before his lord left for a far country, he entrusted some of his goods to his servants according to their abilities. To one servant he gave five talents, to another servant he gave two talents and to a third servant he gave one talent. In those days, a talent was a valuable silver coin.

When the lord returned, he wanted to know what they had done with their money.

He asked the servant to whom he had given five talents, “How did you do with it?” The man said, “I gained five more talents with the five you gave me.” The lord said, “Well done, thou good and faithful servant: thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things: Enter thou into the joy of thy lord.”

The second servant reported that he had doubled his talents as well. Then came the poor little guy who had the one talent. He had wrapped his talent in a napkin and buried it in the earth. The man pulled that one lousy talent out of the ground, took it out of the old moldy napkin and said to his lord, “Here is exactly what you gave to me. I knew that you were a hard man and I was afraid, my lord, at this awesome responsibility. So I took that one talent which you gave me and I hid it in the earth.”

The lord looked at him rather sternly and quizzically. Then he said: “Thou wicked and slothful servant. Take, therefore, that talent from him and give it unto him which hath ten talents. For unto everyone that hath shall be given, and he shall have abundance: but from him that hath not shall be taken away that which he hath.”

This parable has been much maligned and much misunderstood. It has been quoted to show that those who don’t have much are going to have less and those who do have are going to have even more. That wasn’t what was meant at all. What the parable showed was that the man who had the one talent but didn’t use it had his talent taken away from him.

Don’t ever let anybody fool you about these scriptures, because the secret of prosperity is clearly indicated: use that which thou hast. Do you see the point? It’s a lot different than people say. Over half the people who preach about these scriptures don’t understand their real meaning.

So, by wisely using our gifts from God we multiply them. This does not have to involve money. Money is merely a medium of exchange. This concept can also involve service. It can involve things you do for others. It can involve other people as well as your immediate family.


6. Think of the World as Your Family
One of the things that crystallizes the consciousness and keeps the supply from coming into your world is the feeling of owning people. A lot of people feel that their children or their spouses or their mother or their father or their brother or their sister—in other words, their family—is all-important.But you don’t own people and they don’t own you. All people are free. The sense of an exclusive family circle that rules out everybody else in the world is one of the reasons the consciousness crystallizes and prosperity doesn’t come in.

Thinking of the world as your family doesn’t mean you have to give a dollar to every beggar that comes along. But when you start feeling and thinking in terms of loving other people outside the family and doing something for someone else—not necessarily someone you love but someone who may even be impersonal to you—you begin to think like God. For God has to take his energy and assistance and give it to people that hate him and that spit upon him.

Do you know there are people who curse God on this planet and mean it? I have heard people damn God and shake their fist in his face and dare him to strike them with lightning. In most cases, God turns around and still pumps breath and life energy into these people. He still takes care of them because he’s an impersonal God as well as a personal God.

So one of the greatest secrets of prosperity is to have the ability to detach oneself from personal concerns and to become impersonal. This ability is a magnet that makes you godlike.



7. Remember That the God Presence Is the Source of Your Supply
“I AM come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly” is the secret of it all. The Bible doesn’t say, “You have come.” It says, “I AM come”—in other words, the I AM, the God in me, is come— “that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.” This denotes that the God Presence is the source of your supply. Supply doesn’t come from outer sources.

I can tell you a funny story about The Summit Lighthouse. It isn’t so funny, but it happens to be true. In our early days, when we were in Washington, D.C., our budget was much less than it is today. I would sometimes wait three or four days to go down to the post office and pick up the mail. Then we would get a good stack and it would seem as if we were getting more money. This was good for my morale. If I went down there and found only four or five envelopes, it was depressing, especially since we had a lot of bills to pay. So I’d wait and I’d bring home a big stack.

One time I kept track of donations over a period of several months. Whether the mail was a big stack or just half as big or only four letters, the amount of money in the envelopes never seemed to vary more than ten dollars. Now, you figure that one out.

I’d open four envelopes and there would be a hundred dollar bill in one, maybe a fifty in another and a check for seventy-five dollars in another. Those four envelopes would contain as much money as a great big stack of mail. At other times I’d come home with the mail and I’d say, “Gee, we really got a lot today,” but there would be just a dollar in one envelope, fifty cents in another, a dollar in another and a check for a dollar and seventy-five cents in another envelope. One woman sent in a check for seventy-five cents. And it was like that all the way through the big stack of mail.

So I’ve noticed that the Lord takes care of you regardless of the source. We have experienced this and have found that supply continually comes in.


8. Call upon Fortuna
We have also noticed that the ascended lady master Fortuna [the Goddess of Supply] possesses the power to release more money when we really need it.

