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Winter Solstice Teaching

30 Nov

Winter Solstice Teachings


The following are some of the teachings given by the ascended masters over the years on the spiritual significance and opportunity that winter solstice (northern hemisphere) has for the chela on the path.

Solstice Letters to the Karmic Board

The Lords of Karma meet at the Royal Teton Retreat biannually, at the turn of the year and at summer solstice, to review petitions from unascended mankind and to grant dispensations for their assistance. Traditionally, students of the Ascended Masters write personal petitions to the Karmic Board at winter solstice and on New Year’s Eve and at summer solstice and the Fourth of July, requesting grants of energy, dispensations, and sponsorship for constructive causes, projects and endeavors. The letters are each sealed in an envelope, consecrated at the altar and burned. The angels then carry them to the Royal Teton Retreat, where they are read by the Lords of Karma.

You should begin your letter by calling upon the law of forgiveness for all transgressions of God’s laws, especially of the past year. You may then offer yourself at the altar of God to perform a service or work for him, requesting a dispensation of sponsorship. It is important to resolve to maintain your God-harmony and to fulfill any task to completion for which you request assistance. You may call for divine intercession in your personal life, for the Community of the Holy Spirit, for your nation and government, the world, the solar system, and so forth. As Helios requested, you may offer a portion of your Causal Body as “seed money” for something you desire to see accomplished in the world. But this must be approved by the Lords of Karma; the exact percentage will be determined by your I AM Presence and Holy Christ Self. After completing your letter, consecrate it at your altar and (safely) burn it. You may also want to keep a copy in your Bible for your record and to use in daily decrees for your stated goals.

Kuthumi Pearl of Wisdom Vol. 27 No. 58

Beloved ones, I bring the good tidings of eternal renewal which come forth in the hour calculated as winter solstice from the point of the North, from the heart of the God Star and the center of the Father. Thus, the Light of winter solstice is like unto none other, for its descent leadeth thee in the way of the law of righteousness as exemplified in the Son. Thus, the Father’s Light shines in the Son, and ye are that Son when ye are that sun! Thus, I come to admonish you by the sword of Maitreya to enter into the fire infolding itself of the mighty heart flame of thy being.

. . .

So, my beloved, pillars in the temple of my God are ye! And the temple must be upheld. This is the half-year cycle of the coming of Helios; therefore, salute Vesta who appears in winter solstice as Helios appears in summer solstice.

Gautama Buddha, Pearl of Wisdom, Vol. 20 No. 23

This is indeed the hour of joy, the very bursting of light in each heart, the impetus for the new year that in actuality does start with winter solstice and the lighting of the taper in the heart of the Great Central Sun as Alpha bows to Omega and extends to her the gift of the flame.

And then Omega steps down from her throne and passes the flame to the legions of seraphim who compose the honor guard of the Divine Mother. And the first of the mighty seraphim, the Captain of the Lord’s Hosts, Justinius, does take that taper from Omega to light the second in command. And one by one the tapers are lit until, across the vastness of spacelessness and timelessness, the mighty seraphim wend their way unto the worlds within and the worlds without.

Curious as it might seem given your understanding of the speed of light, the ritual of the fulfillment of the passing of the taper of the new year does not occur on Terra until the hour of the year’s turning. And so the grand ritual of the hours from the Great Central Sun through millions of galaxies manifests on earth in the moment of the appearance of the mighty thoughtform that descends from the heart of God to the heart of Sanat Kumara, thence into my own heart as the adoration to the Cosmic Virgin is sent forth from this planetary orb.

As we receive the impartation of the taper, we return that fire and that love back to Omega, and this is the grand ritual of millions and millions of hosts of light, Buddhas, and consciousnesses one with the Elohim. And therefore, when that focal point of light does reach our heart and we send it back, there is the weaving of the cosmic daisy.

And for each and every one who receives the taper of the Mother in the Central Sun, there is the return current that forms another petal of this cosmic daisy. And the yellow center is indeed the Great Central Sun Magnet, and all of these petals in all dimensions going forth are the action of the flow of the love of the hosts of light for Alpha and Omega and the love that is returned. And this weaving–this weaving of this grand design is for the action, the interaction, and the integration of life flow–as Above, so below.

