11 Apr

We Are All Co-creators with God!

We Are All Co-creators with God!

In Psalms 82:6, we are told in no uncertain terms Ye are Gods! This is our divine birthright, and now is the time to claim it! Now more than ever, it is critical that we awaken to our inner divinity. The world is languishing for want of sons and daughters of God who will stand up for Life, Light and Liberty. Inside each of us, our innate divine potential is waiting to be realized, and every second we live outside this reality is one less second in which we could be experiencing the ultimate joy of our divine estate! You have an I AM Presence, an individualized manifestation of God, within you. You have a Christ Self, who is your brother, mentor and friend. We are all worthy to be one with our I AM Presence and Christ Self, and the ascended masters teach us all how to claim this Oneness and live in it forever! Today, the masters are asking you to wake up to the full reality of your divine potential

Were you raised to believe that you are in the process of becoming God? You are a rare soul, indeed, if you answered ‘yes.’ In fact, for most of us who aspire to sincere belief and humble spiritual service, the mere thought of becoming and being God is almost impossible to fathom or accept.

And that is understandable. Given our human folly and foibles, we have a hard enough time fulfilling our aspirations to simply be good people, much less actually becoming God.

Our views on the subject are necessarily limited by what we have been told by those in authority…our parents, teachers, priests, rabbi’s. Though we have been told that we were made in God’s image and likeness, these authority figures, for the most part, stop short of proclaiming that, because God made us, we must be one with Him in all ways.

Isn’t it simply logical to conclude that being one with anything is actually being that thing? Now, does having God within us make us better humans? That would depend upon how we use that portion of God within us.

We are not here to perfect the human. We are here to master our human experience and, in the process, to find God and to merge with Him through the ascension. And when we become one with God, we ARE God. Simple as that.

When we are willing to accept this essential Oneness, we come to understand that we possess unlimited power. And this is not in some far off future…but now!

Though we may not yet be fully God in consciousness, that doesn’t mean that we don’t already wield God-like powers. We do! We are literally co-creators with God, and our every thought, word, motive and deed creates.

With this awesome power comes equally awesome responsibility, because every creation comes with consequences. In a word, Karma.

The formula is simple, and we all know it. Good creations make good karma. Bad creations, bad karma. The former is our treasure laid up in heaven. The latter is our burden to carry until we can transmute and balance it.

So, knowing that you are in the process of becoming God and appreciating your role as a co-creator with Him, what will you do?

The ascended masters teach us that we have the power to engage elementals, compel angels and even command God. That is truly a lot of power.

See any situation in the world that could use a little Divine intervention, some issue crying out for an infusion of Light and illumination? You can probably think of one or two. Now, understanding the true nature of the power within you, what are you going to do about them? Remember, with God, all things are possible. Create well!


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