I’m going to tell you one of our secrets: every time we get into trouble and have a contract to meet and we don’t have the money to meet it, we get up on this platform and the whole staff gives the decree to Fortuna, “Light’s Treasures”:

Fortuna, Goddess of Supply,
Of all God’s wealth from realms on high,
Release thy treasures from the Sun
And now bestow on everyone

Whose heart beats one with God’s own Light
The Power to draw from heaven’s height,
Abundance to expand the plan
The Masters hold for every man.

Attune our consciousness with thee,
Expand our vision now to see
That opulence is meant for all
Who look to God and make the call.

We now demand, we do command
Abundant manna from God’s hand,
That now below as is Above
All mankind shall express God’s Love.

We sometimes recite this decree for ten, fifteen, twenty minutes or a half hour. Invariably, within a few days the mail will bring in the required amount of money.



9. Depend on God
This means we don’t look to people as our source of supply. When I first started this activity with the masters’ help, we had a woman worth more than sixteen million dollars in the organization. We thought she was really going to be of great assistance to us—the human thought that. We were never more disappointed in our lives, and probably justly so.

Depend upon God!

Then we had another angel come along that used to give us a few hundred dollars every month, but she got mad over nothing and quit sending that much money. She’s very spasmodic—once in a while we hear from her, but not very often.

We’ve quit looking to people for our supply. We look completely to God. This is another secret of supply: don’t depend on any human being. Depend on God.

Depend upon God!

My wife Elizabeth had a great deal more of the prosperity consciousness than I did. I was raised the son of a farmer and rancher, and I had nothing. My father came from a Canadian ranch, in fact, and had his own goodly ranch. He sold the ranch to his father for a dollar.

Then he went to the United States, thinking that he would receive the ranch back when his father died. But his younger brother stayed at home and worked the ranch and wormed his way into his father’s heart. So his father left the ranch to the younger brother and my father was defrauded of it.

My father didn’t have too many skills. He was not well educated, and he had to work hard for his money. He could have done well on the big Canadian ranch, but in the States he had a pretty tough time of it. He passed away when I was nine years old. My mother was not strong, and she was very upset and nervous because she had to support a nine-year-old child on her own. Many times I didn’t have anything in the house to eat except maybe two or three slices of bread.

So when I went into the United States Air Force in World War II, my mother was a widow living alone in a small home and she had little money. I gave her an army allotment check of about twenty-five dollars, and she was able to earn about twenty-five dollars a month. So she had about fifty dollars a month to live on, which wasn’t much for food, bus fare, taxes, upkeep on a house and a few other things. It was pretty rough. So when I came out of the army I had nothing.

Elizabeth was a little different. She didn’t have anything either. But she became a Christian Scientist when she was nine years old and she learned their concepts of prosperity. I was trained more along the Methodist church lines. In fact, I was a member of the same church as the former Senator Alexander Wiley. Senator Wiley was one of the wealthy people in my hometown. There were a lot of wealthy people who were Methodists and a few of us poor people who were Methodists. We all sat alongside of each other in church, but that was about the extent of our contact.

So there was a great deal of difference between my consciousness of prosperity and Elizabeth’s. When I started out in this work, I was a little afraid. I know what it means to wonder where your next meal or your next dollar is coming from. Elizabeth didn’t have any of this. She was trained practically from childhood to think in terms of God supplying her needs.

I received a great deal of my education on prosperity from Elizabeth. She used to say to me, “Well, now God wants us to have that, so we’re going to put a down payment on it.” I’d say, “Well, we haven’t got enough money to pay for it. What’s the matter with you? We can’t do that.” She would say, “God can supply all of our needs. Now, we’re just going to put a down payment on it, and if we can’t pay for it, we’ll just forget about it.”

That woman has changed my whole way of thinking since I’ve known her. I wouldn’t be at all surprised that if she went over to London and saw London Bridge and decided to buy it, she would come up with the money. She would put a down payment on it and probably wind up owning it. I’m sure she would convince the British crown to give up London Bridge!

So a great deal of what I have learned about prosperity has been the result of the masters working with Elizabeth. I’m sure you realize that I had something to give her in return, because there were other things that were given to me. I was one of those of whom it is said, “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.”

The two of us together have been able to find out a great deal about the secrets of prosperity because we give our prosperity to The Summit Lighthouse, and this is good.



10. Always Keep a Seed of Prosperity and Keep Your Thoughts Uplifted
Some of you don’t realize that when we started this activity, I wore suits from the Heck Company, by heck, in Washington, D.C. These suits with two pairs of pants cost nineteen dollars.