Saint Germain, Pearl of Wisdom, Vol. 1 No. 19

The true Christmas story, however, is far more than a mere pageant. It always brings a vibrant, ever-living exaltation of spirit to any and all who will humbly and gratefully take a few moments to fix their attention upon the realization of its symbology; for the Christmas story must one day take place for every one of the presently unascended children of Light of earth. Christmas, and each succeeding celebration of the Christ Mass, is the conscious release of the Christ-nature of and through the supplicant into visible, tangible expression within the heart. Allowing the Christ-self to radiate its full power of masterful Divine Love through the outer form and consciousness (personality), the soul, one with that Christ-self, lifts and raises all it contacts. Thus is the Word, the I AM THAT I AM, become flesh, and thus it does dwell among us!

It is particularly important that you allow this Christ-release, that is most powerfully accessible at winter solstice, to be made manifest in your lives, beloved chelas, even as it is fundamental that by the continuous daily use of the violet transmuting flame you keep on keeping on in the purifying of your worlds until that Holy Christ Self (abiding within the immortal threefold flame of Truth within your beating heart) stands forth visible and tangible to all who look upon you. Then shall you be known by your works, as was the beloved Jesus, and not by words alone. Then shall your outer self become a divine magnet to draw into our light whom you can so mightily assist.

Thanksgiving – Consider Aspects of Life

23 Nov

Thanksgiving – Consider Aspects of Life


Think, then, of all the things which you repeat each day–not as monotony or rote, but as the ritual of the sacred fire–the cleansing and the feeding of the body, the tending to the precious plants and to your children and to the elementals, opening of windows to let in fresh air, the flow of water, the use of fire, the cleaning of your homes, the going to and fro along the calling of your life. So many aspects of living are daily ritual because in each twenty-four-hour cycle, you must re-infuse life with life. You are instruments of the flow of God. You are initiators of cosmic consciousness on earth, as Maitreya has declared.

Therefore, let this Thanksgiving Day be your opportunity to consider the aspects of life which you may have neglected. And let your neglect be replaced with gratitude as the flow of the heart! As you release such joy in gratitude and joy of abundance, it is the flow of the nucleus of life which is magnetized. Therefore, be joyous, not solemn! Be enthusiastic, not bored! Be filled with truth–and lively truth that lives as an emerald fire burning and crackling in your all-seeing eye! Be this truth! Be not the calcification of error! Watch out for the error of habit and that habit which becomes rote–rote that replaces the ritual of the sacred fire each day!

Have mercy! Have compassion upon those parts of life
Who live not in the ritual of the flame,
But in the rote of mediocrity for selfish gain.
Have mercy upon them;
They know not what they do!
Teach them! They are in ignorance of the law
Of the many and the few.
They stand then, waiting to be filled,
But know not that that filling must be God-willed
As an exercise in free will,
As the coming of the Christed ones
With the pitcher from the well of life,
Pouring the energy of sacred fire, of Mother flow,
Into the Matter body here below.

Think, then, of others–
Others in the ways of the world,
Others in the way of freedom,
Others seeking to find that way to be free.
Have mercy on them!
Have compassion for them–
And tolerance and understanding!
For it was not so long ago
That you yourselves
Were the waifs of chastened ignorance,
That you were the ones
Not cleaned by the Mother,
Soiled in your garments
And spotted with the dust and the dirt of life.
Have compassion for them!
For I say to you,
They know not what they do;
They know not what they do.
Invoke life! Infuse them with the life!

You now are the few who must become the many through the multiplication of the loaves and the fishes of your consciousness. And therefore there is required an integrator, an initiator, a multiplier. I AM he! I AM the same, the Christed One, the Son of God! I do not fear to proclaim it! I do not fear to declare it! I must declare I AM the Son of God! Or who else will declare it for me? I ask you. Therefore, if it is necessary for me to proclaim my role, I say you must proclaim your role! Your thanksgiving must be an affirmation of your being! – Jesus the Christ

Excerpted from Pearls of Wisdom® Vol. 19 No. 48, Jesus the Christ, Nov. 28, 1976

Chants for Sleeping, Prayers for Achieving Mystical Experiences and Mantra’s to Relieve Stress. The Power of Sound!

