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Halloween Costumes

30 Oct

Halloween Costumes

Halloween (Hallowe’en), observed primarily in English-speaking nations, has roots in the Celtic festival of Samhain and the Christian holiday All Saints’ Day.

The ascended masters teach that, eons ago, early root races on Earth were pure, innocent and peaceful. They knew they were gods in manifestation. They learned about good and evil from the archangels and angels who would perform in profound Shakespearean-like dramas.  They learned about the consequences when the angel actors chose maya (illusion), chose evil or chose good.  They could see the repercussions of poor choices without actually having to make the mistakes (and karma) themselves.

At the end of their cycles of reincarnation and self-mastery, these early root races attained union with God through the ritual of the ascension.

And this is the divine intent: That in each lifetime, we put on more and more of the consciousness of God until—at last—things equal to the same thing are equal to each other.The culmination of the experience of all of our lifetimes is to become one with God and make our ascension in the light.

But, some of the angels portraying evil in these great dramas began to so identify with their theatrical roles that they forgot their divine estate and took on the negatives of their characters.  As their consciousness was no longer able to identify with God, they took on human bodies and continued to reembody with their indulgence in all manner of perversions.

Over the millennia, mankind identified more with the fallen angels than the holy angels. Most people believe they are animals and miserable sinners instead of being sons and daughters of God. At at soul level, the morale of the entire civilization has been lowered. The collective unconscious gives people a helpless sense of limitation.

In other words, we have forgotten that we can become God. As Teilhard De Chardin wrote, “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a human experience.”

So the greatest Halloween costume of all may be the one that you see in the mirror.

Remove the mask. Become your Real Self. And, step by step, as you make progress on your spiritual path, you will become more of God each day.

Excerpt from Becoming God: The Path of the Christian Mystic by Elizabeth Clare Prophet, on of the Mystical Paths of the World’s Religions series.

The Greatest Halloween Costume of All

Halloween Costumes – You Channel What You Wear.

Traditional Halloween costumes are characters from horror movies and freak shows. Over the last few decades it’s expanded to include famous Hollywood characters, living, dead, and animated.

The universal law of attraction states that you become what you put your attention on.

The ascended masters teach that on Halloween the fallen ones (fallen angels, demons, discarnates, entities, witches, etc.) use this science to channel their destructive energies through those who don the costumes of the damned. Through the increased attention on evil (even in a supposedly “fun” way) waves of darkness are spewed forth from the astral pit on an unsuspecting mankind. Some of the energy is overt, some is more subtle, pernicious and subliminally destructive.

In the same way, when people wear costumes of the angels, nature spirits, fairies, knights and ladies of the Round Table, or saints, it’s an heavenly attraction.

The ascended masters have said that they will place their light body, their electronic presence, over those who put on the costumes depicting ascended masters, angels and elementals (costumes of a higher vibration) thus anchoring their Light on earth to the benefit of all.

So, who are you going to be this year?


Soulmates and Twin Flames

24 Oct

Finding a Higher Love

All experiences on earth are to teach us the meaning of love.

Twin flames, soulmates and karmic relationships are all on a quest for love and a perfect relationship – a quest for wholeness.

There are three types of romantic relationships that help lead one to this wholeness: twin flames, soul mates and karmic relationships.

Twin Flames

Twin flames were created together in the beginning and share a unique destiny.Created in a single fiery ovoid, they were separated into two spheres of being—one in a masculine polarity and the other in a feminine polarity—but each with the same pattern of divine identity. Though they spend some lifetimes together and others apart, their tie is eternal, and after they have each united with their Higher Self they will ascend and be together forever. But not all the beautiful and soul fulfilling loves are those of twin flames.

Soul Mates

A soul mate tie is different from that of the twin flame. Whereas we each have only one twin flame, we can have many soulmates.

“Soul mates share a common mission and comparable stage of spiritual development. They come together because they are working on the same type of karma and the same chakra simultaneously. So soul mates have an attraction that is based on the sacred labor and on the path of self-mastery. A soul mate is like the echo of oneself in Matter working at the same task to fulfill a blueprint for God.” – Elizabeth Clare Prophet

These spiritual relationships tend to be harmonious and satisfying, and such kindred souls can accomplish great things together.