I remember standing on the stage in this absolutely grand home in front of this woman worth sixteen million dollars with this baggy suit on worth nineteen dollars. She sat right there in her royal robes and never shelled out anything to take care of that problem. For almost a year I wore that kind of equipment.

But then the masters explained the laws of prosperity to me and I started using these laws. The first thing you know, I began sprouting tailor-made suits.

So we have learned about prosperity the hard way, and we know that these laws work for everybody. There isn’t anyone who has to be without anything he needs, and there’s no reason to have more than you really need.

Some people say, “Well, I’m going to put some money away for a rainy day.” I think it’s a good idea to be prudent. Master Morya taught me this several years ago when I was in rather strait circumstances. Once after I had paid a bill, I had six dollars left in my pocket and a mountain of debts. I was driving a brand-new Lincoln. I didn’t even have the money to telegraph a friend of mine who was a millionaire and who would have loaned me some money.

So Master Morya came along and said, “Now, enough of this foolishness.” I said, “What do you mean?” He said, “What you have to remember is that no matter how poor you are, always keep one hundred dollars somewhere that you can fall back on. You don’t have to keep a lot, but always keep at least one hundred dollars in cash tucked away somewhere.”

I know that very few of you are what you would call poor. It doesn’t matter. It’s still a mighty good idea to always have at least one hundred dollars in either cash or traveler’s checks on your person or concealed somewhere.

This is good advice for anyone. I’m going to tell you why. Master Morya showed me that this is seed for prosperity. When you’re down to your last penny—and it’s a terrible feeling when you’re down to your last penny—you don’t have anything at all to fall back on except maybe your friends. You go to your friends and sure as shootin’ they’ll tell you that they couldn’t possibly help you because all kinds of things have happened. Or all their money is in bonds.

So keep a seed of prosperity and keep your thoughts very, very much in an uplifted state. Now, this is hard to do when you are down and out. If it weren’t hard to do, more people would do it. If you will learn to not let go of every cent but to hang on to enough to tide you over in case you get into trouble, you will have confidence in that seed. Then you can apply to God and he will provide you with the wisdom to know how to use what you have in order to get more.

But if you use everything up until you’re broke and bent and twisted and turned, then your confidence will often be shaken. I think that the Lord put me through that once to teach me the law. I had to experience this so I would know how to advise other people, because all kinds of people come to us in this activity—from paupers to millionaires, from farmers to industrialists. We have among our members some very splendid people. Sometimes the man with a million dollars may ask your advice just as much as the man with nothing, and we want to be able to advise people correctly.


11. Prime the Pump
Your thoughts have a great deal to do with your prosperity. And sometimes the way to break a pattern is to spend money. There have been times when everything was going badly and I went out and bought an expensive suit—right in the midst of the worst downfall. I got such a lift from wearing that suit that my whole mind went up. And the first thing you know, the money was flowing again.

It’s the old pump-priming situation. You have to release something from yourself because you’re suffering from mental stagnation. That’s the whole secret of prosperity.

As I said, the reason prosperity doesn’t flow into people’s worlds is because they have stopped giving. It doesn’t matter how much water is in a pipe. You can have just a trickle of water, but if there is nothing to stop it, you can get that water to flow.

That’s why pump priming is valuable. That’s why a woman can go out and buy a new dress. She can get herself an expensive jewel sometimes. The lift from that and the release of the money will start the supply coming again.

You have to understand how to work with the laws of abundance. You not only work with them through prayer and right thinking, but also by seeing that the law of stagnation does not function in your world to dam up your supply.

This is why some of the great multimillionaires have taken tremendous risks and they have sometimes come out right on top. It’s not a matter of luck. It’s a matter of using the law.



12. Understand That Prosperity Is an Activity of the Spirit
I’m always concerned that people understand that prosperity is more an activity of the Spirit than of the flesh. A lot of us like to think that prosperity is something that is of the flesh—that if we use the laws, then a great deal of money is released into our world.

Money is what people always seem to want. But that’s not really the answer. Happiness, contentment, peace of mind, understanding, compassion, tolerance and every good quality of life are worth more than anything else. Money cannot buy these.

Yet you can’t live in the modern world without money, unless you’re a peace pilgrim or somebody like that. You can use the begging bowl, as the poor do in India. They run around with a begging bowl, and all day long they beg until somebody has pity on them and drops a coin in their cup and they go out and buy their meal.

I don’t think most of us could live that way, particularly if we have families. I know the Summit couldn’t live that way because we have a printing press to maintain so we can keep on publishing the teachings of the great masters.