16 Nov



Study – The Energizing Power of Gregorian Chants


The Energizing Power of Gregorian Chants

One group of Benedictine monks discovered an unexpected benefit from their Gregorian chants: teir chanting seemed to energize their bodies.

In 1967 Alfred Tomatis, a French physician, psychologist and ear specialist, studied how chanting affected the Benedictine monks.

For hundreds of years they had kept a rigorous schedule, sleeping only a few hours a night and chanting from six to eight hours a day.

When a new abbot changed the schedule and cut out the chanting, the monks became tired and lethargic. The more sleep they got, the more tired they seemed to become. Tomatis was called in to find out what was wrong with them.

He believed that chanting (and listening to certain kinds of music) served a special purpose—energizing the brain and body. He said the monks “had been chanting in order to ‘charge’ themselves.”1

He reintroduced chanting, along with a program of listening to stimulating sounds, and the monks soon found the energy to return to their normal schedule.

Whether the monks knew it or not, they had discovered the power of sound, especially spoken or chanted prayer.

Monks Report Extraordinary Mystical Experiences


Monks Report Extraordinary Mystical Experiences

The Eastern Orthodox Church has also preserved a tradition of repetitive prayer. Their story demonstrates the immense power of the spoken word.

For hundreds of years, Greek Orthodox monks have reported extraordinary mystical experiences that stemmed from their repetition of a simple prayer:

Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy upon me.

They repeated the prayer over and over again, while sitting with their chins resting on their chests to focus their attention on the heart. They believed the prayer facilitated divine union by attracting the mind to the heart, which they saw as the seat of divinity.

As they said the prayer, the monks synchronized it with their breathing—a practice that is similar to Buddhist and Hindu techniques—breathing in with the first half of the sentence and out with the second.

The monks attempted to repeat the prayer continuously, pursuing Paul’s directive to “Pray without ceasing.”

One elder advised that they should even attempt to repeat the prayer while sleeping! He instructed them to meditate or repeat the prayer “without interruption, whether asleep or awake, eating, drinking, or in company.” (Hindu yogis also train their minds to repeat mantras during sleep.)

The monks claimed that after several weeks of repeating the prayer for hours a day, they would enter a transformed state of being. They said they could see a powerful light around them, as powerful as that witnessed by the disciples at Jesus’ transfiguration.

One monk described the condition as a “most pleasant heat,” a “joyful boiling.” He claimed to live in a state that was beyond pleasure and pain, experiencing a “lightness and freshness, pleasantness of living, insensibility to sickness and sorrows.”4

This is a state in which “the flesh” is “kindled by the Spirit, so that the whole man becomes spiritual.”

The monks’ description brings to mind the idea of non-local reality.

Apparently, these monks had chanted and meditated themselves into a non-local state. The prayers had propelled them into a constant experience of heavenly fire.

This goal — entering a higher state of consciousness, a state of oneness with God — is why people repeat their decrees, chants, mantras and prayers.

Harvard Study: Repeating Mantras Relieves Stress


Repeating Mantras Relieves Stress

In the early 1970s, Dr. Herbert Benson, president and founder of the Mind/Body Medical Institute at Harvard Medical School, documented a phenomenon he dubbed “the relaxation response” which he says is the opposite of the body’s fight-or-flight mechanism.

Benson experimented using Sanskrit mantras. He told his subjects to sit quietly and repeat the prayer either mentally or verbally for ten to twenty minutes, to breathe regularly and to push intruding thoughts aside as they entered their minds.

Benson found that those who repeated the Sanskrit mantras, for as little as ten minutes a day, experienced physiological changes—reduced heart rate, lower stress levels and slower metabolism.

Repeating the mantras also lowered the blood pressure of those who had high blood pressure and generally decreased the subjects’ oxygen consumption (indicating that the body was in a restful state).

Subsequent studies documented in Benson’s Timeless Healing found that repeating mantras can benefit the immune system, relieve insomnia, reduce doctor visits and even increase high-school sophomores’ self-esteem.

Benson and his colleagues also tested other prayers, including “Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on me,” and found that they had the same effect. Even words like oneoceanlove and peace produced the response.

It appears that Benson and his colleagues had uncovered a universal principle: repetitive prayer allows human beings to enter a relaxed state.