Karmic Relationship

Then there is the karmic relationship where two individuals are drawn together for the balancing of mutual karma. The karmic tie may be the tightest of all and begin with the strongest attraction. This is because the soul has a deep yearning to be free, and has an inner knowing that this connection is a key to resolution through balancing karma that is often harsh, such as violence, hatred, abandonment or even murder.


From time to time, there is a feeling of emptiness, a loneliness that reveals the inadequacy of a relationship based solely on karma. Yet though they are frequently difficult, these relationships are important in achieving self-mastery on the spiritual path.

Love is the Key

Everyone experiences all three types of relationships over the course of their lifetimes. The key to wholeness in all of these spiritual relationships is to love every soul.

Christopher Columbus – Visionary of a Free World

6 Oct

Christopher Columbus – Visionary of a Free World


In celebration of Columbus Day, here is an excerpt from a 1958 Pearl by the Maha Chohan published in the Pearls of Wisdom Vol. 1 No. 8.

In dignity and poise divine on that day centuries ago did the beloved Christopher Columbus, today the Ascended Master Saint Germain, stand at the helm of his ship, the Santa Maria. The captain named it for the beloved Mary, Mother of Jesus, in memory of those holy Judean days when he (as Joseph) had so lovingly watched over those precious lifestreams, particularly during their flight into Egypt where they sought freedom and sanctuary from Herod’s wrath.

Now, in the time of his need these same beloved ones, Jesus and Mother Mary, who long since had ascended, watched over him as in the embodiment of Columbus he stood dauntless against tremendous obstacles, sent to find new trade routes to the East, yet determined in his spirit to reach the land where his hope of a free world would find physical birth in future years.

Sustained by an inner conviction which lighted his heart, that conviction that his project was in fulfillment of a part of God’s great divine plan, and sustained as well by the radiation of the beloved Jesus, Mary, and myself, this blessed lifestream held steadfast to God not only through the storms of the elements but through the shadows of human creation which attempted to divert his attention from his divine goal. Added to the dangers of travel by sea in those days, especially in the none too seaworthy ship he commanded, was the mutiny of his crew, whose ungoverned fear, greed, and selfishness would have appalled and overcome most men, for it threatened the success of his entire enterprise.

However, by his constant holding to a high faith in attunement with his own beloved I AM Presence and the comforting presence of my Holy Spirit anchored right within his beating heart, he consciously expanded through his outer self the pure love of his own divinity, regardless of outer appearances. Thus he won the day and his overwhelming victory was made manifest for an entire world to witness.

Yet even though his immediate victory was thus achieved, it yet required another day and other lifestreams to bring into manifestation in that new world which he had discovered at least some of the freedom which he knew God intended for it. Up to the time of this successful voyage by Christopher Columbus, this vision of a free world had had secret and holy shelter within the heart of Columbus alone, so far as the unascended of this world were concerned.

Now, building upon the foundation of this gift of the unascended lifestream of Columbus, there is given unto the men and women of America today the opportunity sincerely to pray in faith and work in constancy, patience, and determination to protect, sustain, and expand the God-security of eternal freedom through the release of Divine Love, which it is the destiny for true Americans everywhere to express.

So, as Christopher Columbus, your beloved Saint Germain gave his very life to serve and bless all mankind with God’s good through the fulfillment of his divine plan. Today, ascended and eternally free in our realms of light, he continues to work with unascended sons and daughters of Light in this octave, endeavoring to lift them to the pinnacle of divine freedom through the recognition and acknowledgment that the outpouring of the feelings of Divine Love will bring eternal freedom in the Light not only to your land of America but to all this dear earth and all her evolutions individually and collectively.

This acknowledgment and use of the light of Divine Love as the Master Presence over all substance and energy is a treasure of God’s heart and of your own. When put into constant, joyous practice by one and all, it will bring more quickly the full blessings from the Ascended Masters’ octave into this physical appearance world, especially to those who aspire to divine manhood and womanhood in the Christ expressed right here and now.