13. When You Are Tempted to Worry, Turn Your Thoughts to God
It’s interesting how God has provided for our needs. I think that every one of you should develop faith that God will take care of your needs no matter what they are. Nobody in the world should worry about their future. In fact, that’s one way of damming up the flow of goods into your world.

Worry will definitely cut you off. The minute you start worrying, you tune in to millions of other people who are worrying. You won’t know it, but their thoughts will be attracted like a magnet into your subconscious and your world. And the first thing you know, you’ll be going down, down, down, down because of their thoughts.

Among the greatest secrets of prosperity is to tune into right thinking by thinking right yourself. Turn your thoughts to God and the masters and to an inexhaustible sense of supply. Learn to develop the feeling that “no matter what I need, it will be supplied to me.”

A lot of people laugh at me because of what I said to the man from whom we bought our last house. Down below the hill there was a concrete pad, and I said, “That’s our landing port for our helicopter.” Well, a helicopter’s worth fifty thousand dollars. I had the idea that God would provide me with a helicopter and I’d learn how to fly it and I’d be able to fly around the United States and give lectures. We don’t have it yet, but the house cost a lot more money than a helicopter and the Lord provided for the house. We still think that when we get a ranch and we get our university we’ll have a helicopter to fly over here to this area. Elizabeth says she won’t fly with me. Her consciousness of prosperity is very great, but she doesn’t seem to have faith in my perspicacity in flying a helicopter!

I hope that I’ve helped you a little with this talk. I could have made it longer, but I felt that the points that I gave would be of value. You can always fill the cup so full that it’s running over, but I hope I’ve put at least a half a cup of goodies into this talk for you.

The Secrets of Prosperity by Mark L. Prophet. (From Creative Abundance) The,

The Secret of Keeping the Christmas Rose

6 Dec

The Secret of Keeping the Christmas Rose


In celebration of Christmas, the following is an excerpt from Jesus’ Christmas 1992 address, I Will Let No Man Take My Crown of Joy published in the 1992 Pearls of Wisdom Vol. 35 No. 69.

Would you not know the secret of keeping the Christmas Rose of joy–joy perpetually in the heart that nothing can move or turn aside? Would you not become the invincible manifestation of my joy, beloved? [“Yes.”]

I would also know you as the “joy fountains” in the earth where I may come and drink, where many who are without joy may drink of the fount and yet the fount should not decrease.

Oh, the perpetual giving of the flame of joy!

Oh, the laughter of the Christed ones who know this joy and who have discovered the secret of not letting go of it under any circumstance!

Is this not the true joy of self-mastery?

Indeed it is, beloved.

Well, then, when you set yourself to this determination to open the floodgates of joy that shall never be shut again–a joy that is the perpetual fountain of Life flowing through you descending from your I AM Presence–you thereby challenge all forces of doom and gloom and all sundry manifestations that happen to be along the lines of self-preference and indulgence and the dependency upon others for happiness, for fun, for laughter.

There must be a moment in your life when you say: “I will let no man take my crown of joy! I will stand and still stand. I will find the joy in every happening, in every occurrence I see. And where I see non-joy, I shall have within myself such a momentum of joy that I may fill the vacuum!”

Blessed hearts, you may not be able to convert others to joy, for so many, so many enjoy the indulgence in sadness, in self- sympathy and self-pity. So many are so accustomed to non-joy that allows the complaining and the self-indulgence that they would not know what to do with themselves if life were perpetually joyous.

Joy is an inner quietude.

It is an inner consciousness of well-being.

It is an inner point of contact with all stars and Causal Bodies.

Joy is what centers you in the crisscrossings of the great antahkarana of Life. When you are in joy, you are in sync with the great Buddhas and Bodhisattvas.

Joy, then, must come by an appreciation of small things and great, an appreciation of life as it is before you in a moment.

Is it a glistening dewdrop?

Is it the face of a child or a smile?

Is it something precious that is without price, for it comes directly from the heart?

If you will, make a list of all those things that bring joy to you and affirm them. I will leave you to your deliberations as to how you will return to the point of joy, but I will suggest that gratitude in action is a most wondrous way to continually perceive the joy flame of life.

Beloved ones, moments after some seeming tragedy has come upon you, you can [by the joy flame] see through it to the other side and experience joy because God has shown you that this is something that you must pass through.

Joy, beloved, cannot be thinking too much of itself, for joy is something that we give. And as we give, it begets more within us. Joy is a flame that is opposed by the very worst side of everyone, for all that is not real about you, all that is less than that God-Reality, cringes at the point of dazzling joy that you keep in your house and in your heart.